Novel Name : After the divorce she surprised the world

Chapter 51

Gu Beixian's dark eyes flashed a trace of star shadows, propped up from her body.

Pursing his lips, he stared at her silently for a while.

He lowered his head, kissed the tip of her nose, and said in a muffled voice, "You must keep your word."

Su Wei hummed.

Gu Beixian was dissatisfied with her attitude, "It's too perfunctory, let's say it again."

Su Hua wanted to laugh.

Obviously the initiative is in his hands.

Acting as if she didn't want him.

After thinking about it, she raised her arms and climbed up to his neck, put her lips close to his ear, and said in a low voice: "Many people like you because you are handsome, rich, powerful, and attractive. The person who loves you likes you because she has seen your embarrassment and loves you. She sits silently beside you and wants to give you her shoulders and candies."

Gu Beixian's eyes hardened.

He slowly held her head up and pressed his face against hers.

After a long while, he finally said: "I want you to aphrodisiac, but I didn't make you sensational. Now it's all over, it's all gone to the heart, not the kidneys."

Su Hua was about to cry because of his embarrassment.

She can only speak the truth from the heart.

She really couldn't say that kind of explicit, hot flirting words.

She lightly poked his waist, and said tentatively: "If we can't get the kidney, let's go home?"

"No, it's fine." He lowered his head, kissed her lips, and bit her soft lips lightly.

He's good at kissing.

Su Wei was kissed so softly and softly, as charming as water.

Although her frame is slender, it is uneven.

The most alluring features are the slender and soft waist and graceful buttocks.

The appearance is white and pure, not to be profaned, but in Gu Beixian's eyes, it is the most charming and seductive.

The wind outside the car was strong, the shadows of the trees were whirling, and the indigo clouds covered half of the moon.

The atmosphere in the car is strong and charming.

next day.

Su Hua's mobile phone suddenly received a reminder text message from the bank, and the account had credited one million.

The remittance account is: Jingdu Zhengrong Crafts Import and Export Trading Company.

This is the head office of Zhengrong Auction House.

Su Wei found Gu Jinyao's business card and dialed the number on it.

After one ring, the other party answered.

"Su Hua." He called her name in a low voice.

The voice is very manly, pure bass.

For some reason, every time she heard him call her name, Su Hua always had a strange feeling.

I feel that those two short words seem to be full of affection.

But women like to be sentimental, she thinks she must be thinking too much.

Su Wei said politely: "Mr. Gu, I just received one million from your company in my account. Did you make a mistake in your finances?"

Gu Jinyao smiled, "That's right, I made the transfer."

Su Wei was slightly puzzled, "We have already cleared the money and goods for that painting, why do you need to transfer the money to me?"

"Your painting is in my office. Before I could give it to my father, a regular customer took a fancy to it and offered to buy it. The price was 13 million, which was 1 million higher than the price I gave you."

Su Hua pondered for a moment and said, "Don't your auction house charge 10% commission? I'd better transfer the one million to you."

With people she doesn't know well, she likes to settle accounts clearly and doesn't want to owe favors.

Gu Jinyao said lightly: "If you didn't go through the auction channel, you won't be charged any commission."

Su Wei was in a dilemma, "But..."

"If you really want to thank me, please treat me to a meal."

This request is not excessive at all.

If it was someone else, Su Wei would also invite her.

But Gu Beixian said that he didn't like her getting too close to him.

Su Wei politely refused: "You've helped me so much, I should treat you to a meal, but it's a bit inconvenient for me. How about this, since your father likes Bada Shanren's ink painting, I will copy one for him. It will be painted in less than ten days. But I only copy it, I don’t fake it, you can figure out the seal on it yourself.”

Gu Jinyao paused, "Alright, I took a picture of that painting with my mobile phone, and I'll send it to you later."

"No, I have already written it down in my mind, and I guarantee that it will be exactly the same."

Gu Jinyao was silent, and said in a very soft voice: "You are still so smart."

Su Wei's heart trembled suddenly, "What did you say?"

Gu Jinyao smiled, then raised his tone several times, and said, "I said, you are smarter than I thought."

Su Wei felt that she might have heard it wrong again, and said casually, "I practiced it when I was young, and practice makes perfect."

"The seal on the painting should be yours. I believe that you will be very famous in the future. When you become famous, the value of the ink painting you copied will naturally increase."

"I'm overwhelmed." Said this, but Su Wei was very happy in her heart, it was the feeling of being recognized.

After hanging up the phone, Su Wei walked into the study and hung a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door.

She grinds the ink with her own hands.

Grinding ink is the first step in painting, which can cultivate the mind and calm the mind.

After grinding the ink, Su Hua walked to the large desk with the brush in hand.

A piece of ancient rice paper was spread out on the table.

Su Wei closed her eyes, and slowly played back the composition, brushwork and artistic conception of Bada Shanren's Mohe painting in her mind.

His style is famous for his freehand brushwork in ink and wash, and his creation is natural, concise, majestic and unique.

She has copied so many ancient ink paintings since she was a child, but she thinks Bada Shanren's paintings are the most difficult to copy.

Chinese painting does not pay attention to the sense of three-dimensionality, and the focal point perspective must be like but not like.

The paintings that are exactly the same are the worst ones, the ones in the middle are called Miaopin, and the highest ones are called Yipin, also called Shenpin.

She thinks Bada Shanren's paintings are a masterpiece.

His paintings always convey a desolate, lonely, and sad artistic conception, which is the expression of his desolate life experience and cold feelings.

He was originally a grandson of the royal family surnamed Zhu, and his life was bumpy and wandering.

In his own words, his paintings, "there are not many ink dots but many tears, and the mountains and rivers are still the old mountains and rivers. The coconut trees in the chaotic world are left behind for Wenlin to figure out carefully."

a week later.

Su Hua drew Zhu Da's painting of ink and lotus, two in total.

The first artistic conception was almost there, so she had it framed and hung it in her study.

She is particularly satisfied with the second picture, which has the shape, spirit and rhyme, the leaves are dark and lotus, desolate and lonely, and the coldness is compelling.

After finishing the painting, Su Wei called Gu Jinyao and said, "Mr. Gu, the painting is finished, can you send someone to pick it up? Or should I send it to you?"

"Thank you for your hard work. How about it, let's make an appointment to have a meal, and you just handed over the painting to me."

Su Hua choked for a moment, "I..."

Gu Jinyao was silent for a moment, and said: "Everyone needs to eat, I just treat you to a meal, it won't take long."

Having said all this, if Su Wei refuses again, it will seem too unreasonable, so she has to agree.

The other party made an appointment at a private restaurant and met at six o'clock tomorrow night.

After hanging up the phone, Su Wei looked at the Mohe picture spread out on the table, thought about it, and called Gu Beixian.

After connecting.

She said: "Tomorrow night at six o'clock, do you have time? I have a dinner and I want you to go with me."

Gu Beixian pondered for a while, and asked with a smile: "Whose dinner is it that makes you so troublesome?"

Su Wei said softly, "Gu Jinyao."

Gu Beixian paused, and gradually tightened his hand holding the phone, the phone was almost deformed.


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