Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 39

When it was time to get off work, colleagues left one after another.

Just as Su Qing was about to leave, Cai Jingmei came over: "Su Qing, let's go have hot pot together tonight."

"Okay." Su Qing can be regarded as a foodie, and Cai Jingmei spoke for her several times, so she should also say: "I treat you."

Cai Jingmei is also polite: "OK!"

The two took the elevator downstairs together.

Cai Jingmei has a car: "Su Qing, wait a moment, I'll drive."


Just as Su Qing waited for a while, a familiar car suddenly stopped on the side of the road.

And it was Su De'an sitting inside.

Su Qing had a bad feeling.

Su De'an got off the car with a smile: "Xiaoqing, just get off work, let's go, get in the car, Dad will take you to dinner."

Su Qing said sarcastically in a cool tone: "Mr. Su is really a nobleman who forgets things too much. We have already broken the relationship between father and daughter."

Su De'an was able to come to Su Qing, he must be mentally prepared to be run out.

"Xiaoqing." Su De'an still had a smile on his face: "Father and daughter have no overnight feud, no matter what, you are also bleeding with my blood, you are my daughter, let's go, Dad will take you to dinner, and buy some more clothes." Clothes, for the banquet, my Su De'an's daughter can't dress poorly."

Do you want to move her by giving me a little favor?

Su Qing sneered: "Boss Su, you don't need to spend money, the Li family has everything ready."

Seeing that Su Qing didn't buy it, Su De'an sighed and started to play the family card: "Xiaoqing, don't blame your father, the company is your mother's painstaking effort. When your mother passed away, I promised her that I would protect the company. I can't Let the company have an accident, I hope you can understand Dad's painstaking efforts."

"Oh, by the way, I almost forgot that the company belongs to my mother, and a suicide note was left in my mother's belongings, appointing me as the heir of the company, and Mr. Su worked hard to manage it on his behalf. Since Mr. Su has said so, then I will If you take over the company, you don't need to worry about Su."

The suicide note was purely Su Qing's nonsense, she just wanted Su De'an to quit.

She knows Su De'an too well.

Sure enough, when he heard that the company was handed over, Su De'an's face became ugly: "How can this work, Xiaoqing, you have never managed a company before, so it doesn't matter if Dad works hard."

"Heh!" Su Qing sneered, and when she saw Cai Jingmei's car coming, she said: "I hold grudges, it's better for Mr. Su to show up less in front of me, otherwise it will arouse my grievances all these years and do something Extreme things embarrass each other."

After speaking, Su Qing pulled Cai Jingmei's car and got in.

Cai Jingmei asked, "Who is that?"

"Ask for directions." Su Qing said, "Let's go."

Su De'an didn't dare to provoke Su Qing too much, so he could only watch Su Qing leave helplessly.

After the car drove a certain distance, Su Qing sent a message to Lu Rongyuan: Have dinner with colleagues, come back later, don't pick it up.

Cai Jingmei glanced at her and joked, "Hey, it's still reported."

"In case he is worried." Su Qing smiled, put away her phone, and asked casually: "Xiaomei, I have something to ask you, that is, I have a friend who had a child before, and now she has a boyfriend. Her boyfriend doesn't know about her having a child, and she's struggling with whether she should confess, and let me make an idea, but I don't have any ideas, do you think it should be confessed?"

"That must not be said." Cai Jingmei said: "This man, what cares most is that his woman died in the stomach, or gave birth to a child. Even if he says he doesn't mind, there is still a gap in his heart. Men are smart. Women, they only play for fun, they won't marry back."

Su Qing's heart sank suddenly, and cold sweat broke out in her palms.

Cai Jingmei didn't think much about it, and asked again: "Su Qing? What kind of friend are you? My suggestion is, don't talk about it. If the relationship is not deep, it's better to break up early, so as not to be hurt."

"Just an ordinary friend." Su Qing smiled calmly: "Okay, I'll talk to her later."


Nanshan Villa.

Lu Rongyuan was exercising in the fitness room, when he heard the notification sound, he picked up his phone and took a look.

Wan Yang on the side saw that Lu Rongyuan smiled unconsciously after seeing the news, and said in a sour tone: "It's the message from Ms. Su, hey, boss, can you stop pricking my brother's heart so much and consider us?" The feeling of being single."

"If you don't accept it, find one yourself." The corner of Lu Rongyuan's mouth curled slightly.

It is easy to find a woman, but it is too difficult to find someone who is tempted.

In this world, how many people spend their whole life and never meet true love.

"It's not that easy." Wan Yang sat on the ground and sighed, drinking water: "By the way, boss, this year Anye has recruited a new group of people. I heard that old man Xue trained himself? Isn't he going out of the mountain? Why do you invite him? moveable?"


Lu Rongyuan held a dart in his hand, and when he finished speaking, he threw the dart out like a sharp knife, piercing the wind and hitting the center of the dartboard.

"Boss, you can't miss once? I..."

Before Wan Yang finished speaking, another dart flew out and hit the eighth ring.

Wan Yang was surprised: "Did you really miss it?"

No, this dart was not thrown from Lu Rongyuan's hand.

Wan Yang looked back, and saw a little boy about four or five years old standing at the entrance. He looked like a jade carving in pink, as delicate as the lucky dolls on New Year paintings.

"Where did the child come from? It's so beautiful."

More importantly, the little boy was holding a dart in his hand.

He was the one who threw the dart just now.

A little kid can hit the eighth ring.

This is against the sky.

Lu Rongyuan also stared at the boy in front of him, a strange light flashed across his eyes.

This little boy actually has the same phoenix eyes as him.

"Who are you?"

This is Nanshan Villa.

How could a kid sneak in?

The little boy was not afraid of Lu Rongyuan at all, he walked forward a few steps, raised his head and stared at Lu Rongyuan: "My name is Xia Tian, old man Xue said you are very good, and I will surpass you in the future, even better than you."

"Hey, this little kid has a serious tone, have you been weaned yet?" Wan Yang laughed, teasing Xia Tian.

Xia Tian looked over with one look, Wan Yang's heart was suffocated, his eyes were a bit like the shadow of a boss, at such a young age, his eyes were so sharp.

"I'm not called a brat, I'm called Xia Tian." Xia Tian was very serious, with three words "I'm angry" written on his face.

The milk is fierce and the milk is fierce.

The corner of Lu Rongyuan's mouth curled up: "You were brought by old man Xue?"

"Summer, you ran around again, how could you come to the gym, be careful I will spank your ass."

A gray-haired old man came in hurriedly, carried Xia Tian, pretended to spank his butt twice, and then said to Lu Rongyuan with a smile: "This child is naturally rebellious and difficult to discipline."

He said so, but his tone was full of pampering and love.

The spankings just now were probably the ashes on Dantan's body.

Lu Rongyuan looked at Xia Tian, even though he was beaten just now, Xia Tian still didn't have the slightest expression on his face that he was about to cry, no matter his behavior or tone, he didn't look like a child, like a little adult.

There was some interest in Lu Rongyuan's eyes: "Old man Xue, where did this kid come from?"

"I picked it up." The old man Xue said, "You must come out with me today. Children, they are very curious. Maybe they just want to come out to play."

Wan Yang muttered, "Old man Xue, you are abducting and trafficking children."

The old man Xue chuckled: "This child is poor, and he is extremely talented. He is a good seedling, so I will take it with me."

"Cultivate well." Lu Rongyuan's eyes fell on Xia Tian's side, and the corner of his mouth lightly raised: "I'm waiting for you to surpass me."

Xia Tian met Lu Rongyuan's eyes, with seriousness on his immature face: "I will definitely."


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