Novel Name : After the divorce she surprised the world

Chapter 56

Gu Beixian's eyes darkened slightly, and asked, "Is your sister awake?"

Chu Mochen became angry when he remembered what Chu Suosuo said, "I woke up a long time ago, and she speaks eloquently, not at all like someone who wakes up after being in a coma all night."

Gu Beixian could hear the mystery in his words, and asked, "What happened?"

Chu Mo Shen said clearly, just said: "The worker who threw the iron bucket down on the construction site yesterday, you send someone to investigate carefully, maybe it will be useful in the future."

Gu Beixian keenly grasped the word "throw".

Thinking about the reaction of Chu Yanru, Hua Qirou and others last night, I understood a little bit.

"Thanks." He turned and left.


He called his assistant and ordered: "On the construction site yesterday afternoon, the worker who 'threw' the iron bucket, you go and investigate. You go in person and handle it in a secret way. Don't let anyone know. Useful in the future."

He deliberately bit down on the word "throw".

The assistant has been with him for a long time.

Hearing "throwing", I immediately understood the mystery behind it.

Immediately replied: "Okay, Mr. Gu, I'll do it now."

Gu Beixian hummed, hung up the phone, and told the driver: "Go to the company."

The driver starts the car.

The car turned a corner.

He received a call from Hua Qirou, "Bei Xian, your dad said you came to the hospital, why hasn't he seen you for so long? Suo Suo just woke up and kept calling your name. She has a brain injury, I was a little confused after being smashed, I forgot who I was, and I didn't forget you."

If it was placed ten minutes ago, Gu Beixian would feel guilty hearing her say that.

But now, he only thinks it's fake.

A group of people set up a plan to act together, and he was alone.

What a painstaking effort.

Gu Beixian said without emotion: "Something happened to me temporarily, and I need to deal with it urgently. I am very relieved that you will take care of Suo Suo."


"I'm going to be busy." Gu Beixian pinched the phone.

A few minutes later.

Gu Aoting called and said in a questioning tone: "Beixian, what's the matter with you? Suosuo is because you were injured, and the Gu family and the Chu family are in a cooperative relationship. You have to accompany me both public and private."

Gu Beixian's brows and eyes suddenly turned cold.

I don't know if this has anything to do with him

With or without, he was an accomplice.

Gu Beixian said in a cool tone: "Last night I stayed in her ward without sleep all night, and went to the company during the day and was busy all day. I am human, not made of iron. I am not the only one in the company. Since you are so worried She, just go and accompany her in person. I'm very tired and I'm going home to sleep. "

Without waiting for him to answer, he hung up the phone directly.

Soon, Gu Aoting called again.

Gu Beixian glanced lightly, turned off the phone, threw the phone on the seat, raised his hand and squeezed the space between his eyebrows, and told the driver: "Take me home."

"Okay, Mr. Gu."

Return to Riyue Bay.

Gu Beixian entered the door.

Su Wei came up to meet him and silently helped him untie his tie.

A pair of big eyes stared at his clothes, looking back and forth.

Gu Beixian was quite irritable after being set up by the Chu family.

Seeing her like this, he suddenly smiled.

She is used to being gentle and quiet, and she occasionally shows this weird side, which is really cute.

He raised his hand to touch her head, and said softly, "Don't worry about it. When I left the hospital this morning, Chu Suosuo didn't wake up. My dad asked me to visit her in the afternoon, and I left without entering the ward. Being hugged by her, I didn't smell the fragrance of her body, let alone give her a chance to kiss."

Having been exposed for her small thoughts, Su Wei blushed and said firmly, "I don't. I just saw that you were tired, so I can help you untie your tie."

Gu Beixian had a smile line at the end of his eyes.

He likes Su Hua being jealous and caring about his appearance, but he doesn't want her to be jealous and sad.

Quite contradictory.

He took off his suit jacket.

Su Wei took it and hung it on the hanger, and asked, "Is Chu Suosuo awake?"

Gu Beixian frowned imperceptibly, and said, "Wake up."

Su Hua stared into his eyes, and asked calmly, "Then are you still going to see her tonight?"

Gu Beixian paused, raised his hand to pull her into his arms, and kissed her on the forehead, "I'm not going."

"What about tomorrow?"

"I won't go tomorrow either." He lowered his head and kissed her on the cheek, then slid to his lips and neck, and finally engulfed her earlobe, biting and kissing her, and said casually: "I won't go any day, it's important to stay with my wife." , the sky is big and the earth is big, and my wife is the biggest."

Su Hua's ears turned red, and the little flames in her heart shot up after being kissed by him, her whole body was numb and itchy.

I thought this man was getting better and better.

Originally, he didn't return all night, so she had a big opinion.

In the end, he coaxed half of it with a few words.

She was really eaten to death by him.

Maybe love someone, so be it.

In love, the one who cares more is always the loser, as if he just stood there, doing nothing, and already penetrated her heart.

Once he kissed her, she would forget a lot of unhappiness.

three days later.

Grandma called and asked Su Wei and Gu Beixian to go to their house for dinner on Saturday.

Su Hua hadn't seen her grandma since she came back from her funeral, so she panicked and responded immediately.

On Saturday, before it was dark, she asked the driver to take her there in advance.

This time I came here, and the mood was completely different from the last time I came here.

The last time I came was for a divorce, and I felt extremely heavy when I wanted to say goodbye to my grandma.

This time it was obviously much easier.

As soon as grandma saw her, she rushed up to her, held her hand and refused to let go, as if she had touched a lost treasure, and shouted repeatedly: "Who is this, let grandma see, who is the big girl?" , why is he so handsome?"

Su Wei smiled sweetly, imitating her tone and said, "It's your precious granddaughter-in-law."

Grandma took her little face with both hands and rubbed it, with a look of love, "Oh, my precious granddaughter-in-law, you are back. Last time you left, grandma loved her so much."

The old man came out smoking a pipe and said, "No, you are gone. Your grandma hasn't eaten for a few days and can't sleep at night. She sighed and said that our old Gu family is sorry for you."

Su Wei's heart tightened, and she choked up, "I'm sorry, grandma."

"It's not your fault, it's not your fault, it's all my stinky grandson and bastard son." The old lady dragged her to the sofa and sat down.

Su Hua's eyes were red at first, but she almost laughed out loud when she heard grandma say that.

Even grandma dared to say so.

If it was someone else, who would dare to say that and try?

Half an hour later, Gu Beixian also arrived.

The old lady asked the servant to bring the dishes to the table.

The four gathered around the table, chatting and laughing, and began to eat.

The old lady took a piece of braised sea cucumber and put it in Su Hua's bowl, "Eat more sea cucumbers, it's pure natural and pollution-free. Eating it can increase your resistance and make it easier to conceive, so you can give me a big fat grandson."

Su Wei was a little embarrassed, and quietly glanced at Gu Beixian.

Gu Beixian's hand reached out from under the table, held her hand, and gently stroked her palm with his fingertips.

It was numb and crisp, like an electric current.

The electricity made Su Hua's heart itch.

Suddenly someone knocked on the door.

The servant hurried over to open the door.

Su Hua tilted her head.

Seeing Gu Aoting walking in with Chu Suosuo.

Chu Suosuo was dressed stylishly and delicately, but his face was a little pale and his lipstick was not on, as if he was just recovering from a serious illness.

The smile on Su Hua's face froze.

Not only her, but the other three people sitting at the dining table all looked ugly.

The old lady stared, and asked Gu Aoting angrily: "Our family has a good meal, why do you bring an outsider to join in the fun? You want to make trouble for me, right?"

Chu Suosuo was full of grievances, and timidly shrank behind Gu Aoting.

A look of protection.

Gu Aoting's face was gloomy, and he said: "Mom, Suosuo just rescued Bei Xian not long ago, don't always treat her like an enemy, you used to love her so much. It's not easy for this child, she was forced by her mother back then Brought abroad, separated from Bei Xian abruptly, and suffered from severe depression because of this."

The old lady snorted coldly, rolled her eyelids and said nothing.

Gu Aoting turned his head to Chu Suosuo and said, "Suosuo, hurry up and sit down and eat."

Chu Suosuo said obediently, "Okay, Uncle Gu."

The two walked to Su Wei and Gu Beixian and sat down.

Chu Suosuo picked up a piece of steamed abalone with his chopsticks, stood up, stretched his arms, put it in Gu Beixian's bowl, and said with a charming and flattering look: "Brother Beixian, you took care of me all night when I was injured." I worked hard all night, eat more abalone to make up for it."

Gu Beixian stared at her coldly, "Have you recovered from your injury?"

Chu Suosuo raised his hand to rub his temples, and said with a painful expression: "My head still hurts, and I can't remember something clearly."

Gu Beixian glanced at her meaningfully, picked up the phone and called the assistant, and said softly, "Send that worker to the old house."

When Chu Suosuo heard this, his face suddenly turned pale.


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