Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 38

This made many people laugh.

Everyone can see how hard Su Qing is in the company. In order to get full attendance and bonuses, she is never late, and the clothes she wears are also ordinary, street stalls.

Who would believe that such a person would be a hidden rich man's daughter.

Cai Jingmei saw that the trouble was getting bigger and bigger, so she came forward to mediate: "We are all colleagues, why should there be any unpleasantness, everyone should leave."

"Don't be afraid. I think she just doesn't dare to reveal the real identity of that man. I really pity her boyfriend, who is still kept in the dark by being cuckolded."

Su Qing frowned, it wasn't that she didn't want to tell Li Kuihua, but it was useless, these people wouldn't believe it.

Li Kuihua is the person in charge of the Li Group, a big chaebol, and it will only get darker and darker.

Su Qing stood up and was about to speak when a lady suddenly appeared and asked, "Who is Su Qing?"

This person is Li Kuihua's wife, Liu Xueqin.

Liu Xueqin often appeared in the same frame as Li Kuihua, and everyone present knew each other.

The appearance of Liu Xueqin made everyone surprised and bewildered.

This is the hostess of the Li Group. Why did she come to Su Qing?

Soon someone associated Su Qing with the luxury car.

Someone in the crowd said, "Could it be that Su Qing is Li Kuihua's mistress? Is the main room here to settle accounts?"

"I think, otherwise, why would Mrs. Li come to our small company."

"Su Qing is really capable. I didn't expect to catch that big fish of Li Kuihua."

"So what if you have the ability, now that his wife has come to the door, I see how proud she is."

When Zhuang Xiaomei saw Liu Xueqin, she was overjoyed and said with a smile, "Mrs. Li, this is Su Qing. What do you want from Su Qing?"

Su Qing looked calm, Liu Xueqin's eyes fell on Su Qing, and her eyes lit up.

No wonder she can fascinate her son, who is so beautiful that even women are jealous.

Liu Xueqin was beaten and warned by Li Kuihua a long time ago. Although she dotes on her son, she is not a woman who ignores the overall situation.

Liu Xueqin walked towards Su Qing, looked at Su Qing carefully, and nodded: "My old Li really has vision."

What Liu Xueqin meant was that Li Kuihua was good at judging people. Before she saw Su Qing, she thought she was a beautiful and charming girl. Later, she knew that Su Qing was taken by the Lu family, and she became even more curious.

Could it be just a pretty vase that the Lu family took a fancy to?

Certainly not.

The wedding ceremony was on the weekend, and Liu Xueqin was curious about Su Qing, so she came to see him in advance.

But Liu Xueqin's words fell into the ears of the onlookers, which meant something else.

Is Su Qing really attracted by Li Kuihua?

Is it really Li Kuihua's mistress?

Even Lu Xingnan, who was watching the excitement, had such doubts.

It was also the first time Su Qing saw Liu Xueqin, and she didn't understand Liu Xueqin's intentions: "Mrs. Li, what do you want from me?"

Zhuang Xiaomei said angrily: "Su Qing, don't you know what you have done yourself? Now that Mrs. Li has come to the door, I see how long you will pretend to be."

Just when everyone was waiting for Liu Xueqin to attack Su Qing and put on a scene where the main room was torturing the mistress, Liu Xueqin took Su Qing's hand and said with a smile: "Old Li came to see you yesterday, just remember to confess to your relatives." The details of the banquet, I forgot to give this to you."

Liu Xueqin took out a jewelry box from her bag, which contained a pair of emerald earrings: "I personally chose these earrings. You can see if you like them. When you wear them at the wedding ceremony, they will be glamorous. They were originally reserved for me. For the future daughter-in-law, but I think these earrings are more suitable for you."

Liu Xueqin's operation made the onlookers dumbfounded.

Zhuang Xiaomei was also at a loss.

Didn't Liu Xueqin come to find fault?

What kind of wedding ceremony?

What is the relationship between Su Qing and the Li family?

Su Qing glanced at the earrings, and the rich were the ones who made the most of it.

Li Kuihua gave a precious gift of apology before, and Liu Xueqin gave emerald earrings.

Su Qing thought of the bracelet Chen Xiufen gave her, and she felt that what Chen Xiufen gave was more precious than this.

How rich is Lu Rongyuan's family?

If Lu Rongyuan's family had money, why would Lu Rongyuan become an online car-hailing driver?

Su Qing couldn't help but recall that the wound on Lu Rongyuan's arm was in the same position as the wound on the Lu family's ruler, and they had the same name and surname...

Su Qing was lost in thought, Liu Xueqin thought that Su Qing didn't like her, and said with a resentful smile: "If you don't like it, I'll pick a few more pairs for you to choose later?"

Su Qing came back to her senses, and bent her mouth: "No, I like it very much, thank you Mrs. Li."

Liu Xueqin said with a smile: "Why do you still call her Mrs. Li, or you can just call her a godmother, anyway, it's not a day or two away."


Liu Xueqin turned out to be Su Qing's godmother?

Zhuang Xiaomei was stunned, and everyone else was also shocked.

Su Qing is really a hidden rich daughter.

The goddaughter of the Li family has inexhaustible glory and wealth.

Su Qing couldn't say the word "godmother" for a while, Liu Xueqin didn't force it, and said with a smile: "It's okay, you can call again after the recognition banquet, I won't disturb your work, I'll go back first."

After speaking, Liu Xueqin smiled and said to Su Qing's colleagues: "Thank you for taking care of Su Qing at work. This weekend, if you have time, please come to the banquet."

The hostess of the Li family personally invited the top banquet, and everyone was flattered, and they all nodded: "I will definitely come."

Liu Xueqin came suddenly, then left in a hurry, leaving behind a group of

People are dumbfounded.

The arrival of Liu Xueqin virtually broke the rumor that Su Qing was a mistress.

Now that everyone knows that Su Qing is the goddaughter of the Li family, the way they look at Su Qing immediately changes.

"Let me just say, how could Su Qing be someone else's mistress, she is obviously a daughter."

"That's right, I'd like to trouble some people to clarify the matter before we talk about it, causing us all to misunderstand Su Qing."

"It seems to me that someone deliberately caused trouble to slander Su Qing, trying to squeeze Su Qing away, and then go to the headquarters by himself. After all, there are only two places."

"It's too insidious, and you still use all of us as gunmen, Su Qing, don't be angry with us, we don't know, it was completely led astray by Zhuang Xiaomei."

Step on the high and hold the low.

The grass on the wall falls on both sides, this is the workplace.

Naturally, Su Qing won't be angry, because it's unnecessary.

Su Qing looked at Zhuang Xiaomei with a full smile: "People respect me a foot, and I pay back three feet. If anyone offends me, I, Su Qing, am not a soft persimmon."

Thinking of Liu Dong's fate, Zhuang Xiaomei quickly smiled and said, "Su Qing, misunderstanding is all misunderstanding."

"Check out who sent the anonymous email." Lu Xingnan walked out, and told the assistant beside him: "The company will never tolerate anyone who makes trouble and spread rumors. If they are found out, they will be severely punished. No matter who they are, they will be fired."

Assistant Xiaoying: "Yes, Mr. Lu."

Hearing this, Zhuang Xiaomei panicked.

I didn't expect such serious consequences.

Su Qing saw Zhuang Xiaomei's expression in her eyes. She is not a kind person. If others bully her, she will not forgive the Holy Mother after hearing a few words of apology.

Su Qing got up: "Thank you, Mr. Lu, for upholding justice."

Su Qing had noticed Lu Xingnan a long time ago, and she thought Lu Xingnan wouldn't care after watching the commotion for so long.

"Well, what should I do?" Lu Xingnan left these words with a cold face and walked towards the office.

In less than an hour, the rumormonger was found out.

Zhuang Xiaomei was expelled. When she left, she felt unwilling and said harsh words to Su Qing: "I won't just let it go. I will get back the debt today."

Su Qing really thought that the other party was a psychopath. Zhuang Xiaomei made trouble for her, but she didn't pursue it. Zhuang Xiaomei still hated her?

"Whatever, I'll accompany you anytime." Su Qing lazily replied, not paying attention, but she didn't know that Zhuang Xiaomei had become a ticking time bomb in the future.


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