Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 118

"Third brother, think back, you've been on both sides of work and third sister-in-law these past two days, maybe you've been under too much pressure and forgot that you made the contract."

Lu Ziyan looks for an excuse for his 'disbelief'.

Upon hearing this, Huo Mushen ponders for a moment before re-surfacing through the contract, making sure that it was saved today before solemnly saying, "I'm sure the contract was saved today."

"Then I have no choice, but this is a good thing for Third Brother, Third Sister-in-law has done me another big favor, if the E-Star project goes public one step earlier, it will be able to sweep the commercial resources of the entire Huacheng city and monopolize all the industries, and at that time, Huo Family and Yan Family won't be able to fight against you.

Now that the Yan family has the Chi family to protect them, you are now isolated, Third Brother.

But when third sister-in-law takes back the Song family, the entire Tang city plus the huge Tang family is simply like a tiger with wings."

Lu Zi Yan is genuinely happy for Huo Mou Shen, not realizing that Song Zhu is really too much more powerful than he imagined.

"I don't need a woman to consolidate the kingdom yet, this matter is kept secret for now." Huo Mushen said.

"Third brother, if you're really unsure, ask Lao Qi, last time he also told us that third sister-in-law wasn't quite the same as before, and every time you look at him, it's like you know him." Lu Ziyan suggests.

Huo Mu Shen's eyes sink before he turns to call Bu Yan.

"Third brother, why are you free to call me?" Buyan's chatterbox was offended.

However, Huo Mou Shen doesn't give him a chance, coldly screeching all his nonsense, his voice low and cold locking down the key points, "Xiao Zhuo's mental illness, what side effects will there be?"

"There are no side effects, just a long time trapped in their own nightmares, will let a person's psychological pressure dramatically increased." Bu Yan, as the most authoritative doctor in Huacheng, and with the huge Bu family as his background, every word he says can be examined.

Huo Mu sinks his face cold, his voice revealing a sense of thickness, "Make an appointment."

"Third brother, you've loosened up? Is Third Sister-in-law having any unusual symptoms lately?" Bu Yan asked in a businesslike manner.

Since he was going to see the doctor, Bu Yan always had to take care of everything.

Huo Mushen 'snapped' the laptop closed after finishing the contract Song Zhi had perfected, his single thin lens brimming with a dark, sunken glow in the cool night, his entire person shrouded in darkness, like a dormant beast, intimidating.

"No symptoms."

"No symptoms?" Bu Yan was puzzled.

Regarding Song Zhu's perversity in certain places, Huo Mushan didn't think it would be a good thing.

He wanted his little sweetheart to just be in his arms, even if she couldn't do anything, just to be nurtured and spoiled.

"Buyan, I'll take Xiaozui to check for psychological problems, but you have to make sure that you won't harm her halfway." Huo Mou Shen casually removes his glasses, refracting a hidden blue aura from the silver ring on his left hand, blending with the man in a reserved and graceful manner.

Every word he says carries a strong threat.

"I promise, third brother I'll schedule the time first, this matter can't be rushed, you can't let third sister-in-law feel that she's sick, it will have a great impact on her mood, when it's over you find an excuse to come back to the hospital again, I'll line up the hospital's itinerary." Bu Yan nagged a long string of words, was about to pull out another long string of words when he only heard the opposite side: "beep beep beep ......" occupying the line, his face suddenly sank.

Huo Mu Shen hung up the phone can not control from the chest surging out of the boredom, as if there is something deep inside the cracked, and then unrestrained flow out of what emotion, so that he has no way to control.

He still habitually went to touch a cigarette out, but went outside the balcony to smoke, did not let the room filled with heavy smoke.

A long time later, with a few cigarette butts piled up under his feet, the man's taut jawline eased a little, loosening his grip on the ancient flower-patterned balustrade, his cheeks flushed with a demonic glow, and without turning on the lights, he walked in the darkness of the night like a vampire in the West.

He went back to the master bedroom to find the rest of the matching suit from the one Song Zhi wore out.

Black shirt, black jacket and pants, worn on him, ironed and embedded as one.

Dressed, Huo Mo Shen suppresses the dullness in his head and heads for the door.


The restaurant that Jing Lianxi had agreed upon was at Huayan Residence.

When Jing Lianxi walked in with Song Zhi, it was already past the appointed time.

Just as she walked to the door, she heard a woman's delicate humming coming from inside: "Huo Dong, I ...... am a little sore."

The voice is softly humming so that any man's bones will be tingling when he hears it.

"Ye Mei, if you're too sore, I'll simply carry you back." Huo Xishen's soothing voice comes out from inside again.

Ye Mei?

It's actually Huo Xishen and Ye Mei inside?

Song Zhi's jaw drops, completely unable to imagine that it could be the scene of a rape catch inside.

Can't it be that her mother-in-law personally brought her to catch the mistress?

So exciting!

So exciting!

Song Zhi sneaked a glance at Jing Lianxi and saw that her face was as usual, only the corners of her mouth were hooked up in a faint and shallow arc, making people feel a chill down their spine.

Jing Lianxi walked into the doorway with Song Zhi in no hurry, then lifted her foot and kicked open the half-covered door of the room.

What caught her eye was that Ye Mei had collapsed in Huo Xishen's arms, biting her red lips in pain, and Huo Xishen had just bent down to pick up one of Ye Mei's legs, which, in the eyes of outsiders, was a charming and blood-curdling scene.

When Huo Xishen sees Jing Lianxi with Song Zhi coming, he looks unnatural and lets go of Ye Mei's leg, then wrinkles his eyebrows, "Why are you guys just coming, you're a whole half hour late!"

"Mu Shen couldn't bear to see Xiao Zhi, so he delayed at home for a while longer, but today is a family banquet, why would there still be outsiders around?" Jing Lianxi glanced at Ye Mei if anything.

Ye Mei clutched the hem of her skirt, holding onto the edge of the table with difficulty, but one hand was still firmly clutched together with Huo Xishen, looking really aggrieved, as if someone was bullying her.

Her subtle little movements didn't escape Song Zhi's eyes, Ye Mei is doing it on purpose, grandly wanting to be her little mother!

"Huo has a meeting in a while, so I let Ye Mei come with me."


Jing Lianxi returned nonchalantly.

Song Zhi acted as a transparent person on the side, now it was her mother-in-law's home turf.

Faced with Jing Lianxi's pressing gaze, Huo Xishen's voice tightened, and after a few seconds of slowing down, he still explained, "Just now, she stood up in too much of a hurry, and accidentally sprained her ankle, so I helped her out a bit."

"I didn't say anything, why did you explain?" Jing Lianxi asked back.

"The way you're looking at me like that just makes me think you're misunderstanding!" Huo Xishen growls lowly in mid-air.

Ye Mei also stood up appropriately and followed with a low voice to explain, "Mrs. Huo, just now I got up in too much of a hurry and accidentally sprained my ankle, Huo Dong just saw that I was too uncomfortable and was kind enough to give me a hand, the rest was nothing."

Jing Lianxi faintly said, "I didn't misunderstand anything, you don't need to be so eager to explain, after all, if I were jealous every day, then the position of the third wife would have long been someone else's."

"Lianxi, what are you blindly guessing? Didn't I tell you that Ye Mei is ......"


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