Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 12 Dare to touch my wife?

The familiar scent came to his face, Song Zhi's heart and liver trembled, peeling off the hand that covered his eyes, the cool and arrogant man's eyes were now filled with scarlet killing intent, his gaze lingering on all the people present who were ready to watch a good show.

For a time, suddenly fell into silence.

Only the woman who had been kicked out a few meters away could be seen falling to the ground, her body curled up and trembling.

Song Zhi was protected into his arms, her heartbeat almost stopped with excitement, that feeling was like the whole world was against you, but there was one person who would unconditionally stand behind you to protect you, even if they were the enemy of the whole world.

Her small mouth deflated, her arms hooked around Huo Mu Shen's neck, her voice soft and glutinous, with a tremolo: "Husband, you can come, they teamed up to bully me!"

"Just him, and her, all want to bully me!"

"I said I wouldn't come, but they had to drag me here, I don't have any money and they wouldn't let me call my husband!"

Song Zhi's tears are like a tornado, crackling and falling pitifully, raising her hand up and sending it to Huo Mou Shen, her white palm flushed with redness and swelling.

"Hubby, it can hurt, they hit it."

Huo Mushen's gaze is somber, his palm lightly caresses over her cheek.

He heavily gripped Song Zhi's trembling arm and aggravated his tone, "Dare to touch my wife?"

The media crowd in the shadows spat blood, bellyaching, they came to see catching adultery, who knew that they were sprinkled with a mouthful of dog food?

And no one touched your wife, Mrs. Huo's hand was slapping someone and drawing pain, right?

Huo Mu Shen let go of Song Zhi, favored Lu Zi Yan, pushed the cufflinks, slowly walking towards Lu Huai Ke, a hand and a foot with elegant and noble, so that people can not help but look up.

Lu Huaike looked towards the man who gradually stepped over, his eyes shrinking in terror.

"It seems that my words have left you without a long memory, and I need to teach you a lesson myself."

"Huo Shao ...... this is all a misunderstanding ...... I didn't ...... want to touch your wife... ... "The look on Lu Huaike's face is like frostbite, chapped to an inch.

"Heh, misunderstanding?"

Lu Huaike raised his hand and pointed at Gu Qingjia, "It's her! She's the one who brought Song Zhi here without my knowledge!"

Upon hearing this, Gu Qingjia glares at Lu Huaike and bites back, "Lu Huaike, if you hadn't asked me to bring Song Zhi here, saying that you liked Song Zhi, how could I have been deceived by you into bringing my best friend here?"

"Huo Shao, you must believe me ah ......"

She cried like a pear, but unfortunately Huo Muchen didn't even give her an afterglow, a foot stepped on Lu Huaike's calf bone and crushed it with force, resounding with a crisp bone cracking sound, and right after that, she saw Lu Huaike's wide-eyed stare, and she directly tilted her head and fainted.

Song Zhi had never seen such a bloodthirsty and treacherous Huo Mou Shen, and abruptly, her expression froze.

Her lips wriggled a few times, and Lu Ziyan, seeing Song Zhi go from shocked to stunned to heartbroken next to her, patted her shoulder and hooked up a taunt: ''Is it because you think you were too much of a no-gooder once upon a time? Third brother is just protective of his shortcomings, and can't see others saying you're not good. Song Zhi, if you have a bit of a conscience, you wouldn't do something that would make Third Brother lose face!"

Thinking of Huo Mushen, Song Zhi's heart violently seized, only to feel that there was no way to stand dryly and do nothing anymore, she shook her hand and turned around to head towards the restroom.


Just as her feet turned, a stinging pain came from her palms.

Her wrists were clutched, and she had to stop, taking a step back in a trance as she looked up along her good-looking wrists to see the man's dark, ice-obscured face.

"Afraid of me?"

Song Zhe shook his head.

"Going somewhere?"

"The restroom."

"To do what?"

Seeing his general seriousness and a bit of caution, Song Zhi 'pfft' laughed, snot coming out of her nose.

"Go wash your face and make up, and I have swollen hands like pig's hooves, and I've touched disgusting things, so wash them and don't touch them to dirty you." Song Zhi deer eyes clear, straight into the bottom of Huo Mou Shen's eyes.

Huo Mou Shen naturally took her other hand, "It's time to wash."

The semi-conscious Lu mother heard her face being smoked and said it was disgusting, and she directly became angry and depressed and fainted.

When they arrive at the restroom, Huo Muchen drags up her wrist and puts it into the clean water to rinse it.

The coolness rolls over her palm, she doesn't hurt as much, and tilts her head back to see the man's taut jaw again, so beautiful that it's almost heavenly.

"Hubby, let's go shoe shopping in a while, I can also invite you to dinner oh."

"Eh? Where did you get the money?"

Song Zhi used the secondary card given by the Song family before they got married, but the Song family only gave Song Zhi one card, not much money.

He used to give Song Ru money, but when he realized that she used it to support her 'white boy', he didn't give it anymore.

However, whatever Song Ru needed during school, he would find a way to fulfill her in his own way.

Song Zhi tilted her head, her eyes curving into a crescent moon.

The man was wearing a straight black trench coat, his arms wrapped around her, and he held her earlobe.

"Those clothes in the closet were ugly and I hadn't worn them, so I took advantage of Gu Qingjia's pulling me out to return them all, and got a lot of money back." Song Zhi five fingers grabbed, light lip color stained with a touch of red: "There are five million it."

"Oh, you used to look at people, look at clothes vision are too bad." The man's strong body tightened with force, seeing that her redness and swelling subsided more or less, he took out a paper towel and wiped her hand not lightly but not heavily.

Song Zhi heard the man's dark sarcasm, not annoyed at all, tilted her head and laughed, with a small arrogance and small smugness.

"At the very least, I don't have a bad eye for husbands."

Song Zhi marrying Huo Mu Shen is the biggest turnaround of her life!

Provided, it wasn't 'turning over' in bed!

"You're good at talking, Song Ru keep it up."

Song Zhi remembered that she was nicknamed the 'Lying Spirit', and she was also very good at coaxing her husband, okay?

Huo Mou Shen held her hand and walked towards the door, Lu Zi Yan's long legs blocked their way, "Third brother, according to your orders have all been taught a lesson, Lu Huai Ke's front teeth were kicked straight out by me, now want to go back to the company or not?"

Song Ru frowned, she also knew that Huo Mou Shen was busy at work, nowadays his company belonged to the just starting out, in a few years, he would immediately become a giant predator of the country of China, of course, without her, it might be even faster.

She secretly set a goal in her heart to try to make herself even better, to be able to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Huo Moushen, instead of being a doddering flower that only eats away at him.

Huo Mou Shen frowned, inclined his head to see Song Zhi a little disappointed in the small eyes, the corners of his lips faintly hooked: "Not back, I have something in the afternoon, you first go back to the company to set up the department and then go to do the recruitment, the contract of the thing you and the second brother to set, to the end I will go to review."

Lu Ziyan twitched the corners of his mouth, "Alright."

He charged his gaze on Song Zhi and quickly drew it back again.

There was heterosexuality without humanity.

Song Ru was also a bit guilty, but she also wanted to monopolize her husband, so she could only condescend to Lu Ziyan and report a smile, "Tough job Sixth Brother, I'll have Mu Shen add chicken legs for you later."

Huo Mou Shen and Lu Zi Yan were physically stunned in unison, they hadn't told Song Zhi about their brotherly relationship, but Song Zhi was able to accurately call it out, it was a bit too strange.

Song Zhi had never thought of defending himself against Huo Muk Shen since he was reborn, and naturally didn't expect his casual remark to be detected by the man.

When Song Zhi was held hand in hand by Huo Mushan out of the hospital, hiding in the dark waiting to see a good show of Song Yanyan just happened to bump into this scene, she eyes sycophantic glaring at the two drive long away, angry high heels directly stomped off the root.

And turned her head to see Gu Qingjia walked up, went up and asked what was going on inside, and couldn't wait to kill Gu Qingjia to vent her anger!

"Wastes, all a bunch of wastes! I can't believe I was able to be fooled by that dumbass Song Ru, go and dispense medicine to her to make her mentally deranged!" Song Yanran was on the verge of a violent rage, and was determined to let Song resign die.

Only if Song Zhe died could she continue the engagement in Song Zhe's place and marry Huo Mushan.


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