Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 119

Huo Xishen's words suddenly stuttered, crossing over Jing Lianxi to look at Song Zhi, his words suddenly changing, "Ye Mei is my personal secretary, she also appeared here with me today because the company had a temporary emergency meeting.

As you know, recently Huo's financial chain has been cut off, so of course it needs to be rectified to go about its business."

"That's true, but today is a family banquet, Ye Mei is just an outsider, it wouldn't be logical for her to come over again, and I'm afraid it would make Mu Shen even angrier."

Jing Lianxi brought Song Zhi to sit on the main seat of the main mother of the family, her eyes just scorned Ye Mei, as if she was a mole.

Ye Mei had never felt so embarrassed by her, and hated to tear her apart!

"It's just a meal, what's wrong with one more person? The company has been busy lately, she's been following me around and hasn't eaten more than a bite until now, so she's staying to eat with us." Huo Xishen, as a director of Huo Clan, still has the nature of saying one thing in his bones.

"So you've been sleeping together at the company lately?" Jing Lianxi asked in a light tone.

It seemed unusual, but how did it sound like she was being sarcastic about something.

Ye Mei wasn't stupid, of course she could hear it, but at this moment, if Huo Xishen hadn't given the word, she definitely wouldn't have opened her mouth!

"Lianxi, you're the one who's going to have the family dinner today, and now you're late with Song Zhi, and it's not even a problem that Mu Shen hasn't come yet, but you're still messing around with your jealousy.

Didn't I already make it clear to you last night?"

Huo Xishen doesn't believe that Jing Lianxi can't read her meaning.

"I've explained the reason to you, it's late because Mu Shen couldn't bear to part with Song Zhi, I've gone through a lot of effort to snatch Song Zhi over, so it's obvious how precious Mu Shen is to Xiao Zhi, even I as a mom couldn't bear to part with her, let alone someone else." Jing Lianxi said, "If someone dares to touch Xiaozhu, I guess Mu Shen won't be able to resist playing with that person?"

Huo Xishen was speechless.

There's no hair to pick up on this.

Huo Mushan treasures Song Zhi, and he knows it well, otherwise he wouldn't have broken the Huo family's capital chain for Song Zhi.

It was because of this that Huo Xishen felt that Song Zhi was not suitable to be the Third Young Lady of Huo.

"He's young and impetuous now, he'll be fine when it's later, he doesn't even know to come on time for such an important occasion!" Huo Xishen snorted coldly.

Are these words clearly sarcastic words that Song Zhi is nothing?

Song Zhi furrowed her brows as she internally bellyached, "This is Huo Mushan's dad, this is Huo Mushan's father, this is her father-in-law, can't dislike him, bear with him!"

Jing Lianxi threw her a 'don't be afraid, mother-in-law will help you dislike it' look, then threw a scowl over, "Mu Shen has something going on at work, and who doesn't know that the E Star project is starting up now, so it's natural for him to be busy. My son has really gotten big, he can even call himself a portal."

At these words, Huo Xishen's face changed.

Which pot isn't boiling which pot.

"What is the meaning of your family banquet today?"

"Of course it's Xiao Ru organizing the ceremony, and as the third wife of the Huo family, of course I'm going to do right by Song Ru first!"

"That sort of thing will have to wait until the Huo family birthday banquet, for Dad to personally nominate."

Jing Lianxi pretended not to hear and said in a nonchalant manner, "Dad also depends on our opinions.

Now that I'm gifting Xiaozhu the heirloom bracelet that my mother-in-law gave me back then, Dad will know that we're very satisfied with Xiaozhu."

The four words 'very satisfied' were bitten extremely hard!

It was like four slaps on Huo Xishen's face!

After a pause, Jing Lianxi's voice rose again, "From now on, Song Ru is our Huo family's daughter-in-law, so you don't have to endure any grievances, just beat them back in time!

If any ungrateful person dares to steal your position, not waiting for Mu Shen to take action, mom will help you solve the ungrateful dog first!"

With that, she put the bracelet on Song Zhi's wrist.

In an instant, Ye Mei feels that her face has been slapped hard again!

Since Huo Xishen had spoken to her, Jing Lianxi wouldn't have been unaware that she was preparing it for Huo Mushan, which was clearly meant to be a slap in her face!

Ye Mei pinched her nails into her palms, and even though it was hard to bear, she could only try her best to hold back.

Song Zhi's remaining light swept over to Ye Mei, who was so angry that she couldn't hang on to her smile, and immediately understood, cooperating with her mother-in-law: "Thank you, mother-in-law, don't worry, if any shameless dog dares to seduce my father-in-law, I will also have no qualms about fanning it back!"

"How can just slapping back be enough? Of course, we have to take the mistress and strip out all of her family's background before breaking the news, so that she will carry the reputation of being a mistress for the rest of her life, and won't be able to hold her head up in Huacheng for the rest of her life!" Jing Lianxi followed.

"Granny has a good point, let her be a street rat, everyone shouts!" Song Zhi then chimed in, her inner little devil at work, the corners of her lips hooked into an evil smile.

"And let her not dare to seduce someone else's husband until her next life!"

The two women were talking to each other, clearly pointing and cursing!

Ye Mei can't listen to it anymore, abruptly standing up from her seat, pulling her legs out to walk towards the outside: "Huo Dong, the company still has some urgent contracts that need to be handled by me, I'll go back first."

She pulls the door open and pauses for a few seconds, but Huo Xishen never gets up, only frowning.

Ye Mei immediately stepped forward, she thought that Huo Xishen would stand up to defend her, at least letting her get back a trace of face.

But the next second ......

"Ye Mei!"

Hearing someone call out behind her, Ye Mei unconsciously stopped in her tracks and turned her head to glare at Song Zhi, itching to strangle her right now!

Song Zhi frankly met her profoundly hateful gaze, but the corner of his eye lingered on Ye Mae's ankle that was fit as a fiddle, and said nonchalantly, "The injury you broke your foot is healed so quickly, ah."

Ye Mei's face brushed white.

Her eyes flash with panic and she can only find a random excuse: "This injury is nothing, work is important, if Mrs. Huo has nothing to do, I'll go to work first."

"No, I have something!"

Song Zhi said.

Ye Mei watched her walk towards herself, unconsciously backing away, but no faster than being hit back by Song Zhi who had long wanted to hit back faster.

Song Zhi didn't know where the strength came from, and pinched her neck, her purposely unpolished nails gouging right through her neck.

"Song Zhi!"

"Song Zhi, what are you doing!" Huo Xishen thumped the table and was about to stand up, but was stopped by Jing Lianxi, "Xiaozhu is so well-behaved, she never gets into trouble easily, she must have her reasons for doing this!"

She is very protective of her shortcomings!

Song Zhi laughed sweetly, "I just want Secretary Ye to also feel the suffocating sensation of being choked, after all, last time Secretary Ye almost choked me to death!

Granny was right when she taught me just now, I was wronged under Secretary Ye's hand last time, so of course I can't endure it!"

"What? Ye Mei, as a secretary, you actually dared to make a move against the Huo family's third youngest grandmother!"

Jing Lianxi also slaps the table and gets up, angrily walking over to Ye Mei and using the strength of one arm to directly whip over!


Ye Mei was directly slapped by Jing Lianxi to the side of her head, blood spilling out from the corner of her mouth as she stumbled in a sorry state.

"Huo Dong ......"

She subconsciously called out the only person she could rely on.

In an instant, the scene chokes.

Huo Xishen wrinkles his brows.

He saw Ye Mei's aggression and couldn't bear it, so he could only dissuade her, "There's a misunderstanding in this matter, Ye Mei took Song Zhi to be the one who mistakenly crashed into the president's office."

Jing Lianxi, however, was unforgiving, "M & R is Mu Shen's, Ye Mei is just a secretary by your side, what qualifications do you have to make a move on the young granny! What's more, as a secretary who can't even recognize her identity, that's still a test to see if Ye Mei is fit to be a secretary!"

"This matter will be discussed when we get back." Huo Xishen really didn't expect Jing Lianxi to agree to Song Zhi being her daughter-in-law so quickly.

What kind of soul-stirring soup did Song Zhi pour into her?

What else could it be?


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