Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 28

"It's you who should get out." Su Qing smiled coldly: "Manager Liu, do you think that no one will know that you took the kickback if you use this year to fill up the old account of last year? If the big boss finds out about this, guess what you will do?" end?"

Su Qing's voice was so low that the onlookers couldn't hear what was said later, and it was enough for Liu Dong to hear.

Hearing this, Liu Dong's face turned pale: "You are talking nonsense."

"What are you doing here?"

A majestic voice came, and the crowd gave way. A middle-aged man led a group of company executives over, and Zheng Mingzhu followed.

Liu Dong immediately changed his face and slapped him respectfully: "Mr. Zheng, Su Qing absented from work for no reason, which caused Mr. Wang of the Starlight Group to stop cooperating with us, but Su Qing didn't know what was wrong and shirked responsibility."

This person is Zheng Jiaying, the boss of the company.

Chen Xiufen met at the reception. Others may not know Chen Xiufen, but Zheng Jiaying definitely does.

In order not to expose herself and cause trouble for Lu Rongyuan, Chen Xiufen quietly withdrew from the crowd, and hurriedly called her son: "Son, Susu has been bullied, come quickly!"

Because of Liu Dong's words, Zheng Jiaying looked at Su Qing sharply: "Which department are you from?"

"President Zheng, I'm from the secretary department." Su Qing stood in front of Zheng Jiaying without being humble or overbearing, and explained: "What Manager Liu said just now is completely untrue. I asked the HR department for a half-day leave, and I didn't miss work without reason."

Liu Dong added emphatically: "I asked the personnel department, and there is no record of your leave, but I told you yesterday that Mr. Wang will come today and ask you to translate the materials. I will use them today because you Mr. Wang left angrily, who will bear the company's losses?"

Zheng Mingzhu held Zheng Jiaying's arm, and added fuel to the fire, "Dad, this is not the first time Su Qing has neglected his duties. I think it's better not to keep such irresponsible employees for the company."

This is revenge.

"I have sorted out the materials yesterday." Su Qing looked at Cai Jingmei, she gave Cai Jingmei all the materials yesterday.

Cai Jingmei quickly said: "Yes, Su Qing has indeed sorted everything out, let me hand it over to Manager Liu, and I also handed it in yesterday."

"I haven't received it." Liu Dong asked Cai Jingmei: "Did you hand it over to me?"

"No." Cai Jingmei shook her head and said, "I saw that Manager Liu was not there, so I put it on the table and sent you a message..."

"I haven't received any information." Liu Dong said sharply: "Su Qing, in order to shirk responsibility, you are really good at making excuses."

Su Qing stared at Liu Dong's villainous face, and understood everything.

Liu Dongtie is determined to punish her, and what she says now is useless.

Moreover, she can't tell the public about getting kickbacks. This is a taboo in the industry. Once she tears Liu Dong's face, no company in the industry will dare to take her.

Isn't Liu Dong's confident appearance relying on Zheng Mingzhu's backing?

Even if it was rumored that there was something wrong with the relationship between the two, at this time, they must be unanimous.

Who made Su Qing offend Zheng Mingzhu last time. iread novel app read the full content

Su Qing looked like a mirror in her heart, looked at Zheng Jiaying, and said frankly: "Mr. Zheng, I didn't shirk my responsibility. You can go to the Human Resources Department to investigate."

Cai Jingmei also spoke for Su Qing: "Mr. Zheng, Su Qing has been in the company for two years and has always done her best. Even if there is no credit, there is hard work."

Zheng Jiaying's face darkened: "The company doesn't want coolies, what's the use of raising a bunch of trash, Su Qing, right? You go to the HR department to settle your wages and leave."

How can an employee who is not related to him compare with his own daughter?

As soon as Zheng Jiaying appeared, Su Qing knew her fate.

I offended Zheng Mingzhu last time, so I was surprised to be able to stay in the company for so long.

During this period of time, Su Qing lived in fear in the company, walking on thin ice.

Can you fire her without reason? It's not that easy either.

Hearing Zheng Jiaying's dismissal of Su Qing, Liu Dong and Zheng Mingzhu smiled complacently, and other employees who watched the excitement were also talking about it.

Some felt sorry for Su Qing, and some felt that Su Qing was overreaching.

Zheng Jiaying left the words and was about to walk away when Su Qing said: "Mr. Zheng, I signed a five-year labor contract with the company. The contract has not expired. You fired me without reason. According to the contract, you have to pay me three times. And compensate at least half a year's wages."

As soon as Su Qing's words fell, the audience fell silent, so quiet that a needle could be heard.

Is Su Qing crazy?

Challenge the big boss?

Ask for compensation?

Crazy, crazy, beyond control.

Zheng Mingzhu was also very surprised, with a sharp voice: "Su Qing, you are so poor and crazy, why do you want three times the salary? Take a fake bracelet, you really think you can get away with it, you are a vain woman, and now you are still full of lies, beyond your control, Dad, get fired soon."

Liu Dong saw the opportunity and echoed: "Su Qing, if you still want to hang out in this circle, get out if you are sensible. If you make trouble, don't even think about staying in the capital."

Su Qing curled her lips, ignored Liu Dong and Zheng Mingzhu, and looked at Zheng Jiaying: "Mr. Zheng, what do you think? The dignified Mr. Zheng also wants to play a rogue and ignore the labor contract?"

"It's really eloquent." Zheng Jiaying laughed back angrily: "This is my company, what's wrong? I can't decide if I fire someone?"

"Of course, Mr. Zheng doesn't want to pay my girlfriend compensation, so I'll use other compensation."

this voice?

Su Qing turned her head suddenly, and was very surprised to see Lu Rongyuan, with the words "Why are you here" in her eyes.

Chen Xiufen, who was outside the court, was also relieved to see her son coming. She dared to bully her future daughter-in-law and asked her son to teach him a lesson.

Everyone turned their heads to see that Lu Rongyuan was wearing a well-defined suit, which made his whole body long like jade, and his deep facial features were covered with frost.

Many female colleagues blushed when they saw it, they were so handsome and cool.

Even Zheng Mingzhu was taken aback, showing a nympho expression.

Lu Rongyuan walked to Su Qing's side, and only when he looked at Su Qing did he reveal a bit of tenderness: "Go and rest at the side first, and leave the rest to me."

At that moment, for some reason, Su Qing actually felt that Lu Rongyuan's words had a kind of magical power, she nodded subconsciously: "Okay."

She trusts and relies on Lu Rongyuan unconditionally.

This scene made countless female compatriots envious and jealous.

Su Qing was so lucky to find such a handsome boyfriend.

Zheng Mingzhu's jealous eyes were about to burst into flames. She looked at Su Qing's boyfriend and then at Liu Dong. After comparing them, she instantly felt that Liu Dong was nothing. Her vision was too bad before.

Liu Dong also noticed Zheng Mingzhu's changes, and felt a little flustered. The appearance of Lu Rongyuan, not to mention making women crazy, also made men feel ashamed.

Zheng Jiaying was also overwhelmed by Lu Rongyuan's aura. He has been in the shopping malls for decades and visited countless people. There are very few people with such a strong aura.

Lu Rongyuan glanced at Zheng Jiaying fiercely, and his thin lips hooked lightly: "Boss Zheng, pay three times the compensation or something else?"

Zheng Jiaying came back to her senses and realized that she was overwhelmed by a young man, and this was her territory. With so many employees watching, he, a big boss, couldn't be cowardly.

Zheng Jiaying became angry with embarrassment: "Su Qing's unexcused absence from work caused heavy losses to the company. Not to mention compensation, there is no money, and the company's losses must be borne by her. Afterwards, my lawyer will send you a lawyer's letter."

These words are very airy.

Lu Rongyuan hooked his lips and said something meaningful: "Boss Zheng has indeed suffered heavy losses."

Expelling Su Qing would be the company's biggest loss.

It's just that Zheng Jiaying hasn't realized this yet.

Lu Rongyuan approached Zheng Jiaying, and suddenly reached out and grabbed Zheng Jiaying by the collar.

Everyone in the audience gasped.

Is this to do it?

Lu Rongyuan hit Li Sen before, Su Qing hurriedly stopped him: "Lu Rongyuan."

Su Qing didn't know that her three words were a soul blow to Zheng Jiaying.

Lu Rongyuan?

The person in charge of the Lu family?

Zheng Jiaying was shocked and forgot to react.

Rumor has it that Lu Rongyuan is lame?

Lu Rongyuan didn't do anything, but just whispered something in Zheng Jiaying's ear, no one knew what he said, and Zheng Jiaying's face turned pale instantly.

As soon as Lu Rongyuan let go, Zheng Jiaying's legs softened and she sat down on the ground.


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