Novel Name : After the divorce she surprised the world

Chapter 42

Su Hua was taken aback for a moment, wondering why Gu Beixian wanted to kiss her all of a sudden, or kiss her.

Even though it was night, there were still people passing by back and forth.

The village is no more open than the city, how embarrassing it is to be seen.

Besides, grandma has just been buried, so it's too inappropriate at this kind of time.

Su Hua reached out to push him away.

However, Gu Beixian held her two wrists with one hand, not letting her move.

Su Hua was not as strong as him, and couldn't push it away, so she could only close her eyes and let him kiss her.

He kissed very hard, even domineering, not as gentle as before, as if he was competing with someone.

Su Wei remembered what he said to the phone just now, it must have been to Gu Aoting.

She thought he was angry with Gu Ao Ting.

It wasn't until she was almost out of breath from his kiss that Gu Beixian let go of her, raised his hand to wipe off the water stains on her lips, and said softly, "We won't divorce anymore."

It's not a negotiating tone, it's a direct decision.

Su Wei was full of thoughts, "I am very grateful that you take my feelings into consideration at this time, but your father..."

Gu Beixian said calmly: "I will talk to him when I get back."

Su Wei remembered what Gu Aoting said about success and failure, her eyes darkened, "I don't want you to be caught between me and your father."

Gu Beixian held up her small face, "Stop talking, listen to me."

This time it was in an orderly tone, not to be questioned.

Without any explanation, he took her hand and walked towards the gate.

After walking a few steps, Gu Beixian turned his head and glanced at the woods across the pond.

The man named A Yao is no longer there.

He hooked his lips, but there was no smile in his eyes.

For the first time, I realized that I was so possessive.

He couldn't do what he said before, letting go and making things come true. Sure enough, mortals are mortals, and the seven emotions and six desires are inevitable.

Go back to grandpa's house.

As soon as the two of them entered the bedroom, Su Peilan brought food over on a tray.

Four dishes and one soup, two bowls of rice.

Putting the food on the table, she warmly greeted Gu Beixian: "Beixian, you are hungry, come and eat, it's hot. As soon as the pot was opened, I went to serve it, and no one touched it. I know you love cleanliness , you don’t eat the ones that others have touched.”

Gu Beixian paused, the previous few times I saw her, her attitude was quite cold.

He was a little surprised to be so enthusiastic today.

After Su Peilan greeted him, she looked at Su Hua again, "Xiao Hua, you can go back with Bei Xian tonight, don't wait for your grandma to die, I'm here."

Su Hua was slightly puzzled, "I've already asked for leave, so I'm not in a hurry to leave."

"Go back, your grandma will definitely want you and Bei Xian to go back. You two are doing well, she is happier than anyone else." Su Peilan's eyes were red, and she smiled and said, "You two, eat quickly, I will go out first gone."

After speaking, she turned and left.

Gu Beixian twitched the corners of his lips, "Mother-in-law is quite abnormal tonight."

Su Wei thought about it carefully, "Maybe it's because you've taken care of me so hard these past few days, so I was moved by you. My mother doesn't look like she has a strong mouth, but her heart is soft. She has a knife mouth and a bean curd heart."

"Mother-in-law is indeed a sweetheart." Gu Beixian smiled very lightly, picked up the chopsticks and handed them to her.

Su Wei took the chopsticks, sat down next to him, and put a piece of fried crispy meat on his rice, "This kind of meat is very delicious, it's delicious, try it."

Gu Beixian picked it up and put it in his mouth, chewed a few times, "It's quite fragrant."

He usually does not eat this kind of food, it is too oily and unhealthy.

But if Su Hua picked it up, he would probably eat rat meat.

After dinner, Su Peilan came in to clean up the dishes and urged the two of them: "Hurry up, you will be home in two or three hours, go back and wash up and have a good sleep. Come back tonight, and Beixian will be back to work in the company early tomorrow morning." .He has been delayed here for such a long time, which has affected his work too much."

Gu Beixian was right in his arms.

Staying here has long nights and dreams, he is afraid that Su Hua and A Yao will meet each other.

It is one thing to be in the heart, but if he really wants to give in, he finds that he is not reconciled, and even more reluctant.

He suddenly wanted to be selfish just once, and wanted to keep her by his side.

Su Hua didn't want to go back.

She misses her grandma, and still wants to spend the first seven days with her.

However, she couldn't resist Su Peilan, she pushed her out the door and stuffed her directly into Gu Beixian's car.

When the car drove out of the village, Su Wei received a message from Su Peilan: Girl, mom suddenly found out that Gu Beixian is okay with you these days. If this marriage can't be divorced, try to break up as much as possible. If you remarry after divorce, the next man may not be better than Gu Beixian. Besides, half of the credit for his good legs is due to you, so why have you worked so hard to serve him for such a long time and let someone else do it?

Su Wei frowned slightly, and replied: But his father disagreed.

Su Peilan said: "Parents can't hold back their children in the end. You young couple should work hard. If you don't try hard, give up. You will regret it later."

Su Hua was silent, and replied, "Okay."

At ten o'clock in the evening, the two returned to their home in Riyue Bay.

Su Hua went into the bathroom to wash her hair and took a shower.

When she came out, she picked up the hair dryer and was about to dry her hair.

Gu Beixian finished washing from the bathroom in another room, came to her, took the hair dryer from her hand, and wanted to help her blow it.

Su Wei smiled and said, "My left hand is almost healed, I can do it myself."

Gu Beixian pressed her to the small sofa next to him expressionlessly, and said softly, "I just want to love you well."

This was said too affectionately.

Especially with his aloof and abstinent appearance, when he said it coldly, he was not tired at all, but rather flirtatious.

A deep warmth surged up in Su Wei's heart, and she said, "Thank you."

Gu Beixian plugged in the hair dryer, raised his eyelids, and wrote lightly: "We agreed to stay together, thank you."

Su Hua smiled.

She likes the relationship of "being in love with each other", which is stronger and warmer than "respecting each other as guests".

Although Gu Beixian is a big man, when he blows his hair, he is very gentle.

At the beginning, she was a little bit unsure about the severity of blowing, but it didn't take long before she became more comfortable than Su Wei blowing by herself.

After drying their hair, the two went to lie down on the bed.

Su Hua had slept in the afternoon, so she couldn't sleep much at the moment, she just closed her eyes and snuggled into Gu Beixian's arms, missing her grandma.

Gu Beixian knew she was sad, so he patted her lightly, like coaxing a child.

Not long after, Su Hua was photographed and fell asleep.

Seeing that her breathing gradually became even, he lowered his head and kissed her forehead, and said in a low voice, "If you dare to call you Brother A Yao in your dreams again, I will spank your ass."

Xu changed the environment, but Su Wei didn't have any more nightmares.

When I woke up the next day, as soon as I opened my eyes, I saw Gu Beixian resting his hands on the pillow, looking at her tenderly, looking in a good mood.

She bent her lips and smiled at him, "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Because you look good." He raised his hand to touch her face, his voice was as gentle as moonlight.

Su Wei always felt that there was something wrong with him, but she couldn't tell for a while.

After washing up, the two went downstairs.

A hearty breakfast is on the table.

In addition to all kinds of exquisite pastries, there are several tonic soups, which are full of fragrance and attract the index finger.

Gu Beixian said: "I called and asked the people from the hotel to deliver it. You haven't eaten properly for a few days. Eat more."

He was so caring, Su Wei couldn't bear him even more.

Maybe what my mother said is right, if you don't work hard, you will regret it later, and she doesn't want to lose him.

The two had breakfast.

Gu Beixian is going to the company.

He picked up the watch and put it on his wrist.

Su Hua helped him tie his tie as before.

The best thing about her is a pair of hands, and the tie is fast and beautiful.

After skillfully helping him finish the fight, Gu Beixian suddenly pressed her into his arms, hugged her, and told her, "Stay at home and try not to go out, the world is chaotic outside."

Su Hua felt more and more that something was wrong with him, where was the chaos in the outside world?

It's not the war years.

Besides, there is a driver when you go out. The driver is strong and also works as a bodyguard, and he is always available with a phone call.

She smiled, "The museum is still waiting for me to go there."

Gu Beixian raised his eyebrows, "Didn't you ask for funeral leave?"

Su Hua was speechless, so she could only say, "That's fine."

Gu Beixian hugged her but refused to let go, lowered his head, gently rubbed the tip of her nose, and kissed her ears.

It's quite a bit of ear-to-eye contact.

Like a man in love.

Su Hua was slightly confused.

He is not a sticky man, what happened today?

No, since last night, he seems to be a little weird.

She was just about to ask.

Gu Beixian's lips suddenly rubbed against her earlobe, and said in a low voice, "I really want to make you smaller, so that I can put you in my pocket and take you wherever I go."


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