Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 22

The people around took a step back in fright, and one of the young people hurried up to help him: "Young Master Li."

Su Qing was also frightened: "Lu Rongyuan."

This kick was too heavy, Li Sen felt his ribs were broken, and his face was pale.

This time Li Sen couldn't get up, he was all supported by the young man.

The young man said angrily: "Do you know who you kicked? This is the eldest son of the Li family. If something goes wrong, can you take responsibility? How many lives of your boy are enough to pay for it?"

Lu Rongyuan didn't take the young man seriously at all, and warned Li Sen sharply: "If you harass Su Qing again, I will let Li Kuihua wait to collect your body."

Li Kuihua is Li Sen's father.

There are not many people who dare to call him by his first name.

The Li family also has a certain social status in the imperial capital. Li Kuihua is famous for his reputation and likes to do some good deeds to gain a good reputation for himself. Even ordinary people are familiar with Li Kuihua's name.

When Lu Rongyuan said Li Kuihua's name, not many people thought it was wrong.

But Su Qing subconsciously glanced at Lu Rongyuan.

Lu Rongyuan was very arrogant.

Even more arrogant than Li Sen.

Hard stubble meets harder stubble.

When Li Sen touched Lu Rongyuan's cold eyes, he felt terrified and intimidated. He nodded subconsciously and spoke with difficulty, showing weakness: "I was just joking, next time...don't dare."

Li Sen really saw a murderous look in the man's eyes, a strong murderous look.

He believes that the other party can really do it.

He was not afraid of anything, and he was not afraid of anyone except his father. He never thought that the man in front of him had a look that was more terrifying than his father. He almost knelt down and called him father.

Lu Rongyuan took Su Qing's hand and said softly, "Let's go."

As soon as Lu Rongyuan left, the young man rushed Li Sen to the hospital and called Li's family.

At the other end of the corridor, a middle-aged man was stunned and hadn't recovered yet.

"Wan, Wan Yang, who was that woman just now, who actually let my eldest nephew do it?"

The middle-aged man is Lu Rongyuan's uncle, Chen Hao.

"It's nothing to do, the boss even jumped into the sea for Miss Su before." Wan Yang was no longer shocked.

Zhou Xiongfei's son's legs were all off, and Li Sen got two kicks, which is not too light.

This little Li Shao is also unlucky, he dared to hit the boss woman's idea, isn't this courting death?

Chen Hao was even more shocked: "Miss Su? Which Miss Su?"

"Who else could it be Miss Su, the one whose engagement was annulled by the boss before, Miss Su family, Su Qing." Wan Yang said: "The boss will fall on this Miss Su this time."

"My darling, is my eldest nephew in a relationship?" Chen Hao clapped his hands and said cheerfully, "I have to tell my sister quickly."

It's really not easy, the eldest nephew has opened up, and finally knows how to find a girlfriend.

It really broke the heart of being an uncle.

There was a row of luxury cars parked in front of the private kitchen, and a group of people stood respectfully beside the cars and waited.

The leader, Xia Dong, kept staring at the door, checked the time, and saw someone coming out, so he took out his mobile phone and made a call.

"Boss, we are already at the door."

Lu Rongyuan and Su Qing hadn't gone out yet, they took a few steps away with their mobile phones, and ordered in a cold tone: "Go away, I have something very important, you should leave first."

"Yes." Although Xia Dong was curious, he still obeyed the order.

After hanging up the phone, Xia Qiu asked, "When will the boss come out?"

"No need to wait, boss let us go first."

At this moment, Lu Rongyuan and Su Qing came out, Xia Dong saw it at a glance, and seeing that Miss Su was beside the boss, he understood everything, and stood there tactfully without moving.

And Xia Qiu has never seen Su Qing, he just came back from a mission, when he saw the boss, he hurried over: "Boss."

"Come back quickly." Xia Dong hurriedly dragged him back.

"What?" Xia Qiu was confused.

"Didn't you see that the boss is following Miss Su?" Xia Dong has a long memory, and now he dare not offend Su Qing.

That is the treasure on the tip of the boss's heart.

"What Miss Su?" Xia Qiu was even more confused.

Xia Dong said calmly, "If you want to stay in the Imperial Capital for a few more days, you should just stand still."

Otherwise, it will disturb the good work of the boss, and he has just been dispatched from country G, so he may have to be dispatched again.

There is a row of luxury cars parked at the door, which is very eye-catching.

Su Qing glanced at it, and asked curiously, "Hey, is there someone important? Why are there so many bodyguards and luxury cars?"

This situation is quite similar to that of young master Lu coming to the Su family.

Could it be that Young Master Lu is eating inside?

"I don't know." Lu Rongyuan solemnly led Su Qing to take a taxi on the side of the road.

Su Qing asked, "Didn't you drive today?"

"No." Lu Rongyuan smiled warmly: "The car broke down and was sent to the repair shop. Today we will take a taxi back."

Lu Rongyuan didn't expect to run into Su Qing here, and the online car-hailing car didn't come out, so he naturally couldn't let Su Qing know that the row of luxury car bodyguards was there to pick him up.

At least now is not the time to let Su Qing know his identity.

On the way back, when Su Qing thought about just now, she was still a little apprehensive, grabbed Lu Rongyuan's hand, and said, "Why don't you leave the imperial capital first to avoid the limelight."

The only way Su Qing could think of was to leave the imperial capital.

Before the Li family is looking for trouble, it is the best policy to do thirty-six tricks.

Seeing that Su Qing was worried about him, Lu Rongyuan couldn't help but smile: "Don't worry, it's fine, this Li family is considered a big family, and they are not unreasonable people. Li Sen caused trouble first, and this is our legitimate self-defense."

It's just that this defensiveness is a bit too much?

His ribs were all broken.

Seeing that Lu Rongyuan didn't take it seriously, Su Qing was even more anxious, thinking that Lu Rongyuan was not in the circle and didn't know how powerful the Li family was, so she didn't say much.

This incident was caused by her, if it is really not good, she will go to the Li family to apologize, as long as the Li family does not trouble Lu Rongyuan.

"Isn't your car broken down? Then don't go out these few days, go to my place and stay for a few days." Su Qing said while holding Lu Rongyuan's hand.

What Su Qing thought in her heart was that as long as she avoided the limelight and the Li family couldn't find Lu Rongyuan, then it would be fine.

It doesn't even matter that this is considered "cohabitation" in disguise.

Lu Rongyuan saw through Su Qing's intentions at a glance, and nodded with a gentle smile: "Okay, I'll listen to you."

Hearing this, Su Qing felt more at ease.

The taxi arrived at the gate of the rental housing complex where Su Qing lived, and the two got out of the car. Lu Rongyuan said, "Qingqing, you go upstairs first, and I'll buy a pack of cigarettes."

"Okay, then I'll wait for you in the elevator."


Lu Rongyuan waited for Su Qing to go far away, then took out his mobile phone and made a call, his tone suddenly cold as ice: "Go to Li's house for me to express condolences."

The two words of condolences carry a biting murderous look.



Li Sen has already come out of the operating room. Li Kuihua and his wife Liu Xueqin hurried over when they heard that their son had an accident.

Knowing that her son had two broken ribs and was bleeding internally from the beating, Liu Xueqin felt distressed and angry: "Who did it, my darling, who did it so ruthlessly, and dared to touch my son? Does my Li family eat soft rice?"

The young man who sent Li Sen to the hospital said: "It's Su Qing. Young Master Li saw Su Qing at night and wanted to have Su Qing accompany him for a drink. Who would have thought that a man would appear out of nowhere to stand up for Su Qing and take Xiao Young Master Li beat him up."

"Why is it Su Qing again?" Li Kuihua frowned: "Didn't I warn you not to provoke that woman again, and take my words as deaf ears."

"My son has been beaten like this. You don't feel sorry for your son, why do you still say such things." Liu Xueqin shed tears in distress: "Then what is Su Qing? If you dare to touch my son, I will make her look good."

"Mom, I'm in so much pain." Lying on the hospital bed, Li Sen had a hard time speaking: "I almost won't see you all."

"Son, my poor son." Liu Xueqin took Li Sen's hand and said angrily, "Don't worry, Mom will seek justice for you. No one will touch my son."

Li Sen found the backbone at once, and put aside Lu Rongyuan's warning, and wailed: "Mom, you must avenge me and kill that woman Su Qing, no, forget it, such a beautiful woman, kill her!" It's a pity, just kill the man next to her, and keep the beauty."

Li Kuihua paid more attention and asked, "What does the man who beat you look like? Who is he?"

"Just a bumpkin." Li Sen said painfully, clutching his chest, "Dad, you must avenge me. Others want our Li family to die. I can't just bear this tone."


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