Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 110

Song Zhi's fear in her heart completely outweighed the pain in her arm, and her delicate little face was covered with aggression, which made Jing Lianxi feel guilty and heartbroken.

"What did Mu Shen say to you?"

"Mom, Mu Shen said he prepared a car for us, let us go home now, I'm going home now." Song Zhi's small face was almost wrinkled into a bun.

Jing Lianxi finally understood that her son was going to punish her daughter-in-law.

What if he punished little Mu Shen?

"Then I'll send you back, it just so happens that I've bought enough things today, and it's about time for me to go home and teach someone a lesson." Jing Lianxi is also not a good bully in her bones, otherwise she wouldn't have been sitting firmly in the position of the Huo family's third wife after marrying Huo Xishen and becoming his second wife.

Song Zhi's eyes light up, looking at her mother-in-law she doesn't seem like a good bully, her worries dissipate.

Song Zhi quickly returned to Huo Park in a car specially prepared by Huo Mushen.

The villa was dark and no one had lit any lights.

Song Zhi stepped on her slippers and reached out to turn on the wall light.

In an instant, the villa lit up with a dim glow.

It was empty, even the housekeeper and Lin Ma were not there.

Song Zhi dragged her things to the door single-handedly, her arm aching to the point of being a little numb, and walked straight to the open kitchen to get some water to drink.

A hand just reached out, Song Zhi's shoulders suddenly trembled, and her neck twisted backwards extremely quickly.

The sound of footsteps came from behind her, and Song Zhi immediately felt a chill enter her body, freezing both her shoulders to involuntarily tremble, and her body unconsciously took two steps backward.

Huo Mou Shen was standing at the entrance to the stairs, wordlessly staring at her with a pair of cold eyes.

He was back.

Song Zhi's hand still touches the edge of the water table, her heart beating a drum, "Huo Mushan."

No response.

Huo Mou Shen glanced at her half of her arm was hanging down, but not as usual cupped in the palm of his hand, but the whole person as Satan in the world, handsome and peerless features taut, thin lips pursed into a straight line, slowly walking towards her.

Song Zhi always felt that the current Huo Mou Shen is very scary, unconsciously hide his right hand towards the back.

The moment Huo Moushen descended the stairs, the lights in the villa instantly went out!

In an instant, darkness enveloped Song Zhi, and her clear, moist eyes turned in panic because of the darkness descending, locking onto Huo Mushan.


Song Zhi swallowed and called out lowly again.

Again, there was no response.

Song Zhi's legs were weak, and layers of cold sweat penetrated her back.

Just as her body sagged and fell, a long arm was wrapped around her waist, and Song Zhi was pressed against the edge of the water table.

She subconsciously wanted to hide, but before the action came, the man had already seen through her mind, forcefully circling her waist, close to his chest.

The force was too great to allow Song Zhi to resist.

"What are you hiding for? Not saying I can do whatever I want?"

An eerie voice floated by her ears.

Song Zhi: "......" Husband is very angry ah.

A shiver ran down her spine, and even her arms touched carefully before she finally stood on her tiptoes, hung between Huo Mou Shen's neck, and stuck her little head up.

Huo Mushen curved his lips and lifted the person up, biting the tip of her ear, "Still so timid?"

Song Zhi gasped lowly, but her heart seized, her body couldn't control the softness, and she could only rely on Huo Mou Shen's i-arms that were clasped around her waist, and she was hired tightly by him.

"Why don't you speak?"

Huo Mou Shen intimately gathered the person into his arms and said against the side of her ear.

Song Zhi closed her eyes, the beat of her breathing was in disarray.

Her mind was so messed up that she couldn't organize half a word, there was no way to explain all the things that had happened in a day, but in her heart, she was hung up on Huo Mushan's birthday gift.

Song Ru tried to stabilize her mind, but after a few times, it failed.

"I ...... ah!"

Song Zhi trembled and just exported a word, the iron arm that was hooping her waist abruptly lifted and carried her to the water table.

The pain in her arms made her scream!

Shaking with two small thin legs being roughly pushed to the sides, Huo Mu Shen's finely attired physique then overbearingly presses in, 'Prickly' the air resounds with the sound of clothes shredding, revealing bruises to the point of purple wounds, and in the next second Song Zhi can't even scream out.

His rough, stoic arc was close enough to spray Song Zhi's cheeks, his voice low and dangerous: "What is this?"

Song Zhi's gums chattered.


Huo Mu Shen's voice line was dull and low, roaring.

He had been holding back for a long time, and his anger was leaking out a little.



But it wasn't enough to make Huo Mou Shen dissipate his anger, especially since Yan Baichuan had touched her arm and wrapped his arm around her waist.

Song Zhi shivered in fear, cold sweat raging: "The car door clamped."

"Who moved it?"

Huo Mo Shen asked.

"Ji also wanted to grab ginger wine, so I did it." Song Zhi automatically ignores Yan Baichuan.

His chin tightened and Song Zhi was forced to lift it, then his cheek was nonchalantly bitten, the pain was so intense that Song Zhi's nerves convulsed and he couldn't help but grunt out.

"It hurts ...... I hurt~"

Even the wounds on his arms sent out a dense pain.

"Why don't you just die of pain!"

Huo Mou Shen yells lowly, holding Song Zhi's arm with one hand, biting her face one bite at a time, not sparing every inch.

Song Zhi from the beginning to stoically, to the end of the pain directly screamed out, also not serve the Huo master.

But it can't be pushed, it can't be avoided, and Song Zhi instantly howled in pain.

Huo Mou Shen heart tightly seized up, reached out and stroked to Song Zhi's face, touching the wetness, as well as constantly rolling down to the palm of the teardrops.

"Yan Baichuan touched you today, and his arm wrapped around your waist!"

Song Zhi huffed and puffed her tears, crying so hard she couldn't stop, in her heart she was about to dismantle Yan Baichuan, why did he touch her?

"You still have the face to cry!"

But Song Zhi just can't stop.

Huo Mo Shen's dark eyes flash quickly, and his shadowy face screws up even more severely.

He lowers his head to block her red lips.

Huo Moushen's lips were hot, warming Song Ru's cold lips.

Touching open the kitchen wall light, it was suddenly like daytime light hitting the two of them above their heads.

At a glance, Huo Mushan saw Song Zhi, who was forced to hold his neck in his arms, his eyes swollen like peaches.

His eyes were swollen like peaches, and his face had been bitten and broken in many places.

Huo Mou Shen's eyes have little warmth as they fall on her bruised skin, looking down at Song Zhi: "Know you're wrong?"

Song Zhi was startled again.

Starting to cry, she cries so hard that she's almost out of breath!

The veins on either side of Huo Mu Shen's temples popped, his black eyes still glaring angrily at Song Zhi, and he could only pick up the person who was crying so much that she could be aggravated from the water table.

"Leave some strength, there will be you screaming in a while."

Feeling the threat above his head, Song Zhi bawled, stopping in an instant.

Huo Mushan pursed his lips, looked down at Song Zhi again, and the accusing emotions that welled up all turned into a light sigh.

For the first time, Huo Mou Shen realized that Song Zhi can't do anything about people.

He can't even let her go after being scolded and beaten.

How can he tolerate her being injured at the hands of others?


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