Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 113


This sleep, Song Zhi slept in a daze, woke up with a dry throat, and vaguely heard a low male voice.

Huo Mushen seemed to be on the phone.

"I'll go personally to AK's project, I don't need the Su family to send anyone, and I don't need the Huo family to intervene." Huo Moushen leaned his spine against the nightstand and spoke in a domineering manner.

A disgruntled voice comes from the other end of the phone.

The room is too quiet, Song Zhi is able to hear that it's Huo Xishen calling.

"The AK project is overseas, it just so happens that the Su family is also overseas, using the Huo family and Su family's lineage relationship to cooperate can help you carry out the project more smoothly." Huo Xishen calmly analyzes, extremely dissatisfied with Huo Mushen's arbitrariness.

"Huo Dong, you seem to have forgotten that the AK project has already signed a contract with M&R, so there's no need for the Huo family to intervene again, and ...... I remember that M&R has already withdrawn all of the resources that stayed with the Huo family, and the Huo family has no qualifications to intervene in all of M&R's projects."

Huo Mou Shen doesn't give half a face at all.

"Mu Shen, you're a descendant of the Huo family, you can't completely disassociate yourself from the Huo family because of a Song Ru!

How do you let your grandfather feel about you dealing with your second uncle and dealing with the Huo family like this?"

Huo Xishen said angrily.

Huo Mushen lies on the bed, his laptop resting on his lap, scanning the contents of the contract as he returns the call.

"As I said, how you said it in the first place is how you welcomed back Xiaozhu.

Dad, you've always known that I do what I say."

Huo Mu Shen scans through the contract with AK before scanning over their request that the icon designer must draw the game characters of the E-Star project again, frowns, and finally sees that the signature is Lu Zi Yan's, and his gaze grows even colder.

Lu Ziyan actually agreed to AK's request, so will Xiao Ru ...... not be given a hard time!

He narrowed his eyes and taboo swept over Song Ru, who had turned awake in a ghostly, distracted manner.

Huo Xishen was half dead angry by Huo Mushen's indifference, and after a few seconds, after huffing and puffing and dispersing his breath, he could only take a step back: ''I can let Song Zhi enter the door is already the Huo family is generous enough.

Next month, your grandfather's birthday, take Song Zhi home into the genealogy, this has been counted as a big step back."

Letting Song Zhi into the family tree means that the Huo family has fully recognized her identity.

Huo Xishen even feels like he's giving her a handout!

Huo Mushen looks down at Song Zhi's injured arm resting on his waist, her little head rubbing against him, and in a moment his gaze softens.

"I'll take Xiao Ru back."

"But Mu Shen, the matter of resources ......"

"Besides, my wife is awake, I'm going to cook."

Huo Mou Shen 'snapped' and hung up the phone.

Hearing the phone beep, Huo Xi Shen's old face instantly collapses.

He's an old son who actually can't compare to a daughter-in-law!

He hasn't even eaten his son's cooking all these years, and he actually went to serve that little girl.

Huo Xishen angrily slammed the phone, the screen was instantly broken into a spider's web.


Huo Mo Shen puts the laptop to the side and rubs her head, "Did I wake you up by calling?"

"No, it's me who was woken up by thirst." Song Zhi's bones are a bit scattered, and her clear, moist eyes stare at Huo Muk Shen.

"Did you get enough sleep?"

Song Zhi nods, remembering what was said on the phone, "Slept enough, was it the Huo family that asked you to divide the resources back?"

"En." Huo Mushan sees her unhappiness and smiles seemingly, "Don't worry, I won't share out the M&R resources, after all, we're so poor, right."

"Right." Song Zhi's smile unfolded.

Saying that, Song Zhi rubbed his chest again.

"Don't rub it, if you rub it again, you won't have to get up in the afternoon." Huo Mo Shen's voice was muffled, definitely not like he was joking.

Song Zhu dared not move again.

The corner of Huo Muxian's lips hooked up an arc, put on his loungewear, and picked out clothes for Song Zhi from the closet before he said in a low voice, "Wear them well and wait for me to come back, don't run around."

Song Zhi nodded her head obediently, and after watching Huo Mu Shen's figure leave, she put on her clothes and immediately darted downstairs to rummage through yesterday's gifts.

In a pile of gifts, she finally found the limited edition watch that she spent all her money to buy for Huo Muchen, without a bit of hesitation, Song Zhi took advantage of Huo Muchen's exit, and directly hid the watch in the nightstand with a big stride, and turned back to meet Huo Muchen's raised eyebrows.

Song Zhi deflated the corners of her lips, sneakily flew an eye at the nightstand, quickly raised her head, took a deep breath, straightened her complexion, and said, "You're back."

"En, mom called you and asked you to come pick it up." Huo Mou Shen hands the phone over, then his gaze unconsciously falls into the nightstand, suppressing the dark color.

"Ah, mom called me?" Song Zhi breathes a sigh of relief, then reaches for the phone and scatters to the balcony to pick it up.

Huo Mo Shen looks at her figure and opens the nightstand in silence.

Seeing something in a nightstand in the cabinet, the man hooks up slightly, then sees the blue velvet box in the corner.

His long and slender fingertips pick slightly, seeing the watch inside, the corners of his lips hook up with a touch of favor before he silently puts the things back.

Song Zhi is turning her back to Huo Moushen and follows up with a phone call from Jing Lianxi.


"Xiao Ru, how were you last night? Mu Shen didn't bully you, did he." Jing Lianxi's tone was casual and relaxed, vaguely revealing a smile.

Song Zhi heard Jing Lianxi speak and rubbed her sore waist, holding her tongue, "Mom, it's a bit late to say this."

"Hahaha, mom is also doing this for your own good, if you create a little Mu Shen, it's also good for me to have grandchildren to hold as well."

Song Zhi's face 'swished' red and didn't answer Jing Lianxi's words.

Jing Lianxi thought that Song Zhi must be shy, so her tone was easy to pacify: "I'm just teasing you, you're still young, although you've already graduated from the university, but if you want to further your education, Mu Shen and I will support you, so don't worry about the Huo family's heir, you'll be able to have your mother-in-law to hold on to it."

Song Zhi was a bit surprised by this.

Jing Lianxi was nice to her, she wasn't scared, but suddenly being so nice, Song Zhi was a little creeped out, the pores on her spine opening up a little and filling with cold wind.

She pulls the straps of her pajamas tight.

Huo Mou Shen sees her shoulders shrug and frowns, taking out his jacket from the closet, he steps up his long legs and walks towards Song Zhi's back, ringing her from behind to report her.

Song Zhi felt her waist being tightened by two iron arms, her hot chest coming up behind her, and felt the skin on the back of her neck being dotted and kissed, and her body suddenly trembled.

"Weren't you good, or do you feel better physically?"

A threateningly provocative voice came from the side of his ear.

Song Zhi's brain instantly went blank.

She completely forgot to go back to Jing Lianxi, only to look sideways to see the man's cold and delicate features, handsome and peerless, his jeweled blue pajamas vaguely revealing his collarbone, with a few rows of small teeth marks on it, his face instantly reddened to a feverish red, all because of her bites.

Huo Mou Shen saw her looking at herself like a flower child, and for the first time, he felt that a good skin is still important.

"Xiaozhu, you forgot to return mom's call."

Sensing that she's being teased, Song Zhi jolts back to her senses, and with a pouty glare at Huo Mushan, she turns her back to look at the gardenias blooming in patches in Huo Garden.

But she can't see anything, in front of her eyes is only Huo Mushan last night hugged her, over and over again called her 'small hearted child' face.

Without waiting for Song Ru to open her mouth, Jing Lianxi laughed to herself and said, "But if you're willing to have a child for us to play with, I can also help you and Mou Shen to bring up a child, Xiao Ru this point you don't have to worry about, just for the sake of me being able to bring up Mou Shen, no matter how many you give birth to, mom can help you to bring up a good one!"

Song Zhi was so shocked that her face lightly trembled and her body went rigid.

Huo Mou Shen deliberately made a bad move by biting the tip of her ear and asked, "How about we give birth to ten?"


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