Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 13 You Have a Husband Backing You

Song Zhi connected with two more sneezes, secretly rubbing and drawing circles to curse the person who scolded her.

"Catching a cold?"

"Ah ...... no."

The man's clear and cold voice rang by her ears, Song Zhi rubbed her nose and shook her head.

"Song Zhi."

"En, I'm here~"

The cheerful voice is like a lark, hearing Huo Mu Shen's bones tingle.

He thinks he has enough self-control and is so cool and ascetic that even if a woman strips naked in front of him, he won't react half-heartedly, but Song Zhi just calls out to him, and his breathing actually inexplicably worsens.

Huo Mo Shen's voice is dull, "How do you know that Zi Yan is the oldest six?"

"I've always known, you're my husband, I know a lot about you." Song Zhi was unimpressed, flipping open his cell phone to look at the news that broke in the media, and hooked his lips in satisfaction.

[Lu Huaike, the son of Lu's Group's mistress, in order to consolidate his family's position, stalked Huo Shao's new wife and attempted to win back Mrs. Huo by committing suicide.]

Song Zhi saw the accompanying picture again, which was mosaiced, but there were recordings to prove it.

She looked through the netizens' comments, Lu Huaike was completely stinking up the sky this time, while she was half black and half red.

She is not in a hurry, after all, she has a lot of previous convictions.

Huo Mu Shen's deep eyes sank glancing at Song Zhi, the corner of his lips hooked, then gradually calmed down, saw her wearing a short skirt, and turned the steering wheel violently toward the nearest clothing store.

Song Zhi's body was thrown into the car window, not reacting back to see Huo Mou Shen pull her out of her seatbelt and walk towards the mall in a half-hug.

"Huh? Not to buy shoes, why come to a clothing store?"

Huo Moushen's thin lips are silent.

The manager sees that it's the president coming, and thinks it's Huo Moushen's inspection, and busily greets him, "President, you brought this young lady is ......"

He glanced at the afterglow, this half of the face wrapped around the woman is what is the person, the president is not just married to Song Ru as a wife, but that woman to the president cuckold, afraid of every man can not endure, this will bring other women out is also natural.

Huo Mou Shen I side blocked the manager to survey the eyes, voice cramped, emphasized: "is Mrs.."

The manager's breathing stagnates, his legs instantly soften, and he almost wants to offer the person up.

Huo Mou Shen impatiently stops the manager's ass-kissing admiration and compliments, a face so frozen that the temperature plummets, pointing in a few directions, "Bring those sets of conservative clothes over."

Hearing the word 'conservative', Song Zhi stifles a smile but says nothing.

However, upon seeing the high-topped version of the clothes Huo Mushan picked out, she is a bit surprised, the corners of her mouth twitching, "Hubby, it's summer, should it be so thick?"

"You don't want to wear it?"

"Wear wear wear, husband picked it out for me, I can't wait to be happy."

Huo Mu Shen's right eyebrow lightly raises, tugging Song Zhi in stride towards the fitting room.

The door opens and the person pushes.

In the cramped space, there were only the two of them.

Truly, if they don't do something, they're all sorry for the good time.

Huo Muxing looked down and saw her pretty face slightly red, giggled a few times, just didn't change her clothes, and his black eyes sank sharply to lock onto her.

His male throat knots rolled up and down, his eyes sank in, just as Song Zhi tilted his head, exquisite little face into the pupils of his eyes for a moment, the location of the chest cavity was something hard hit several times.

This feeling, difficult to describe in words.

"Still not taking off, is it because you want me to take off for you?" Huo Muchen's handsome face tightened, his eyes tumbling with emotions as he stared at Song Zhi, "I defaulted to you asking me to strip for you."

With a tug of the man's palm, her skirt is removed, as well as the buttons of her short shirt are undone.

He raised his hand to pull the blouse out over her head, and then he saw Song Zhi's smiling eyes, the outline of his eyes contracted, and he clasped her chin with one hand, and lowered his head to kiss the corner of her raised lips.

The man's kiss, fierce and violent.

As if in punishment.

And gradually traced her contours, gently and lightly licking.

Song Zhi was kissed to the point that her three souls crashed away, she just had a flash of thought that she would be kissed, but she didn't expect to really be kissed.

She grabbed Huo Mushen's collar, and her shirt was opened to a few buttons by her delicate fingers, revealing a sexy and wild chest.

After a long time, Huo Muchen dragged her waist, panting heavily in her ear, blindfolding her, "When you're better, next time you seduce me with this kind of look, you'll see if I'll still let you go?"

He patted her back compassionately and touched her kissed and swollen lips, the corners of his lips curling up.

It was so like a candy.

Sweet and soft.

In the end, the two of them changed into their suits quickly because they were too hot, and then lightning-fast negotiated with Huo Mushan that if they were really cold, they would just wear Huo Mushan's trench coat directly.

The two of them walked hand in hand towards the outside, Song Zhi first in the shopping mall carefully for Huo Mou Shen to pick shoes, with her hand back to the money it.

Huo Moushen rubs her head and pulls her back to prepare for a candlelight dinner.


A thunderbolt rips through the sky, and the bleak white coldness is reflected in Song Zhi's pupils; her breathing suddenly becomes tightly knit, and she hugs Huo Mushan tightly.


Huo Muchen sees Song Zhi's face steeply pale, hurriedly carries the person to the car, tightly embraces her in his arms, patting and caressing her back, "What's wrong?"

"I'm sorry, Huo Mou Shen, I'm sorry ......"

She was scared.

She was afraid of every thunder day, every thunder day she would be dragged to the small dark room to be beaten.

And she didn't dare to forget the day it was thundering and raining heavily, and Huo Mou Shen and her struggled up once more, and she nearly killed him.

Looking at Song Zhi instantly tearful face, has been constantly saying sorry, Huo Mou Shen unknown, just heartache.

"It's okay, I'm here, don't be afraid of anything."

"With your husband backing you up, in Huacheng, you can walk sideways!"

Song Zhi, who was originally scared, suddenly breaks into a smile, puffs out her cheeks, and mutters softly, "I'm not a wangbang, why am I walking sideways."

Huo Mo Shen: "......"

Seeing Song Zhi's fear of thunder, he only hated that he couldn't create a cloudless sky for Song Zhi, and after coaxing her for a while, he saw that she was almost ready to go to sleep and flew back to the villa.

The villa's maid sees Huo Shao flashing in his taxi and opens the door, but hesitates to get out of the car.

The sky was raining torrentially, with occasional thunderstorms.

Song Zhi pillows in the crook of Huo Mu Shen's arm and sobs, he furrows his brows and touches her little face.

Knock knock!

The car window door was knocked down.

Song Zhi jolts awake, her heart palpitating as she looks toward the source of the sound, bowing and curling up in Huo Muxian's arms.

Huo Muchen rolls down the car window and looks extremely displeased at the several men in police uniforms outside the car window.

The few men don't want to offend such a big figure, but the procedures that should be followed still have to be followed.

"Huo Shao, Lu family Lu Huaike called the police to say that you were going to murder him in the hospital today, and now that a case has been filed at the police station, we still ask you to come with us and do a little investigation."

"Huo Shao, they still want to publish a newspaper, you deal with it as early as possible." The police said politely, after all, they don't know the original story either, they still have to have done an investigation.

Song Zhi heard that Huo Muchen was going to be taken away by the police, her heart tightened at first, hugging Huo Muchen's waist, crying out towards the police: "It's not related to my husband, Lu Huaike is a scum, he lied to me and tried to kill me, my husband is protecting me!"

"You guys have to arrest, just arrest me."

Huo Mou Shen can't have an accident, this is the only thought Song Zhi has.


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