Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 116

Huo Muchen glances at her, then walks to the balcony and opens the window, letting the smell of smoke dissipate indoors.

Then he turns around and looks at Song Zhi retreating further and further away, frowning.

"The smell of smoke is gone."

"There's still some on you, so I won't come any closer, we'll have to go out together to buy clothes later." Song Zhi met his hawk-like deep eyes, half afraid to come closer, shivering so much that she was about to retreat towards the back.

All sorts of excuses flew through her mind, and immediately afterward, she heard Huo Muchen say, "En, I'm going to take a shower again, you wait for me inside the house."


Song Zhe pursed her lips, and in her heart, she belabored, "Just letting her off the hook?"

Huo Muchen walks towards her, and the more Song Zhi hides, the happier she gets.

"If you keep avoiding me, it'll make me think you want to?"

"Nonsense, I don't think about that kind of thing!" Song Zhi just took off her mouth and regretted it, immediately 'bah bah bah bah bah' three times, "You hurry up and take a shower, the smell of smoke smells bad."

Huo Mou Shen puts his voice hoarse, "I'll go out and take a shower, if you avoid me again later, you won't have to go to the banquet today."


Song Zhi hums her little voice and sees Huo Moushen go out.

She stays in the room and looks at Huo Mushan's study, but in her heart, she misses the smell of smoke on Huo Mushan's body.

It wasn't really unpleasant, mixed with Huo Mushan's unique sunken wood scent, it was enough to give her enough security.

Song Zhi walked to the computer and looked at the cooperation contract between E-Star and AK, as well as all the detailed details of the start-up project after the cooperation, her heart suddenly panicked!

All the contents were just laid out in front of her without reservation and trust!

It was the same as in her last life!

Huo Mou Shen never put up defenses against her!

She remembered!

This is an important trade secret contract!

It concerns whether or not the E-Star project can be put into the Huacheng market, and it's also an important cooperation for M&R to open up overseas channels!

It was also the one she had been cheated and stolen by Lu Huaike!

Song Zhi's heart thumped, and she couldn't help but reach out and hold the mouse, browsing word by word, her mind quickly thinking about the details of what happened in her previous life.

She gradually put her breathing steady, carefully recalling all the details at that time.

Suddenly, intense pain came from her waist on both sides, making Song Zhi unable to resist bending over and falling directly into the seat.

She bit her lip, and even her breathing began to tighten.

It was this contract that Huo Mo Shen had been busy for a long time, along with the fact that she had been in a messy divorce for too long at the time, so much so that it took him six months of sleepless work to make it, and she didn't expect it to have taken shape after only a month of work now.

She remembers AK deliberately designing a business loophole, and Huo Mou Shen searched back and forth for a month before he found it, but because she leaked the contract, she also nearly bankrupted M&R, leaving Huo Mou Shen's reputation in tatters!

What did she do then?

She was justifiably divorced!

As a result, she was almost beaten to death by Grandpa Huo, but Huo Mou Shen still knelt down to stand up to the family law in her place before it was over.

Her fingertips began to shiver as she skimmed through every word on the computer, finding that one loophole with precision, even as she knocked down all the subsequent contents of the contract word for word.

Huo Mo Shen returned from his shower to see Song Zhi sitting in front of his computer desktop tapping her fingers rapidly.

He frowns and remains quiet for a good ten minutes before pushing the door in as she stands up.

"What are you doing?"


Song Zhi snapped back, her eyes averting wildly, "When did you get back?"

"Just now."

Song Zhi breathed a sigh of relief, Huo Mu Shen was so busy with work that he shouldn't remember where he did his work.

She finished her thought and grinned, "I'll just take a look at this contract of yours, the E-Star project which is going to be officially launched."

Huo Moushen nods, "En, it's launched, it's not officially listed yet. When it's listed, the Huo family won't bully you anymore."

Song Zhi was stunned, not quite understanding Huo Moushen's speech, only to see Huo Moushen walking towards her, his long arm hugging her, his crisp mint breath falling from the top of his head, "Smell, is there any more smoke odor on me?"

Song Zhi obediently put her nose over and inhaled two mouthfuls, shaking her head, "No more, it's the mint flavor, did you use shower gel?"

"En, and you use the same type." Huo Moushen wrapped his arm around her waist and said softly.

The same type?

Nima, there is no shower gel for Huo Moushen in the bathroom, so the one available isn't the same model?

But he said this, always feel ......

Huo Moushen's gaze glanced at the computer, so he wrapped his arms around the person and headed for the door.

"Where to?"

"To see the clothes."

Huo Moushen floors the person and walks down to the second floor.

Song Zhi completely forgets about the life and death catastrophe just now, and also forgets why her ribs and waist are inexplicably in pain, and 'heartlessly' follows the person downstairs.

Song Zhi wants to walk towards the door to put on his shoes but is brought by Huo Moushen to sit down in the sofa, querying and wrinkling his eyebrows, "Didn't you say you want to go out, why don't you go out?"

Huo Moushen faintly said, "Mom is going to take you out at six o'clock, and now it's almost five o'clock, and we don't have enough time to go and pick."

"What then?" Song Zhu was a little nervous.

Huo Mushen clapped his hands in the air, only to see two rows of bodyguards come in behind him with Chu Huaibei as the leader, and in their hands they walked in carrying matching men's suits and women's clothes in their left and right hands.

Song Zhi's gaze brightened, but then dimmed again, "So you just let people bring the clothes in, the fun of shopping is all screwed up by you, the next time I want to go out or want to go to a bar."

"Go out less with her."

Jiang Wine has Ji Ye by her side, Ji Ye and Yan Bai Chuan are brothers.

If Ji Ya wanted to get Jiang Jiu, he was bound to antagonize them.

He wouldn't give Yan Baichuan the slightest chance to get close to Song Zhu!


Song Zhi pretended not to hear.

"Pick out your clothes, mom's car is right outside the door to pick you up." Huo Mushen ignores the dissatisfaction in her eyes and rubs her head and says.

Song Zi gets up and walks through the two rows of clothes, all of which are high-fashion, so she asks Huo Mushan timidly, "They're all very nice, can I have them all?"


"No, really no, anyway, you haven't given me half a million dollars yet, why don't you just deduct it from there." Song Zhi hummed arrogantly.

Chu Huaibei's mouth twitched as he listened.

A random set in here costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to mention dozens of sets, just Mrs. Your five hundred thousand dollars, you can't even buy a corner of a suit, right?

Huo Mu Shen said, "Good."

As long as she wants, he has all to give, is not, can snatch it, give her!

At this time, a man dressed in serious clothes suddenly walked in through the door.

When he respectfully walks up to Huo Mou Shen, he nods, "Third youngest, madam's car is right outside the door, coming to pick up madam."

Huo Mushen raises his hand slightly, "I know, let madam wait a moment."

The man is sensible and knows the rules, so he retreats to the side of the sofa.

Song Zhi hears her mother's car right outside the door and is also a bit anxious, so she hurriedly picks out a set of dark black suit and pure white long-sleeved dress, which happens to be able to block the wound on her arm as well.

Although the bones are still vaguely painful, but after a day's rest, in addition to not being able to lift up and make too much strength, the rest is not a problem.

Huo Muchen saw her pick a set of clothes, so she hurriedly ran to the dressing room on the first floor to change out, and her long straight black hair was casually draped over her shoulders to cover the hickey that was vaguely showing behind her ears and at her neck.

At this moment, Song Zhi walked out, like a forest vixen in front of him, red lips slightly open: "Mu Shen, you hurry to change, mom is waiting for us outside the door."

Huo Mou Shen's eyes swept through a flash of dissimilarity, suddenly chagrined to have to bring all these clothes over to wear on him, and in a moment have to wear it out to other people, thin lips pursed gently, paused for two seconds, staring at her face, said slowly: "Be good, change another set, this set is not good."


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