Novel Name : After the divorce she surprised the world

Chapter 47

It took three days for Su Wei to put together the painting of Bada Shanren Zhu Da.

It's too broken, and it's hard to fight.

After spelling, she began to repair.

After a lot of hard work, the painting was finally restored without any trace.

After Cheng drew it, she was quite satisfied with the ink painting.

The whole painting is condensed and resolute, with a majestic and timeless style and a cold artistic conception. Zen is incorporated into the painting. The picture is simple but has an endless aftertaste.

Zhu Da broke through the previous painting methods in terms of conception, composition and style, and used the changes of dry and wet ink colors, cadenced brushstrokes, and the pen to form a lotus.

The lotus stalk is round and straight, and it looks like it is swaying in the wind, but it is elegant and colorful, which contrasts with the pitched lotus leaves.

Once it's fixed, it's time to find a buyer.

She called Shen Yuan and asked, "Which auction house in Kyoto is more reliable?"

Shen Yuan was taken aback, "You fixed such a broken painting in such a short time?"

"Well, there is no trace of repair at all."

"Oh my god, you are too good!"

Su Hua frowned slightly, and held the phone away from her ears.

She felt that although Shen Yuan and Shen Huai were brother and sister, their personalities were a bit different, and Shen Yuan was too lively.

But it happened to be complementary to myself, moving and stilling.

Shen Yuan said to inquire about it, and hung up.

Not long after, she called back, "I've inquired. The largest auction houses in Kyoto are Zhengrong Auction and Poly Auction. The turnover rate is as high as 80%. These two auction houses have almost accumulated more than half of the high-end collectors in China. These collectors are all high-end collectors with net worth of billions or even tens of billions."

Su Hua asked, "Which one is closest to us?"

"Zhengrong Auction House is a little closer to us."

Su Wei pondered for a while, "Then let's go to Zhengrong Auction House."

"Okay, I'll pick you up."

An hour later, Su Wei and Shen Yuan came to Zhengrong Auction House.

The two walked into the hall and saw, good guy, we have to line up.

There were at least fifty or sixty people in line in front, all of whom brought collections from all over the country and came here for the auction.

Because before the auction, it is necessary to identify, review, and negotiate the starting price, and the procedures are cumbersome.

It's all here, Su Wei and Shen Yuan are also standing in line in the hall.

From morning to noon, the line in front of them was only reduced by half, and the legs of both of them were sore.

Su Hua said, "Why don't we change houses."

"Wait a little longer, the other family may not be short." Shen Yuan bent down to beat her sore leg.

After beating for a while, she straightened up and stretched.

Suddenly, her eyes lit up, she pointed to the elevator in front of her, and shouted at Su Wei: "Look, handsome guy!"

Her voice is not small.

Everyone turned their heads to look at her in unison.

But he only glanced at her, and then shifted his gaze to Su Wei who was next to him.

Because Su Hua's looks are too eye-catching.

She has black hair and red lips, her melon-seeded face is so white that it shines, her beautiful autumn water eyes are moist, her eyes are very quiet, slim and graceful, standing there without desire and desire, as if she has traveled through a distant ancient painting.

In full view, Su Hua felt a little embarrassed.

She tilted her head, avoiding everyone's gaze, and looked in the direction Shen Yuan pointed.

The man is very handsome.

He is tall, wearing a handsome black jacket, black trousers, short hair, handsome and profound features, especially those eyes, which are dark and gloomy, with a sense of story, directly hitting Su Wei's heart.

Su Hua recognized him immediately.

It was the man I bumped into at the Kyoto Hotel a few days ago.

He has a pair of eyes very much like A Yao.

Thinking of A Yao, Su Wei began to feel tight in her chest, unable to breathe, and gradually shrunk into a small ball with distress.

She pressed her chest and frowned.

The man seemed to have noticed them, turned his head to give a few words to the people behind him, and left.

Not long after, a staff member in a suit and tie came to Su Hua and said, "Excuse me, are you Miss Su Hua?"

Su Hua nodded, "I am."

"Our young director is welcome."

Su Wei was slightly surprised, "I don't know your Young Director."

The staff looked at the paintings rolled up in her hands, "Aren't you here to auction ancient paintings?"


"Our young director wants to see the painting in your hand."

Su Hua and Shen Yuan followed the staff and took the elevator to their Young Director's office.

The office is large and decorated in an antique style.

On the east wall hangs a painting of Zheng Banqiao in ink and bamboo, backed by large floor-to-ceiling windows.

Their young director sat on a black leather seat.

Very young, about twenty-five or six years old, handsome, neat, and wearing a black jacket, which is a bit out of place with the antique decoration.

Shao Dong was the man he saw in the lobby just now, the man with eyes that looked very much like A Yao.

Su Hua was stunned.

Looking closely, the man's eyes look more like A Yao's, they are exactly the same.

But only the eyes are similar, and other noses, face shapes, skin colors, and heights are not alike.

The A Yao in her memory was a fair and thin young man who looked as good as someone who came out of a cartoon.

The man in front of him had a dark complexion, a strong body, short hair, deep and three-dimensional facial features, with edges and corners.

All male characteristics are evident.

He is a handsome and sharp mature man.

Shen Yuan's eyes began to shine again, and she exclaimed in a low voice, "You are so young, handsome and stylish, Young Director."

The man stood up from the chair and walked towards them with long legs.

Su Hua stood there quietly and thinly, staring directly into his eyes.

Those eyes were like a key to unlock her painful memories. Once opened, there were layers and layers of untouchable pain inside.

The man walked up to her, stretched out his right hand, and said politely: "Hello, Miss Su, my name is Gu Jinyao."

Su Wei paused when she heard the word "Yao", and subconsciously looked at the hand he stretched out. The fingers were long and strong, and there was a thin layer of calluses on both sides of the index finger of her right hand.

It was a hand that held a gun all year round.

Seeing Su Hua standing still, Shen Yuan touched her arm, "Su Hua, shake hands with her quickly."

Su Hua reached out to shake his hand.

They held for a long time.

Exceeded the normal handshake time.

Ever since Su Wei saw Gu Jinyao's eyes, her whole mind was in a daze, in a trance, and she didn't realize that the handshake took too long.

Until Shen Yuan coughed and said, "Su Wei, quickly open the painting and show it to Young Master Gu."

Only then did Su Hua realize that she had lost her composure, and quickly pulled her hand out of his hand.

Gu Jinyao reached out to pick up her painting, raised her eyelashes slightly, and glanced at her left hand that had been broken by the door.

Scars were left on such beautiful fingers, and the nails were still black and purple, not completely molted.

His eyes turned cold, he took the painting, unfolded it calmly, carefully looked at the picture and paper, and then at the several red seals on it, and said: "It's an authentic work by Bada Shanren, how much do you plan to sell it for?" money?"

Shen Yuan hurriedly said: "I checked online, and the ink lotus paintings by Bada Shanren Zhu Da have been sold for more than 10 million over the years."

Gu Jinyao ignored her, and asked Su Hua again: "How much do you plan to sell?"

Su Hua's face was pale, her mind was slightly distracted, and she said absently, "Anything is fine."

Gu Jinyao put the painting on the table, and said lightly, "I'll pay 12 million, and I'll buy this painting."

Su Wei was very surprised, "Do you want to buy it?"

Gu Jinyao murmured, "My father loves to collect Bada Shanren's paintings, and he just needs an ink lotus painting."

Seeing that he was serious, Su Hua cheered up and said, "This painting is badly damaged, I restored it, so there is no need to pay such a high price."

Whether it has been repaired or not, you can find out if you test it with an instrument.

Su Hua didn't want to hide it, and couldn't hide it either.

Gu Jinyao looked down at her, and said without expression: "I like money hard to buy, let's say 12 million, cash or transfer?"

Su Hua was silent, "Anything is fine."

"Give me the account number, and I'll ask Finance to transfer the money to you."

Su Wei didn't expect him to be so happy, so she hesitated, "Aren't you going to find an expert to verify the authenticity?"

Gu Jinyao glanced at the painting on the table, and said in a very firm tone, "Badashanren's ink and lotus art is unique in ancient and modern times. It can be called a masterpiece, and it is difficult for ordinary people to imitate. Even if it is imitated, it can only be imitated. I cannot imitate his charm. This painting has both form and spirit, and it is true at first glance. The seals on it are also true, and I trust my eyesight."

Su Hua wanted to say something else.

Shen Yuan touched her hand with her hand, signaling her to stop talking.

Su Hua reported her bank account number.

The other party should have activated the real-time account transfer function for large amounts of money. After signing the contract, Su Wei received 12 million account information.

Things went so smoothly, Su Wei felt a little unreal, dazed, like a dream.

After saying "thank you" to Gu Jinyao, she took the contract and left with Shen Yuan.

Walking outside the door, I heard a man shouting from behind: "Su Hua."

The sound of "Su Hua" seemed to be full of affection.

For some reason, a thin layer of tears suddenly appeared in Su Hua's eyes.


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