Novel Name : After the divorce she surprised the world

Chapter 53

The fingers of Su Hua's left hand underwent rehabilitation for two months.

The flexibility has almost recovered, and he returns to Gubaozhai.

As soon as you enter the door.

I saw Cui Shousheng, a treasure appraiser in the store, holding a super-large magnifying glass, looking closely at an ancient painting on the counter to verify its authenticity.

When Su Hua passed by, she glanced casually.

It is Zheng Banqiao's ink bamboo painting.

She practiced writing since she was a child, and the first thing she copied was Zheng Banqiao's ink bamboo.

Cui Shousheng pushed the glasses on his nose and asked the seller, "How much do you plan to sell?"

The seller was a poorly dressed middle-aged man, with his hands in his sleeves and his shoulders hunched, and said: "This is Zheng Banqiao's ink bamboo painting, which was handed down by our ancestors. I don't want to sell it unless I have to." Inquiring about the auction prices in previous years, they all started at 30 million."

In other words, it can't be much lower than this price.

Tens of millions is not a small number.

Cui Shousheng narrowed his eyes, stared at the painting carefully for a few more times, and asked, "Why don't you take it to the auction house for auction?"

The middle-aged man who sold the painting rubbed his nose and said, "I'm in a hurry to use the money. I have to wait at the auction house. I can't afford to wait. It doesn't matter if the price is lower if I sell it to you, as long as the money is paid quickly."

Cui Shousheng smacked his lips and said, "We can't give such a high price."

The painting seller hesitated for a moment, "Success, please make a price. I will sell it if the price is suitable. It is easy to negotiate."

Su Hua stopped suddenly.

After a long distance, I looked at the painting again.

Cui Shousheng saw that her expression was different, and greeted her, "Xiao Su, come quickly and take a look at this painting."

Su Hua fell back.

Putting on the special white gloves in the store, he picked up the painting from the counter and examined it carefully.

On the screen, the bamboos are arranged in a patchwork manner, the bamboo poles are dense but revealing strength, the bamboo leaves are picked out with a hard brush, and they are in the shape of official script, and the bamboo stems are also swaying and lively like the brushstrokes of seal script.

It is indeed the authentic product of Zheng Banqiao.

But Su Hua always felt that something was wrong.

What was wrong, she couldn't tell for a while.

It is a kind of intuition that comes from a lot of contact over time.

She raised her head and asked Cui Shousheng: "Have you tested it with an instrument?"

Cui Shousheng nodded, "I've tested it, and the year of the paper and ink are correct, as well as the style of painting and the seal on it, so it's definitely genuine."

He hesitated to make up his mind because the price was too high and he had to be cautious.

Su Wei took the magnifying glass from his hand and looked at the painting carefully, her expression became more serious the more she looked at it.

She put the painting together and winked at Cui Shousheng.

Cui Shousheng understood, returned the painting to the seller, and said with a smile: "I'm sorry, we don't understand your painting."

I don't understand it, it's the jargon of antiques, which means that the painting is fake.

The painting seller was anxious when he heard it, "You have also tested my painting with an instrument. The paper and ink are from the Qing Dynasty, and the seal on it is also real. Why can't you understand it?"

Cui Shousheng couldn't tell why.

He thought the painting was genuine.

Seeing him like this, the painting seller got excited, sat down on the chair, changed his shy and rogue appearance, and said, "This painting was handed down by my ancestors. You must get it today." Give me an explanation, or I won't leave."

The store has been open for a long time, and you will meet all kinds of people.

It's not uncommon to cheat like this.

In the past, Cui Shousheng dismissed him with a few words.

But he really couldn't pick a thorn in this painting, so he could only look at Su Wei for help.

The shop assistant also looked at Su Hua.

Under the watchful eyes of everyone, Su Wei walked up to the painting seller, leaned into his ear and whispered a few words.

When the painting seller heard this, his complexion changed drastically, he rolled up the painting, and walked away in despair.

After they walked away, Cui Shousheng asked Su Hua curiously: "Xiao Su, what did you say to him? What is the problem with that painting?"

Su Hua smiled elegantly, and said, "That painting was revealed."

Ancient paintings, especially the calligraphy and paintings of ancient celebrities, are extremely expensive, often costing millions or hundreds of millions.

With huge profits, there must be people who take risks.

Skilled restorers of ancient paintings can expose one painting into two or three to make huge profits.

The most powerful ones can even be uncovered into five or six pieces, and there is even a legend that one painting can be uncovered nine times, but there are very few paintings that meet the conditions, and the risk is very high. If you are not careful, the entire painting will be destroyed.

Cui Shousheng's face turned dark when he heard this, and cold sweat broke out on his back.

Fortunately, Su Wei came in time, otherwise he would have missed it.

Tens of millions of paintings, if they are accepted, they will lose their money.

The point is that he won't be able to get along in this line of work in the future.

When Su Hua first came, the young master told him there was something he couldn't understand, and he was still not convinced when he discussed it with her.

Right now he's in a bad mood.

Cui Shousheng shrank his shoulders and asked, "How did you find out?"

Su Hua smiled.

Although the paper, ink and seal on the painting are all real, if you look carefully, there are extremely small burrs that have not been processed well.

But she didn't say anything, just wrote lightly: "Intuition. I have been dealing with ancient calligraphy and painting since I was a few years old. Although I am young, I have been in the industry for almost 20 years. When I took a closer look, I felt that something was wrong. When I looked carefully, it was indeed something wrong. "

When she first came here, she also said the same thing.

At that time, Cui Shousheng only thought of her as bragging, but now he thinks that she is humble.

His attainment in ancient calligraphy and painting is better than him, so he can't accept it.

Cui Shousheng smiled like a chrysanthemum with an old face, looked down at Su Wei's hand, and said in a caring and flattering tone, "Mr. Su, how is your hand recovering? I know a very famous Do you want to introduce me to your acupuncturist?"

Everyone was taken aback.

Cui Shousheng is the oldest in the store, and he is proud of his ability to appraise treasures, so he is usually very noble.

Even Shen Huai, the young master, has to respect him three points, and call him "Old Cui" in a polite manner.

Now he changed his name to Su Hua, who was only 23 years old, as Teacher Su.

Su Hua was also slightly taken aback, then smiled and said, "Old Cui, you should call me Xiao Su."

Cui Shousheng waved his hands again and again, "No, I will call you Mr. Su from now on. If you hadn't looked at me just now, I would have missed it."

That's tens of millions of paintings.

Call Teacher Su, he thinks it's worth it.

Su Wei didn't say anything else, just smiled, took off the gloves in her hand, and went upstairs.

I injured my hand, took nearly three months of leave, and accumulated some work.

However, restoring ancient calligraphy and painting is a delicate job, and it is also a job of conscience. There is no rush, let alone rush.

After closing the door, she moved her fingers and started to work.

Busy until noon, she picked up her phone and glanced at it. There were two missed calls on it.

Because I can't be distracted while working, my mobile phone is usually turned on silent.

She went back according to the number.

It was a call from the photo studio, saying that their wedding photos are ready and let them pick them up.

In the afternoon, Su Hua asked the driver to drive and took her to the photo studio to take the wedding photos.

When we were shooting, because we were about to get divorced, we only took one set of clothes, enlarged one, and made a set of photo albums, which she wanted to take away.

Now I regret that I didn't take a few more sets of clothes at that time.

Su Wei is very satisfied with the wedding photos.

Both of them are very photogenic, they look like a man and a woman, and they are a match made in heaven.

The driver helped to move the huge wedding photos into the car.

Su Wei got in the car and sat down, called Gu Beixian, and said, "I got the wedding photo, I like it very much, and I want to treat you to dinner. When will you be done?"

Gu Beixian smiled lightly, "I'm on the construction site to inspect the progress, so it will be a little later."

Su Hua asked, "Which construction site? I'll pick you up."

Gu Beixian teased, "Student Su Wei, you are a bit clingy."

Su Hua smiled, "I'm stuck with you, what's the matter?"

Gu Beixian smiled deeply, "At the construction site of Binjiang Pearl, you tell the driver, he knows."

"Okay, see you later."

Forty minutes later.

The driver drove Su Wei to the real estate of Binjiang Pearl.

After getting off the car, she saw at a glance that the extended limited edition luxury car parked at the gate of the construction site belonged to Gu Beixian.

Su Hua took out her cell phone and called him.

Just as the number was about to be dialed, I saw a group of people rushing out from the gate of the construction site.

The leader was Gu Beixian, holding Chu Suosuo horizontally, with a hurried expression, and walked quickly towards the car parked by the roadside.

When they came to the car, someone hurriedly opened the door.

Gu Beixian hugged Chu Suosuo, bent down and got into the car.

The car sped away, emitting a cloud of white exhaust.

Su Hua's phone fell to the ground, and her heart shattered.


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