Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 35

Lu Rongyuan glanced lightly at Mr. Lu: "Not interested."

"Xiao Yuan." Old Master Lu said with a serious face on purpose, "You have the heart to let Grandpa not have a great-grandson in his life?"

"You have dozens of grandchildren, as long as you open your mouth, within a year, you are guaranteed to have hundreds of great-grandchildren."

Mr. Lu: "..."

"Xiaoyuan, the last time the daughter of the Su family ran away from marriage, I think that girl is pretty good, with a strong temper, or..."

Lu Rongyuan interrupted Old Master Lu's words lightly: "Xia Dong Xia Qiu, send grandpa back."

Xia Dong: "Old Lu, get in the car."

Grandpa Lu looked at Lu Rongyuan: "Aren't you going back with Grandpa?"

"There is something else."

Three words, dismissed Mr. Lu.

Mr. Lu got into the car, Xia Dong drove, and Xia Qiu took the co-pilot.

When the car started, Mr. Lu began to talk, and sighed: "Xiaoyuan is in his thirties, and he doesn't even have a woman around him. Do you think my grandson doesn't like women? Like men? Do I have to find some men to try?" ?”

Xia Dong was so startled that he almost ran into the car in front of him.

Mr. Lu said again: "I think you two have been with Xiaoyuan the longest. Xiaoyuan should be very satisfied with you. I don't know if Xiaoyuan likes boys like you. I am an open-minded old man. If..."

Xia Dong was so frightened that he quickly stopped: "Boss Lu, don't worry, Boss definitely likes women, not my brothers."

Xia Qiu is also full of desire to survive: "Yes, the boss has a woman he likes."

As soon as the words came out of his mouth, Xia Qiu regretted it.

I slipped up.

Xia Dong glared at Xia Qiu.

Ginger is still old and spicy.

In a few words, the words came out.

Mr. Lu smiled: "I see, what's the name of the girl Xiao Yuan likes? Which girl?"

Xia Dong Xia Qiu had a bitter face.

"Boss Lu, don't lie to our brothers. If you let the boss know that we have slipped up, then you won't be skinning us."

"I'll keep it a secret for you." Old Master Lu looked at the two brothers with a smile: "With me backing you up, how dare that brat do anything to you."

Xia Dong Xiaqiu shook his head, and didn't say anything if he was killed.

Mr. Lu also knew that he was speechless, and sighed: "Ever since Xiaoyuan was abandoned by that girl five years ago, he has been hurt too much and has been refusing to find a girlfriend. I arranged four marriages for him, and none of them If the door is successful, I, as a grandfather, don't worry about it."

Xia Dong Xia Qiu looked at each other, Mr. Lu was acting again, they must not be fooled.



Su Qing was studying her mother's relics. The mahogany box was locked without a key. If she opened it forcibly, the wooden box might be destroyed.

Su Qing didn't want her mother's belongings to be damaged, so she had no choice but to not open them for the time being.

Su Jie leaned on the table and looked at the mahogany box, and asked, "Sister, do you think this is the inheritance left by our mother?"

"I'll try to pick the lock later." Su Qing asked, "Xiaojie, how do you feel today?"

"Same as usual." Su Jie suddenly took Su Qing's hand: "Sister, do you want me to be discharged from the hospital? I want to go out and have a look. I'm sick even if I'm not sick in the hospital."

"No." Su Qing refused decisively: "Other requests can be agreed, but this one cannot."

"Sister." Su Jie said softly, "Half a day is fine."

Su Qing knew that Su Jie was very bored in the hospital, if she was not allowed to go out, she might go out behind her back.

"This weekend, I can take you out for half a day."

"Really?" Su Jie was very excited: "Sister, I love you so much."

Seeing Su Jie happy, Su Qing was also happy.

She really hoped that Su-jae's illness would recover and live like a normal person.

The lunch break time is coming soon, Su Qing can't stay too long, told Su Jie not to run around, listen to the doctor's words, and then left the hospital to go back.

As soon as she got out of the hospital, Lu Rongyuan's car drove past and stopped beside her.

At this time, Lu Rongyuan had already taken off his mask, changed into ordinary clothes, and was driving the online car-hailing car worth more than 100,000 yuan.

Su Qing was surprised: "Why are you here?"

Lu Rongyuan smiled: "I saw you across the road just now, so I came here."

Su Qing opened the car door and sat in: "I'm going back to the company."

"Okay." Lu Rongyuan started the car and asked, "Qingqing, how did you get out of the hospital?"

"Come and see Xiaojie." Su Qing added: "My younger brother."

"What's wrong with you?"

"There's something wrong with my heart, congenital heart disease." Su Qing no longer minded telling Lu Rongyuan about herself, and no longer kept it a secret.

"I know a cardiologist here, let Xiaojie take a look at it some other day."

"Okay." Su Qing actually didn't have much hope. Su Jie had seen countless doctors over the years, but none of them got better.

Can't find a matching heart, it won't take long.

Su Qing glanced at Lu Rongyuan's profile, and asked, "I didn't go back last night, are you not worried?"

Lu Rongyuan glanced at her tenderly: "Could it be that my boyfriend is so unqualified? Don't even have this kind of trust and confidence?"

It feels really good to be trusted unconditionally.

A smile appeared on Su Qing's face, she naturally didn't know that she slept with Lu Rongyuan in her arms last night.

From Su Qing's point of view, she and Lu Rongyuan were separated for two days, but to Lu Rongyuan, the separation was only a few hours.

After many years, Su Qing will understand how terrible it is to overthrow Lu Rongyuan's jealousy.

Su Qing remembered one thing and said, "By the way, the company I worked for went bankrupt and changed owners overnight, and now the boss has changed."

"Well, Zheng Jiaying's structure is too small, and the company will go bankrupt sooner or later."

"But it's quite unexpected, and I don't know why the Lu Group suddenly acquired it." Su Qing was really puzzled: "This company doesn't make money, so it's not worthwhile to spend a lot of money to acquire it."

"The Lu Corporation is not short of money."

Su Qing really couldn't find fault with these words.

Su Qing said with a sad face: "But I shouldn't be in the company for long. I offended the new big boss in the morning!"

Hearing this, a strange light flashed across Lu Rongyuan's eyes.

The hospital is very close to the company, and we will arrive in a while.

Lu Rongyuan comforted: "Don't worry, work hard, the worst thing is not to go to work, I will take care of you when you go home."

Lu Rongyuan was not too happy for Su Qing to go out and show her face, and wished she could stay by her side 24 hours a day.

But he knew that Su Qing also had her own ambitions.

If he couldn't break Su Qing's wings, he could only give Su Qing a sky to fly freely.

Su Qing clenched her fists and cheered herself up: "I don't back down so easily, we still have to buy a house, how can I make you work hard alone."

"Okay." Lu Rongyuan smiled: "I'll pick you up after get off work."


Lu Rongyuan watched Su Qing enter the company, picked up his mobile phone and made a call: "I'm downstairs in your company, come down now."

Lu Xingnan, who was taking a nap in the lounge, was a little dazed when he received the call.

Lu Xingnan came back to his senses, looked at the caller ID, quickly picked up his clothes, and walked out while putting them on.

When he went downstairs, Lu Xingnan didn't see anyone at the entrance of the company. He didn't believe it until he heard the horn of a car, and he walked towards the hundreds of thousands of Volkswagen cars parked by the side of the road in disbelief.

"Brother, how do you drive this kind of car?"

Lu Rongyuan glanced lightly: "Get in the car."

Lu Xingnan took a look at the car, he was so big, he had never been in such a broken and cheap car.

After getting in, Lu Xingnan asked curiously: "Brother, where did you get this car?"

"Bought in the second-hand market."

Lu Xingnan: "..."

When did the people in charge of the Lu family get so desperate that they went to the second-hand market to buy a broken car?

Lu Rongyuan lit a cigarette and asked, "How do you feel on your first day at work?"

"It's not bad." Lu Xingnan tried to stretch his legs, only to realize that the car was too small and he couldn't stretch his legs straight: "Brother, you are so anxious to ask me to come down, don't you just care about me?"

In his impression, Lu Rongyuan was not such a caring person.

Lu Rongyuan asked blankly: "Have you encountered anything in the company today?"

"No, with my personality charm, won't it be a matter of minutes to conquer those people?" Lu Xingnan thought for a while, and then said: "I didn't meet anything, but I met a more interesting person."

Su Qing's figure appeared in Lu Xingnan's mind, and the corners of his mouth raised unconsciously.

In the entertainment industry, what beauty has Lu Xingnan never seen?

There are not many people who can surprise him. So far, Su Qing is the only one who has interested him.

Lu Xingnan has already made up his mind, and will promote Su Qing to be his assistant in the afternoon.

Lu Rongyuan hooked the corners of his lips: "How interesting?"

"Needless to say that girl's appearance, if she can catch my eyes, she must be at the level of a fairy." Lu Xingnan said: "A woman who wants to climb into my Lu Xingnan bed is like a crucian carp in a river, and that girl actually said that I am not her type. I heard that I have a boyfriend, but as long as I swing the hoe well and there is no wall that cannot be dug out, I will promote her to be my assistant in the afternoon, and she will be the first to get the moon..."

Lu Xingnan was talking vividly about how to dig the wall, and Lu Rongyuan said lightly: "You want to pry my wall?"

"Brother, how could I pry you..." Lu Xingnan realized, the expression on that face seemed to be struck by lightning.

Touching Lu Rongyuan's cold eyes, Lu Xingnan shuddered even more.

"Brother, are you that girl's boyfriend? Don't make such jokes." Lu Xingnan showed a smile that was uglier than crying.

Lu Rongyuan casually flicked the cigarette ash: "Qingqing doesn't know my identity. Zheng's Group has now become a subsidiary of Lu's Group, and the subsidiary has a promotion assessment every year. I hope Qingqing will be transferred to the headquarters. , you know what to do."

The corner of Lu Xingnan's mouth twitched again and again, he suddenly realized why the Zheng Group was acquired overnight.

"Brother, you bought the Zheng Group just for that girl?"

Lu Xingnan felt that he hadn't woken up yet, and hoped that this was a dream.

He actually fell in love with Lu Rongyuan's woman.

This just fell in love, and immediately fell in love.

Does he dare to pry into Lu Rongyuan's wall?

The answer is definitely not.

Lu Rongyuan looked over with sharp eyes, and warned in a cold voice: "Keep your mouth shut."

Lu Rongyuan specially came to warn him, which shows how important this girl is to Lu Rongyuan, how could Lu Xingnan dare to have any wrong thoughts.

"I know what to do."

Lu Xingnan froze in an instant, and said with a wry smile: "Brother, this is the first time I envy you."


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