Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 108

[Ye Mae, you're many times younger and prettier than Jing Lianxi!]

Ye Mei, I'm still looking forward to being family with you.

[I really look at you as a younger sibling.]


A sound of familiar words came out from Song Zhi's cell phone. ......

Song rhetoric would not have wanted to release so early, after all, Ye Mei wrist than she imagined much more powerful, she was worried that the rush will be bad, but her mother-in-law is not too believe her, always have to come up with evidence, so that her mother-in-law know that she is sincere.

Xu Li felt a fiery pain in her face, as if she had been slapped twice by Song Zhi.

She clenched her back teeth grooves and anxiously went to grab Song Zhi.

Song Zhi subconsciously used his arm to block it, and his bones were almost broken by Xu Li's grip, hurting so much that his spine was beaten through with cold sweat.

Jing Lianxi could see Xu Li's mind even if she didn't understand it, she was using the two girls to instigate separation.

"Xu Li, let go of Xiao Ru!"

Jing Lianxi was enraged when she saw Song Ru blocking in front of her, a girl who was obviously soft and weak but was in pain and didn't say a word to protect her.

She stepped forward and ripped the arms of the two apart.

Xu Li stumbles a step when she is torn away, and then she doesn't die to explain, "Third sibling, listen to my explanation, all of this is Song Zhi trying to instigate the relationship between our Huo family!"

"Could it be that you didn't say those words?" Jing Lianxi asked rhetorically, while at the same time placing her gaze on the always neutral Ye Mei.

"...... It was me who said it, but it was all instigated by Song Zhi." Xu Li argued, not wanting to alienate herself from Jing Lianxi just because of this.

"Second aunt, how can you slander me? There are cameras everywhere here, and people who lie are going to go in for a prison sentence." Song Li was vaguely threatening.

Xu Li's face went white, shaking into a sieve, as if she was stuck in her throat.

"Xu Li, I didn't realize that I treated you like a sister, and you're actually hiding this kind of mind! Then it looks like the investment we talked about before is unnecessary, I'll have Mu Shen take it all back." Jing Lianxi stabilized Song Zhi, swept her eyes at Ye Mei and was about to walk out.

At those words, Xu Li was instantly anxious.

"Lianxi, I'm doing this for your own good! I did see that Song Zhi was out shopping with a wild man!" Xu Li was full of nonsense, she didn't believe that Song Zhi came to a place like this to buy something for Huo Mou Shen.

"Second Lady, is the wild man you're talking about me?" Jiang Wine picks out a few children's versions of suits and walks from not far away with a bag.

"Aunt Jing."

"Xiao Jiu, why are you here?" Jing Lianxi frowned.

"Why you?" Xu Li jawed, still thinking about which man she would threaten to slander Jiang Jiu.

Jiang Jiu stood firmly then said in a conspiratorial manner, "Who else could it be if not me? Second Lady, I see that your weight hasn't dropped over the years, but your IQ has dropped and your eyes aren't working well, why don't I persuade Second Uncle one day to take advantage of his youth and strength to find another pretty little dainty wife who looks like a flower."

At the end, she added, "To share the burden for you."

"You!" Xu Li was almost bloodied with anger.

"Aunt Jing, we'd better hurry up and leave, otherwise we'll get dirty eyes." Jiang Jiu urged.

"Fine, let's go!"

Jing Lianxi didn't want to waste time with them either, tugged Song Zhi, took Jiang Jiu and left.

Ye Mei stood in place, her eyes looking deeply at the three of them as they left, not saying anything.

After a few seconds of silence, she said goodbye to Xu Li and left the mall.

Xu Li lost all her face, and didn't have the heart to waste time with Ye Mei, waving her hand to urge people to hurry up and leave, she also hurried home and Huo Xiguang to discuss what to do.

M&R has withdrawn all of its resources, clearly cutting off all of their paths of retreat.

Just as she leaves the mall in a hurry to go home, a woman wearing a black hat scurries out from the corner of the underground parking lot.

She stopped Xu Li in her tracks, "Second Lady, how about we work together?"

Xu Li had just been put on the spot by Song Zhi, she was completely out of mind, she pulled open the door of the car without saying a word and impatiently drove people away, "Get out of the way!"

The woman relentlessly blocks it and directly throws out the conditions, "Doesn't the Second Mistress want to mess with Song Zhi and make Huo Mu Shen's family lose their reputation?"

"What, you can?" Xu Li snorted coldly.

"I have a report here that's enough to bring Song Zhi to ruin and help Second Lady get what you want, but as a deal, Second Lady has to pay me a million dollars as well." The woman said in a bass voice.

"One million? How can I trust you?"

"I can tell you what the secret here is first, but the Second Mistress has to keep her promise as well before we can screw Song Zhe together." The woman's teeth clenched.

The second madam came to her senses and asked with a smile, "Then tell me what the secret is? If the secret is worth money, I can give you more."

The corners of the woman's lips tugged up as she handed the report to Xu Li.

Xu Li unwraps the report with confidence and sweeps over the words on it, the corner of her lips hooks up in a large arc and laughs twice, "Song Zhe, Huo Mu Shen, this time I'll see what you guys do?"

She looked up, and continued to ask, "What you said above is true?"

"As true as it gets, this is a secret that I've exchanged back with a price, now the second madam can give me the money." The woman reached for the money.

"Money, when did I say I was going to get you money?"

Xu Li got into the driver's seat and was about to pull the car door.

The woman frowned, and suddenly pulled out a small white bottle from her pocket and bared a little white powder.

In an instant, Xu Li's eyes froze and her mind went into a trance.

"Now transfer one million dollars to me." The woman ordered.

Xu Li nodded numbly, mechanically doing the full set of actions without any semblance of sanity.

Ding ding ding!

The card shows that the cash has arrived, and only then does the woman feel relieved to put away her cell phone, and then disappears into the underground garage, the corner of her mouth hooking up in a triumphant arc, and in her heart she slanders, "How can a mentally ill woman sit securely in Mrs. Huo's position?"

It took Xu Li ten minutes to come back to her senses, she shook her head before she looked down and saw the case falling on her knee, twisting her eyebrows in confusion, it's hard not to believe that the woman just now didn't get the money and then rolled away?

In any case, the fact that Song Zhi is mentally ill is enough to make Huo Mou Shen no longer qualified to inherit the Huo family!

Xu Li happily returned home, completely forgetting about the embarrassing incident just now.


In the mall.

The storm is over.

The bodyguard who had been tracking Song Zhi in the shadows sends everything that happened plus the accompanying pictures to Huo Mou Shen at the first opportunity after she leaves the suit store.

There's only a cluster of bright light in the darkened office.

The man licked his tongue after withdrawing all the cooperative projects with Huo, like a wild and reckless beast hibernating in the dark night.

He watched Huo Xiguang's stock in Huo's management projects evaporate in a large area in a short period of time, slowly hooking his lips, then scanning the ID of the anonymous message sent: "Mr. Huo's little heart", and then carefully browsing through the contents of one line after another, with unusually gentle and doting eyes.

Mr. Huo's little heart?

Ding ding ding!

The cell phone sent another message after an hour.

The man's intention to collect all the sight, eyes hidden full of laughter, looking down at the content of the message, from the throat overflowed a light laugh, straight to the limbs and bones.


How should I hurt her to be good?

Such a little resignation makes him love her!

She can only be Mrs. Huo as well!


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