Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 36

Lu Rongyuan was chosen by Mr. Lu to inherit the Lu family, and Lu Xingnan never envied him.

Lu Rongyuan's iron and blood in the business world made the whole business world tremble, and he never envied him.

Dare to go up against Lu Zhanyuan, Lu Xingnan didn't envy him either.

Only now, he envied that Lu Rongyuan knew Su Qing before him.

Lu Rongyuan also knew Lu Xingnan well, and when he heard something was wrong from Su Qing, he immediately warned him.

"Xiao Nan, you are my most beloved brother."

In the Lu family, Lu Rongyuan also trusted Lu Xingnan the most, otherwise he would not let Lu Xingnan take over the Zheng Group, and would not let Lu Xingnan know about his fake lameness and disfigurement. To exit the transcoding page, please download the app Love Reading Novels to read the latest chapters.

Lu Xingnan's eyes dimmed: "Brother, I understand everything."

It was all given by Lu Rongyuan that he could withdraw from the power struggle of the Lu family and go to the entertainment industry for a few years.

Lu Rongyuan patted Lu Xingnan on the shoulder: "Go up."

Lu Xingnan went upstairs and saw Su Qing busy as soon as he entered the company.

Su Qing is looking for information, she can speak five languages, but sometimes she still has to look through the information for accuracy.

Su Qing kept her head down and was busy, she didn't see Lu Xingnan at all, she was going to go to the financial office to check the information with the documents in her hand, when she turned around, she bumped into Lu Xingnan.

The documents in her hand were scattered all over the floor, Su Qing saw that it was Lu Xingnan, and quickly apologized: "I'm sorry, big boss."

She is really a Tai Sui, she only offended someone in the morning, and bumped him again in the afternoon.

Lu Xingnan had a sullen face and didn't speak.

Su Qing thought, it's over, she must be fired.

Colleague Zhuang Xiaomei hurried over: "Su Qing, how do you do things, you are so sloppy, why don't you quickly pick up the information, Mr. Lu, is Mr. Lu okay?"

Lu Xingnan returned to his senses, and said calmly: "The headquarters will pick two people from this company to study at the headquarters, and those who are interested can sign up."

Hearing this, the employees of the company were all excited.

Lu's Group headquarters, there are so many people who want to squeeze in with their heads sharpened.

Su Qing's eyes lit up when he heard the news.

After she graduated, she submitted her resume to the Lu Group at the very beginning, but she was rejected, and now she has the opportunity to enter and go to a bigger platform. Naturally, Su Qing would not miss this opportunity.

There are only two places to study at the headquarters of the Lu Group, but there are hundreds of people in the whole company.

The competition is also very fierce.

Lu Xingnan didn't say what the assessment criteria were. After work, everyone was guessing who was most likely to go to the headquarters.

Su Qing felt thirsty, so she went to pour water in the tea room, but was stopped by Zhuang Xiaomei: "Su Qing, there are only two places to study at the headquarters, you are my biggest competitor, I hope you can quit, the condition is up to you, one hundred thousand ,Is it enough?"

Is there such a good thing in the world?

Su Qing was startled, and smiled slightly: "Sorry, I also want to enter the headquarters, but I can't agree to your request."

"Su Qing." Zhuang Xiaomei stared at Su Qing: "Don't toast and refuse to eat fine wine. One hundred thousand yuan is already your annual salary. You got one hundred thousand yuan for nothing. You can have another chance next year. Why do you have to fight with me?" .”


It was originally a competitive relationship, so why didn't she fight?

Su Qing felt that Zhuang Xiaomei was making trouble out of no reason: "There are two quotas, why are you so worried that you won't be able to go? Besides, why would you just quit if you asked me to quit?"

"Where are there two quotas? You really don't know if you don't know. It is said that there are two quotas, but in fact there is only one quota, and the other quota has been pre-determined."

"Non-determined?" Su Qing was a little surprised: "How could this happen?"

Besides, Lu Xingnan just spoke, how could he decide so quickly, and Zhuang Xiaomei knew about it?

"To tell you the truth, I overheard it just now." Zhuang Xiaomei said: "I heard Mr. Lu called, and a quota has been reserved by default, so Su Qing, you must quit."

Asking for help is so bad.

She is not used to this bad habit.

"Forgive me for not agreeing." Su Qing dropped a sentence: "If you want to enter the headquarters, you must rely on your real ability."

Su Qing walked out of the tea room, Zhuang Xiaomei stared at Su Qing's leaving back, with a sinister look in her eyes.

Su Qing, you forced me to do this.

Back at the office, Su Qing got busy and forgot about Zhuang Xiaomei.

When it was time to get off work, Su Qing finished her work and left.

Lu Xingnan's car drove out from the underground parking lot, and saw Su Qing waiting for the car at the intersection from a distance, he wanted to drive there, but remembered Lu Rongyuan's warning, but turned around and left.

Su Qing waited for Lu Rongyuan by the side of the road, and sent a message, Lu Rongyuan would arrive in about ten minutes.

Su Qing lowered her head to read the message, and suddenly heard a car horn. When she looked up, she saw Li Kuihua sitting in the car.

Li Kuihua smiled and waved to Su Qing: "Su Qing."

Su Qing walked over and was surprised: "President Li, why are you here?"

"I'll discuss with you about the wedding ceremony." Li Kuihua smiled kindly: "Let's chat in the car."

Su Qing hesitated and sat in. It's really not good to stand on the side of the road and chat.

But Su Qing didn't know that this scene happened to be photographed by Zhuang Xiaomei who came out of the company.

Zhuang Xiaomei took several photos in a row, and the angle was chosen very well. In the photos, only Su Qing could be seen getting into a man's luxury car, and there was no man's face, only the profile.

And judging from the profile, it can be seen that he is an elderly middle-aged man.

Zhuang Xiaomei said contemptuously: "Even middle-aged men are not spared, and they still pretend to be innocent in the company. I said how can a woman like Su Qing be clean, with a vixen's face, only when she can settle down." Strange."

The colleague next to him echoed: "Su Qing is too scheming, maybe she bumped into Lu Nanshen on purpose this afternoon, just to get Lu's attention."

"Pity her poor boyfriend. Hey, it's a pity that he is so handsome. He was kept in the dark even after wearing a cuckold."

"That's right, Xiaomei, we must expose Su Qing as a vixen, so that she can't stay in the company any longer."

Another colleague worried: "Liu Dong offended Su Qing before, and it didn't end well. Let's not mess with Su Qing. The company suddenly changed hands. I think it may have something to do with Su Qing. Didn't she still wear it last time?" Millions of bracelets, maybe there is someone behind it, we can't afford to offend."

Zhuang Xiaomei said: "What are you afraid of? I asked Cai Jingmei. Su Qing's bracelet is fake, and it only costs a few hundred dollars."

"Yeah, what are you afraid of? Su Qing has been in the company for so long, and there is someone behind her. How could she stay in this small company? In my opinion, she is just relying on her beauty to be a mistress for rich people."

Zhuang Xiaomei smiled triumphantly: "Su Qing shamed us women, we just exposed her evil deeds, I will post these photos anonymously in the company mailbox later, as long as we don't tell, who will know?"

Zhuang Xiaomei made up her mind that if Su Qing couldn't stay in the company any longer, she would automatically resign. Even if Su Qing couldn't be forced to leave, Su Qing would lose the chance to go to the headquarters.

Su Qing stayed in Li Kuihua's car for a few minutes, and confirmed the time and place of the confession banquet.

Li Kuihua's election date is relatively tight, just this weekend.

In other words, there are still two days left.

All matters related to the recognition banquet will be prepared by the Li family, and Su Qing only needs to attend the appearance at that time.

Not long after Su Qing got off Li Kuihua's car, Lu Rongyuan's car came.

She opened the car door and got in, only to find that Wan Yang was still sitting in the back seat, and greeted him with a smile: "Mr. Wan."

Su Qing smiled brightly at Wan Yang, but it was all because Wan Yang was Lu Rongyuan's friend, but this smile fell into Lu Rongyuan's eyes, and the jar of jealousy was overturned.

The temperature inside the car dropped suddenly, and it was filled with murderous intent.

Wan Yang glanced at Lu Rongyuan, his little heart was jumping, he was so frightened.

"Miss Su." Wan Yang responded bravely, and changed the subject: "By the way, I saw Miss Su get off Li Kuihua's car from the Li Group just now. I heard from the boss that Miss Su offended the Li family. Li Kuihua Are you looking for trouble?"

Wan Yang naturally knew that it was impossible for Li Kuihua to seek trouble.

Lu Rongyuan sent someone to say hello, but Wan Yang was still curious why Li Kuihua was looking for Su Qing.


Su Qing remembered that she hadn't told Lu Rongyuan that the Li family recognized her as a goddaughter.

Only then did Su Qing say: "Although Li Sen is unreasonable because he will take revenge, Mr. Li is quite reasonable. He knew that his son was at fault for what happened last time, so he didn't bother me. He even came to the door to apologize and said If you fall in love with me, you must recognize me as your goddaughter."


Wan Yang's eyes widened: "Li Kuihua wants to recognize you as his goddaughter. This old fox is really smart. Picking up such a big one is cheap."


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