Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 109


After walking out for some distance, Jing Lianxi stops and turns her head to look at Song Zhi's lips being bitten to the point of whiteness, her eyelashes still have two teardrops hanging on them, if she puts it back home, she might make her son furious, maybe she'll kill her way back to the Huo family directly!

"Xiao Ru, your face is too pale, let me send you to the hospital."

Song Zhe shakes his head, "Mom, I'm fine, let's go pick out a gift."

"It's still early, a trip to the hospital won't take long?" Jing Lianxi took Song Zhi to heart.

Song Zhi stifled a blush.

"Not enough time." She said in a low voice.

"Why?" Jing Lianxi, as her mother-in-law, and as someone who had seen her since she was a child, how could she look at her and not feel right?

Song Zhi just now but splash and roll all kinds of not bad, childhood is also a not to suffer nature, in addition to in the ...... Huo Mou Shen hands to suffer.

The first time I thought of this, Jing Lianxi actually wanted to laugh.

The more laughs just now Song rhetoric actually help her this mother-in-law to fight the action of the little three!

Song Ru squirmed and said, "Mu Shen told me to go home before eight o'clock, and now there's less than half an hour left ...... Granny, let's not go to the hospital, hurry up and go shopping."


Jing Lianxi directly laughed out, "Xiao Ru, I was really surprised that Mu Shen actually ate you to death."

Song Ru's face 'swished' and exploded red.

She recalls Huo Mushan's teasing tone again.

"Don't worry, with me around, Mu Shen wouldn't dare do anything to you!" Jing Lianxi smiled self-satisfiedly and finished pulling Song Zhi's soft little hand, and was instantly surprised, "Xiao Zhi, your hand is so soft."

These words caused goosebumps to fall all over Song Zhi's body!

There was no imaginary mother-in-law and daughter-in-law tearing battle, there was just a mother-in-law flirting with her daughter-in-law.

"Mom, are you sure your words are accurate? Is it true that Mu Shen won't get angry?" Song Zhi doesn't want Huo Mou Shen to worry, especially last time, he hugs her and says with gentleness mixed with solemnity, "Xiao Zhi, I won't be able to find you, I'll go crazy, eh?"

"You still don't believe me? I'm Huo Muchen's mom!" Jing Lianxi saw Song Ru being eaten to death by Huo Mou Shen, and well-behaved and courageous, simply like to hate to hold to the home, take it out to show off vigorously, this is her daughter-in-law, can help her solve the little three.

Song Ru: "......"

Jiang Wine also awkwardly smiled.

But Song Ru didn't argue with Jing Lianxi's mother-in-law killing in the end, thinking that she came out to buy a birthday present for Huo Muchen and would be disappointed if she couldn't buy it.

"Xiao Ru, whatever you like, I'll pay for everything today!" Jing Lianxi vented all her anger towards Xu Li and Ye Mei on shopping.

Song Ru spread her fingers and also remembered that Huo Muchen hadn't even given half a million dollars yet.

Her pockets were cleaner than her face.

But if she didn't use her own money to buy things for her husband, wasn't that not sincere enough?

Song Zhi is thinking, Jing Lianxi has dragged her to open the shopping mode, but wherever Jing Lianxi think suitable Song Zhi, all bags, ginger wine also followed to buy a lot of clothes.

Song Zhi didn't want to buy anything in particular, just ruthlessly put the card remaining more than four million all used to buy the latest listed watches.

After shopping, it was nearly ten o'clock, and the cell phone rang twice in Song Zhi's pocket.

She reflexively glanced at it, and it was Huo Mushan's. Jing Lianxi turned around to see her little girl!

Jing Lianxi turned around to see her small face, looked down to see Huo Moushen's cell phone number, and directly grabbed it, "Mom help you pick up."


The man's low, muffled voice came from the other section of the phone, with a thick nasal tone that glowed with danger.

Jing Lianxi was startled and incoherent: "Mu Shen, Xiao Zhi is in my hands."

Huo Mou Shen of course knows this, and he lowers his voice: "Give the phone to Xiaozui."

"Oh." Jing Lianxi didn't react at all and sent the phone to Song Zhi's hands by mistake.

Song Zhi took it as if she was holding a hot potato, looking at Jing Lianxi's figure as she pulled Jiang Jiu and flew off to go shopping, her pupils contracted and she kept shaking her head as she belabored in her heart, "Mother-in-law, you're unreliable, too unreliable."

She gripped her cell phone and ran to the corner to answer the phone.


"Mrs. Huo."

"En, I'm in."

"Look down at your wristwatch to see what time it is." Huo Mo Shen's sexy voice exudes an ambiguous flavor.

"Nine fifty-three." Song Zhi embarrasses her face, her voice already sounding pitiful.

Huo Mushen heckled over the phone, "So Mrs. Huo still knows what time it is?"

"I'm not blind." Song Zhe almost flashed his tongue.

"Then how about Mrs. Huo and I talk about how to assure me, eh?" Huo Mu Shen's lazy, low-mute voice sends shivers down one's spine.

Song Ru bites her lip and slowly spits out the words, "Promise that Mr. Huo will be home by eight o'clock."

"Xiao Ru, you're lying now, what should I do?" Huo Mou Shen's tone with temptation hooked Song Zhi's nerves taut.

Song Zhi is so pitiful, "What else can I do, Mr. Huo says what to do."

At these words, Huo Mou Shen seemed to see her hands being pressed under him through the dark screen, the same way she blossomed under him on her wedding night!

His blood suddenly boiled all over his body, and his magnetic voice rang out in her cell phone, "Baby is so good, there's a car downstairs to pick you up."

"What about mommy? And Xiaojiu."

Song Zhi didn't forget about her pitiful mother-in-law and pitiful faggot who were buying jewelry not far away, and mentioned it in passing.

"They have someone to pick them up, Xiao Ru will go home now, I miss you, eh?" Huo Mou Shen loses his laughter.

This laughter directly caused Song Ru to freeze, his heart fluttering, and he couldn't speak for a long time.

"How silly?" Huo Mou Shen called out twice 'Xiao Ru', almost making Song Ru sit down with a fart pier.

"No...... not stupid."

Song Zhi finally found his voice, I do not know whether the brain is suddenly not very good, facing Huo Mou Shen IQ dropped to death.

"Then Xiao Ru good behavior, now go and mom, small nine to say goodbye, and then obediently sit in the car to go home." Huo Mou Shen coaxed Song Zhi.

The silky snap of Shen Mu's breath lingered in Song Zhi's heart, so that she couldn't help but respond.

"Be good, don't make me angry, go."

Huo Mu Shen gently coaxed through the screen.

Man handsome handsome face, others casually leaning in the soft sofa, wearing a black shirt, loose tie, gangly.

Casually lifting up the suit hanging on the sofa, he strides his long legs and walks straight towards the outside of the office.

He wanted her now!

Song Zhi hung up the phone numbly, only to abruptly come back to his senses a few seconds later, the tip of his heart couldn't suppress the feeling of trembling, and his fingertips curled up.

But immediately following, Song Zhi tried his best to stabilize his mind and walked towards the two pits with an extremely heavy gait.

Jing Lianxi had just picked out a pair of earrings to make amends to Song Zhi, when she turned around, she saw her walking towards her, and smiled awkwardly, "Xiao Zhi, have you and Mu Shen finished making phone congee?"

"Mom, didn't you say that Mu Shen listens to you the most?" Song Zhi asked in a low, rhetorical question.

Jing Lianxi looked at the sky and the ground but not at her, handing over the earrings in her hand, "Xiaozhu, you see this earring is just right for you, mom made the decision to buy it for you, what other types do you like, mom is happy today, she'll help you buy them."

Song Zhi subconsciously touched the diamond ring and shook her head.


Jing Lianxi had already foreseen how much credibility she had in her daughter-in-law's eyes.

She hadn't yet told if Song Zhi would become an evil mother-in-law if she and Huo Mushan were the two who said that Song Zhi didn't finish her homework or attend classes when she was a child.

Jing Lianxi muttered in the bottom of her heart and silently suppressed all her words.


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