Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 115

He stepped up his long legs to walk back from the balcony then watched the little woman compare one suit after another in front of the mirror, his eyes deepened and stared at Song Zhi, "I promised my mom to go over for dinner together in the evening."

"Do you think we'll look good in this set of dark black, or dark blue?" Song Zhi stares back with a light smile.

Huo Muchen hooked his lips, "Whichever set you wear looks good, I like it."

Song Zhi deflated, "This is a family banquet, isn't it not good for us to dress so formally? It's supposed to be a family banquet, of course we have to dress happily."

"Feeling out of clothes?" Huo Mushen asked.

Song Zhi looked back at the closet, she and Huo Mou Shen didn't have countless clothes like the usual gentry, this would be really too little to use.

She puts down her clothes and runs to Huo Mou Shen's side, hooking his little finger: "Husband, why don't we go buy clothes?"

"Mom didn't buy you clothes yesterday?"

"That's different, mom bought them for me, not for you, I'm going to pick clothes to wear from the inside, then won't we be mismatched?" Song Zhi asked back as a matter of course.

When a couple goes out, of course they need couple's clothes!

Huo Mou Shen was delighted by these words, then hooked his lips, "How do you know that all the suits in the closet are matching?"

The suits in the closet are all high-fashion, all from Huo Muchen's hand, as their wedding residence happy things.

It is true that he designed them in sets, but Huo Muchen didn't expect Song Zhi to be able to see them, and he didn't expect her to actually see them.

His little wife was surprising him again.

"It's easy to see." Song Zhi takes it for granted, pointing to the suit tie and then to the hem of the skirt, "Look at the color of your suit tie just like the color of the skirt on the lower half of my body, as well as the tie clip you use every time and my brooch are also the same style."

Huo Mu walks over, his long arm circling her waist, "My little heart child, has a heart."


"Then since I'm so good, is it possible for my husband to take me clothes shopping?" Song Ru pleaded.

"All my money is in your hands, what can't you buy if you want to?" Huo Mu sunk in a smile that went straight to all the limbs.

Song Zhi turned back and jumped violently.

Huo Mou Shen was hit in the face, then stretched out his hands to drag her down.

She leans her entire body against the closet door, bending her eyes down to look at him, her eyes full of laughter, hugging his neck and kissing him, "My husband is the best."

Huo Mou Shen fades his indifference and his face is unusually soft, tilting his head back to kiss her.

Until Song Zhi is almost out of strength, he puts down the person and says in a warm voice, "Be good, don't tease your husband at this time, go take a shower, wait for a while and I'll take you to pick out some clothes."

Hearing this, Song Zhi obediently climbed down from him, her face still flushed.

She casually grabbed the Haitang nightgown and went to the bathroom.

The sound of clattering water comes out of the bathroom in no time.

Huo Mushen cast a sidelong glance and saw the delicate figure revealed in the bathroom, and the knot in his throat involuntarily rolled a bit, so he quickly walked out of the room, walked to the study, skillfully touched a cigarette, and then dialed the phone.

At this moment, because Huo Muchen wasn't at work, Chu Huaibei, who was so busy that he couldn't even see the shadow on the back of his head, suddenly heard his cell phone ringing and exploded in place!

"Hey, what's the matter, hurry up and say it!"

The tone was as angry as it needed to be!


Chu Huaibei did not look at the phone number, then a flurry of diarrhea fire: "Hey, is there anything, do you know that I'm very busy, there is something directly sent to the president's office, personally come to talk to me!"

In the long ten seconds of silence, from the opposite side of the phone came a ghostly cold bared: "Personally sent?"



A pile of documents from his hands fell to the ground, smashed to the surface of the foot, Chu Huaibei shivered and asked, "President, just now is not my speech ...... do not know who took my call, I immediately go to train him in a moment!"


Chu Huaibei suddenly panicked, his tone shivering, "President, I really know it's wrong, you have something I'll do immediately now."

"Go get the latest suits and matching dresses to Huo Yuan, within an hour or less, hurry." Huo Mou Shen looks down at his wristwatch.

"Okay, it's all the new summer models, right? President, haven't all your clothes always been exclusively high-customized, do you need me to bring your royal tailor." Chu Huaibei asked in a deep voice.

"No need."


After Huo Mou Shen finished ordering everything, he didn't immediately go back to the bedroom, but walked to the guest bedroom to take a cold shower.

After being refreshed, Huo Mou Shen returned to his study, sat down in front of his computer to habitually smoke, put on his glasses, and started working.

After the E-Star project is launched, M&R and AK can completely detach themselves from the Huo family when they work together, as well as block and intercept all Huo family resources.

Ding ding ding!

Huo Mushen sees an email pop up in his mailbox, then furrows his brows and deletes it without moving.

Inside the house, Song Zhi, who had taken a good shower, stepped on her slippers and came out without seeing Huo Mushan's figure, and when she pushed the door out, she saw a doorway open in the direction of the study.

She drew her legs and walked over.

Standing in the doorway, a strong smell of cigarettes mixed with testosterone came to her.

Song Zhi was choked and coughed.

The subtle sound caused Huo Mu Shen to drift his eyes.

He saw a white petite figure in the doorway and beckoned towards Song Zhi, casually removing his thin, gold-rimmed glasses and patting his thigh: "Come here."

Huo Mou Shen is still wearing that pajamas, lazy and casual.

Song Zhi wriggled over, but also within a safe distance, not even looking at Huo Moushen for fear of ruffling someone's feathers.

"What's the point of standing so far away from me, is it that you're afraid I'll eat you?"


Song Ru vainly said.

"Xiao Ru, people's eyes subconsciously look to the right when they lie."

Huo Mushen points out her mind.

Song Zhi is dissatisfied and argues, "Huo Moushen, you're so good at psychology, why don't you go become a psychiatrist, then the people lining up to see you every day will be able to shoot from Huacheng to Haicheng, and then I'll be sitting at home counting my money until my hands cramp up."

"Am I short of your money to spend, or am I short of your food?"

Song Zhe grunted, "No ah, I'm not afraid that you're tired, you see that when the time comes all you need to do is sit there and someone will come to your door, I'll make sure that you earn a lot of money."

Huo Mou Shen coldly grimaced and wrinkled his brows, "You're asking me to sell my color?"


"Come here!"

Song Zhi took another step backward, deliberately pinching the tip of her nose, "I'm not going over! You've been smoking and you don't smell good!"

Huo Mou Shen instantly darkened his face.

"I smoked last night when I hugged you too, why are you still crying to hug me?"

"Today and yesterday are different!"

Yesterday she was justified, today she had a strong bottom!

She said in a generally serious manner, "Mom said for us to have a child, I've read that to have a child you need to quit smoking for three months at the very least, and if you don't quit smoking again, there's no way for us to have a child."

Huo Mou Shen frowns slightly, he forgot about this, his fingertips unconsciously snuffing out his cigarette.

Song Zhi saw his long body stand up, and a sense of oppression pounced on her.

She huffed backwards, "What are you doing?"


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