Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 31

Su Qing thought about slipping away quickly, so as not to hurt Chi Yu.

Su Qing looked around and found it difficult to walk.

The exits were guarded by Lu Zhanyuan's men.

For now, the only way is to wait for these people to leave.

At this moment, a cruise ship came to the pier, and dozens of workers descended from it to move the goods on the pier one after another.

As soon as the goods were loaded, suddenly countless people wearing masks appeared and surrounded the pier.

Lu Zhanyuan glanced back, and suddenly became nervous: "People in the dark night, who leaked the news?"

The subordinates around said: "Mr. Lu, you go first, otherwise it will be too late."

"This batch of goods must not fall into the hands of An Ye." Lu Zhanyuan immediately said: "Hurry up and get someone to set sail."

This is worth more than one billion yuan. If Lu Zhanyuan was robbed, he would definitely bleed.

Before the cruise ship started, the people in the dark night made a move, and the pier suddenly became chaotic.

Taking advantage of the chaos, Su Qing hurried away, if she got hurt, it would be unlucky, it would be fatal. iread novel app read the full content

Lu Zhanyuan is afraid of being like that, which shows that he can't deal with the dark night organization and is afraid of dark night.

Su Qing was so nervous that her heart beat faster. After leaving the pier, she quickened her pace and started running.

Su Qing walked towards the road, intending to take a taxi.

Suddenly, a car came from the direction of the pier, followed by another car, both of which were driving very fast.

Su Qing looked terrified, and within a few seconds of the two cars passing by, she heard a violent crash.


Su Qing ran over in a hurry, and the two cars had turned over, and the cars were hit beyond recognition.

Su Qing was shocked, but at this moment, a person got out of the car.

Young Master Lu?

Su Qing was very surprised.

Why is he here?

Lu Rongyuan stood still with a cane in his hand, his scarred face looked even more frightening under the moonlight.

Lu Rongyuan was not unscathed either, his arm was injured, his clothes were soaked in blood, and his clothes were bright red.

Su Qing was shocked: "Lu, Young Master Lu."

Lu Rongyuan looked at Su Qing, before he could speak, another car chased him.


Lu Rongyuan pulled Su Qing and ran towards the nearby woods.

Su Qing was in a daze, she didn't even know why she ran after her.

By the time she realized it, she had already run into the depths of the woods.

And young master Lu, who was rumored to be lame, was walking like flying at this time, not like a lame man.

faster than her.

Su Qing was out of breath: "I can't run anymore."

Only then did the two stop, and the people behind them did not catch up again.

Su Qing supported the tree trunk to pant, and slowly, she looked at the man in front of her, her gaze fell on Lu Rongyuan's leg: "Young Master Lu's leg... is it alright?"

Lu Rongyuan moved his legs, and took two more limping steps: "I'm limping again."

Su Qing: "..."

This pretending to be lame is also too perfunctory.

Really when she was a three-year-old child.

Su Qing felt that the man in front of her was evil, and her boyfriend was gentle.

"Why is Young Master Lu at the pier?"

Lu Rongyuan said in a deep voice: "I heard that my second uncle is going to be unlucky tonight, so I came here specially to watch the excitement, but I didn't expect to be discovered."

"There is a price to be paid for watching the excitement. Just now, Chi Yu was almost caught in trouble." Su Qing said, "Those wearing masks just now are the well-known Dark Night Organization. I heard that they kill people without blinking an eye."

The rumors that the uncle and nephew were at odds seemed to be true.

Judging from the extent to which the car was scrapped just now, it was completely killing people.

Lu Rongyuan hooked the corner of his mouth: "Do you still know the Dark Night Organization?"

"I heard about it." Su Qing didn't say that she had met her before.

Su Qing suddenly remembered the rumor that the head of the Lu family was disfigured and crippled after a car accident. Could it be that the car accident...

"Young Master Lu, could it be that Lu Zhanyuan was responsible for the previous car accident?"

Under the mask, the corners of Lu Rongyuan's mouth turned up: "Miss Su is very smart, thank you just now for saving my life, otherwise I would really have died in a car accident."

"Me? I didn't do anything." Su Qing was confused.

Lu Rongyuan said solemnly: "I saw Miss Su in the car just now, and I was shocked. When I was distracted, I just avoided the fatal collision of that car, so it is Miss Su who saved me."

Su Qing twitched her mouth, what a far-fetched reason.

However, what happened next shocked Su Qing even more.

"I, Lu, can't repay Ms. Su's life-saving grace. Money is too vulgar. Gold, silver and jewelry are also an insult to Ms. Su. After thinking about it, I can only promise to marry Ms. Su with my body. What do you think?" ?”

Su Qing's eyes widened in shock: "You're not repaying a favor, but revenge. I'm just an ordinary person. Why don't Young Master Lu give me some money, gold, silver and jewelry?"

She would rather be insulted by gold, silver and jewelry.

Under the mask, the smile on the corner of Lu Rongyuan's mouth deepened, this girl is really ridiculous.

"Miss Su doesn't want to marry into the Lu family because of that kid Chu Tianyi?" Lu Rongyuan said in a cold voice, "Just now I saw Miss Su and Chu Tianyi having a candlelight dinner on a yacht. It was very romantic. It seems that Miss Su is also a A half-hearted person who previously said that he would not marry if he had a boyfriend, then immediately went on a date with someone else behind his back."

"Who's dating, I made it clear to Chu Tianyi." Su Qing didn't know why she explained, anyway, she felt afraid of being misunderstood.

The blood on Lu Rongyuan's arm was still bleeding. He sat down leaning against the tree trunk, squinting his eyes slightly: "The Lu family is like a tiger's den and a wolf's den. There is nothing wrong with Miss Su's unwillingness to marry in. Otherwise, follow me, a person who is dying soon. He will die inexplicably someday."

The mask on Lu Rongyuan's face was specially made, and it couldn't be seen that it was a fake scar at all. It was terrifying and ferocious, and the scars made people dare not look directly at them.

Su Qing was also afraid before, but at this time, she no longer felt afraid, but felt an inexplicable distress.

"At that time, it must have been very painful. It must have been very hard for you to support the Lu family."

Seeing that Lu Rongyuan's whole body was covered with loneliness and loneliness, Su Qing's heart felt uncomfortable.

With his face ruined like this, his life is not long, and he still pretends to be lame, it shows that this Lu family is really a den of wolves and tigers.

It's not easy to sit in the seat of the Lu family's ruler.

Hearing this, Lu Rongyuan's heart shook violently, and he opened his eyes, all of them were Su Qing.

His woman loves him.

In the last car accident, Lu Rongyuan almost died.

Su Qing knelt down and checked the wound on Lu Rongyuan's arm. It was a deep wound, like a knife cut.

She thought of the bodyguards brought by Lu Zhanyuan just now, dozens of bodyguards, and they were holding short knives.

"There are so many of them, what's the excitement? If you put your life into it, it will be cheaper for Lu Zhanyuan."

"It's okay, a little injury." Lu Rongyuan smiled, showing a bit of indifference.

Lu Rongyuan didn't tell Su Qing that he was distracted to find Su Qing on the pier just now, that's why he suffered this knife.

Su Qing looked at the wound, and pulled her heart hard: "I'll take you to the hospital."

"After going to the hospital, Lu Zhanyuan will be sure that it was me who just appeared at the pier to watch the excitement, so I can't hide the fact that I pretended to be lame."

Leaning against the tree trunk, Lu Rongyuan suddenly grabbed Su Qing's hand and pulled him into his arms: "Wait here with me for a while."

Su Qing was caught off guard and was pulled into her arms.

This embrace gave her an inexplicable sense of familiarity.

Su Qing snuggled into Lu Rongyuan's arms and forgot to react for a moment. There was a familiar smell in front of her nose, and her embrace was wide and warm, which was also very familiar.

Su Qing raised her eyes and stared at Lu Rongyuan's sharp chin, while Lu Rongyuan lowered her eyes.

The four eyes meet, time seems to have stopped, and a glance of ten thousand years.

Under the cold moonlight, the posture of the two cuddling each other looked very ambiguous.

Su Qing said slowly: "Young Master Lu, the shower gel on your body smells so familiar, it's the same as mine at home."

Hearing this, Lu Rongyuan's heart skipped a beat, fearing that Su Qing would find out his true identity, he coughed violently to divert Su Qing's attention.

Lu Rongyuan has been pretending to be sick for so long, and he has perfected his cough skills.

Seeing that Lu Rongyuan was coughing out of breath, Su Qing panicked, and quickly helped her touch her chest: "Is it better? Why is he coughing so badly?"

"No, it's okay." Lu Rongyuan coughed a few more times, and stopped coughing when he saw that it was almost done: "It's fine slowly, it's an old problem."

Seeing that Lu Rongyuan really stopped coughing, Su Qing breathed a sigh of relief, her eyes fell on Lu Rongyuan's arm: "Is your wound all right? It's still bleeding."

Lu Rongyuan glanced lightly: "It won't flow for a while."

Su Qing: "..."

"Young Master Lu, aren't you afraid that I'll tell you about you pretending to be lame?"

Lu Rongyuan stared at her with burning eyes, and asked, "Will you?"

Su Qing was startled, and subconsciously shook her head, she would not do such a shameless thing.

How did the two of them almost become husband and wife before, she escaped from marriage and did not pursue her, and later helped to push back the marriage of that idiot from the Fu family, she could not avenge her kindness.

Lu Rongyuan smiled, stretched his legs, and lazily leaned against the tree trunk: "Sit down and let me rest, I'm a little tired."

"Oh!" Su Qing sat over in a hurry, even she didn't realize how obedient she was.

Su Qing sat next to Lu Rongyuan, he put his head lightly on her shoulder, closed his eyes and rested his mind.

The moon is dark and the wind is high.

Su Qing was afraid that Lu Rongyuan would really fall asleep and it would be very dangerous. After all, the wound was bleeding, and she didn't know if there were any other injuries. What if she fell asleep like this and never woke up again?

"Young Master Lu, don't sleep, let's chat and wait for your people to arrive before going to sleep."

"What are you talking about?" Lu Rongyuan's voice was mellow and laziness.

"Talk about your ex-wives, how did they all die?" Su Qing was really curious: "Could it be true that, as the rumors say, you gave...the one who died?"

Under the mask, Lu Rongyuan smiled: "Which one?"

"That's the one." Seeing that Lu Rongyuan still didn't understand, Su Qing said, "It's rumored that you tortured him to death, is it true?"

Lu Rongyuan raised his eyebrows lightly: "Do you think I look like a cruel and cold-blooded person?"

Su Qing really looked Lu Rongyuan up and down: "Like."

Lu Rongyuan glanced at Su Qing lazily, but didn't speak.

Su Qing came to her senses: "You mean, you didn't do their deaths? Then how did they die?"

Lu Rongyuan jokingly said, "Why don't you try marrying me?"

"No, no." Su Qing shook her head like a rattle: "I still want to live a long life."

She's crazy to die.

Is the wife of the ruler of the Lu family so easy to be?

Lu Rongyuan closed his eyes, both of them fell silent, the surrounding was so quiet that the sound of leaves being blown by the wind could be heard.

Before this, Su Qing really never thought that one day she would hide in the grove and chat with the head of the Lu family.

I don't know how much time has passed, so long that Su Qing thought that Lu Rongyuan would not speak again, but suddenly heard him say: "My grandfather has nine sons and five daughters in total. My father is the eldest of the Lu family. I grew up by my grandfather's side since I was a child." Big, he is the successor he trained, my father has only one son in this house, if I die and there is no successor, then the heir of the Lu family can only choose from the collateral line."

Su Qing didn't expect Lu Rongyuan to explain this to her.

This can be regarded as a wealthy family secret.

Su Qing immediately understood: "So your uncles and aunts don't want you to have children, so they will naturally persecute your wife."

Rumor has it that Lu Rongyuan's life is not long, as long as there are no successors before Lu Rongyuan dies, those people's goals will be achieved.

Su Qing swallowed her saliva, and said with some rejoicing: "Fortunately, I escaped from marriage, otherwise I would have died a long time ago."

Compared to the Lu family's fight for power and profit, the intrigue between her and Su Xue is nothing at all.

Lu Rongyuan raised the corners of his lips: "You will not die."


Everyone else is dead, how can she still fight those uncles of the Lu family?


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