Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 29

"Dad, what's wrong with you? Dad." Zheng Mingzhu panicked.

Lu Rongyuan cast a condescending glance at Zheng Jiaying, then walked towards Su Qing and took her hand: "You're hungry, let's go and eat."

The two left as if no one else was around.

Zheng Jiaying had a mournful face and said: "It's over, it's over."

"Dad, what's the end." Zheng Mingzhu helped Zheng Jiaying up: "It's not just Su Qing. She caused the company to suffer heavy losses. Let's sue her and make her lose money."

Zheng Mingzhu had already figured it out in her heart, if she troubled Su Qing, then Su Qing's boyfriend would definitely abandon Su Qing, and then she would have a chance.

"What do you know?" Zheng Jiaying suddenly yelled, "You prodigal girl, the Zheng family is in your hands."

Zheng Mingzhu was baffled by these words, and Liu Dong dared to ask: "Mr. Zheng, does Su Qing's boyfriend have a big background?"

It was fine if Liu Dong didn't ask, but this question directly pointed the finger at himself.

Zheng Jiaying looked at Liu Dong, and became even more angry: "Throw this man out for me."

"Mr. Zheng." Liu Dong panicked. Seeing that the security guard had come, he pleaded: "Mingzhu, please say something to your father, Mingzhu, Mr. Zheng..."

Liu Dong was dragged and thrown out, extremely embarrassed and embarrassed.

Zheng Mingzhu was too frightened to speak, and the rest of the company were even more arrogant.


Su Qing, who left the company, was having lunch with Lu Rongyuan at a Chinese restaurant.

Chen Xiufen was also there, constantly picking up food for Su Qing and asking her what she likes to eat.

Su Qing is very embarrassed, is she an ugly daughter-in-law meeting her in-laws?

Su Qing secretly glared at Lu Rongyuan, but Lu Rongyuan didn't notify her in advance.

Lu Rongyuan's brows and eyes were full of smiles: "My mother just came back from a trip. She heard that I have a girlfriend. She can't wait to see you. My mother didn't scare you, right?"

Su Qing wasn't frightened, but she was also surprised and at a loss.


Chen Xiufen glanced at her son, when did she go on a trip?

After receiving the warning from her son's eyes, Chen Xiufen immediately understood, and said with a smile: "Yeah, I just came back from a trip. If I knew this kid had a girlfriend, I wouldn't go out. I should have come to see you in the morning."

"Auntie, I should be the first to visit you." Su Qing was flattered: "I didn't know you were back beforehand, so please don't blame me for not being polite."

"How could it be? Auntie likes you no matter what you think." Chen Xiufen took Su Qing's hand, very enthusiastically: "Susu, drink this soup. This soup is good. It will nourish your body. You are too thin, so you need to nourish yourself."

Lu Rongyuan looked Su Qing up and down, nodded, "It's really a bit thin."

Su Qing gave Lu Rongyuan a blank look, and asked, "Why are you here, why are you still dressed so formally?"

Naturally, Lu Rongyuan would not tell Su Qing that he left all the senior leaders of the Lu Group and came here in a hurry.

Chen Xiufen said with a smile: "I asked him to come, I think that Zheng Jiaying is too bullying, so I quickly called my son to come to the rescue, these are the new clothes I brought him back from the trip, and I forced him to wear them. , Susu, how are you, handsome."

"Handsome." Su Qing was not suspicious either. The usual Lu Rongyuan was already fascinating, but the Lu Rongyuan in formal attire was even more handsome, exuding a sense of abstinence, making people want to take off the other party's clothes and do whatever they want.

When she realized that she was thinking wrong, Su Qing quickly regained her senses and looked away.

Lu Rongyuan caught a glimpse of Su Qing's ears turning red, and the corners of her mouth smiled even more. He leaned close to her ear, and said in two voices: "I'll let you do whatever you want when you go back at night."

Su Qing blushed and her eyes widened.

Can Lu Rongyuan read minds?

How do you know what she is thinking?

Su Qing patted Lu Rongyuan shyly: "Who wants to do whatever they want with you."

Lu Rongyuan easily held Su Qing's hand and clasped his fingers tightly.

Thinking of Chen Xiufen's presence, Su Qing withdrew her hand in embarrassment, and her face became even redder.

Seeing Su Qing and Lu Rongyuan flirting, Chen Xiufen was so happy.

How long has she not seen her son smile?

Not to mention showing so many emotions so naturally.

Chen Xiufen was even more convinced that Su Qing was her future daughter-in-law.

Anyone who dares to bully her daughter-in-law must first ask her if she agrees.

Thinking of what happened just now, Su Qing asked, "What did you tell Mr. Zheng just now?"

To scare people like that?

In fact, if Lu Rongyuan didn't come, Su Qing would have a way to solve this matter.

She has been in the company for many years, if she didn't have the ability to protect herself, she wouldn't have stayed for so long.

Su Qing is not a person who is willing to find trouble, but she is not a soft persimmon that can be flattened and rounded by others.

Lu Rongyuan half-truthfully said: "I said his biggest loss is losing such a good employee as you."

"It's that simple?" Su Qing didn't believe it.

"Uh, and threatened him, I will trouble you again, and I will serve you with my fist."

Su Qing smiled: "This is your style, but you can't hit people indiscriminately in the future, now is a society ruled by law, not fighting fists."

Su Qing was very worried about Lu Rongyuan's character.

Lu Rongyuan smiled warmly: "Well, it's all up to you."

Chen Xiufen was not angry when she saw her son behaved like a sheep in front of Su Qing, but was very happy.

One thing down one thing.

I finally found someone who could live with my son.

After dinner, Lu Rongyuan handed Su Qing to Chen Xiufen: "Mom, take Qingqing for a stroll."

"Okay, no problem." Chen Xiufen was very happy: "Susu, go shopping with auntie?"


Su Qing felt the warmth of maternal love from Chen Xiufen, and she was very happy to accompany her.

It is said that the conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is an eternal problem, but they get along very happily, so she doesn't have to worry about this problem.

After watching the two leave, Lu Rongyuan turned around and got into a Maybach next to him.

Xia Dong has been waiting here, and Wan Yang is sitting in the back seat.

"Boss, you are a little reckless today, and those in the Lu family must have doubts." Wan Yang reminded.

"The pool of water in the Lu family has been too calm recently, and it's time to stir it up." Lu Rongyuan pressed his brows coldly: "Tomorrow morning, I want to see the news that the Zheng Group has disappeared in the Imperial Capital."

Wan Yang asked: "Does this have something to do with messing up the Lu family?"

"It's okay." Lu Rongyuan said in a calm tone, "Qingqing has been wronged."

This is purely to vent my anger on my girlfriend.

Wan Yang couldn't complain anymore, he only blamed the Zheng family for being unlucky, why would he provoke the boss' girlfriend if he had nothing to do?

Isn't it courting death?

At this time, Su Qing didn't know that with one word from Lu Rongyuan, the senior management of the Lu Group worked overtime collectively and bought the Zheng Group overnight, but this is all for later.

Wan Yang lay back on the seat, looking at Lu Rongyuan quietly.

"Boss, Miss Su is not a fool. She dares to challenge Zheng Jiaying, she must have something to rely on. In fact, if you don't go, she may not be bullied."

Wan Yang has also been in contact with Su Qing for so long. Su Qing seems to be powerless and powerless, but she has an innate charm on her body.

She was able to live like this under Qin Suqin and Su Xue's difficulties, so it can be seen that she has the ability.

Lu Rongyuan narrowed his eyes slightly: "With me here, she doesn't need to be too strong."

Otherwise, what else would his boyfriend do?

He, Lu Rongyuan, is not looking for an ally who is even more powerful than a tiger, but a partner for life.

Lu Rongyuan asked: "How about Lu Zhanyuan?"

"I heard that Lu Zhanyuan is going to ship a batch of goods at the dock tonight." Wan Yang said, "Boss, I think there is something wrong with this product."

"Go and see tonight."

After finishing speaking, Lu Rongyuan closed his eyes and rested his mind.


Su Qing and Chen Xiufen walked around the mall and were too tired to walk.

Chen Xiufen bought a lot of things, all for Su Qing.

Su Qing kept refusing, but she couldn't stand Chen Xiufen's enthusiasm. With that attitude, she wished she could evacuate the entire shopping mall.

Su Qing didn't know that with Chen Xiufen's shopping ability, she could really empty the mall.

In front of Su Qing today, Chen Xiufen has already restrained herself.

"Susu, where do you live? Let's call a car and take them home."

Su Qing was a little hesitant, her place was too small, and she was afraid of being rejected by her future mother-in-law.

Moreover, Lu Rongyuan lives in her place now, temporarily avoiding the limelight, if she misunderstands that the two live together, she is afraid that Chen Xiufen will find out and look down on her.

But Chen Xiufen asked all the questions, so she couldn't help letting people go and see.

Su Qing was not stupid, so she naturally knew that Chen Xiufen wanted to visit the residence.

After hesitating for a moment, Su Qing smiled and said, "Then let me take a taxi."

Along the way, the two talked and laughed, and when they arrived at the rental room, Chen Xiufen couldn't laugh anymore.

Seeing Chen Xiufen's face collapsed, Su Qing felt a little uneasy. Just as she was about to speak, Chen Xiufen suddenly said angrily, "What did this brat do? How could Su Su be allowed to live in such a small place."

A bathroom at home is bigger than this house.

Even if you pretend to be poor, you can't wrong your future daughter-in-law.

With that said, Chen Xiufen took out a card, with tears in her eyes, and said very apologetically: "Susu, I really wronged you, you take this card and change it to a bigger house, how can such a small house live."

The future mother-in-law spends a lot of money, with bracelets and bank cards, Su Qing was taken aback for a while.

This is too happy!

Su Qing naturally wouldn't ask for a bank card, and said with a smile: "Auntie, this house is very good. Lu Rongyuan also said before that he wanted to change to a bigger one, but I stopped him from changing it. The price of the Imperial Capital is expensive, and there is a cozy little nest It’s enough, the house doesn’t need to be too big.”

These words brought tears to Chen Xiufen's eyes, and she took Su Qing's hand: "Susu, you are so sensible, my son has been blessed for eight lifetimes to meet you."

Su Qing: "..."

"Meeting him, I also feel very lucky." Su Qing said with a smile: "Auntie is also so kind to me, which makes me feel very happy."

These are all words from Su Qing's heart, and she didn't try to please her.

Judging from Chen Xiufen's extravagant spending today, Lu Rongyuan's family should be fairly well-to-do, but that is the result of the hard work of the previous generation, she and Lu Rongyuan can't be old.

Su Qing accepted Lu Rongyuan's ordinaryness from the very beginning, and she would not change because of her family background.

Chen Xiufen didn't want to leave after staying. If it wasn't dark, she still wanted to talk to Su Qing again.

When leaving, Chen Xiufen said with a smile: "Susu, Auntie will come to see you tomorrow."

"Okay." Su Qing sent Chen Xiufen to the gate of the community.

Chen Xiufen got into a taxi and immediately called her brother Chen Hao: "I am so satisfied with this daughter-in-law..."


Su Qing returned to the rental room, but received a call from Chu Tianyi.

Looking at the caller ID, Su Qing didn't want to answer it, so she pressed it off. Chu Tianyi immediately sent a message: I don't want to go to the hospital to find Su Jie. I'll see you at the Pearl River Wharf in half an hour.

Seeing the strong warning on the phone, Su Qing was furious.

half an hour later.

Pearl River Pier.

Under the night.

The pier was brightly lit.

On a yacht, Chu Tianyi prepared a candlelight dinner, flowers and gifts.

A taxi arrived at the pier, and it was Su Qing who got off.

As soon as Su Qing's figure appeared at the pier, Wan Yang who was holding a telescope saw Su Qing immediately.

At first Wan Yang thought he had misread it. What was Su Qing doing at the pier late at night?

Wan Yang took a look through the binoculars again, and it was really Su Qing.


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