Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 33

Su Qing was very shocked: "The company changed ownership?"

Just overnight.

The Zheng Group went bankrupt?

I hadn't heard of the Lu Group's acquisition before.

It was too sudden.

"After you left yesterday, Manager Liu was thrown out by Zheng Jiaying, not to mention how embarrassing it is." Cai Jingmei said gloatingly, "This is called present report."

Su Qing didn't know what happened afterwards, but it was quite relieved to hear it.

Su Qing asked: "Do you know who is from the Lu family who took over the company?"

"I heard it's Lu Xingnan."

Su Qing was surprised: "Didn't he enter the entertainment circle to develop, is he filming?"

Lu Xingnan was on the big screen almost every day, so Su Qing naturally knew him, and knew that Lu Xingnan was Lu Laosan's youngest son and Lu Rongyuan's cousin.

"Filming doesn't affect taking over the company. Our company is not big, and the Lu family doesn't lack this little money. It's just for fun. It doesn't matter if we lose."

Cai Jingmei is guilty of nympho: "Did you see just now that everyone in the secretary department has specially dressed up today. I heard that Lu Xingnan is still single. If this falls into Lu Nanshen's eyes, he will die of happiness."

Said, Cai Jingmei glanced at Su Qing: "You have a boyfriend, you can't rob us."

"Don't worry, I'm not interested in this Lu Xingnan, and he's not my type either."

As soon as Su Qing finished speaking, a voice suddenly came out from behind: "Oh? Then what kind of man are you interested in?"

Su Qing was startled, turned her head quickly, and saw Lu Xingnan's face in front of her eyes.

This is too bad luck.

Talking behind his back, he was actually caught by the person involved.

Embarrassed, Su Qing wanted to bite her own tongue.

Lu Xingnan had a wicked smile on his lips, stared at Su Qing, and asked with great interest, "Which department are you from?"

Su Qing's heart tightened. Could it be that she offended her boss again and lost her job.

"It's from the secretary department." Su Qing boldly replied.

Lu Xingnan nodded thoughtfully: "I remember you."

At this moment, the company's top executive Zhu Qilong trotted over with a group of people: "Mr. Lu, I am Zhu Qilong from the company's sales department."

Zhu Qilong led someone to greet him at the door early in the morning, completely oblivious to how Lu Xingnan came in by himself.

Lu Xingnan stared at Su Qing, and said to Zhu Qilong, "Call all the employees for a meeting in ten minutes."

After leaving these words, Lu Xingnan walked away with strides.

If Lu Rongyuan hadn't been arrested from under the covers to take over the company, Lu Xingnan would still be sleeping at home now.

There is no way, he is afraid of Lu Rongyuan whoever takes over the entire Lu family.

Su Qing sat down with her head drooping, and said with a wry smile: "It seems that I have committed a Tai Sui recently."

I offended the former big boss yesterday, and now I offended the current big boss.

Does she resign or not?

Very embarrassing!

Cai Jingmei also felt that Su Qing was really unlucky.

"Don't worry, there are so many people in the company anyway, you just need to stand by the corner later so that you don't get noticed by God Lu."

"That's all."

Su Qing quickly packed up and went to the meeting room, and colleagues from the company also arrived one after another.

Today, there are quite a lot of people. Ninety percent of the company's female employees are here for Lu Xingnan.

All of them are gorgeous, comparable to a beauty pageant.

Su Qing deliberately stood in the corner, blocked by tall colleagues, it should be safe.

"President Lu, please."

As Zhu Qilong's voice came in, Lu Xingnan's figure followed closely into everyone's sight.

Su Qing moved a little further to the side, trying to reduce her sense of existence as much as possible.

Lu Xingnan walked in, glanced at everyone in the conference room, and finally fell on Su Qing who was crouching like an ostrich.

To be precise, Lu Xingnan only saw half of Su Qing.

This woman is very interesting.

Lu Xingnan hooked his lips charmingly, causing the female colleagues in the conference room to be nympho, their eyes were full of love, and they even made excited voices.

"So handsome!"

"The male god Lu looks so pretty when he smiles, my heart beats so fast."

"Is the male god Lu laughing at me?"

"What are you, you are obviously smiling at me, okay?"

"Oh my god, male god Lu has come over."

A female colleague bravely asked shyly, "Lu male god, can you sign for me?"

Lu Xingnan raised his lips and smiled, very friendly, showing his white teeth, looking sunny and charming: "Okay."

Oh my god, this smile was a blow to the heart, and the female colleague fainted from excitement on the spot.

Zhu Qilong immediately asked the security guards to carry him out.

With one hand in his trousers, Lu Xingnan walked towards the main seat with a dignified look on his slender legs.

Wherever they passed, it caused a lot of commotion.

This is not a company high-level meeting, but a celebrity fan meeting.

Lu Xingnan has no experience in managing a company, so he is a young man captured by Lu Rongyuan.

I also learned about this company on the way, and I don't know how Zheng Jiaying offended his cousin and bought it overnight.

Shot fast and ruthless.

Su Qing has been hiding in the corner. As soon as the meeting ended, she immediately mixed in with the crowd and went out.

Su Qing went to the tea room and poured a glass of water to suppress her shock.

This can be regarded as dodging a catastrophe.

"Su Qing, you are here." Cai Jingmei came in excitedly, holding a diary: "See, this is the autograph of the male god Lu, I am going to sleep with the diary in my arms so that the male god can fall asleep , date me in my dream."

Su Qing couldn't laugh or cry: "Isn't it just a signature, how old is it, and you still chase stars."

"If I don't get it, I'm not allowed to dream for a while." Cai Jingmei gave Su Qing a white look: "You are a full man who doesn't know how hungry a man is, and your boyfriend is more handsome than Lu Nan, so of course you don't want to be moved. "

"Of course." Su Qing was particularly proud: "No one is as handsome as my boyfriend."

"Don't be so bitter on me. Knowing that he is a single dog, and still pissing him off like this, it's time for friends."

Su Qing smiled: "Okay, there are high-quality boys later, and I will introduce them to you as soon as possible."

Cai Jingmei smiled and said, "It's a deal."

"Okay." Su Qing smiled and said, "By the way, I'm going to the hospital during my lunch break. Call me if you need anything."

"No problem." Cai Jingmei gestured.

Su Qing planned to go to the hospital to see Su Jie, and study the relics left by her mother by the way.

What was in that mahogany box?

The hospital is near the company. Su Qing walked out of the company and was about to take a taxi, but ran into the person she least wanted to see.

Su Xue got off a Ferrari sports car, with sunglasses and long hair, wearing a suspender plaid skirt, a pair of Martin shoes, fresh and sexy.

As soon as she saw Su Xue, Su Qing felt that something was wrong.

"Sister." Su Xue carried the gift box and walked towards Su Qing with a smile on her face. Those who didn't know it thought they were sisters.

"Sister, I've been waiting for you for a long time. This is a skin care product I specially bought for you. A set costs tens of thousands. You've never used such a good one. This one is very useful. You can take it back and try it."

If you don't have anything to show your courtesy, you can either rape or steal.

Su Xue's words conveyed a kind of contempt towards Su Qing.

A set of tens of thousands of skin care products is too expensive for Su Qing, and she has never used it, but it is nothing to Su Xue.

Su Xue is reminding her that the two are both daughters of the Su family, but there is a huge gap between them.

Su Qing glanced at the gift box indifferently, and said in a calm tone: "I am naturally beautiful, so I don't need these, you should take them back and use them yourself."

These words made Su Xue's face turn red and turn pale.

However, what Su Qing said was the truth, in terms of beauty, she was dumped a few blocks by Su Qing.

Su Xue's eyes were full of jealousy, and she didn't know what skin care products Su Qing used. Her skin was as smooth as an egg that had been peeled off its shell, white and supple.


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