Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 37

Su Qing is going to become Li Kuihua's goddaughter, if she marries Lu Rongyuan from now on, won't Lu Rongyuan also have to call her godfather?

Really cunning and cunning.

Lu Rongyuan's deep eyes narrowed deeply.

He didn't expect Li Kuihua to come up with such a move.

Su Qing was puzzled, and smiled: "If Li Kuihua really recognizes me as a goddaughter, shouldn't it be me who is taking advantage? I have nothing to lose."

She has no background and no power, no matter what, she earned it.

Wan Yang glanced at Lu Rongyuan, Su Qing didn't know that she had a big backer by her side, and Li Kuihua recognized Su Qing as her goddaughter, that's because of Lu Rongyuan's backer.

Lu Rongyuan glanced at Su Qing, but didn't show anything on his face, and asked lightly, "You agreed?"

"Well, I agreed, and the recognition banquet will be arranged on the weekend night." Su Qing said: "Not to mention, Li Kuihua said in front of my father that he would recognize me as a goddaughter, his face is so wonderful, I think I was quite relieved, so I agreed."

Wan Yang curled his lips: "This Li Kuihua really knows how to use people's hearts."

Su Qing looked at Wan Yang: "Mr. Wan, you don't seem to like Li Kuihua very much. Is there a festival?"

There is no holiday, Wan Yang is simply upset that Li Kuihua, an old fox, is taking advantage of him.

Su Qing and Lu Rongyuan will have to call Li Kuihua godfather, so wouldn't he also be short?

"No." Wan Yang shook his head.

Su Qing looked at Lu Rongyuan again, asking for advice: "If you don't want to, then I will decline, anyway, it hasn't been made public yet."

Su Qing was actually not very willing, but everything went with the flow, and there was no loss to her.

Lu Rongyuan pondered for a moment, then nodded: "Very good."

Wan Yang's eyes widened: "Boss."

How can this be cheap for that old fox.

Lu Rongyuan's thin lips slightly raised: "It is good for you to have the protective umbrella of the Li family's daughter."

Su De'an and Su Qing severed their father-daughter relationship. Today, Su Qing has no background. Before he has completely cleaned up the Lu family, it is not a bad thing to be protected by the Li family.

What Lu Rongyuan could think of, Wan Yang could naturally think of it too, so he didn't say anything else.

Li Kuihua's actions were quick, as soon as he negotiated the details with Su Qing, he immediately bought a hot search on the Internet, built up the momentum that he wanted to admit his daughter, and announced the time and place of the confession banquet.

Li Kuihua deliberately didn't tell Su Qing, leaving a suspense.

The fact that the Li family recognized their daughter caused a sensation on the Internet, and people speculated about which lucky person fell into Li Kuihua's eyes.

The Li family is one of the four major families in the imperial capital. It has been passed down for several generations, and Li Sen is the only son.

Now that she suddenly wants to recognize her as a daughter, and has held such a grand recognition banquet, it can be seen that she attaches great importance to her, and everyone is naturally curious.

When Su De'an saw the news on the Internet, he regretted so much that he threw his chopsticks on the table heavily, which surprised Qin Suqin.

"I severed ties with Su Qing on the front foot, and Li Kuihua recognized Su Qing as her goddaughter on the back foot. What do those people in the circle think of me? Isn't this a slap in the face?"

"The Li family is really here?" Qin Suqin was also very surprised: "What's so good about that dead girl, why did she fall into Li Kuihua's eyes."

"What's the use of saying this now? I just lost a good opportunity to make friends with the Li family." Su De'an became more and more angry as he thought about it: "If I had known that Su Qing had such a relationship with the Li family, how could I have severed ties with her?"

Qin Suqin said in relief: "Old Su, why are you angry? Besides, we still have Xiaoxue. Xiaoxue went to find Zhou Xiongfei today. The Zhou family has already agreed to inject capital. With the support of the Zhou family, are you still worried about offending the Li family? ?”

Qin Suqin's words were somewhat comforting to Su De'an, but when she thought that Su Qing would recognize Li Kuihua as her godfather, she suddenly lost her appetite.

Chu family.

Seeing the hot searched Su Xue was jealous and envious, she almost went crazy.

Why is Su Qing so lucky?

Su Xue felt unwilling, so angry that she lost her temper and threw things in the room.

When Chu Tianyi heard the movement and came in, he frowned displeasedly: "What kind of temper are you throwing again, which alarmed your parents, I'll see how you explain it."

Hearing this, Su Xue restrained herself a bit, seeing that Chu Tianyi was planning to go to the study with the quilt again, her temper came up.

"What are you going to do, Tian Yi, we are husband and wife, you sleep in the study every day, what should I do if word spreads." Please download the novel app Love Reading App to read the latest content

"Then watch your mouth." Chu Tianyi didn't have the slightest patience, and walked out with the quilt in hand.


Su Xue was so angry that she stomped her feet and went crazy.

Su Qing, all of this was caused by Su Qing.

She will not make Su Qing feel better.

A vicious scheming flashed across Su Xue's eyes.

If you want to be the goddaughter of the Li family and want to show off, okay, then I will destroy you in front of everyone.


Under the night.

Su Qing sat on the bed boredly and flipped through magazines, glanced at the bathroom from time to time, and was also very nervous.

She didn't know why she left Lu Rongyuan behind.

The Li family's affairs are settled, and Lu Rongyuan doesn't need to live here anymore.

"Lu Rongyuan, have you finished washing?"

As soon as the words fell, Lu Rongyuan came out wearing a loose bathrobe, his whole body was still steaming, his shoulders were wide and his waist was narrow, his muscle lines were very clear, revealing a sense of strength, a drop of water rolled down his chest into his lower body, it was simply Fatal temptation.

Su Qing watched subconsciously swallowed, blushed, and looked away: "I'm anxious."

Saying that, Su Qing turned over and got up from the bed and wanted to sneak into the bathroom, but Lu Rongyuan pulled her back into her arms.

There is a low and hoarse voice next to my ear: "I am also anxious."

Lu Rongyuan took a few cold showers last night to vent his anger, how could he let Su Qing go today.

Su Qing realized what Lu Rongyuan was going to do, and her heartbeat suddenly accelerated: "That, that..."

"Qingqing, I want it."

Five words, let Su Qing completely surrender.

But at this moment, his lower body suddenly became hot.

"Oops, relatives are here." Su Qing blushed, got out from under Lu Rongyuan, and trotted to the bathroom.

Sure enough, the relative's visit came at the right time.

After Su Qing finished packing, she saw Lu Rongyuan lying on the bed with a sad face.

Su Qing didn't know whether to laugh or cry: "Sleep."

Lu Rongyuan sighed, and hugged Su Qing into his arms: "If you can't eat meat, drink some soup."

Su Qing: "..."

Su Qing's nose suddenly smelled a bloody smell. When Su Qing opened her eyes, she saw that Lu Rongyuan's bathrobe was bright red.

"What's going on? Let me see."

Su Qing remembered that Lu Rongyuan had been wearing a bathrobe just now, just to cover the injury on his arm?

"I accidentally scratched it." Lu Rongyuan said lightly: "Go to sleep, it's nothing serious."

The wound was wrapped in gauze, and blood was oozing from it, how could it be all right.

Su Qing glanced at Lu Rongyuan suspiciously, how could a scratch be so serious?

Su Qing suddenly remembered that Young Master Lu, the ruler of the Lu family, had also injured his arm, and it was also his right arm.

After the wound was treated, Su Qing couldn't find out whether it was a scratch or a knife wound.

Lu Rongyuan smiled, and pampered Su Qing's head: "Go to sleep."

Su Qing didn't ask any more questions, but she had already started to doubt in her heart.

But she couldn't believe it.

Lu Rongyuan is just an ordinary online car-hailing driver, so he cannot be the most powerful person in power of the Lu family.

That night, Su Qing didn't sleep well.

Lu Rongyuan glanced at his wound, his eyes deepened.

With Su Qing's level of intelligence, I'm afraid she won't be able to hide it for long.

the next day.

Lu Rongyuan drove Su Qing to work, everything was as usual, there was no difference.

Su Qing walked into the company and immediately felt something strange.

Along the way, colleagues looked at her very strangely, as if talking about her behind her back.

Su Qing frowned, walked to the seat, Cai Jingmei came with a serious face: "Su Qing, you can still sit still, don't you even check the company mailbox?"

Su Qing didn't know why, so she smiled: "What's the matter, so serious, what happened, maybe it has something to do with me again."

Cai Jingmei was worried for Su Qing: "Go and have a look, the matter of you riding in a luxury car has been exposed, and now everyone in the company is talking about you as a mistress, a vixen who seduces middle-aged men and meddles in other people's families .”

Su Qing hurriedly looked online, the picture of her getting into Li Kuihua's car yesterday was photographed.

A luxury car, a middle-aged man, and a young and beautiful woman, these three things together, are enough to make people imagine a bloody junior drama.

Cai Jingmei asked: "Su Qing, do you really know that man?"

"Well, I know."

Not only did she know each other, but she will soon call her godfather.

"Did you hear that? Su Qing herself admitted it." Zhuang Xiaomei's voice came out from behind, urging her colleagues to get together: "On weekdays, she pretended to be innocent, but she did it secretly. Mistress, you really can't judge by appearance."

Colleagues talked a lot and looked at Su Qing with contempt.

"I really didn't expect it, but who gave someone a beautiful face? If it were us, we couldn't do it."

"Haha, with your looks, plastic surgery can't save you, you'd better go back to your mother's womb and rebuild."

"It doesn't matter if I'm ugly, at least I'm not like some people who don't even want to face, corrupt public morals, and destroy other people's families."

"I wanted to take a shortcut at a young age. If my wife finds out about it, I don't think she can stay in the capital."

"That middle-aged man can be her father. It's okay to say it. It's disgusting."

"There's nothing disgusting about having money."

Facing the sarcasm and pointers from her colleagues, Su Qing didn't change her expression, and she didn't show any anger. Instead, like an outsider, she sat down and drank water leisurely, crossed her legs, and listened to these people's gossip.

And this scene happened to be bumped into by Lu Xingnan who came in, and he didn't go there either. Seeing that Su Qing was calm and composed, he suddenly became interested, so he stopped to see how Su Qing would deal with it.

Seeing that Su Qing was not angry, Zhuang Xiaomei was completely unexpected, and said bitterly: "Su Qing, do you still have any sense of shame? How can you be indifferent and have no reaction at all, we are talking about you."

Su Qing smiled, pretending to be dazed: "Huh? Are you talking about me? I'm sorry, I don't have a penchant for checking names. I thought you were talking about yourself."

Su Qing is not a fool. She saw the photos on the Internet just now, and she guessed who did it.

In order to get her out of the assessment, they really did everything they could.

Zhuang Xiaomei's face was distorted with anger, and her voice was raised: "Su Qing, you were photographed getting into the luxury car. The evidence is solid. You destroy other people's families, and you are a mistress."

Su Qing's eyes turned cold inch by inch, and she glanced sharply at Zhuang Xiaomei: "Just now I saw you coming out of the toilet with such a smelly mouth, the evidence is solid, you must have eaten shit in it just now."

After the words fell, some colleagues couldn't help laughing, even Lu Xingnan couldn't help it, and almost laughed out loud.

Out of context, who wouldn't?

Zhuang Xiaomei was half dead with anger, and her voice was sharp: "Su Qing, you are changing the concept secretly. Don't think that this will clear up the fact that you are a mistress."

Su Qing casually shook the water in the glass: "I, Su Qing, are innocent, why do I need to cleanse myself? But the person who sent the email to the company must hide his tail, otherwise I will know who it is and slander him." It's a sin to let her squat in there for three to five years."

This statement is not only a warning to the person who sent the email, but also a warning to everyone present, whoever is slandering, then don't blame her for suing people for defamation.

Zhuang Xiaomei sneered: "Don't scare people with your words, Su Qing, then tell me, who is that middle-aged man? generation?"


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