Novel Name : After the divorce she surprised the world

Chapter 43

Gu Beixian's voice was so pleasant, deep, magnetic, and clear, like a double bass, it rubbed against her ears and slid into her eardrums.

Su Hua's heartbeat fluttered in disbelief.

It was as if a deer hit her chest with its horns.

She stood still.

The love words spoken by a loved one can really make people's brain secrete dopamine.

Su Wei bent her eyes, raised her small face, looked at his sexy and handsome face, and said, "Thank you for coaxing me, thank you."

Gu Beixian laughed out loud, pinched her cheeks, and said playfully, "I find you are a bit straight, little straight girl."

Su Hua's expression froze slightly, and she smiled embarrassedly, "I'm a little puzzled, and Xiao Yi said the same thing about me before."

Gu Beixian raised one corner of his lips, "What did he say?"

"He said that I am a good woman, but I am too good to be a bit boring. Let me learn to be a little bit more sloppy, a little more swaying, a little more open-minded, act like a baby when I should be coquettish, weak when I should be weak, thick-skinned and thick-skinned. It's time to use it."

Gu Beixian pondered for a moment, "It's okay to play around, but you can only play around in front of me. Acting coquettishly and being weak are fine, but thick-skinned and tricky are fine."

Su Hua said obediently, "Okay."

Gu Beixian patted her head, "Wait for me at home, I'll bring you what you want to eat tonight."

Su Wei's appetite has not been very good these two days, so she said, "I don't have anything to eat."

"Then I'll see and bring it for you. Let Aunt Liu make lunch, so don't do it."

Su Hua felt like she had transformed from a maid into a princess, and she responded obediently, "Okay."

"I'm leaving." Gu Beixian hugged her again, picked up the briefcase, put on his shoes, and reached out to pull the doorknob.

Su Hua suddenly trotted after him, hugged his waist from behind, and said softly: "I really want to be smaller and put in your pocket, so that wherever you go, I can go with you."

She really can't say anything sweet.

But she also felt that everyone said it, and she had to answer the last sentence, so she made up this sentence rotely.

Gu Beixian was about to die laughing at her.

Tell a love story, it seems to embarrass her, like a pair of couplets.

She had to think for a long time before she could say such a blunt sentence to something that others picked up at their fingertips.

The love words are spoken so seriously by her, how can there be any flirtatious taste?

He turned around slowly, held her little face in his hands, lowered his head, and kissed her on the mouth, and couldn't help but smile and said, "Our Huahua is so cute."


Su Hua was a little confused.

After Gu Beixian left, she went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror for a long time.

Her face is good-looking, but it can't be called cute.

As soon as Gu Beixian left, the huge room became empty, and Su Wei began to miss her grandma again.

She went to the balcony, sat on the recliner, and stared blankly.

While I was sad, my phone rang.

Picking it up and scanning his eyes, it was Shen Yuan calling.

After connecting, she said: "Su Wei, Wang Meng's picture of hermitage has already begun to be repaired, and the next person to pick up the pen will be selected. The museum has gathered a group of copy masters from all over the country, and each of them copied a part. At that time, select the best from among them. My brother asked you to make a copy and hand it in."

To pick up the brush is to connect the missing part of the ancient painting's meaning. If it is broken, it will be connected so that the whole painting will not show any traces of repair.

Picking up a pen is a test of a person's comprehensive aesthetic quality and mastery of basic techniques.

Copying is to achieve that standard with one's own ability and method, and taking over the brush is to collide with the standard and directly enter the role of painter, which is more demanding than copying.

That's why the museum called up experts and selected the best from them.

Su Hua responded, "Okay."

Shen Yuan said: "I have a full picture of hermitage on my phone, and I'll send you the picture later."

Su Hua said casually, "No, I've got it in my mind."

"What? You remember it in your head?" Shen Yuan was extremely surprised, "That picture of hermitage is so complicated, can you remember it all? Even if you remember the picture, you can still remember the missing part?"

Su Wei said lightly, "My grandfather has trained me deliberately since I was a child. No matter what kind of ancient paintings, I can remember them all after looking at them for a few minutes or ten minutes. When I come back, I will be able to draw them in less than half a month. One is exactly the same."

Shen Yuan was stunned, "My God, you must be the legendary genius!"

Su Wei thought to herself, I can't even say a word of love, what kind of genius am I?

"Stop talking, I'm going to draw a partial map, and I'll leave it to you tonight."

Shen Yuan was surprised again, "So fast?"


After hanging up the phone, Su Wei walked into her own study.

There is a complete set of tools for restoring ancient paintings and calligraphy in the study room.

Mrs. Gu loves to collect ancient calligraphy and paintings, and calligraphy and paintings are not easy to preserve. In recent years, she has helped maintain and restore them.

This set of tools was purchased by Gu Beixian.

Su Wei took a piece of rice paper, skillfully dyed it with black tea, and asked Aunt Liu to help grind the ink.

When the paper was dry, she picked up the brush and started to paint with the pictures in her mind.

Wang Meng's paintings, in terms of techniques, are rich in layered changes in brushwork and scenery. The painting method is a unique method of unraveling and chapping, thick ink, dense composition, multiple layouts, and lush and beautiful scenery.

Because of his inner longing for a secluded life, his works are calm and detached, melancholic and elegant, and vigorous.

Under the guidance of her grandfather, Su Hua copied many of his works when she was a child.

I am well versed in his painting method and brushwork, so I can draw a partial picture at this time, and I can easily do it at my fingertips.

In the evening, Su Hua finished the painting and contacted Shen Yuan.

Shen Yuan rushed over, got the painting, opened the photo on the phone, and compared it, it was exactly the same.

The only difference is that Su Wei has already filled in the missing parts of the original painting.

Shen Yuan was amazed again and again, and couldn't help breaking Su Hua's head to look left and right, "Sister Hua, what kind of fairy brain are you? Why is it better than a camera?"

Su Hua was a little embarrassed by her teasing, she gently pushed her away, and said, "I was born a few hours later than you, you should call me Su Hua."

"No, you are my sister Hua, who represents the status in the world, regardless of age."

Su Hua couldn't resist her, so she could only let her scream.

Shen Yuan carefully rolled up the painting, put it in the car, and said: "My brother went abroad to participate in a medical exchange meeting. He heard from his colleagues that your grandma passed away, so he called here specifically to ask me to spend more time with you. Do you want to go?" Where to play? I'll go with you."

When she is free, she will miss her grandma, so Su Hua just wanted to go out to relax, so she said, "Let's go ride the Ferris wheel."

Shen Yuan rolled her eyelids, "Then what is there to sit on?"

Su Hua was a little embarrassed, "I've never sat down before."

Shen Yuan laughed loudly, "No way? You are in your twenties, and you haven't even sat on a Ferris wheel?"

"Well, no."

"Then let's go."

Su Hua got into Shen Yuan's car.

The two made an appointment to have a meal, and went to the largest amusement park in Kyoto together.

A giant Ferris wheel of more than 100 meters, and gorgeous lights are installed outside each small box, which looks as beautiful as a rainbow at night.

Su Wei and Shen Yuan sat in together.

In about ten minutes, they reached the highest point of the Ferris wheel.

There are binoculars in the box for tourists to watch the night scene.

Su Hua and Shen Yuan picked up the binoculars and looked outside. They could see the entire Kyoto, thousands of lights, radiant lights, stars and stars, and the incomparable night was outlined by the glittering neon lights.

Suddenly, Shen Yuan patted Su Wei's shoulder and shouted: "Look! That handsome guy, Gu Beixian!"

Su Hua adjusted the binoculars and looked in the direction she pointed.

On the opposite side, in the parking lot in front of the Jingdu Hotel, a man and a woman got off a stretched luxury car.

The man was tall and handsome, dressed in a dark formal suit, with long legs and a dashing demeanor.

The women were beautiful, fashionably dressed, and adorned with jewels.

The man was Gu Beixian.

The woman is Chu Suosuo.

The two walked side by side towards the main entrance of the hotel, talking while walking.

The binoculars are so clear that even the smile on Chu Suosuo's face can be seen clearly.

She smiled so happily.

The smile on Su Hua's face froze.


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