Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 25

"Whatever you want." Su De'an felt that those things were unlucky for a long time, and agreed very readily: "Your mother's things are locked in the storage room, you can get them by yourself, and leave as soon as possible. If the Li family finds them, then I can't figure it out."

Seeing Su De'an's cowardly expression, she wished to leave her alone, Su Qing felt cold.

"Don't worry, I will never implicate the Su family. I will deal with the things I provoked by myself. I have already gotten used to it over the years." Su Qing twitched her lips: "The father in my heart came in when Qin Suqin came in and betrayed me Mother was already dead."

"Su Qing, what did you say, you unfilial daughter, how dare you curse your father." Su De'an was furious. Please download the novel app iRead app to read the latest content

"This makes Boss Su angry? Didn't I learn from you, Boss Su?" Su Qing sneered: "But I also admire Boss Su, Qin Suqin even gave you a cuckold, how can you bear it?" Back then, my mother did not betray you, but you insisted that my mother betrayed you, and now you are wearing this cuckold firmly."

Su De'an angrily slapped the table: "Su Qing, you are really just like your mother, insidious and cold-blooded. Didn't you set up a trick last night? I'm not old and I'm not blind. I can't even see this trick."

"Yes, I also underestimated Mr. Su, Jiang is still old and spicy." Su Qing stared at Su De'an fixedly: "The company needs capital turnover, I didn't count as cheating you last night, this investment opportunity is not for you Delivered to your door? Isn’t the reason why President Su kept Qin Suqin because he wants to make a fortune with Zhou Xiongfei?”

Su Qing also just saw through Su De'an's intentions.

She really admired Su De'an, endured being bullied for wearing a cuckold, and planned to use Qin Suqin to go to Zhou Xiongfei's place to make a fortune.

Being poked into his mind, Su De'an blushed and was furious: "What nonsense are you talking about, take your things and let me go quickly."

Su Qing didn't want to stay for a second, so she turned around and went to the storage room.

The door of the storage room was not locked, and there were old things that were not used in it, and the servants rarely came to clean it, so a lot of dust accumulated.

Su Qing found her mother's belongings. It was a mahogany box covered in dust.

Su Qing didn't know what was in it, she had never seen it.

Before her mother died, she specifically told her that this box was reserved for her.

After Qin Suqin entered the door, she had the idea of using the box several times, but it was Su De'an who came forward, so Qin Suqin didn't make any more decisions, but after that, the box was hidden somewhere.

Su Qing didn't expect to be thrown in the storage room by Su De'an.

After wiping off the dust on the box, Su Qing carried the box and walked downstairs. As soon as she reached the hall, she heard a servant hurried in from outside and said, "Madam, sir, the Li family is here."

No one expected the Li family to come so early.

Su Qing stood in place holding the mahogany box, and there were still a few steps left to go downstairs. Su De'an, who followed closely behind, panicked, and hurriedly said: "Come out through the back door, don't trouble us."

Su De'an pulled Su Qing hard, with great force, and the attitude of eagerness to shake her off was vividly expressed.

Su Qing didn't stand still for a while, and almost fell down from the steps. She quickly held on to the railing, but her waist still slammed into the root carving next to her. The pain made her gasp, and tears were about to burst out. coming.

Su Qing's heart was like falling into an ice cellar, and her whole heart was cold.

Once again, she clearly recognized her father's indifference.

"Sister." Su Jie hurried to support Su Qing, and shouted at Su De'an: "You dare to touch my sister."

With that said, Su Jie rolled up his sleeves and was about to do it.

"Little Jie." Enduring the pain in her waist, Su Qing stopped Su Jie, looked at Su De'an with cold eyes: "President Su, don't worry, I will never get you involved."

She shed Su De'an's blood, no matter how angry and chilled she was, she could not do anything to Su De'an.

When Su De'an touched Su Qing's cold eyes, he felt a little guilty, and a trace of guilt flashed across his face, but when he saw Li Kuihua who walked in, the guilt disappeared, and he only felt resentment towards Su Qing.

It's too late to go now.

"Mr. Li's presence is really radiant." Su De'an greeted him with a smile.

Qin Suqin and Su Xue looked at each other, their eyes were full of complacency and watching the excitement.

"President Su." Li Kuihua didn't beat around the bush, and directly explained the purpose of his visit: "I came today because of the matter between President Su's eldest daughter, Su Qing, and my son last night."

Hearing this, Su De'an's face turned pale, thinking that he came to Xingshi to inquire about the crime, and before Li Kui made an attack, he hurriedly said: "Mr. Li, you made a mistake. I, Su De'an, only have one daughter, Su Xue, and I don't have an older daughter, Su Qing. As for the late incident, I also heard a little bit, how Mr. Li wants to deal with Su Qing has nothing to do with the Su family, and I, Su, have no complaints."

Li Kuihua didn't even know about Su De'an's severance of father-daughter relationship with Su Qing on the Internet, but he is also a smart person, so he knew what Su De'an meant when he heard it.

Qin Suqin echoed from the side: "Yes, yes, yes, Mr. Li, the one who beat up is Su Qing, and it has nothing to do with our Su family. Su Qing is there. If you want to ask the teacher for a crime, you can find her."

Qin Suqin pointed at Su Qing.

Li Kuihua looked at Su Qing, his eyes flashed with surprise.

He, Li Kuihua, had read countless people, and he had heard from his own son that Su Qing was a great beauty, but when he saw it with his own eyes, he was still amazed.

What amazed Li Kuihua was not only Su Qing's appearance, but also her pure and clean temperament, like a deep valley orchid, blooming quietly, elegant and dignified, with the demeanor of a housewife.

Li Kuihua was even more convinced that Lu Rongyuan, the head of the Lu family, was not just interested in Su Qing.

Su Qing will be the future mistress of the Lu family.

Seeing Li Kuihua staring at Su Qing, Su Xue thought that Su Qing must be finished this time, and she was full of pride.

Su Qing stepped forward openly, and said calmly, "Mr. Li, I am Su Qing. I am very sorry for what happened last night. I am extremely sorry for your injury."

She also knew that she couldn't escape today, so she was mentally prepared.

Su Qing did this because she didn't want to hurt Lu Rongyuan. With Li Sen's character of vengeance, if the Li family asked Lu Rongyuan to question his teacher, then Lu Rongyuan might not be able to survive in the imperial capital.

Just when everyone was waiting for Li Kuihua to attack Su Qing, Li Kuihua said with great respect: "Miss Su, I, Li, has no way to teach my son, so I came to visit you specially to express my apology to you. What did you do last night?" That's right, I have to thank Miss Su for helping me teach my unfilial son a lesson."

Li Kuihua's words surprised everyone.

Qin Suqin's eyes widened: "Mr. Li, did you say something wrong? Didn't you come to Xingshi to inquire about the crime? Su Qing had someone beat up little Li Shao seriously and sent him to the hospital. Why did you come to apologize to Su Qing?"

Su De'an also had an unbelievable expression on his face: "Mr. Li, what do you mean? Didn't you come to ask Su Qing for guilt?"

Li Kuihua smiled: "How could I blame Ms. Su, what kind of virtue is my son? As a father, I naturally know that Li Sen harassed Ms. Su last night. It is our Li family, Ms. Su, who should apologize. The gift prepared by Li, I apologize to you, and I also ask Ms. Su to make a lot of it, so don't be as knowledgeable as my unfilial son."


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