Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 11 Wishing him to die sooner!

Although it's also the first time the luxury counter has encountered a return, they all know that Song Zhi is Mrs. Huo and can't be offended, and they cross out the payment according to the price of the clothes: "A total of three million eight hundred and seventy-seven thousand."

"Three million eight hundred and seventy-seven thousand, not right ah, I have five million in the card, after giving it to Qingjia, there is no money left, so where is the rest of more than one million dollars?" Song Zhe feigned ignorance.

The clerk was afraid of being falsely accused, and just as he was about to open his mouth to explain he was greeted with a slap from Gu Qingjia who had come back to her senses, "Fine, you guys actually dared to lie to me to jack up the price, causing me to spend an extra million dollars!"

"Mrs. Huo, we didn't, these are all recorded." The clerk is on the verge of crying.

Song Zhi looks obliquely at the vain Gu Qingjia and leisurely says, "Qingjia what are you so excited about? Anyway, the store has records of your spending, I'll definitely get back the missing money, if anyone dares to steal my money, I won't let her go, I'll call my husband right now and tell him to get her killed!"

Gu Qingjia panicked and stopped Song Zhe, "It's just over a million dollars? Song Ru you still lack that million plus?"

"Yes, of course I do!" Gu Qingjia saw the paparazzi squatting not far away and lowered her voice so that she could only hear her, "You also know my situation, if I get kicked out by the Huo family one day, I won't have any money, I need to save up some money so that I can go on a sneaky date with Lu Huaike later on."

Gu Qingjia's eyes light up when she hears this.

If she could get the paparazzi to film her going to find out about Lu Huaike in the car accident and succeed in getting Song Zhu divorced, Song Yanran promised to give her ten million dollars and a villa.

She clenched her fists and gritted her teeth as Song Ru turned around to investigate, secretly transferring more than a million dollars back.

The phone came with an alert message, Song Ru hooked his lips, although it was far from enough, but take your time.

"Song Ru!" Gu Qingjia finished transferring the money, stumbled towards Song Ru and ran, crying, "Lu Huaike was hospitalized in a car accident, he is staying at the Central Hospital of Huacheng, let's hurry and go see him."

Song Zhi frowned, how come she didn't run him over!

But she remembered that in her last life, she was also seriously injured in bed, and secretly went to see Lu Huaike, which happened to be caught by the media brought by Gu Qingjia, directly confirming her reputation for cheating and being caught in bed, and a photo sent her to the top of the list of women with the worst reputation in Huacheng.

The result was that Huo Muchen recuperated his body and pulled her to the bed to torture her for three days and three nights without coming down.

Thinking about it now, Song Zhi felt that her former head was really a poser.

Song Zhi was pulled out of the luxury store by Gu Qingjia and drove to see Lu Huaike, followed by a long line of bodyguards plus paparazzi.

When they arrived at the hospital, Gu Qingjia couldn't wait to vent her hatred of being humiliated just now on Song Zhi, dragging Song Zhi's wrist the whole way, and anyone with eyes could see that Song Zhi wasn't happy about it, and was dragged there by force.

The bodyguard was informed of Song Zhi's whereabouts and sent a message and address to Huo Muchen at the first opportunity.

Huo Mushen was in his office talking to Lu Ziyan about developing a new type of industry when he suddenly received an urgent call from his bodyguard.

Lu Ziyan doesn't dare to molest Huo Muchen this time, knowing that Huo Muchen is a wife slave, and the kind that favors his wife and can even do without his brothers.


"...... went to the hospital to see Lu Huaike." The bodyguard's voice was bullied by Huo Moushen's powerful aura to the point where it was completely like a mosquito's voice.

"Lu Huaike dares to touch her, directly abolish the person!" Huo Moushen lifted his black trench coat, striding up his long legs, wrapped in anger as he headed out the door.

Lu Ziyan rises anxiously, "Third brother, where are you going?"

"To the hospital."

Grabbing the wife.

Song Ru Song Ru Song Ru Song Ru, Huo Mo Shen silently recites her name in his heart, better not let me know that you betrayed me again, I won't be able to resist breaking your legs and tying you to the bed as well.

And also make you cry.

"I'll give you a ride, I'm a professional at driving race cars, I guarantee I'll send you to catch Song Zhi in ten minutes." Lu Ziyan scratched his ears a little, he knew it was Song Zhi who was a demon, was this woman a demon in her last life, a demon every day?

Lu Zi Yan's driving skills are extremely high, driving a Maserati, 'whoosh' from the garage and flew out.

Perhaps there was some kind of induction, Song Zhi sneezed twice in a row and rubbed her nose the moment she was pushed through the door by Gu Qing Jia.

She thought that there must be a little bitch behind her back scolding her.

Lu Huaike was lying on the bed, and when he saw Song Zhi coming from the doorway, he revealed a look of contempt, but thinking of the request Yanran had promised him, he grudgingly said, "Song Zhi, you serve me on the side."

That tone was as arrogant as it could be, as if Song Zhi deserved to serve.

Gu Qingjia made a wink and took out her cell phone to send a text message to the paparazzi saying, 'Huo Mu Shen's new wife is cheating on Lu Huai Ke, staging a real-life version of a live chun palace,' so that they must wait at the door to take pictures, which will definitely attract people's attention.

Song Ru backhanded Gu Qingjia to stop her from locking the door, she wore a silk scarf to cover half of her allergic face, only revealing a pair of eyes, but at this moment, she was as sweet as if she was hiding honey poison.

She looked at the media rushing up and pushed the door open with particular generosity.

She is to take this opportunity, completely and Lu Huaike disconnect, save the media always take her chase Lu Huaike do news.

It disgusted her and disgraced her husband!

Anything about Huo Mou Shen, she couldn't afford to be sloppy!

"Serves you right, what are you!"

"Song Zhi, what are you talking about!"

"Are you deaf or blind not to see how disgusting I am to you, even if you use such a shameless trick as suicide to pursue me, I don't care to look at you more than once I have a husband!" Song Zhi purposely flashed his diamond ring so that the media could clearly capture it.

What a big one!

She turned her head and pointed at Gu Qingjia again, in pain but word for word rage, "Qingjia, I've always taken you as my best friend, giving you food and clothes, even if you took my money, I didn't say anything.

But you know that I love my husband the most, you actually combined fire with this scum to trick me to come to the hospital, what kind of heart do you have!"

The media in the dark were dumbfounded, they didn't come to catch the adultery, how did the plot reverse?

Song Zhi cursed with pain in his heart.

Seeing the way they were going to be pissed off, they couldn't wait to push one more time, and hurriedly let the scummy man and bitch go up to the sky in unison.

"Song Zhu, what are you talking about, don't you love Lu Huaike the most?" Gu Qingjia's face was so pale that she stumbled so much that she couldn't stand on her feet.

"I can't wait for him to die earlier!" Song Zhi was furious.

Lu Huaike was so angry that he rushed over from the bed and reached out to strangle Song Zhi's neck, "Song Zhi, I'll kill you first!"

The bodyguard in the dark saw Lu Huaike make a move, and in the moment he dashed and rushed out, he saw Song Zhi raise his leg, aim, kick, and kick hard.

This set of actions was crisp, smooth and natural, not dragging at all, causing the bodyguard to violently brake his footsteps.

Mrs. so tough!

Song Ru had been bullied a lot in prison, and always had to learn a few moves to fight back, and dealing with scum like Lu Huaike was no big deal!

Lu Huaike was kicked by the high heels and rolled on the ground, half of his incisors knocked out, covering between his legs and wailing in pain.

"Song Zhi!"

A scream came from the end of the stairs, and a woman was seen rushing towards Song Zhi.

Song Zhi swept her remaining light and saw clearly that the figure was Lu's mother, as if she had seen an extremely evil enemy.

She wouldn't forget how many bad things this woman had done by using her to trick her onto the operating table with good words!

"Bitch, you dare to hit my son!"

Mother Lu raised her arm and before she could fling it over, she heard a crisp, piercing sound ring out in the air.


Song Zhi clasped Lu mother's wrist, almost using the strength of one arm to ruthlessly whip it back, her palm was numb from the shock.

She didn't care who the other party was, she had harmed her in her past life, and she had to pay back the debt in this life!

Over half a hundred years old Lu mother was smacked to the side of the head, brain rumbling, face to the naked eye visible speed swelling, hot pain.

But in the next second, she heard Song Zhi's infuriating words: ''Not only do I dare to hit him, I also dare to hit you, what can you do to me? Lu Huaike is stalking me, really and Mrs. Lu back then stalking Uncle Lu have a comparison, you Lu family people are so love to rob things that do not belong to them?"

Mrs. Lu was a junior to the throne, this matter was hidden to death, just so grandiose by Song Zhi said out, her nerves completely collapsed, and saw not far away from the media in the photo, like crazy, towards Song Zhi pounced over.

Song resigned too late to dodge, but also good to be pounced on by Mrs. Lu injured to do the cost of their reputation completely corrupted, the future is also less a corrupt Huo Mou Shen assholes.

Just a corner of her has not yet been touched, the waist was a strong arm hooked away, the back of the spine in the hot chest, eyes were a hand blindfolded, and then heard the screams that resonated throughout the corridor.


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