Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 111

"Forget it, you're still young."

"I wasn't to blame for this in the first place, he was the one who had to come and hug me! Why did you come to me if you're not looking for him to settle the score?"

Huo Mou Shen was cried to completely lose his temper, "I don't blame you, my fault, my fault, so don't cry, eh?"

He holds the person to the refrigerator door.

Huo Mushen stood behind her, one hand wrapped around her shoulders from behind, one hand bent down to touch the glass, looking for ice.

Song Zhi was able to brush against his solid arm as soon as she lowered her head, and the two of them were in an incredibly intimate position.

The darkness of the late night was flooded with the slightest hint of heat, making Song Zhi's mouth dry and also wanting to borrow his lips to relieve the heat.

"Arm still hurts?"

"It hurts."

"Serves you right!"

Song Zhi: "......"

Huo Mu Shen picks up Song Zhi and goes straight back to the master bedroom on the second floor, and his movements can't stop being gentle.

Just as his body touches the soft king-sized bed, Song Zhi's body goes slack.

Huo Mou Shen stood straight at the edge of the bed, his brows wrinkled up tightly, staring without a word at her red, swollen deer eyes from crying, her eyelids red, and her ebony pupils bright black.

Being bitten well behaved.

The sigh that clogged Huo Mu Shen's chest heavier, he stared at Song Zhi, the anger that should have been monstrous, but not a trace of it could be found.


Huo Mushen's thin lips pursed up, drew back his sight, his upright figure turned in the direction of the room's entrance, and without a word he walked out towards the door.

Song Zhi's line of sight moves back and forth with Huo Mushen.

She saw Huo Mushen walk away with his long legs and swallowed her saliva.

The entrance to the room was empty, and Huo Muchen didn't even close the door.

Song Zhi wrinkled her tear-stained eyelashes and deflated her lips even more aggressively.

She was almost pissed off into a blowfish.

Song Zhi lay like a corpse for a while, elbows propped up on the edge of the bed, ready to get up and close the door.

A figure appeared at the door, and the person who had left originally returned.

Huo Mou Shen sees her half-white face, backhandedly closing the door with a 'bang', taking the medicine box, striding over to her side.

"Doesn't it hurt enough?" He asked lowly.

Song Zhi is still relying on the edge of the bed, her elbows go limp and she's scooped up in his arms, pursing her lips and blinking innocently at Huo Mu Shen.

"Can the hand still move?" Huo Mushen opens his mouth with a hard-on.

Song Zhi tried to lift, nodded: "Can move, just pain."

"Hurts and still moves?" Huo Moushen let out a cold snort from his nostrils.

"Wasn't it you who told me to move?" Song Zhi looks at Huo Moushen angry, taking advantage of him turning around to get the medicine, measuring the safe distance between the two of them, shrinking back a large step and retreating to the other side of the bed edge.

Huo Moushen turned around and saw Song Zhi retreating to the other side, his large palm with veins bursting out carried her by the back of the neck and brought her back, pressing her down heavily into the mattress, "Move again, and I'll bite you to death!"

Abruptly, Song Zhi didn't dare to move again.

She felt that Huo Muchen was a wolf.

She was a pile of meat and bones.

"Lie down."

Despite his words, Huo Muchen held down her shoulder without saying a word, dragged the person to his lap, and started applying medicine with a cold face.

Song Zhi clenched her teeth and insisted on enduring until Huo Muchen finished applying the medicine.

However, there is no pain in the imagination, the wound that was smashed by the car door was stroked by Huo Mou Shen's fingers with a slight coolness, but instead, it is much more comfortable.

Huo Moushen runs one hand through her messy hair, revealing the teeth marks on her cheeks, and a darker color is added to his brows.

"Why did you come home late?"

"Mom said you listened to her and dragged me shopping." Song Ru was very nonchalant about selling her mother-in-law short, but on second thought she made up for it, "But mom did it for my own good, and bought me quite a few things."

"There's no need to listen to what mom says."

"No need to listen?"

"En, you only have to listen to me in Huo's home, and you don't have to touch the rest of everyone." Huo Mou Shen's dark eyes stare at her tightly.

Song Zhi stared with a few puzzled eyebrows, and tried in a small voice, "I heard them say that you disassociated yourself from the Huo family in order to marry me, will that affect your ...... heir position!"

She did not see Huo Mou Shen inherit the Huo family until she died, and even more so, she did not know the relationship between Huo Mou Shen and the Huo family, so now she is completely blank about Huo Mou Shen and the Huo family's heir!

"Old Six told you all of this?"

Huo Muchen sees her cowering like she wants to hug him but doesn't dare to reach out, pulls one of her arms and hangs it around her waist, pushes her head down into her chest, pulls the quilt over to block the cloth hanging on her, and finally simply strips Song Zhi naked three times and throws her under the quilt.

Song Zhi's long hair fell casually behind her shoulders, and before she could raise her head, she heard Huo Muchen's chilly voice: "Do you want me to be the heir of the Huo family?"

Huo Mou Shen has no idea about the heir, as for who to be, he never had anything to do with it, and the establishment of M & R is only to give Xiao Yue a backing, and even let M & R have the ability to fight against the Huo family.

Song Zhi perceived the hostility from Huo Mou Shen.

She choked at a certain spot on her left chest and softly said, "I just don't want you to be tired. Today, Auntie 2 bullied mom, and I don't want mom to be bullied either."

Huo Mu Shen's face darkens, a cold light appears in his pupils, and he slowly closes his eyes.

In the middle of the day, he abruptly opens his eyes, "I have the ability to preserve the third house."

At these words, Song Zhi breathes a sigh of relief and immediately stops saying anything.

She never cared if Huo Mou Shen was the heir or not?

She only sought to be with Huo Mou Shen forever.

Huo Mou Shen looked at her for a few moments and opened his mouth coldly and fiercely, "If I don't become the heir, you're disappointed?"

The way this was said made Song Zhi feel as if she was a vain woman!

She shakes her head and says in a very, very good manner, "Whether you become the heir or not, I'm not disappointed, I just don't want you to stay up all night anymore."

Upon hearing this, Huo Mo Shen's lips slightly hooked, "Sincerely?"

"More genuine than diamonds." Song Zhi brightens the ring for Huo Mou Shen to see, then puts her little face over again.

Huo Muchen picked up the ointment and unscrewed the lid, using his fingertips to dip a small amount and gently apply it to her face.

Instantly, a cool and refreshing sense of comfort came over her, and Song Zhi couldn't help but draw back a breath.

She opened her eyes wide and looked at the man's cold face from the angle of death, still amazingly handsome against the heavens.

Song Zhi's heartbeat was so stretched that she actually didn't dare to look at it a second time.

"Whether I am the heir or not, you have less contact with the second house of the Huo family, and even the entire Huo family." Huo Mou Shen put down the ointment and his arm tightened around her, almost strangling her waist.

Song Zhi senses a hint of uneasiness in him and immediately says, "En, I don't have contact with their family, they always bully me."

Huo Mou Shen remembers that Xu Li is Huo Xin Xin's mom, and Huo Xin Xin was born to be a dead ringer for her because she was similar in age, so she grew up comparing them at every turn.

Huo Xinxin is still in college now, while Song Zhu has graduated and married Huo Xinxin's cousin who she secretly has a crush on, which makes Huo Xinxin so angry that she almost makes a big fuss about the wedding!

What's more, Xu Li, as the second wife of the Huo family, actually wants to send Ye Mei to her father-in-law's pillow, which is totally bullying her mother-in-law!

For such a family, Song Zhi doesn't want to come into contact with it and feels even more horrified!

Huo Muchen's eyes are stern and straight, his fingertips gently rubbing her wounds, "They won't bully you anymore, I ordered someone to stop all cooperation between M&R and the Huo family."

Song Ru's eyes were shocked, completely unable to imagine that Huo Mou Shen had really laid hands on the Huo family as rumored in the outside world.

Her eyes instantly straighten and she breathes a little too hard.

Huo Mushan naturally could see Song Ru's astonishment and disbelief, but it was absolutely impossible to get him to stop!

Unless the Huo family ...... welcomes Song Zhi in!

"Afraid of me?"

Song Zhi is not afraid, and he heard him continue, "Xiao Zhi, outside rumors say that I'm cold and heartless, cruel and violent, and that I can lay hands on my own uncle and the Song family, are you really not afraid of me?"

Huo Muchen's eyes sank, his fingertips slid to her neck and hooked up a section of hair to curl in his hands.


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