Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 105

"Who told you that?"

"Xin Xin sent it to the family group." Huo Xishen feels that talking to him is like negotiating on a life and death table.

"It's not your place for a hallowed Huo's director to easily believe a photo without going to investigate." Huo Mushen is polite, but there's no semblance of politeness in his words.

Huo Xishen: "......"

Huo Moushen isn't going to let the Huo family hurt Xiaozhu again, his voice low and dull, "You should be glad that Xiaozhu is pleading for you today, or else Ye Mei won't be alive to return to you."

"Huo Mou Shen!"

He really didn't realize that his son actually used this tone with himself, and that Ye Mei could come back or had to rely on Song Zhi's little girl to plead for mercy.

"Bring that girl back to have dinner with your mother, this matter is me being overly hasty and not thinking things through." Huo Xi takes a deep step back.

Huo Mushen's stance against the railing turns around, seeing Song Zhi smiling at him, and he genuinely smiles back, seductively handsome.

"Say again."

"That online thing ......"

"It's all Xiao Ru."

"I'll go help you with public relations for this matter."

"No need."

This is also too not give face.

The old man gave his son a step down, but he was thrown off his face.

But then again, Huo Xishen ordered someone to get rid of the misunderstood news in the media, but he also had a purpose.

"Mu Shen, the project that M & R is doing, you also let your second uncle participate in it as well."

"M & R is short on funds, no projects to share with the Huo family."

"......" Who believes that? Huo Mou Shen's property is going to have more money than he, his father!

"I'm hanging up."

Huo Mou Shen is very unforgiving to hang up, then heard Huo Xishen's urgent voice: "Mou Shen, M & R and Huo's cooperation can not be broken.M & R does not belong to Huo's and there is no problem, but you can not terminate the cooperation, it will make you in Huo's reputation in tatters."

"Have I ever had a reputation?"

Huo Mushen asked rhetorically before cutting off the phone without giving him another chance.

He detached himself from the Huo family, became famous for handily killing his own uncle, set up M&R to monopolize resources in all industries, married Song Ru but struck out against the Song family, and has long since lost any good reputation.

In that case, Song Zhi also has a bad reputation, and they just happen to be paired.

He crossed the balcony and walked back to Song Zhi's side, hooking his lips and smiling, "Going to dinner?"

Lu Zi Yan saw his third brother's face full of evil, with a winning smile, "Third brother, third sister-in-law and I were just discussing where to go for dinner? We finally settled on one, just waiting for you to pay for it."

Song Ru, however, was dissatisfied and turned her head to glare at Lu Ziyan: "Just now I said it was you who took the money, my husband just said that M&R's funds are not working, it's very poor."

"Then your half a million dollars is also out of luck, hahaha!" Lu Ziyan laughed nonchalantly.

The laughter didn't fall, Lu Ziyan saw Song Zhi lunging from the sofa towards Huo Mushan's arms, and was instantly dumbfounded.


Huo Mushen's dark eyes stare straight at her, and when he takes another step, his cold and stern vision shoots at Lu Ziyan: "Deduct it from your paycheck!"

"Third brother, you can't emphasize color over brother!" Lu Ziyan was dissatisfied.

"She's small, you let her be." Huo Moushen rarely lectured Lu Ziyan in a gentle tone, but used his gaze to lynch Lu Ziyan in a place Song Zhi couldn't see.

Lu Ziyan was even more angry, and didn't dare to speak again.

Huo Mushan is simply a different person in front of Song Zi and others.

Song Zi was nestled in Huo Mushan's neck, smiling happily.

The gas out, Huo Muchen hugged Song Zhi, followed by a Lu Ziyan acted as a driver and ATM went to the scheduled restaurant.

On the dinner table, Huo Mou Shen did not move to take care of the diet of Song Zhi, but where Song Zhi which dish more look at two eyes, basically Lu Ziyan can not touch.

Song Zhi puffed out her cheeks, "Hubby, I don't want to drink soup anymore, my stomach is so full."

I should have known better than to come to dinner with Huo Muchen.

Huo Muchen rubbed her head, his warm palm skillfully probing the bulge in her belly.

He gently rubbed it, the corner of his lips hooked in a compelling arc, seemingly smiling, "Had enough to eat?"

A big hand on her belly rubbing her stomach, making her mind and body tingling under, softly answered: "Eat enough."

The voice was so soft that the man's bones were tingling.

"Cough cough cough!"

An untimely cough broke them!

Lu Ziyan forked the broccoli, "Third brother, third sister-in-law is full, why don't you take her to the room to exercise and digest, I'm still hungry." From the time he came in and ordered until now, he was eating a plate of broccoli in front of him, all the good food was in front of Song Zhi. The table was already big.

At these words, Song Zhi's face turns even more playfully red, and she purses her lips and buries her head even lower.

Huo Mu Shen's cool face sank, one hand playing with the unused silver fork in his hand, one hand naturally ringing to Song Zhi's back to gently pat and caress.

Lu Zi Yan swallowed a mouthful of broccoli, saw Huo Mou Shen placating his own kitten, casting a more sinister gaze on him, and hastened to take a stand: "Third brother, I'm full, I can work right now, to ensure that all the contracts with the Huo family are dealt with properly, so as not to allow Huo Lao Er to catch half a handle."

This is also considered making up for the past.

"En, it's best."

Lu Ziyan acknowledges Huo Mushen's eye-knife, then walks out to pay the bill.

A meal that was extremely suffocating and aggravating.


Ending the lunch hour, Huo Muchen brought Song Zhi back to the company, taking the lead and walking in with Lu Ziyan, not revealing the fact that Song Zhi had come to work for M&R.

Song Zhi looked at Huo Mushen's tall back and sighed with palpitating relief.

She returned to the E-Star project department with stolen joy, and immediately received her first assignment from headquarters.

The person in charge of the 'mission' says to her, "This mission is very important, you must complete it Mrs. Huo, you have to submit the program to AK by the end of next month."

"Promise to complete the task." Song Ru solemnly guaranteed and went straight back to the E-Star department.

Song Ru did not deal with it alone, but discussed it with the members of the group together, so close that she half-heartedly did not have the stance of Mrs. Huo, directly convincing the whole group together, even the female employee who had a misunderstanding of Song Ru earlier secretly apologized with Song Ru before leaving for work.

The task is more difficult than she imagined, Song Ru has no impression, but vaguely remember the program was put on the market, she has used the product, but does not mean that she will be able to, but also to learn bit by bit.


After work, Song Ru did not go with Huo Mu Shen.

She tugged at her fingers and realized that there were still a few days until Huo Mou Shen's birthday.

Song Ru directly sent a WeChat to Jiang Jiu.

Not a moment later, Jiang Wine dialed back, "Good, I just happen to be picking out clothes for my family's baby boy as well."

Song Zhi asked the driver to take her to the mall, but didn't forget to report her whereabouts to Huo Mu Shen.

"Hubby, I'm going shopping with Jiang Wine."

"Eight o'clock."

Song Zhi looked down at her wristwatch, just two and a half hours from home time, she stomped her legs in exasperation, but replied in a particularly well-behaved tone, "Okay."

"Baby, good boy."

Huo Mu Shen sees such a message and reveals a touch of doting, then looks up again to restore coldness under his eyes.

His spine is slightly straightened, he dials the internal phone, and without moving, he instructs, "Follow up with Mrs., report any news to me."

"Yes, President."

The bodyguard heard the command and followed Song Zhi without moving an inch.

However, with the experience of the last time, they followed not too far and not too close, so as not to let the wife find out.


When Song Zhi arrived at the appointed place, she saw Jiang Wine not far away being firmly tugged by a man's wrist.

As she approached, she heard Jiang Jiu curse lowly, "I told you that I don't want to go back to any of your Chi family!"

"Xiao Jiu, stop it." The man's voice was low, his handsome features devoid of any semblance of emotional change.

"Chi also, you still think I'm making a scene even now? Your Chi family is engaged to the Yan family behind my back, don't you know that?" Jiang Wine sneers, "Oh, I forgot, you and Yan Baichuan in the car are brothers, joining forces against our Jiang family and poisoning my child!"

Ji Yuya quietly listens to her, the deep understanding under his eyes thickens a little.

He seemed to be impatiently waiting and bent down to carry away Jiang Jiu.

Song Zhi rushed over at once, tearing at Ji Ye with all his might: "Let go of Ah Wine!"

"If you don't want to die, get lost!" Ji Ye's arms were strong, and he brought a frowning indifference to any other woman approaching, directly shaking off Song Zhi who was trying to pull someone away.

Song Ru wasn't strong enough and was pushed so hard that she fell straight to the ground.

Before she had time to get up, she saw the gentleman's hand reaching out, and looked up just in time to see Yan Baichuan with a warm face.

He said, "Xiao Ru, I'll help you."

Song Ru wrinkled her brow and didn't pick it up, instead bracing herself on the ground and climbing up, flying around him.

When the man took Jiang Jiu away to close the car door, he directly stretched out an arm to stop the door from closing!

"Hmph!" Song Zhi stifled a grunt.

The car door directly clamped onto Song Zhi's arm, and if it wasn't for Ji Yuya's abatement of the force in the last split second, Song Zhi's bones would have been broken directly!

Song Zhi pain directly soared out teardrops, weak face pale bloodless, a few seconds later, just been clamped over the arm from the numbness of the pain after the pain came from the fine dense bone piercing pain, straight to the limbs and bones.

She busily propped up her body with another hand to keep from being so wretched that she fell to her knees in front of Ikariya.


It really hurt!

But never regret it!

Her family, she would protect!


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