Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 114

"...... Ten!"


A few coughs came from the phone!

"Xiaozhu, mom really didn't think you'd want to give birth to ten, but it's okay, they can all be raised!" Jing Lianxi said righteously, resolutely letting her daughter-in-law rest assured that she would give birth boldly!

Song Zhi red-faced again, glaring angrily at Huo Mushan, stretching out her small hand to touch Huo Mushan's waist and twisted it fiercely!


So hard!

Is he made of iron?

Her hands hurt!

She was so aggrieved!

Song Zhi's face becomes ugly all of a sudden, Huo Mushan smiles gently and lifts her small hand to his lips and kisses it.

"Don't pinch next time, your hand hurts, my heart hurts."

The two hands are folded together.

His kiss carries a rolling temperature, causing Song Zhi to draw in a breath of cool air.

Song Zhi was just about to open her mouth when Huo Muchen kissed her lips and laughed lightly, "Okay, okay, if you don't return mom's call, mom will think we're doing something."

Song Zhi glared, then returned to Jing Lianxi, her tone could be aggrieved, "Mom, I didn't want to have ten! If they were all like Huo Mou Shen, then my sons would all be riding on top of my head!"

"Hahaha, Mu Shen that kid was ancient when he was a kid, like an old fogey, but he's done a lot of bad things, when we meet in the future, let mommy personally talk to you about it, and make sure you beat him to death." Jing Lianxi laughed.

Song Zhi then couldn't wait, "Mom, what is it that you're going to say now?"

Because, she wanted to beat the hell out of Huo Mu Shen right now!

"Wait for me to see."

Jing Lianxi stood up from her rocking chair and walked towards the balcony bookcase, just flipping through the photos of their childhood, her eyes glanced towards downstairs and she paused.

A dark black Maybach is leaning against the front door of Huo's house.

Huo Xishen is riding back in the same car with Ye Mei, her eyes floating in the bottom of her eyes with a sinister tone, she changed her words, "There is a dinner party in the evening, mom will take you guys along, and your dad also wants to meet you."

Song Zhi stared suspiciously, "Mom, are you sure you want to do it today?"

Her waist was a little sore, her legs were a little weak, and her footsteps were a little weak.

"I'm sure I want today, mom find someone to pick you up, your newly married mom has never given you anything, this time take the opportunity to just give it all to you, just as a meal." Jing Lianxi's tone was amiable, couldn't hear half a bit of unhappiness, but her face was already angry.

She overlooked Ye Mei and Huo Xishen's silhouettes one after the other, her tone was more relaxed and languid, and the elegance of a noble wife of a luxurious family flowed out in a moment, from her heart, "Xiao Ru, mother hopes that you and Mu Shen will always be together, and that no one will be able to break you up."

Song Zhi heard that her tone was not quite right, barely calmed down, and tried in a small voice: "Mom, your tone is not quite right."

Jing Lianxi was stunned and didn't let Song Zhi fall into a step!

With that said, Jing Lianxi said, "Xiao Ru, give the phone to Mu Shen, mom will personally talk to Mu Shen, he'll listen to me."

Song Ru's heart trembled.

Anything her mother-in-law said could be taken as listening.

But hearing that Jing Lianxi's tone had already pressed down the tone, Song Zhi could still guess that something unhappy had happened, and she didn't hesitate to directly turn around and hand the phone to Huo Mushan.

Huo Moushen took the phone, patted her head, and with his jaw slightly raised, signaled Song Zhi to wait for him in the house.

Song Zhi obediently left from the balcony and went back to the cabinet to pick out clothes.

Listening to Jing Lianxi, they had to go.

In the face of Jing Lianxi, Song Zhi really likes and respects him, but in the face of Huo Xishen, she also can't really like him except for his respect.

No one would like someone who wanted to kill them.

What's more, that person was also her own eunuch.

She continues to resign herself to picking out clothes, especially looking at the formal ones.



The breeze slowly blows through, Huo Moushen's straight posture leans into the railing, one hand is pestled at the edge of the floral pattern, one hand just holds the cell phone, "Mom."

"You were just beside Xiaozhu?"


Jing Lianxi guessed it was.

"How's it going, finally got it?" Jing Lianxi had the heartbreaking feeling of tearing up the Wujiang River.

"You're taking Xiaozhu out for dinner?" Huo Mou Shen didn't move to change the topic.

When Jing Lianxi saw Ye Mei following behind Huo Xishen in a nice step, walking into the Huo family's old mansion in a dignified manner, her heart immediately felt uncomfortable, "Yes, after you got married, the Huo family has been indifferent, completely in a state of indifference.

Yesterday Xinxin was still posting about the developments on the internet in the group, although mom knows that the people in the photos are you guys, but the second house has repeatedly humiliated and slandered Xiao Ru, and I, Jing Lianxi's daughter-in-law, can't be bullied like that by anyone else!"

She had completely identified with Song Zhu!

Whoever moves it won't be able to!

"Mom, what do you think of Xiaozhu's character?" Huo Muchen doesn't return to Jing Lianxi's last sentence, but asks something else.

"That's certainly good, and I've been misunderstood in the past. Xiaozui is Shishi's daughter, the child I watched grow up, how could I think there's a problem?" Jing Lianxi takes it for granted.

Huo Muchen's eyes are gentle, Yin bared, "Since it's like this, then Xiaozui said saw that said Ye Mei wanted to marry into the Huo family and intervene in your marital relationship with Huo Dong."


Jing Lianxi wrinkled her brow.

She hadn't really thought about it!

"This matter doesn't have much evidence for the time being, you can take your time to investigate." Huo Moushen politely whispered, but he believed that according to Jing Lianxi's character, he would never tolerate rubbing sand in his eyes.

Huo Mou Shen is also following Jing Lianxi's character!

Huo Mou Shen believes in Song Zhi, and wants to protect Song Zhi even more, and doesn't want to get Song Zhi involved because of this, and is even more worried that Song Zhi's reputation will be even worse.

"There's no need to look into this matter, your father has already brought Ye Mei into the Huo family's old mansion, when did the Huo family's old mansion ever allow irrelevant people to come in and out." Jing Lianxi snorted coldly, even her spine was bubbling with anger.


"I see that Xu Li either uniquely uttered those words yesterday, or that's what she meant, I didn't expect Ye Mei, a girl of her years, to have ambitions that aren't small, and now she wants to replace me." Jing Lianxi coldly said, "Yesterday I asked your father, your father actually said to me that Ye Mae is the person who prepared for you, originally I didn't want to talk to you about this, afraid that you're too much, I want to personally bring Xiao Ru out to right the ship, it seems that today I'm nonetheless unable to bring it!"

"What do you want?"

"Of course it's to help my daughter-in-law beat up the little bitch!"

Jing Lianxi snorted.

"Okay, you send me the address, I'll send Xiaozhu over at that point."

"Good, I promise to return you a flawless daughter-in-law."

"En, I won't allow her to get hurt, otherwise you can tell Huo Dong that I don't mind folding his most valued project again."

Huo Mou Shen instructed Jing Lianxi with a posture of complete protection for his daughter.

Jing Lianxi understood, her son but it didn't matter if they were the Huo family or whoever's family, as long as they bullied his wife's head, her son would return the favor with a vengeance!

The son is so handsome, there's wood!

"Mom promises! That said, Mu Shen, you really have my style back then! I'll set the address and send it to your cell phone, you let Xiaozhu arrive first, and I'll return your lovely white daughter-in-law." Jing Lianxi laughed.

"I'll wait."

Huo Muchen hung up the phone with a quiet hum.


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