Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 34


Su Qing suddenly called out.

"What's wrong?" Su Xue was taken aback.

Su Qing stared at Su Xue's face: "It's really long... fine lines, dark circles, bags under the eyes, tsk tsk, why are there some spots on the nose."

"Ah, where, where." Su Xue became anxious when she heard this, and quickly took out the mirror from her bag to look, but she didn't see the dark circles and spots under the eyes that Su Qing mentioned.

Realizing that she was being teased, Su Xue was furious: "Su Qing, you are playing tricks on me."

"Yes, I'm playing tricks on you." Su Qing smiled coldly: "Don't make up with these imbecile, don't want to be beaten or stimulated, stay away from me, this face is good, don't swell into a pig's head again."

Su Xue was so provoked that she was furious, and thinking of the purpose of coming here, she suppressed her anger and said: "Sister, it was all a misunderstanding before, no matter what, we are all daughters of the Su family, there is no overnight feud between sisters. "

"I have severed ties with Su De'an, and I have nothing to do with the Su family. What kind of sister are you?" Su Qing sneered, "As for whether you have any relationship with the Su family, I don't know."

"Su Qing, what do you mean?" Su Xue was a little flustered. Could it be that Su Qing knew that she was Zhou Xiongfei's illegitimate daughter?

No, it's impossible for Su Qing to know.

Su Xue calmed down, did not dare to look into Su Qing's eyes, and said, "Actually, Dad asked me to come today. Does the Li family really want to recognize you as a goddaughter?"

It turned out to be to inquire about this matter.

"What, are you jealous?"

Every word of Su Qing stabs at Su Xue's heart.

Su Xue was indeed so jealous that she couldn't close her eyes all night.

Why do all the good things fall on Su Qing?

"Why does the Li family recognize you as a goddaughter? In my opinion, Li Kuihua is just talking casually. I'm here to persuade you not to take it too seriously, otherwise the disappointment will be even greater. It will be really ridiculous."

"Oh?" Su Qing smiled: "I really have to disappoint... some people, Li Kuihua really wants to recognize me as a goddaughter, by the way, you must come to the recognition banquet when the time comes, I will Send the invitations yourself."

Su Xue gritted her teeth: "What, Li Kuihua's mind was trapped by the door, why did he recognize you as his goddaughter?"

"Jealous?" Su Qing smiled: "It's useless for you to be jealous, Li Kuihua recognizes me, not you."

Su Xue was so angry that her entire face was distorted, she clenched her hands tightly, her nails dug into her flesh, the jealous fire in her eyes seemed to burn her whole body.

"Su Qing, don't be too happy. There is no good thing in the world. Whether Li Kuihua has other goals is not certain."

"I can understand that people who can't eat grapes will definitely say that the grapes are sour." Su Qing twitched the corner of her mouth: "Instead of worrying about me, it's better to worry about yourself. Is Mrs. Chu's position secure?"

It's okay not to mention this matter, but when it is mentioned, Su Xue's chest is even more angry.

She has been married to Chu Tianyi for so long, except for the two of them on the wedding night, they have never slept in the same bed at all.

"Are you still thinking about Tianyi? Don't think I don't know. He went to see you last night. What did you two do?" Su Xue grabbed Su Qing's arm: "You threw him into the sea? What did you do?" Being so cruel, he almost drowned in the water and soaked in the water all night."

Soaked all night?

With Chu Tianyi's swimming skills, it's impossible to spend the whole night.

"It really deserves it. It seems that God can't stand it anymore." Su Qing didn't have much patience: "I still have something to do. If you want to spoil, go back and find your Chu Tianyi."

The lunch break was only two hours, she didn't want to waste time with Su Xue.

A taxi came over, Su Qing waved, opened the door and got in: "Master, People's Hospital."

"Su Qing, don't leave, are you guilty, you shameless woman, seduce your brother-in-law..."

When the car started, Su Qing completely took Su Xue's words as a dog barking.

Ten minutes later, the car stopped at the entrance of the hospital.

Su Qing saw a familiar car at the entrance of the hospital. It was the car she took to go to Nanshan villa last night.

Is young master Lu also in the hospital?

Su Qing prayed that she would not meet her, but the more she was afraid of something, the more she would come.

Su Qing took the elevator to the eighth floor of the inpatient department. When she passed a ward, she happened to hear a familiar voice.

"Second Uncle, take good care of your wounds, don't get angry, and take care of yourself."

Isn't that the voice of Young Master Lu?

Su Qing subconsciously stopped, and glanced inside the door, and saw Lu Rongyuan with a face full of scars sitting on the sofa next to the hospital bed with a cane, Xia Dong Xiaqiu stood beside her.

It was Lu Zhanyuan lying on the hospital bed, with gauze wrapped around his forehead, plaster cast on his legs, and an oxygen mask on his face. It seemed that his injuries were indeed serious.

Lu Rongyuan said he was concerned, but everyone could hear the meaning of warning in those words.

This is to get cheap and act obediently, deliberately to annoy people.

Lu Zhanyuan's eyes widened, and he stared at Lu Rongyuan emotionally, but couldn't speak.

Sitting opposite Lu Rongyuan was an old man with gray hair, but he was majestic and not angry. This man was Lu Rongyuan's grandfather, Lu Wanwan.

Lu Wanwan frowned, and looked at Lu Zhanyuan displeasedly: "Second brother, what Xiaoyuan said is right, you should take good care of your health now, and leave the company affairs aside for now, leave them all to Xiaoyuan."

Lu Rongyuan is in charge of the Lu Group, but a lot of power has been divided by collateral.

When Lu Zhanyuan heard that Mr. Lu had seized his power, he took off his oxygen mask excitedly: "Dad, my injury is not serious, and I will be discharged from the hospital in two days. Xiaoyuan has trouble with his legs and feet, and he is not in good health. It is better not to let Mr. My nephew is too busy."

Grandpa Lu stood up: "That's it, you take good care of your wounds in the hospital, Xiaoyuan, you go back with grandpa."

"Yes, Grandpa." Lu Rongyuan stood up with a cane.

Mr. Lu is still not confused. He also knows the general idea of what happened last night.

The struggle for power and profit by the descendants of the Lu family has not happened overnight.

Seeing that Lu Rongyuan and the others were about to come out, Su Qing hurried away.

Lu Rongyuan walked out with Mr. Lu, and glanced indifferently at the direction Su Qing left.

As soon as Su Qing appeared just now, he had already noticed it.

Lu Rongyuan walked out of the hospital with Lu Rongyuan, and seeing Lu Rongyuan limping, he felt really guilty.

This is his single-handedly cultivated, most satisfying, and also the best grandson and successor.

"Xiaoyuan, grandpa is getting old, and in his lifetime, he doesn't want white-haired people to give away black-haired people."

This means that the fight between Lu Rongyuan and Lu Zhanyuan is acquiesced, but no one can be killed.

Lu Rongyuan's tone was cold: "Yes, Grandpa."

If it weren't for the old man's face, Lu Zhanyuan would not be alive today.

Mr. Lu sighed, and said, "Xiao Yuan, you are not too young. If grandpa tells you about marriage, let grandpa have a great-grandson in his arms as soon as possible."

Lu Rongyuan twitched the corners of his mouth coldly: "Grandpa, all the women who married me, Lu Rongyuan, died inexplicably. It's better not to harm others, and there are few people in this Lu family who hope that I, Lu Rongyuan, will have children."

Upon hearing this, old man Lu said with a cold face, "I will never forgive anyone who dares to make trouble this time."

Lu Rongyuan didn't speak, and Mr. Lu felt that these words were useless.

The palms and backs of his hands are full of flesh, either his son or his own grandson. He has nine sons and five daughters, and dozens of grandchildren.

Mr. Lu's face softened, and he said with a smile: "Xiaoyuan, how about this, you go out and find a woman to give birth to a great-grandson for grandpa, and then bring back the granddaughter-in-law and great-grandson together, I see who dares to give birth again Don't worry, Grandpa will keep it secret."


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