Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 107

Seeing Ye Mei's cheeks playfully red, Second Mrs. Huo understands and instigates even more, "Look at how your cheeks have reddened and you're still saying you don't want to. Honestly, the Huo family lacks a capable daughter-in-law like you."

"Second Mistress, what do you say?" Ye Mei is curious.

The two of 'em' strike up a conversation.

"Jing Lianxi wasn't also Third Brother's second wife, relying on a foxy face to squeeze the original Third Sister out." Second Lady Huo adds oil to prod Ye Mei's mind, a hint of curvature at the corner of her mouth.

"The Third Mistress is not the original?" Ye Mei's eyes light up, and in her heart, she gets a few more points.

"Of course not, but Jing Lianxi is not doing well right now. Don't you see that the wife Huo Mou Shen married also has a little foxy face?" Second Mrs. Huo snickers, but in her heart, she is extraordinarily jealous, even more jealous that Song Ru's dowry is actually so generous, enough to allow the third house to fight against the entire Huo family.

As long as Song Zu and Huo Mushen are divorced, the dowry naturally won't fall on the heads of the third house!

She puts her hopes on Ye Mei, and even more so, she lets out all the anger she has felt over the years by the third house, "Ye Mei, I really see you as a younger sibling, and it's wrong for you to follow the third brother without a name and without a title, and you want to squeeze out Jing Lianxi, the woman who has nothing but a son... ..."

"Slap ......"

Song Ru slowly clapped her hands together and slowly walked around the rack of suits towards the dumbfounded two.

Her lips curled into a smile as she looked at the two, Ye Mei and Xu Li, and greeted, "Second Auntie, Assistant Ye, what are you talking about?"

Mrs. Huo's second wife has never been fond of Song Zhi, seeing her is like seeing a mourner, "Why are you here?"

"Same as Second Aunt, I'm buying ties for men." Song Zhi smiled.

Second Mrs. Huo's heart sinks.

"You followed me and eavesdropped on us?"

"I didn't have the heart to follow you guys."

Ye Mei's face turns blue, knowing that Song Zhe isn't as soft as a bag of tricks as she imagined.

Second Lady Huo was the first to sulk, opening her mouth and frowning, "Song Zhi, just how much did you hear!"

Song Zhi looked at the two men as if they were on the verge of an attack and understood the words.

"Not much, just from the time you guys entered the door you heard it all, what, you can't be a bride, so you want to be a bride?" Song Ru's eerie female voice then floated and pierced into their eardrums, favoring a face that looked purely natural and harmless.

Ye Mei clenched her fists, her face didn't move to look at Song Zhi.

She can kill Song Zhi once, she can kill Song Zhi a second time, with Huo Xishen giving her a backing, she has a way to retreat, and may even be able to gain Huo Xishen's favor.

"Song Ru, don't talk nonsense! Our minds aren't as dirty as yours, you're not with Mu Shen but sneaking out, you're purposely coming to have a rendezvous with a wild man, aren't you." Mrs. Huo's second wife is very clever, pointing at the tip of Song Zhi's nose, she said sarcastically, "You won't be able to be pleased for long anyway, Xin Xin has already seen Mu Shen and other women going to the supermarket yesterday, if you know what's good for you, why don't you hurry up and get out!"

Song Zhi finally realized who was following them yesterday.

"Second Aunt, I think the one who should get lost is you!" Song Zhi stood to the side, staring at Second Lady Huo's whitened face, her words shadowy: "If you let the Huo family know about your hooks, I'm afraid that your Second Lady Huo family will be at the end of her tether."

"Song Ru! You shut up!" The Second Lady screams out.

"What happened?"

Some times are just so marvelous, speak of the devil and he will come.

Jing Lianxi also remembered that it would be her son's birthday in a few days, and came out to this house to pick out a gift, and coincidentally, she heard her daughter-in-law's name, so she searched for the sound and looked over, and sure enough, Song Ru was standing there, with Second Sister-in-Law and Ye Mei on the opposite side.

Xu Li turned her head to see Jing Lianxi not far away, and preemptively ran over to her, with an 'indignant' tone, "Lianxi, you didn't hear that just now, when Ye Mei and I were coming over to pick out a gift, we saw Song Zhi tugging at other men, and... . secretly badmouthing you behind your back, I really don't deserve it for Mu Shen!"

What is 'badmouthing', Song Zhi saw the real life version.

Jing Lianxi sniffed and frowned, looking towards Ye Mei and Song Zhi standing against each other.

To be honest she was quite satisfied with Song Zhi before, but everything Song Zhi did was extremely disappointing to her.

Comparing the two, Jing Lianxi now felt that Ye Mei was more capable and talented, and more suitable to be by her son's side.

If Song Zhi had heard this, he would have cried out in his heart, "My dear mother-in-law, she doesn't want to be your daughter-in-law, she wants to be my little mom. ......"

Jing Lianxi grimaced and walked over to Song Zhi.

Before she could open her mouth to reprimand, Song Zhi suddenly jumped into Jing Lianxi's arms, just tugging at the wounds on her arms, and lending directly squeezed out tears, "Mom, how could I dare? It's ...... the second aunt who said you don't look pretty, I can't help but dislike you!"

"Song Zhu, you ...... you ......"

Song Ru cried and looked at Xu Li, huffing and puffing, "Mom, you are the best looking, most beautiful mother-in-law in the world, she had to say that you are not beautiful, so I disliked back! In her anger, she even said that she would let Ye Mei replace you!"

Acting and gaining sympathy, who doesn't know how to do that?

Song Zhi's light showed her triumph, and she hugged Jing Lianxi.

Jing Lianxi still has deep feelings for Song Zhi, looked up coldly at Xu Li: "Second sister-in-law, what's going on?"

"It's Song Zhi, lying! Lianxi, how could I possibly encourage it?" Xu Li hurriedly explained, "Song Zhi loves to lie and hasn't been lying for a day or two, Lianxi, how can you trust this little bitch and not trust me?"

Ye Mei watched from the side without saying a word, Song Zhi was much more powerful than she had imagined, how had Song Yanran fooled her in the past?

Song Zhi sensed Ye Mei sizing her up and glared, then hugged Jing Lianxi, "Mom, you've watched me grow up, what kind of me don't you know!

I don't know where I've offended Auntie 2, but Auntie 2 doesn't want me to be good, doesn't want our family to be good!

Is it because we're from the third house."

The Huo family has always had the third house as the highest decision maker, and the second house has long been disgruntled.

Especially after Huo Mucheng married Song Ru and broke away from the Huo family, the second house felt that the time was ripe, but when the second house was ready to take the position of chairman of the third house, Huo Mucheng set up M&R and enlisted the resources of Huacheng, and he was not stingy with his second uncle who was also a competitor, and he directly crushed him to death in the palm of his hand.

That's why Huo Mou Shen is so cruel that he won't even let his family go!

Xu Li didn't expect this dead girl to actually raise this kind of thing to the family, and she couldn't wait to tear that dead girl's mouth off!

"Lianxi, how could I target your third house, we're all family, it's all this dead girl! If Mu Shen hadn't married her, he wouldn't have had to leave the Huo family!"

Jing Lianxi supported Song Zhi, the tears in her eyes were real.

A struggle swept through her eyes and she clenched her teeth, "Enough, I still have eyes and know who to trust!"

Song Zhi's body stiffened.

"Lianxi, I just don't deserve it for you, you said that if Mu Shen had a daughter-in-law like Ye Mei, it would be better than Song Zhi!" Xu Li changed the topic to Ye Mei.

Ye Mei's pupils shrank and moved, not wanting to turn the fire on herself.

Song Ru tilted her head to see the struggle in Jing Lianxi's eyes, and a single thought was firm in her mind, "To drive away the mistress for my mother-in-law!"

"Second Aunt, is that really true?" She said.


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