Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 40

Old man Xue came to Nanshan Villa for business.

Wan Yang temporarily took Xia Tian outside.

Lu Rongyuan and old man Xue went to the study: "Old man Xue, among this batch of newcomers, are there any that satisfy you?"

The old man Xue shook his head: "The young people nowadays are not as good as the next one. Their physical fitness is too poor. I can only say, do your best."

"This is not your old man Xue's style." Lu Rongyuan lit a cigarette: "How long has that kid been training?"

"Three months." The old man Xue compared three fingers, and when he mentioned Xia Tian, his face was full of smiles, and he was very proud: "This child's talent is even higher than yours back then. I heard that you are very powerful, so I have to shout Then let me take him out to meet you."

Eight rings were played in three months.

This is a child who is only four or five years old.

Lu Rongyuan was a little shocked: "What is this kid best at?"

Old man Xue shook his head.

Lu Rongyuan frowned, not good at it?

Before Lu Rongyuan could speak, the old man Xue said with a smile: "Xiamen has shown extremely high talent in every item. He has already surpassed two of your records on Plum Blossom Island. It is not far from breaking the record."

Plum Blossom Island is the headquarters and training base of the Dark Night Organization.

Such a talented child, one in a million, no wonder the old man Xue is full of joy.

"Have you checked the child's background?" Lu Rongyuan was a little worried: "Who are the child's parents?"

Old man Xue had a grandson who died unexpectedly a year ago, which has always been in the old man's heart.

Xia Tian is about the same age as Old Man Xue's grandson, Lu Rongyuan worried that Old Man Xue abducted Xia Tian because of his love for his grandson.

Hearing this, old man Xue became unhappy, and hummed twice like an old urchin: "Why, you are still worried that I will abduct someone? After checking Xia Tian's background, he is an orphan, without father or father. Mother, anyway, I will keep this child, you can figure it out."

Lu Rongyuan couldn't laugh or cry when he saw old man Xue playing with his temper. Old man Xue was also considered as half of his teacher, and Lu Rongyuan always respected him very much.



Xia Tian is like a little adult, sitting with his back straight, his legs dangling boringly, his little face is round and carved with jade.

Wan Yang looked at his hands itching and really wanted to pinch them.

"Little... Summer, right? Come, eat bananas." Wan Yang wanted to call him a little kid, but immediately changed his words. This kid is too nasty and nasty.

Xia Tian folded his hands on his chest, looked at Wan Yang, and said in the tone of a little adult: "You are the second child of Wan Yang?"

Wan Yang's face darkened: "..."

Xia Dong Xia Qiu beside him couldn't help laughing.

The nickname Wan Lao Er has been called by no one for a long time.

The origin of this nickname is like this, Wan Yang's ranking on Plum Blossom Island has always been lower than that of Lu Rongyuan, Wannian's second child, so he has the title of Wan's second child.

Wan Yang glared at Xia Dong Xia Qiu, then turned his head and smiled at Xia Tian: "Do you really admire me? Don't be too obsessed with brother, brother is just..."

Xia Tian pursed her mouth: "The mentality is quite good, I have never won the first place, and I am still so narcissistic."

Wan Yang: "..."

"Hey, little boy, you can't pierce uncle's heart like this. What do you know, I also want to surpass the boss, but my strength doesn't allow it." Wan Yang clutched his chest, with a heartbroken expression: " If you want to surpass the boss, wait another ten years."

Xia Tian is too lazy to take care of.

Wan Yang went up to him with a smile and asked, "You couldn't have been kidnapped by old man Xue, did you? Where are your parents? Where is your home? Uncle will take you to find your parents, okay?"

Wan Yang thought to himself, when ordinary children hear that they are looking for their parents, they will be very excited.

But he forgot, can a child who can hit the eighth ring and dare to challenge Lu Rongyuan be an ordinary child?

"Hmph! I'm not a three-year-old child, I'm already four and a half years old." Xia Tian turned his head, jumped off the chair, put his hands behind his back, and walked outside the hall.

Treat him like a three-year-old kid?

Wan Yang almost burst out laughing: "Huh, what do you mean?"

He then asked Xia Dongxia Qiu who was beside him: "Are all the little friends now so individual?"

Lu Rongyuan and old man Xue came down from upstairs, but they didn't see Xia Tian, old man Xue got anxious and asked Wan Yang, "Where's Xia Tian?"

"Let's go out, that little brat, he has a small mouth, he looks cute, and he doesn't talk cute at all." Wan Yang expressed his opinion.

Old man Xue asked: "Did you say something about him?"

Wan Yang was at a loss: "No, I just said take him to find his parents..."

"Too bad." Old man Xue clapped his fists: "You really can't open any pot and carry any pot."

"What's wrong?" Wan Yang looked puzzled.

Nanshan villa is very big, Xia Tian walked around by himself, found a stone and sat down by the artificial lake.

Xia Tian is not happy anymore, he often hears friends on the island asking parents this question.

But he had never seen his parents since he was born.

He grew up in an orphanage, and the headmaster always bullied him, so he ran out, met old man Xue, and was taken back to Plum Blossom Island.

He has never met his parents, but he yearns for them very much, but he never shows it.

When Lu Rongyuan found Xia Tian, under the orange street lamp, Xia Tian was sitting on a stone with his knees hugged, his back looked small.

Lu Rongyuan didn't know why, but his heart suddenly shrank.

Even if he was provocative in an adult tone, he was still a child after all.

"Unhappy?" Lu Rongyuan walked over and sat down next to Xia Tian.

Xia Tian's small face was full of anger, with the word "unhappy" written all over his face, and he turned his back.

Lu Rongyuan was amused by Xia Tian's appearance, and held Xia Tian's small shoulders with his big hands: "Crying?"

"I don't." Xia Tian sniffed: "I don't cry, only three-year-olds do, and I'm already four and a half years old."

Lu Rongyuan couldn't laugh or cry, he was always indifferent, it was the first time for him to be so patient with a child, he felt that children were really the cutest creatures.

"Okay, Xia Tian is a little man now, he won't cry."

Xia Tian raised his head and asked suddenly: "Do you have parents?"

Lu Rongyuan remembered what old man Xue said, and answered carefully: "Yes, everyone has parents. No matter what the reason, your parents are not around, but one day, your parents will come to pick you up."

"Really?" Xia Tian's eyes glowed, after all, he was still a child.

Lu Rongyuan nodded: "Yes."

Seeing Xia Tian's excited appearance, Lu Rongyuan secretly decided to find his biological parents for Xia Tian.

Wan Yang and old man Xue both came over, seeing Lu Rongyuan and Xia Tian sitting together, they seemed to be chatting harmoniously, so they didn't bother.

Wan Yang stared at the backs of the big and small ones in front of him, this scene was so warm.

Old man Xue went out to buy things on the island this time, and he had to stay for a few days. Xia Tian was temporarily arranged to live in Nanshan Villa.

With a child here, Lu Rongyuan felt that Nanshan Villa became more lively.


Su Qing and her colleagues went back after eating, and quietly nestled on the sofa alone, looking out the window.

Cai Jingmei's words echoed in her ears.

The most unbearable thing for a man is for his girlfriend to die or give birth to a child.

Holding the mobile phone, Su Qing clicked on Lu Rongyuan's WeChat chat box, but didn't know what to say, made up the words several times, and finally deleted them.

That night, Su Qing suffered from insomnia. iread novel app read the full content

Tossing and turning until dawn.

Today is Saturday, no work.

Su Qing wanted to stay at home and sleep late, but an unexpected visitor came to her door.

Su Qing lazily went to open the door, but the person standing at the door was none other than Su Xue.

"Sister, you haven't gotten up yet. It's almost noon."

Su Xue was full of smiles, wearing a small fresh dress, with a sweet smile, she looked like a sister next door, if she was a man, she would have been taken down by Su Xue long ago.

Su Qing leaned lazily against the door frame: "I can't think about it, and you're looking for abuse again?"

Su Xue and Su De'an came in turns, and they still couldn't leave without scolding, Su Qing felt very annoyed.

"Sister, today is Saturday, let's go shopping together." Su Xue showed no resentment or anger on her face, and she looked like a sister: "Sister, I really want to get back together with you, so just give me one." Chance."

Su Qing didn't know what Su Xue was up to, so she sneered, "Get back together? Your brain was trapped by the door?"

Su Xue might have thought of some vicious method to plot against her and get back together? She didn't believe a word of it.

"Sister." Su Xue still smiled: "I was really wrong. I got angry with you because I loved Tianyi too much. Sister, can you not be angry with me? By the way, tomorrow night's confession For the banquet, can sister take me there?"

Su Xue reached out to hold Su Qing, but Su Qing escaped without a trace.

The white lotus is delivered to the door, and it will definitely not leave so easily.

It turned out that it was for the recognition banquet.

Li Kuihua didn't send an invitation to the Su family, and the Chu family probably didn't intend to take Su Xue there.

Su Qing's guess was right, the Chu family really would not take Su Xue, Su Xue offended Madam Fu before, and Madam Fu fanned the flames in Chu Tianyi's mother's ear, Su Xue is having a hard time in the Chu family now.

The mother-in-law found her very disliked, and made things difficult for her, even trying to get Chu Tianyi to divorce her.

Su Xue became anxious, and hated Su Qing even more.

If she couldn't go to the marriage recognition banquet, then the wives would definitely know that her status was not guaranteed, and would laugh at her and take the opportunity to step on her.

Su Xue came to look for Su Qing just now, she must go to the confession banquet.

"Since you know you're wrong, don't you have to show some sincerity?" Su Qing was idle and bored, since Su Xue likes to seek abuse so much, then let her be fulfilled.

When Su Xue heard that Su Qing let go, her face was filled with joy: "Sister, is it true? Are you willing to forgive me?"

"It depends on your performance." Su Qing said: "I haven't eaten yet, there are fish in the kitchen, and I suddenly want to eat braised sea bass, thank you for your hard work."

Su Xue didn't touch Yang Chunshui with her ten fingers, how could she know how to cook.

Su Xue gritted her teeth and said with a smile, "No problem!"

As long as she can go to the banquet, see Su Qing's misfortune, and being in a mess under the eyes of everyone, she can bear it.

"The kitchen is over there." Su Qing pointed, with a sneer on her face.

It's really bearable.

Su Xue thought that it would not be difficult to look up the recipe online and follow the recipe, but when she entered the kitchen and looked at the live fish in the pond, she broke down a bit.

"Is this fish alive?"

Su Qing said lightly: "Well, why? No? Then go out and don't disturb my sleep."

She expected that Su Xue would not leave.

She knows Su Xue too well, and she can do anything to achieve her goal.

Not someone who gives up easily.

Su Xue quickly said: "Yes, it will be done soon."

"Then I'll be waiting for your braised sea bass." Su Qing twitched her lips and walked out of the kitchen.

After a while, Su Qing heard Su Xue's screams coming from the kitchen.

The fish struggled in the water, splashing water stains all over Su Xue, her hair and face were full of fishy smell.

This is the newly made hair, and the clothes are the latest style of this year, which is her favorite.

The fish is not obedient, not slippery, Su Xue can't catch it, but makes herself in a mess.

The fish struggled with a long mouth. Looking at the big mouth of the fish, she screamed in fright.

Su Xue was so angry that she completely lost the ability to think. She glanced at Su Qing who was resting on the sofa with her eyes closed. She grabbed a kitchen knife, furious, walked towards Su Qing, and stabbed it down.

The only thought in her mind was to kill Su Qing.

Completely bewildered.


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