Novel Name : After the divorce she surprised the world

Chapter 54

Su Hua's lips were pale, and she stood on the spot thinly and crisply.

Even though it was late spring and April, the wind was sunny and sunny, but she felt as if she was standing in a world of ice and snow.

It was cold from head to toe, and the teeth were chattering faintly.

A heart clenched, the pain was so painful that she couldn't breathe.

It was agreed to keep male virtue, and it was agreed to keep a distance from Chu Suosuo.

Gu Beixian hugged her intimately and got into the car.

He looked hurried, so anxious.

She was standing at the gate, so conspicuous that he didn't even see her.

"Young lady, young lady?" the driver called out twice.

Su Hua didn't respond.

The driver bent down and picked up the mobile phone on the ground, checked it, and handed it to her, "Young Madam, your mobile phone."

Su Wei took it over dumbly.

The driver observed her expression carefully, and said, "Miss Chu must be injured, and Mr. Gu just hugged her. I saw that her eyes were closed, and her face seemed to be in pain."

All Su Hua's attention was on Gu Beixian just now.

I didn't look carefully at what Chu Suosuo looked like, and I didn't bother to look at her.

Hearing what the driver said, she thought about it, maybe it was possible.

Otherwise, for no reason, and in broad daylight, it would be impossible for Gu Beixian to hug her and get in the car grandly in front of many subordinates.

If you are in a hurry, you will be chaotic.

She was in a panic just now.

Having figured it out, Su Hua's stiff eyes brightened a little, and she said, "Did you call and ask which hospital they went to? Let's go and have a look."

She didn't believe that Gu Beixian would lie to her.

She wanted to see the truth for herself.

The driver took out his mobile phone, called the people who followed Gu Beixian one by one, and quickly found out the address of the hospital.

Hearing that Chu Suosuo was indeed injured, Su Hua felt a little better.


The driver took her to the hospital.

When she arrived, Chu Suosuo was pushed into the examination room for a brain CT examination.

Gu Beixian stood in front of the window with one hand in his pocket, staring at the door of the examination room with stern eyes.

There are a few people on the construction site beside him, who came with him just now, talking in a low voice.

Su Hua slowly walked towards Gu Beixian.

As if telepathic, Gu Beixian turned his head to look at her, a slight surprise flashed in his eyes.

Soon, he narrowed his eyes slightly, and asked warmly, "Why are you here?"

Su Wei said softly: "We made an appointment to have dinner together, did you forget?"

"Sorry, something happened. Chu Suosuo was injured. I can't leave for the time being." Gu Beixian put his hand on her shoulder and held it gently, "If you are hungry, go back and eat first."

Su Wei shook her head, "I'm not hungry, what's wrong with her?"

"On behalf of the Chu Group, she went to the construction site with me to inspect, and was hit on the head by an iron bucket that fell from the scaffolding."

Gu Beixian mentioned this last time, saying that Chu Suosuo was her father's assistant.

The Chu Group and the Gu Group have cooperated in many projects.

Obviously, this is the intention of Chu Yanru and Gu Aoting, deliberately creating opportunities for Chu Suosuo and Gu Beixian.

Su Hua suppressed her emotions and asked, "Isn't she wearing a hard hat?"

"I wear it."

"Is it badly hurt?"

"I'm in a coma, and I won't know the exact situation until the test results come out." Gu Beixian raised his wrist and looked at his watch, and said, "My dad and the others are coming soon, you should go back first."

Su Hua knew that he was afraid that Gu Ao Ting would come and embarrass her.

She also didn't want to see Gu Aoting's cold coffin face, so she said, "Then you go home early."

"Okay." Gu Beixian squeezed her fingertips, feeling cold.

After a pause, he patted her head and said softly, "Don't think about it. Since I choose to continue walking with you, I won't be ambiguous with Chu Suosuo. Today's situation is special."

Su Wei nodded, and looked at him with moist and clear eyes, "I believe in you."

The corners of Gu Beixian's lips curled up.

For a moment, he wanted to hug her.

However, his subordinates finally held back.

He held her hand in his palm and covered it, and said, "Call me when you get home, and ask Mrs. Liu to cook what you want to eat. I'll take you out for dinner after changing the sky."

Su Hua responded, "Okay."

"Go back." He let go of her hand.


Su Wei turned around and was about to leave when her eyes hardened suddenly, and she saw Gu Aoting and Chu Yanru rushing over in a hurry.

From a long distance away, Gu Ao Ting's sharp gaze coldly fell on her face.

That look, like a sharp ice pick, pierced into people's hearts.

It made Su Hua's heart go cold.

Chu Yanru's eyes were more like sharp blades, slashing across her face.

It made her extremely uncomfortable.

Some people just have such an ability, even if they don't say a word, they can make people bruised and bruised just by looking at their eyes.

Su Hua felt so uncomfortable that she wanted to laugh a little.

Two old men who are over a hundred years old together bully her a little girl in her early twenties.

They are all people with sons and daughters, how does the heart grow?

Su Wei originally planned to leave, but now she suddenly didn't want to leave.

She wants to see what these two old men want to do to her.

Seeing that she was motionless, Gu Beixian pulled her behind and protected her.

Gu Aoting walked up to him, looked at Gu Beixian with a cold face, and said with a bright reproach: "You promised me to take good care of Suo Suo, and that's how you take care of her?"

Gu Beixian's eyes darkened, and he said, "This is an accident."

Gu Aoting snorted coldly, "I asked you to take care of Suo Suo just to prevent such accidents!"

Gu Beixian didn't answer.

He tilted his head slightly, looked at Chu Yanru, and said politely and distantly: "Uncle Chu, please send a professional assistant from your company to come over and connect with me."

Chu Yanru's face turned ugly in an instant.

He smiled on the surface and said: "Bei Xian, Uncle Chu doesn't like to hear what you said. I heard from the people on the construction site that the iron bucket should have hit you on the head, but Suo Suo pushed you With one hand, I blocked the iron bucket for you. She was injured to save you, so you have to be conscientious."

Gu Beixian was silent, "I will be responsible for her injury, and I will ask Uncle Chu to change her in the future. Suosuo studied jewelry design abroad, so she is not suitable for real estate."

Chu Yanru smiled, "That's why I asked you to take her. You two have known each other since childhood, so it's more convenient to communicate."

Gu Beixian's face was clear and handsome, but his eyes were dark and deep.

How should I say that look, there is no emotion, but there is a chill.

Gu Aoting caught that chill.

He glanced at Su Hua, and reminded Gu Beixian indifferently: "Before you asked me not to embarrass Su Hua, in exchange, you should take good care of Zhuangsuo at work. I promised you, I did it , You promised me, how did you do it? In just a few days, you took Suo Suo to the hospital."

Su Wei thought to herself, this old fox is just cunning.

Instead of embarrassing her, let's embarrass Gu Beixian.

In short, it is doing everything possible to separate the two of them.

She gently tugged at the corner of Gu Beixian's suit, and wanted to say something.

Gu Beixian's eyes stopped her.

He looked down at Gu Aoting and Chu Yanru, and said coldly: "Twisted melons are not sweet. If this continues, it will not make any sense. It will only deepen the relationship between me and Su Hua."

As soon as the words fell, Chu Suosuo was hastily pushed out of the examination room by the nurse.


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