Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 24

What Su Xue said later moved Su De'an's heart.

Su De'an began to loosen, and he didn't want the company that had worked so hard for most of his life to collapse like this.

Qin Suqin urged again: "Old Su, the sky is almost dawn, if you don't make a decision, it will be too late."

Su De'an hesitated, and said: "I will find a lawyer to cut off relations with Su Qing before dawn, please stay at home honestly, I will go out now."

Su Qing offended the Lu family first, and then offended the Li family. Sooner or later, the Su family will be harmed by Su Qing.

Su De'an thought of what Lu Rongyuan warned last time, that he could not decide Su Qing's marriage, maybe it was because he offended the Lu family that Lu Rongyuan said that, maybe sooner or later he would find Su Qing to settle the score again.

As soon as he thought about it, Su De'an wanted to sever ties with Su Qing as soon as possible, so as not to harm Chi Yu.

As soon as Su De'an left, Qin Suqin held Su Xue's hand and cried, "Xiaoxue, if you come later, Mom will be beaten to death."

"Mom." Su Xue comforted: "Why are you so careless, Su Qing plotted against you."

"That damn girl, today's account, I won't let it go like this." Qin Suqin's eyes were full of resentment, she spoke too loudly, pulled the wound on her face, and gasped in pain. It goes deeper.

Qin Suqin quickly sat down on the sofa: "Xiaoxue, thanks to your cleverness just now, mom is very happy, you are much more mature than before."

Qin Suqin was a little surprised by Su Xue's change, and made Su De'an agree to sever ties with Su Qing in just a few words.

A trace of jealousy flashed across Su Xue's eyes: "Chu Tianyi still has feelings for Su Qing, I won't make Su Qing feel better."


the next day.

Su Qing woke up.

Su Qing stretched her waist, smelled the aroma from the kitchen, and felt hungry.

Su Qing put on her slippers and walked to the kitchen, where Lu Rongyuan had already prepared a loving breakfast.

Fried eggs with ham, sandwiches with milk.

"Wake up, wash your hands, you can eat right away." Lu Rongyuan smiled and put the breakfast on the table.

If the people of the Lu family knew that the dignified ruler of the Lu family cooked breakfast for his girlfriend in a room less than 30 square meters, their jaws would drop in shock.

Looking at the hot breakfast, Su Qing felt very happy.

But the inferiority complex also welled up in my heart.

Lu Rongyuan treats her so well now, but what if he knows that she lied to him?

Did you know she had a baby?

"Okay." Su Qing raised her lips and smiled, her face remained calm.

Lu Rongyuan reminded: "I'm going to be late for work soon."

"That's right." Su Qing looked at the time and hurried to wash and change clothes. She hid behind the screen partition: "No peeking."

Lu Rongyuan couldn't laugh or cry, where has he not seen Su Qing?

After changing clothes, Su Qing sat down to have breakfast, Lu Rongyuan suddenly said: "Qingqing, let's change to a bigger house."

This house is warm, but it's too small, he doesn't want Su Qing to be wronged in this small house.

When it comes to changing houses, Su Qing is a little entangled: "The prices in the Imperial Capital are so expensive now, and the rent is too high. It is not worthwhile to change houses. Moreover, the transportation here is also very convenient, and it is enough for one person to live in."

Su Qing is very good at calculating life.

I can't wait to break a penny into two dollars.

Su Jie's illness also made Su Qing worry. She wanted to make more money so that Su Jie could not rely on Su's family.

live alone.

Su Qing didn't intend to let Lu Rongyuan live in.

"I have money..." Su Qing interrupted Lu Rongyuan before he could finish speaking.

"If you have money, you can't waste it. It's hard work for you to go online to hail a car." Su Qing said, "By the way, your car is being repaired. It was agreed last night that you will stay with me for the next few days. You are not allowed to go anywhere, take a good rest, do you hear me?"

Girlfriend is feeling sorry for his hard work?

Lu Rongyuan smiled: "Okay, I'll listen to you."

Su Qing took a few bites in a hurry: "I have to go to work, be obedient and wait for me at home."


Lu Rongyuan always pampered Su Qing infinitely.

As soon as Su Qing went out, she received a call from An Ruo: "Su Qing, have you read the news? Your father has severed ties with you."

An Ruo left first last night, and didn't know what happened afterwards, so I just found out.

Su Qing looked online, and sure enough, Su De'an asked the lawyer to announce that Su De'an severed ties with her.

She is no longer the daughter of the Su family.

It seemed that Su De'an was really afraid of getting involved with her, so he only said on the Internet that he had severed ties with her, without posting a single photo.

From beginning to end, she, the eldest lady of the Su family, didn't even have the chance to show herself as Su De'an's daughter.

Few people knew who Miss Su's family was, but now everyone knew that Miss Su's family had been kicked out.

After all, they are their own father and daughter, and they were suddenly and completely abandoned. If it is said that Su Qing is not uncomfortable at all, it is a lie.

Su Qing also understood very well that Su De'an broke off the relationship because he was afraid of offending the Li family.

When other people's fathers defended their daughters when they were being bullied, her father, ruthless and selfish, directly kicked her out.

Su De'an's severance of relations with Su Qing also caused quite a stir on the Internet.

Naturally, Lu Rongyuan also saw the news.

Immediately, his eyes turned cold, and he felt sorry for Su Qing.

Taking advantage of Su Qing's absence, Lu Rongyuan went back to the Lu family's old house.

Wearing a scar mask, sitting in a wheelchair, looking sickly.

The Lu family's old house is full of eyeliner everywhere, and those who want to hide from the Lu family's ambitious people can't relax a bit.

Wan Yang came early: "Boss, have you seen the news on the Internet? Seriously, this is the first time I have seen such a cowardly and amazing father. I don't know if Su De'an knew that his daughter was favored by the boss. Will Su Dean regret today's decision?"

"It's just an insignificant person. He abandoned Su Qing, and he will have nothing to do with Su Qing in the future." Lu Rongyuan's tone was light: "It saves trouble."

Wan Yang agreed: "That's right, what is this ruthless and selfish father doing here?"

Just as he was talking, a noble lady came over happily: "Son, I heard from your uncle that you have a girlfriend, when will you bring it back and show it to Mom."

The person who came was Lu Rongyuan's mother, Chen Xiufen.

When she heard that her son had a girl he liked, Chen Xiufen was very happy.

This has "dead" the three wives. Lu Rongyuan has a good reputation as his wife, coupled with his disfigured face and crippled legs, he will not live for a few years. No girl in this imperial capital dares to marry here.

As a mother, she knew that her son was going to do a big job, and he had a fake disfigurement and a limp, but this couldn't delay her finding a daughter-in-law, so that she couldn't hold her grandson.

In fact, if it wasn't for Lu Rongyuan's fate, he would have died in that car accident.

The Lu family is a large family with hundreds of people, and there are many collateral people, all of whom are eyeing the position of the Lu family's ruler.

This seat is not easy to sit on either.

Lu Rongyuan gave Wan Yang a cold look, and Wan Yang immediately said, "Boss, it's not my fault. You stood up for Miss Su last night, and your uncle saw it with his own eyes."

"Son, you have a girlfriend, that's a great thing, what are you doing without telling mom." Chen Xiufen said with a smile: "I heard that it's a girl from the Su family? Son, when are you going to bring it back for mom to see? "

"No time." Lu Rongyuan frowned.

"If you don't bring it back, then I'll see you in person." Chen Xiufen was very excited: "Don't worry, Mom won't ruin your business, I'm sure I'll just take a look."

Lu Rongyuan knew his mother's character well, if she really stopped her, maybe something would happen.

Lu Rongyuan's tone was cold: "Don't scare her."

"You child, mom doesn't look scary, mom is just going to see her future daughter-in-law." Chen Xiufen smiled: "Then mom is leaving first."

Chen Xiufen came in a hurry, and left in a hurry.

Wan Yang worried: "Boss, do you really ask your aunt to find Miss Su? What if something goes wrong."

"My mother has a sense of proportion." Lu Rongyuan raised the corner of his mouth: "An ugly daughter-in-law always wants to see her in-laws."

Su Family Villa.

After Su Qing saw the news on the Internet, she specially asked for half a day off to come to Su's house.

At this moment, Su Qing was standing at the door of Su's villa. It was obviously the place where she was born and raised, but this place already made her feel strange, and it was no longer her home.

When the servant opened the door, seeing Su Qing, she was stunned for a moment, and shouted inside: "Madam, sir, Missy is back."

"Miss, you have already severed ties with the Su family. There are no more young ladies in the Su family." Qin Suqin's sharp voice came out from inside, and she also came out.

Seeing Su Qing, Qin Suqin gritted her teeth with hatred. Her injuries were all thanks to Su Qing.

Now she has no face to go out to meet people, her nose is bruised and her face is swollen, so she can only hide at home.

After one night, the bruise on Qin Suqin's face became more serious, and Su Qing was surprised to see it.

She knew that Su De'an would definitely not give Qin Suqin a good fruit, but she didn't expect to be so ruthless.

Su Qing collected herself and smiled: "Aunt Qin, I almost didn't recognize her, my face still hurts."

"Su Qing." Qin Suqin gritted her teeth and stared at Su Qing viciously: "You damn girl, don't be too proud, now your father has severed ties with you, he is not the Su family, hurry up and get out."

"I'm here to get things, and I'll leave when I'm done." Su Qing's tone was cold: "I don't want to step into this house again."

"What? You don't have anything in this family." Qin Suqin sneered and said, "You eat the Su family's and use the Su family's. It's not bad that you haven't been asked to return the previous ones. The Su family's property, you Don't worry about me."

Just then, a male voice came from behind.

"You are the ones who care about the property of the Su family."

Hearing this, Su Qing turned her head and saw that it was Su Jie, she quickly stepped forward to support her, and said in surprise, "Xiaojie, why are you here? Why don't you lie down in the hospital, what are you doing here?"

"If I don't come again, you will be bullied to death by this nasty old hag." Although Su Jie is thin, his eyes are as sharp as wolf cubs: "Old hag, dare to say something about my sister again. "

Qin Suqin was a little jealous of Su Jie, especially the fierceness in Su Jie's eyes, which made her a bit weaker.

"Mom, let them in."

Su Xue came out from inside with a smile, looking like she was enjoying the show: "Su Qing, Dad told you to go to the study and offended the Li family. I'll wait to see what happens to you, how miserable your death is."

"My sister must live a better life than you." Su Jie snapped back.

Su Xue sneered: "It's just lip service, if the Su family didn't pay, you would have died in the hospital a long time ago."

"Xiaojie, don't talk nonsense with these people." Su Qing said coldly: "You wait for me here, I will come down immediately."

"Okay, sister, you go, call me loudly if you have something to do, I see what Su De'an dares to do to you."

It feels good to have someone protecting you.

A warm current flowed through Su Qing's heart.

Su Qing went upstairs, Su Dean was in the study, saw Su Qing coming in, with a cold face, without any kindness: "What are you doing here, go quickly, don't implicate the Su family, this is your own fault, don't Blame me."

"Dad, no, we are no longer father and daughter, so it's inappropriate to shout." Su Qing sneered, "Mr. Su."

Mr. Su's words were very sarcastic, and a trace of guilt flashed in Su De'an's eyes.

"This is a check for 100,000 yuan. You take it, and it can be regarded as my last compensation to you." Su De'an took out the prepared check.

Looking at the check, Su Qing felt even more chilling and sarcastic: "No need, Mr. Su should keep it for himself. I'm not here to get the money. Since Mr. Su has severed the relationship between father and daughter, please separate my account." , From then on, I have nothing to do with the Su family."

This is Su Qing's purpose.

If the account is not resolved, there will still be troubles in the future.

Su De'an didn't expect that Su Qing came to the door for the household registration. Seeing that Su Qing was more heartless than him, he snorted and put the check away: "I will ask someone to separate the household registration."

"Then thank you, Mr. Su." Su Qing said in a lukewarm tone, "There are still some things left by my mother at home, and I want to take them away."

Mom's legacy is important.


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