Novel Name : After the divorce she surprised the world

Chapter 48

Although Gu Jinyao's voice was very different from A Yao's, Su Wei suddenly felt that A Yao was calling her with that sound just now.

She was stunned for a moment, then raised her hand to wipe her eyes.

Looking back, he looked at Gu Jinyao's handsome and sharp face.

It was a face completely different from A Yao's.

She returned to normal and asked with a smile, "Mr. Gu, did you call me?"

Gu Jinyao picked up a business card from the business card box on the table, and walked towards her, "This is my business card, if you need anything in the future, you can contact me directly."

Su Wei stretched out her hands to take it, and said, "Okay."

"We have gathered a group of high-end collectors here, and there are many lovers of ancient calligraphy and painting. If there is a customer who needs restoration, can I contact you?"

Su Hua smiled, "Of course."

The corners of Gu Jinyao's lips curled up, "That's it, I'll call you when the time comes."

"Okay." Su Hua put his business card in the bag.

come out.

When taking the elevator.

Shen Yuan turned her head to look at Su Wei, and said, "I think you have an unusual relationship with this Gu Shaodong, but listening to the two of you talking, it's like meeting for the first time."

Su Hua put her hands in the windbreaker pockets, stared at the elevator number keys, was slightly distracted, and replied absent-mindedly: "His eyes look a lot like someone I know."

Shen Yuan thought for a while, "Do you look like Gu Beixian? The eyes of the two are indeed similar, with big eyes, black pupils, deep eyelids, and long and dense eyelashes. The handsome ones look similar, and the ugly ones look alike." Everyone has their own ugly ways."

Su Hua fell silent.

She doesn't like to talk about her own affairs all at once.

After getting in the car.

Su Wei asked: "Is your Alipay account your mobile phone number?"

Shen Yuan started the car, and said casually: "Yes."

Su Wei picked up the phone and swiped her finger on it a few times.

Not long after, Shen Yuan heard her mobile phone ding-dong.

While waiting for the green light, she took out her phone and scanned her eyes.

Seeing this, I was shocked.

Alipay accounted for 100,000 yuan.

The person who transferred the money was Su Hua.

Shen Yuan became anxious, "Sister Hua, I can't take this money, I'll transfer it to you right away."

Su Wei pressed her hand, "There's not much money, you take it to drink tea."

"One hundred thousand yuan is not much? It's higher than my annual salary in the museum."

"Take it. You have been running around with me these few days. It's a little hard work. Don't, it's just seeing me out."

Shen Yuan paused, leaned over, hugged her and kissed her, "Thank you, Sister Hua."

Su Wei smiled and lowered her head to send a message to Gu Beixian.

Invite him to go to the revolving restaurant to eat western food at night.

Gu Beixian received the message and told his assistant to arrange for someone else to go to the evening party.

seven o'clock in the evening.

The two came to the revolving restaurant one after the other.

The revolving restaurant is located on the roof of the tallest building in Kyoto.

The restaurant is circular, with transparent floor-to-ceiling glass windows that can be rotated 360 degrees.

Turning around every two hours, you can enjoy the night view of the entire Kyoto.

Because it was a temporary idea, we couldn't book a VIP room.

The two sat in the hall and ate.

The halls are also partitioned one by one.

Although it is not as private as a private room, it is still ok.

The restaurant is decorated with extraordinary style, the brilliant background lights hit the ice glass, as beautiful as a fairyland on earth, and there is also a violin playing.

The atmosphere is very romantic.

Most of the people who come to eat are couples.

After the western food was served, Su Wei glanced at the radiant night scene outside the window, smiled and said to Gu Beixian, "Last time you brought me here for dinner, I was happy all night."

Gu Beixian smiled and said, "So easy to satisfy? Then I will often bring you to eat."

"It's good to come once in a while, but if you eat it often, it won't feel fresh."

"That's right." Gu Beixian took the steak in front of her and cut it with a knife and fork.

He has a pair of good-looking hands with well-defined joints and strong strength, and he cuts steaks gracefully and charmingly.

The palm is thin and slender, and it can be seen that it is of good origin.

After cutting, Gu Beixian pushed the steak in front of Su Wei, "Eat it while it's hot."

Su Hua ate a few pieces with a fork. The beef was tender and tasted great.

Eat half.

She took out a card from her bag and pushed it in front of Gu Beixian, and said very grandly: "Sister earned it, spend it, the password is your birthday."

Gu Beixian hooked his lower lip, and joked: "Sure enough, women turn bad when they are rich. They used to be respectful to me, but now that they have money, they immediately turn into sisters, turned serfs and sing."

Su Hua laughed out loud and raised her chin, "Of course, the economy determines the status of the family."

Gu Beixian was amused by her, stretched out his hand, and rubbed her head, "Look at the success of our villain, Huahua."

Su Hua said angrily, "Are you praising me, or are you hurting me?"

"Of course it's a compliment."

Su Hua gave him a blank look, "I'm not stupid."

After speaking, he inserted a piece of beef into his mouth.

Gu Beixian chewed slowly, swallowed the meat, and asked, "Is that painting you repaired a few days ago sold?"

"Well, I met someone I like. I bought a scrap of paper for 10,000 yuan and sold it for 12 million. The account was transferred on the spot."

Gu Beixian praised very cooperatively: "The net profit is more than 10 million yuan, and you can make a lot of money. You are amazing."

Su Wei put down the knife and fork in her hand, cleared her throat, stared at him with clear eyes, and said solemnly: "I will make a lot of money in the future, so I will work hard to be worthy of you."

Gu Beixian smiled, and put his hand on hers, "You are more than enough to match me now, so you don't have to work too hard."

Su Wei was so moved, she was both happy and sad, and said in a hoarse voice, "I want to be so good that even your father thinks I'm a good match for you."

Gu Beixian was silent, and held her hand lovingly in the palm of his hand, his eyes were dark, "I have wronged you."


The phone rang suddenly.

Su Hua took out her phone from her bag.

When she took out her mobile phone, she brought out a business card, but she didn't notice it.

Scanning the caller ID, it was Su Peilan calling.

Su Hua pressed the connect button and asked, "Mom, what's the matter?"

Su Peilan said quickly: "I just received a text message, indicating that there are five million more in the account. Did you call?"

"It's me. I transferred it at noon, and it's a bit slow to get the money."

Su Peilan complained: "Didn't I tell you? The money Gu Beixian gave you, you keep it yourself, don't give it to me, I have a pension, enough to spend."

"He didn't give it to me, I earned it myself."

Su Peilan was extremely surprised, "What did you do to make so much money?"

"I restored a painting of Bada Shanren, and I happened to meet a buyer I like. You can spend the money vigorously, and you can buy whatever you want. By the way, take the time to sign up for a tour group, just to relax. "

"Stinky girl, you know how to spend money recklessly." Su Peilan said with disgust, but she was really moved in her heart.

After hanging up the phone, Su Wei looked at Gu Beixian with a smile.

But he found that his face had become gloomy at some point, and he was staring down at a business card beside the bag.

Su Wei followed his gaze and looked over.

That was the business card that Gu Jinyao gave her before leaving.

Su Wei picked up the business card as if nothing had happened, put it in her bag, and said, "This is the business card of Zheng Rong Auction House's young master, and it will be useful in the future."

Gu Beixian raised one corner of his lips, with complicated emotions, "Did you sell your painting to him?"

Su Wei said truthfully: "Yes, Shen Yuan told me that Zhengrong Auction House is regular, so we went. While queuing up in the hall for appraisal, Gu Jinyao sent someone to call us to his office. After seeing the painting, he said that his father liked Bada Shanren's painting happens to lack a picture of ink and lotus, so I accept it according to the auction transaction prices over the years."

Gu Beixian's eyes changed, it was indescribably stern, the corners of his lips were raised, with a bit of self-mockery, he said coldly: "I'm short of money for you? You go to him for money."

Su Hua was stunned.

This is too hurtful.

It's not just a denial of her ability, but also an insult to her character.

That's her income from labor, so why did she ask Gu Jinyao for money?

It was like a bucket of cold water was poured down her head, and Su Hua's good mood was completely ruined.

She looked at Gu Beixian resentfully, with a very hurt expression.

Gu Beixian was most afraid of seeing her eyes like this.

After looking at her silently for a few seconds, he compromised first.

Raising his hand and rubbing the center of his brows, he calmed down the chill in his eyes, and said slowly, "What I just said was a bit harsh, sorry."

Su Hua bit her lip, but said nothing.

After a pause, Gu Beixian grabbed her hand on the table, stroked the back of her hand lightly, and said softly, "I don't like you getting too close to that person."

This is a manifestation of his seeking peace.

Su Hua went down the steps without being tense.

She thought about his thoughts carefully, and said slowly, "Although Gu Jinyao's name also has the word Yao, he is not A Yao. A Yao passed away thirteen years ago. His surname is Lu, and his name is Lu Yao. "


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