Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 30

Su Qing glanced at the phone, there was a message from Chu Tianyi on it, and according to the message, she found Chu Tianyi's yacht.

Su Qing boarded the yacht, and glanced coldly at the steak with flowers on the table.

"Chu Tianyi, what do you mean? You asked me to come here, because you are afraid that Su Xue will find out?"

Chu Tianyi chose this place because he was really afraid that Su Xue would find out.

"Qingqing, you're still angry!" Chu Tianyi picked up the gift he had prepared, and opened it with a smile: "Look, I specially prepared this for you."

In the gift box is a necklace.

On another yacht, Wan Yang said in surprise, "I'll go."

He was so unlucky that he ran into Su Qing dating his ex-boyfriend.

If the boss knows about this, what's the deal?

"Wan Yang, what did you find?"

Wearing a mask, Lu Rongyuan walked out of the yacht with a cane. iread novel app read the full content

Wan Yang stammered: "No, nothing."

Lu Rongyuan frowned: "Give me the telescope."

"Boss, you should stop watching." Wan Yang swallowed, "I'm worried that your heart can't take it."

Lu Rongyuan took a look through the binoculars and happened to see Chu Tianyi holding Su Qing's hand on the opposite yacht. In front of the two of them was a candlelight dinner. It was really romantic to eat a candlelight dinner with the sea breeze blowing.

Lu Rongyuan's complexion immediately darkened, very ugly, as if strangers should not approach him.

Wan Yang's heart is trembling.

He wished he could slap himself, he was just looking around for nothing.

"Boss, Lu Zhanyuan's buyer is here." Xia Dong came out of the yacht: "Xia Qiu has news that Lu Zhanyuan has also come to the dock to hand over in person."

With a cold face, Lu Rongyuan threw the binoculars to Wan Yang, turned around and entered the yacht.

Wan Yang patted his little heart, and looked gratefully at Xia Dong: "Xia Dong, it's really timely, thank you."

Xia Dong was at a loss.

On Su Qing's side, Chu Tianyi was still shamelessly coaxing Su Qing with sweet words: "Qingqing, the play is almost done, enough is enough, do you think I really believe that you like that man? I like you , I also promised you that as long as I am in charge of the Chu family, I will definitely marry you."

"Chu Tianyi, are you dreaming, or are you drunk?"

Su Qing shook off Chu Tianyi, and said sarcastically: "I have made it very clear before, I have nothing to do with you, whoever you want to marry, and, if you dare to play Su Jie's idea in the future, don't blame me for turning against you ruthless."

"Su Qing, don't be ignorant of good and evil." Chu Tianyi lost his patience, with a bit of anger on his face: "The Su family has severed ties with you, who else can you rely on besides me? Su Xue has a very temperament. Clearly, you offended the Li family again, just because of your poor boyfriend, can he help you?"

Chu Tianyi's tone was full of sarcasm and disdain.

That condescending face is exactly the same as Su Xue's.

Su Qing stared at Chu Tianyi, and said in a cold tone: "When you confessed in front of Li Sen, I didn't see you speak so loudly, Chu Tianyi, he dared to beat Li Sen for me, did you dare? You don't dare to offend the Li family at all, and you don't even dare to offend Su Xue."

Chu Tianyi quibbled: "I was thinking about the overall situation, what kind of ability is it to show off the courage of an ordinary man?"

Su Qing smiled: "It's the first time I've seen someone say cowardice, cowardice and fear of trouble so freshly and refinedly."

Chu Tianyi couldn't help but think of how he confessed in front of Li Sen that day and was laughed at by Su Qing, and he became angry with embarrassment: "Su Qing, you offended the Li family, and the Li family will definitely come to trouble you, as long as you give in, I'll ask my dad to come forward, go to Li's house, and settle it for you."

"Chu Tianyi, in your heart, I am not as ambitious as you, and you are not really sincere to me, Su Qing, so don't act affectionate here, you are just not reconciled, if I seek death and life for you, you It might feel better."

Su Qing's words touched Chu Tianyi's mind.

He is really not reconciled.

Su Qing followed others in a blink of an eye and dismissed him, how could he be reconciled?

He has been in love with Su Qing for a year, and he hasn't even touched a finger. With such a beautiful Su Qing, how could he be willing to take advantage of others.

Chu Tianyi had already figured it out. With Su Qing's feelings for him, as long as he coaxed him a little, Su Qing would be willing to wait for him as a mistress.

Hugging on the left and right, enjoying the jealousy of the two sisters for him, which man wouldn't want such a life.

But who knows, Su Qing has nothing to do with him.

He underestimated Su Qing.

Now that Su Qing had pierced his mind again, Chu Tianyi's expression was naturally ugly, and he no longer bowed down in front of Su Qing.

"Su Qing, you have a beauty that makes men crazy, and you also have a smart brain and courage that men admire. It's a pity that you have no background. In this imperial capital, if you don't have a background, you are nothing."

Chu Tianyi sneered: "Whether you choose to enjoy the glory and wealth with me, or live a humble life with that poor guy, you only have this chance."

Su Xue is a person who is not as beautiful as Su Qing, nor as smart as Su Qing. Su Xue is the most suitable wife.

And Su Qing is the most suitable to be a man's left and right hand, making people even more powerful.

Su Qing did not hesitate: "I hope that Young Master Chu will not disturb my happy life with my boyfriend from now on."

After leaving these words, Su Qing turned around and got off the yacht.

"Su Qing."

Su Qing's straightforwardness stimulated Chu Tianyi's self-esteem as a man. He reached out and grabbed Su Qing's shoulder, and blurted out: "As long as you and I are together, I will divorce Su Xue immediately."

Su Qing narrowed her eyes slightly.


She didn't believe it, and she didn't care.

"Let go." Su Qing got angry.

Chu Tianyi still didn't let go. Men have the desire to conquer, which is also called being cheap.

"Su Qing, what are you stubborn about? I can give you..."

Plop! !

Before Chu Tianyi could finish his sentence, Su Qing kicked him away and fell into the water with a plop.

"It's best not to provoke me again, or you will kick me once."

"Su Qing!"

Chu Tianyi struggled in the water, staring at Su Qing's leaving back, with a gloomy look in his eyes, he said angrily, "You will regret it."

Su Qing didn't look back, she won't regret it.

She only regretted not seeing Tian Yi clearly earlier.

In fact, Lu Rongyuan had been looking at this side with a telescope. Seeing Chu Tianyi being kicked into the water, he was in a very good mood, and ordered coldly: "Let Chu Tianyi soak in the water for a while."

Wan Yang immediately understood, and said with a smile: "Understood, Boss, it will definitely make people soak until dawn."

A woman who dares to tease the boss is courting death.

Just as Su Qing walked ashore, suddenly the pier suddenly lit up, and more than a dozen luxury cars drove towards this side.

Su Qing was puzzled, and based on her intuition, she quickly dodged aside and hid.

More than a dozen luxury cars stopped, and dozens of bodyguards got out of the cars, and the formation was huge.

A middle-aged man finally got out of the car, and bodyguards immediately stepped forward to hold an umbrella.

It wasn't raining or the sun was shining. Su Qing didn't know why the bodyguards had to hold umbrellas at night.

Purely for fun?

Su Qing hid behind the container on the pier with her body curled up, stared at the middle-aged man, and felt a little familiar.

Su Qing remembered, isn't this the second in command of the Lu family, Lu Zhanyuan?

She watched it on a talk show.

Rumor has it that Lu Dashao, the head of the Lu family, died soon after being crippled and disfigured in a car accident. This Lu Zhanyuan is most likely to take over the entire Lu family.

The big family of the Lu family is very complicated. The eldest son of the Lu family is only the son of the youngest Lu. If he really dies, he will definitely be eaten away by other collateral lines.

As for Lu's second child, Lu Zhanyuan is the most ambitious.

Su Qing didn't know much, but it wasn't completely ignorant.

Small families are fighting for their own interests, let alone big families like the Lu family, who are fighting to the death.

With such a big formation, there must be big movements.


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