Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 11 The first spy!

On the way to the Rhyme Court Department Store, the sky was getting dark.

Ning Tianlang looked out the window at the flickering street scene and suddenly asked:

"Big sister, the Wen family treated you like that, why are you still holding back? With your ability, there's absolutely no need to be bullied by them."

"Back then, after graduating from high school, I was faced with two choices, to continue going to school or to go out to work."

Wen Ruyun reminisced as she drove.

"As the eldest sister, I couldn't be selfish. So, I planned to go out and work to earn money for my other sisters to continue their education."

"Just the day before I was to fill out my volunteer application, my current foster father, Wen Quansheng, found me; he was an old classmate of our homeroom teacher, and when he heard about me, he said that he could sponsor me to college for free."

"At that time, he was like a god to me, rescuing me from the swamp of despair with a hand."

Ning Tianlang's chest was a bit stuffy, and he turned his head to look at Wen Ruyun: "There were no other strings attached?"


Wen Ruyun shook her head.

"He's like a philanthropist, and when he heard that I have a far superior talent in business, he was unwilling to let a talent be buried due to poverty."

Ning Tianlang said, "So you want to return the favor?"

"Yes. Regardless of why he subsidized me in the first place, it is undeniable that he did change my life."

Wen Ru Yun said in a flat tone:

"A favor is a favor, a grievance is a grievance. I swore an oath to work for the Wen family for twenty years or return a hundred million dollars to my adoptive father."

"I think that only by doing so can I repay his kindness of saving my life."

Ning Tianlang casually slid his hand across the phone and muttered, "It's just a hundred million, just give it to him."

"What did you say?"

Wen Ruyun didn't hear it and just wanted to ask again, but Ning Tianlang sat up straight violently and said eagerly, "Big sister, pull over!"

Just now, he received a text message from Tiankui -

Traces of the Sunset Empire's spies have been found!

"What's wrong?"

Wen Ruyun was taken aback by his jump and hurriedly pulled over to the side of the road with a kick of the brakes.

Ning Tian Lang opened the car door and jumped out of the car, quickly saying, "Big sister, I can't go to the hospital, you go pick up Grandpa Qiao."

"What's wrong Tian Lang? What happened?"

"I have a friend who needs my help with something."

Ning Tian Lang made up a random excuse.

Seeing that his big sister was going to continue to ask questions, he hurriedly added, "A personal matter between men!"

Wen Ruyun could only nod, "Be careful then."

Only when Wen Ruyun's red BMW drove away did Ning Tianlang dial Tiankui's phone, "What's the situation?"

"Boss, we just received information from the dark line that a person from the Sunset Empire was found to be traveling very strangely, and is most likely a spy."

"What is the identity?"

"A university professor, who came to Daxia this time to attend an academic forum."

A hint of fury flashed in Ning Tianlang's eyes:

"Arrest! Better to catch a thousand by mistake than to let one go!" "Where is the exact location?"

Tian Kui said, "Hechuan Road, Yilan Pavilion Villa Area, number forty-five. Earth Specter has already rushed there with his men!"

"I happen to be in the neighborhood, have Earth Specter wait for me to arrive."

Ning Tianlang casually hailed a cab, "Master, Yilan Pavilion on Hechuan Road."

Outside the Yilan Pavilion villa area, Earthly Specter was already waiting with a team of people.

These people, all of them were elites from Kunlun Island.

Ning Tianlang came to the shadows where they were hiding and asked, "Earth Specter, have you scouted yet?"

Earth Specter was almost merging with the gloom, only hearing his voice and not seeing his person:

"Reporting back to Kunlun, this professor's name is Denkawa Kohei, a very respected scholar in the Sunset Empire. It is almost certain that he is one of the first spies to infiltrate.

But this Yilan Pavilion has very strict security, only registered personnel and vehicles are allowed to enter, I'm considering whether or not to force my way in."

"Don't scare the snakes."

Ning Tianlang pondered for a moment and deployed:

"One group of two, one group use sevoflurane cigarettes to control the doorman, the second group cut off all the monitoring equipment, the third group stay outside to receive, and the fourth group enter with me to arrest people."

Earth Specter was surprised, "Kunlun, you want to do it yourself?"

"This is the first fish, if something goes wrong, it won't be easy to dig out their spy network in the future."


The moon passed the middle of the sky.

Ning Tianlang glanced at his watch and gestured once:


With a command, everyone scattered and separated, silently blending into the night.

Around ten minutes or so, looking at the surveillance camera not far away that was flashing with a red spot of light suddenly went out, Ning Tianlang whispered:

"Got it, prepare to enter."

Passing by the gate guard post, the group hiding in the shadows gave a safe gesture, and Ning Tianlang and the others passed through smoothly.

Along the way, without any wind, they arrived at Villa Forty-Five very smoothly.

There was still a room in the villa with a light on, and it was obvious that Denchuan Kohei hadn't fallen asleep yet.

"Earth Specter, is he the only one in here?"

"The dark line said that he is living alone and is not accompanied by anyone else."

"Good, open the door."

A soldier stepped forward, half crouched on the ground and began to pick up the lock of the door, his voice faintly undetectable.

Every Kunlun Island's elite soldiers were equipped with a variety of skills, a small trick like this to open the door and enter a room was nothing more than child's play.


The gate opened in response to the sound.

A group of people carefully entered the villa, following the direction of the light just now, and arrived at the door of the study on the second floor.

The door to the study showed a small crack, and the light inside spread from the crack to the dark corridor.

Standing in the doorway one could vaguely hear someone else inside flipping through books.

Just as they were holding their breath and preparing to enter to arrest someone.

Ning Tianlang suddenly felt his hair stand on end, and a sense of crisis that cooled into the bone marrow suddenly came!


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