Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 21

Su De'an dragged Qin Suqin out, he couldn't afford to lose this person.

"I won't go, I won't go back." Qin Suqin struggled to no avail.

Su Qing watched Qin Suqin being taken away by Su De'an with a smile, and heaved a sigh of relief.

Based on her understanding of Su De'an, Qin Suqin might suffer a lot when she goes back.

When Qin Suqin and Zhou Xiongfei's personal relationship is exposed, Zhou Xiongfei will lose interest in Qin Suqin and even avoid it.

This cheating is really exciting, but if it becomes a big problem, it will be a big trouble.

Zhou Xiongfei is a man of distinction, and he values his reputation the most.

Let Qin Suqin lose Zhou Xiongfei's backing, and Su De'an's favor, killing two birds with one stone.

This is also Su Qing's purpose.

To hit a snake is to hit seven inches.

After the matter was over, Su Qing was about to leave. Just as she reached the corner, someone grabbed her by the wrist. Before she could see who it was, she was dragged into a box beside her.

"Su Qing, you are playing with fire."

There was a man's cold voice next to his ear.

Su Qing's heart tightened, she saw who it was, she was very surprised: "Chu Tianyi, let me go."

Su Qing shook off Chu Tianyi and said angrily, "You don't have to worry about my business, and it has nothing to do with you."

"You know what you're doing, Su Qing, you offended not only Qin Suqin, but also Zhou Xiongfei."

"So what?" It's not that Su Qing is not afraid, what's the use of being afraid?

She didn't provoke Zhou Xiongfei, and she tolerated Qin Suqin many times, but they still wanted her life.

If she hadn't been saved by Lu Rongyuan last time, she would be a corpse now.

"Su Qing, you've changed." Chu Tianyi frowned, looking very disappointed: "Can you offend the Zhou family? It's easier for them to kill you than to crush an ant. I’m worried about you.” Please download the novel app iRead app to read the latest content

Su Qing sneered and said: "Chu Tianyi, don't say these words disgust me, okay? You are just worried about breaking the matter between Zhou Xiongfei and Qin Suqin. If Qin Suqin falls out of favor, then Su Xue is useless and no one can help you." You are fighting for the inheritance of the Chu family, but you are really capable. You have been blacklisted by this restaurant, and you can still sneak in. If you come in with such a shy face, you will be discovered and thrown out later, and you are not afraid of harming your reputation. face?"

Judging from Chu Tianyi's reaction just now, he probably already knew about Zhou Xiongfei and Qin Suqin's affairs, and Su Xue must have told about it.

With a little thought, Su Qing could understand why Chu Tianyi was sure that Su Xue could help him.

If Zhou Xiongfei came forward, then Chu Tianyi's seat of succession would be secured.

"The Chu family is not a vegetarian in the imperial capital. I came with Director Liu. Who dares to throw me away." Being poked in the center of his mind, Chu Tianyi's face turned ugly: "Su Qing, you are really smart, as I said, I did all this for us, to give you a better life, don't fight against Qin Suqin and Su Xue because of me, and bear with it, okay?"

Su Qing smiled, but there was no warmth in the smile, it was very cold: "Chu Tianyi, are you still asleep and dreaming? I have nothing to do with you, why should I fight against them for you? Really put yourself When an onion."

Su Qing didn't save Chu Tianyi any face, she turned around and opened the door of the box to go out.

"Su Qing, stop for me." Chu Tianyi lost his patience and shouted sharply.

Su Qing really stopped, but it was not because of Chu Tianyi's words, but because she saw a person.

It's really a narrow road to Yuanjia. Su Qing didn't expect to meet little Li Shao and Li Sen here.

In order to take An Ruo away last time, Su Qing kicked An Ruo.

Seeing Su Qing standing still, Chu Tianyi thought that Su Qing still had himself in his heart, and he was just throwing a temper tantrum with him just now, so he softened his tone: "Qingqing, I know you still love me in your heart..."

"Shut up." Su Qing gave Chu Tianyi a cold look, trying to slip away before Li Sen saw it.



Li Sen had already seen Su Qing, and came angrily: "Su Qing, stop for me."

Last time I was kicked, hit the table again, my head was bleeding, and I had a slight concussion.

Li Sen stayed in the hospital for a week, and was locked up at home by his family. For some reason, his family did not allow him to settle accounts with Su Qing, nor allowed him to provoke Su Qing, and warned him to stay away when he saw Su Qing. .

It was not released until today.

The enemy's road is narrow, before he could find someone, Su Qing came to his door.

How did Li Sen know that the Li family had already been beaten by someone sent by Lu Rongyuan.

The last time Lu Rongyuan met Su Qing in the back alley of the bar, he asked Xia Dong to find out what happened that night, and he had already cleaned up the mess for Su Qing.

Otherwise, how could Su Qing be at ease until today, the Li family would have come to her long ago. But Su Qing didn't know about this.

Li Sen's character of vindictiveness has long forgotten the warnings of his family.

"Master, it depends on where you go this time." Li Sen stepped forward to catch Su Qing.

Su Qing reacted quickly and easily dodged: "Why, do you still want to be kicked again?"

Su Qing glanced at Li Sen's lower body. Li Sen thought of what happened before, and reflexively covered the vital parts, his face flushed with anger.

"You woman, don't be ashamed. You're so lucky to have a drink with me today, and make me happy. Maybe I'll let you go. Otherwise, I'll kill you." Li Sen was spoiled by his family. Rebellious.

He is also a man of revenge.

Seeing that Su Qing and Li Sen had a problem, Chu Tianyi showed the attitude of a hero saving the beauty, and said in front of Su Qing: "Young Master Li, I don't know how Su Qing offended you. For my sake, let's forget it. I'll have a drink with you and apologize to you for Su Qing."

"Who are you?" Li Sen didn't buy it at all, and he didn't pay attention to Chu Tianyi at all: "Oh, I remembered, you are the illegitimate child of the Chu family, and an illegitimate child wants to drink with me, do you deserve it?" ?”

Hearing this, Su Qing thought it was funny, so she didn't make a sound, watching the excitement.

Li Sen's words made Chu Tianyi feel uncomfortable. The illegitimate child was his biggest pain point.

He didn't expect Li Sen to humiliate him instead of giving him any face.

But the commotion here caused a lot of people to come out, and those who could come in here were all prominent figures, Chu Tianyi felt that he was slapped on the face, it was hot.

This face is completely lost.

Chu Tianyi became angry from embarrassment, and pointed at Li Sen: "You are a dude, relying on the power of your family to defy anyone, tell me what you just said."

"How?" Li Sen looked as if he was capable of hitting me, and said disdainfully, "I'll just say you're an illegitimate child, what's the matter? You have the guts to hit me."

Li Sen moved his face close to him very much, with a playful smile on his face, every word was provoking Chu Tianyi.

"Li Sen." Chu Tianyi angrily grabbed Li Sen's neckline and raised his fist.

Before the fight was over, Li Sen began to howl: "Oh, the illegitimate son of the Chu family beat someone. Take a quick look, everyone, the illegitimate son beat someone. Please testify for me. Go back and find Mr. Chu to deal with it."

Su Qing looked funny, especially when she saw Chu Tianyi's embarrassing look, she dared not speak out, and when she heard Mr. Chu's name, she didn't dare to fight.

"You bastard." Li Sen acted like a good boy when he got cheap, pulled Chu Tianyi away, and said coldly, "How can you get ahead if you don't have the skills, and learn how to be a hero to save the beauty."

Chu Tianyi was furious, clenched his fists, the veins on the back of his hands were bulging, and his cheeks were tense. Facing Li Sen's provocation, he didn't dare to say a word.

Chu Tianyi's position in the Chu family was unstable, and he was walking on thin ice. If he offended Li Sen today, his life in the Chu family would be even more difficult.

Su Qing couldn't help admiring Chu Tianyi's expression of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

There is a kind of person in this world, the more tolerant, the more dangerous and terrifying.

Li Sen sneered, and stopped talking nonsense to Chu Tianyi. His goal was Su Qing.

"Beauty, let's go with the young master and take good care of me. When the young master is happy, he may marry you back." Although Li Sen was very angry at being kicked last time, he was also reluctant to really do anything to Su Qing, so he rushed there. There was also a bit of pity and pity on the face.

"Want to marry me? I'm worried that you won't be able to stand my feet." Su Qing raised her lips and smiled. She was not afraid of Li Sen, nor was she afraid of wearing shoes with bare feet.

"You woman, you don't have to drink a toast." Li Sen said that he was going to drag Su Qing.

Su Qing was about to kick again, when suddenly, Li Sen's shoulder was grabbed by someone behind him.

The person who came was none other than Lu Rongyuan.

Su Qing was so surprised that she forgot to kick her foot out.

Why is Lu Rongyuan here?

Li Sen looked back and saw that he was a stranger. Anyway, people he didn't know were treated as idlers.

Li Sen smiled: "Hey, here comes another meddling, a hero who saves the beauty, just get out of the way quickly, don't disturb my good business... ah..."

Before he finished speaking, Lu Rongyuan kicked Li Sen a few meters away.

The onlookers were all stunned.

The air was suddenly quiet.

Chu Tianyi was also very shocked. He didn't dare to make a move. How dare this person hit Li Sen?

Being able to strike without any scruples, Chu Tianyi felt unspeakable envy in his heart. Seeing Li Sen being beaten, the anger in his heart dissipated a little, but when he thought that this man was Su Qing's boyfriend, he felt a little dissatisfied. Comfortable, a hostility rose from my heart.

It really was a bumpkin, maybe the other party didn't know Li Sen's identity at all, so he dared to do it.

Thinking of this, Chu Tianyi felt balanced.

Offended the Li family, he would like to see how this bumpkin ends up.

Su Qing was also dumbfounded. Although Lu Rongyuan's foot had her previous demeanor, but the opponent was Li Sen, the most beloved son of the Li family, and he was the only seedling, the one passed down from generation to generation. The Li family was so precious. It also fueled Li Sen's arrogance.

Now that Lu Rongyuan hit Li Sen, he would definitely get into trouble.

She is not afraid of getting into trouble, but Lu Rongyuan can't, she can't ruin Lu Rongyuan.

Lu Rongyuan, an online car-hailing driver, how can he compete with the Li family?

The consequences of being retaliated by the Li family were disastrous.

"Why are you here, go away." Su Qing was worried, and pulled Lu Rongyuan, wanting to let him go quickly.

"A guest I brought before invited me to dinner, so I came over to take a look when I heard the movement." Lu Rongyuan's face didn't change, and Su Qing didn't feel suspicious either.

Lu Rongyuan wasn't lying, he was half-truth and half-false, he really came here for dinner and heard the noise.

Although the people who come here are famous people, they still can't get in touch with the top circles. In addition, Lu Rongyuan has always been indifferent. Not to mention that few people have seen the real face after claiming to be "disfigured". There are not many people.

A dude like Li Sen has only heard of Lu Rongyuan's name, but never met the real person.

Li Sen endured the pain and got up from the ground. His facial features were distorted in pain, and he jumped into a rage: "Where did you come from, see who I am, and I am impatient. I will kill you."

Lu Rongyuan stood in front of Su Qing, his aura was fully open, and his eyes were cold: "If you don't want to kill off your descendants, get the hell out of here."

Li Sen has always been used to being arrogant, but he was shocked for the first time. Lu Rongyuan looked over with a cold look, and the arrogance immediately weakened, even he himself found it inconceivable.

When Li Sen came to his senses, he actually showed weakness in front of a bumpkin, and said angrily, "This is the woman my master likes."

"Huh?" Lu Rongyuan pressed his brows coldly, and kicked again, this time even further.

Li Sen spit out a mouthful of blood from his mouth.


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