Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 120

Only she didn't expect that her mother-in-law was even tougher than her, a slap directly thrown up, and still able to continue to scold without changing her face!

"There's no need to wait to go back, Song Ru is the daughter-in-law I recognize, you take back your mind before it's too late, be careful of Mu Shen completely separating from you!" Jing Lianxi doesn't even give face to Huo Xishen, directly tearing her face off.

Song Zhi also didn't expect Jing Lianxi to protect her to such an extent, and her nose turned a little sour and red.

She must not let Jing Lianxi down!

"Lianxi, when did I agree?" Huo Xishen loved Jing Lianxi, but it didn't mean that Jing Lianxi could make decisions without his consent.

Of course, Jing Lianxi didn't care what Huo Xishen thought.

Song Zhe looked serious, her voice choked, "Huo Dong, even if you don't agree with me, I'm still Huo Muxian's explicitly married wife, no one can defend my identity, not even you!"

She was really angry.

Huo Mou Shen was hers, hers, hers!

Read the important things three times!

"There's no place for you to speak here!" Huo Xishen looks at Song Zhi and scolds impatiently.

"There's no room for her to speak here, so there should be room for me to speak!"

Huo Mushen's long and elegant figure walks towards the box from the end of the corridor, stepping on high-end customized handmade leather shoes.

As his footsteps approach, cold air pressure is ushered in.

There are some people who are born to be kings and are favored by the Creator.

He walked over to let people's temper unconsciously reduce, until the door of the box, long arm only wrapped Song Zhi's waist, rubbed her face, asked in a low voice: "Being yelled at afraid of it?"


"What can she be aggrieved by! She even dared to hit someone, the Huo family doesn't need such an uneducated daughter-in-law!" Huo Xishen coldly grunts, making his stance clear, inwardly infuriated.

"There's never been a rule that a daughter-in-law of the Huo family can only be bullied by others when she's aggrieved! Xiao Ru is my Jing Lianxi's daughter-in-law, who dares to bully one try!" Jing Lianxi looked at him coldly, completely ignoring Huo Xishen and Ye Mei.

If taking a beating and not being able to fight back is being educated, then everyone together shouldn't be educated!

"You ...... this matter I'll go back and settle the score with you!" Huo Xishen turned his head and stared coldly at Huo Muxian, somehow his throat was unconsciously tight and his lips dry, "Muxian, you can't give up the Huo family just because of Song Zhi."

Huo Mou Shen didn't say anything, just looked at Jing Lianxi.

Jing Lianxi looks at Huo Mou Shen and evokes a shallow smile, her eyes are no less arrogant.

"Huo Dong." Huo Moushen suddenly opened his mouth, those eyes chilling to the extreme, just casually standing in the doorway with his arm around Song Zhi, his attitude rampant to the extreme: "Since the Huo family doesn't need Song Zhi, then they don't need me.

I will publish a newspaper tomorrow, Huo Muchen will sever the father-son relationship with Huo Dong, and will also completely detach from the Huo family."

That chilly-to-the-bone voice doesn't sound like he's joking.

"Mu Shen, mom supports you!"

"Jing Lianxi, don't add to the chaos!" Huo Xishen's temples bare pain.

He stares sullenly at Song Zhi, who is being babied by Huo Mushan in his arms, his gaze taking another layer of coldness, thinking that many of the projects Huo Group and M&R worked on together withdrew their funding after the last time, he can only take a step back, "Mushan, you're my son, breaking away from the Huo family, do you want to make the Huo family lose face in the whole of Huacheng or do you want to make sure everyone knows that Song Zhi isn't being satisfied by the Huo family? "

"Then what do you want?"

Huo Mushan then hugs Song Zhi and nonchalantly talks to him about his conditions.

Huo Xishen feels that talking to his son is a few degrees more pressing than a business negotiation, and is almost exasperated to the point of ascending to Immortality, and then sees Jing Lianxi standing on the same side with his son, and takes a long breath of relief.

He pushed too hard and made Huo Muchen rebellious, wait a little longer, when the Su family heir comes back, Huo Muchen will know what's best to choose for the sake of the Huo family heir.

"Song Ru married into the Huo family, is the daughter-in-law of the Huo family, turn around I will personally talk to your grandfather about giving Song Ru into the genealogy matter." Huo Xishen's voice is low, but he has already made a big step forward.

Huo Mushen's brows are sparse and his tone is condensed, "That would be best."

"Now sit down and eat."

Huo Xishen completely forgets that there's still Ye Mei on the ground, holding a ball of evil fire in his chest, with no place to vent it out, he can only stare with wide eyes and a mouth that still has to treat them to dinner.

Ye Mei was so angry that her teeth itched.

Huo Mu Shen did not want to sit down, his fingers naturally held Song Zhi's hand, his eyes so cold that he did not see the slightest temperature swept towards Ye Mei, with 'a look at the dead' eyes swept a glance and then disdainfully retracted the line of sight, he looked up into Huo Xishen's eyes: ''My mother can only be Jing Lianxi, you do not want to let Grandpa down, it is best not to be in a position to make a mistake. disappoint grandpa, you'd better not do anything that would tarnish the reputation of the Third House during this time."

Huo Xishen: "......"

Ye Mei: "......"

Jing Lianxi was also shocked!

Only Song Zhi calmly nestled in his arms, her afterglow sweeping towards Ye Mei on the ground whose eyes were full of revealed unwillingness.

Ye Mei kept her head down, but Song Zhi saw that the hem of her skirt was full of creases from her tugging.


I didn't expect Huo Muchen and Jing Lianxi to be so direct in the face, and without beating around the bush, they directly cut off all of Ye Mei's retreats!

But it's good, Song Zhi doesn't want Ye Mei to destroy the Huo family's couple's feelings, whether Huo Xishen likes him or not, but she sincerely hopes that they are in harmony as a couple, or at least don't have a ...... little mom.

"What are you talking about, of course your mother is Lianxi." Huo Xishen knew that he was misunderstood just now, and went up to put his arm around Jing Lianxi's shoulder but she avoided it, looking a bit embarrassed, and could only say resentfully, "I'll order someone to send Ye Mei back to the company now, and we'll have a meal together as a family of four as well."

"No need, my wife is not used to eating outside, she can only eat what I make." Huo Mo Shen looks down and sees that she looks disheveled, and has no interest in eating, so he simply takes a long arm and carries her in a horizontal princess hug and leaves the box with his long legs.

Huo Xishen looks at their backs and is so angry that he almost spits out blood.

He didn't have much of a mind to eat, and as he watched Jing Lianxi follow him out, he hurriedly chased him out.

Ye Mei is left directly on the floor, her ankle hurts so much that it's unbearable to stand up.

"Song Zhi, Jing Lianxi, I won't let you go!"

She said viciously.

Didn't she say that she couldn't be the third wife of the Huo family, she preferred to be!

She also wants Song Zhi to bend her head and knees at her feet and call her 'mom'!


Huo Mu Shen carries Song Zhi all the way out of Hua Yan Residence from the second floor, attracting a lot of sideways glances.

They were especially surprised to see Jing Lianxi bring Song Zhi out today.

Didn't they say that the Huo family wasn't happy with Song Zhi?

It looked like the rumors were completely untrue!

"Mu Shen, put me down, everyone is watching me." Song Zhi buried her head in his arms, sniffing the familiar scent of sunken wood on his body, especially at ease.

"I'm just holding my wife, so what if I see it?" Huo Mou Shen deliberately pulled up a tone of voice so that everyone around him could hear.

Song Zhi couldn't help but grin at the corners of her lips when she heard this.

Yeah, this was her man!

Shy P!

She hooked onto Huo Mushen's neck, her small hand gently tugging on his ear, a pair of deer eyes dyed with charm to tighten his taut nerves.

Huo Mu Shen was touched by her small hand unconsciously hot, long arm step more anxious, straight toward the Maybach not far away.

"Xiao Ru, behave yourself now, don't tease me."


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