Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 12 I am your father!

"Look out! Take cover!"

The crowd quickly hid in the shadowy corner of the wall!

Ning Tianlang drew a silenced pistol from his waist and slowly pointed it at a patch of shadows not far away.

Earth Specter lowered his voice and said, "There's someone in the shadows."

The two sides confronted each other silently, neither of them daring to take the lead in stepping out of the darkness.

Ning Tianlang slowly closed his eyes and listened to the sounds in the room -

In the entire second floor, there were the breathing sounds of six people.

He and Earth Specter.

The two Group Four soldiers.

Denkawa Kohei inside the room.

And one other person, hidden in the shadows across from them.

Listening to the slightly unsteady panting from across the room, Ning Tianlang closed his eyes and slightly tilted his head sideways.

In the next second, the trigger was pulled!


The person on the opposite side fell to the ground in response, without the slightest chance of resistance.


Hearing the commotion outside, Denkawa Kohei said in the language of the Sunset Empire, "Is it Suzuki?"

Ning Tianlang kicked open the door to the study, "Don't speak bird language, speak human!"

Seeing the sudden influx of four people, Denkawa Kohei was so shocked that he stood up from his chair and said in his raw Daxia language:

"Who are you people? How dare you break into my home?"

Ning Tianlang hooked up the corner of his mouth:

"I'm your father!"

"Tie him up!"

Seeing the situation, Denchuan Kohei was just about to open the desk drawer when Earth Specter had already floated in front of him like a mist.

In a split second, he had tied both of his hands behind his back with lightning speed!

Tied solidly!

A soldier stepped forward, pulled open that drawer, took out a pistol, and said to Ning Tianlang, "Kunlun, there's a gun."

"Put it away and bring it back with you!"

Denchuan Kohei shouted at the top of his voice, "I am Yang Ye's teacher! I'm a messenger of academic exchange between the two countries! You can't do this to me!"

Earth Specter slashed him unconscious with a hand slash.

He came outside the study again and took care of Suzuki's blood as fast as he could, leaving no traces behind.

The group carried the bodies of the fainted Noborigawa Kohei and Suzuki to the front door of the villa area.

The third group that was receiving outside immediately took over and loaded the two into the car.

At the same time, Team 2 reconnected the surveillance equipment and everything was restored as before.

This half hour will become a mystery that no one will ever know ......

"Earth Specter, you take the people back first, don't get Denchuan Kohei killed, I'll take the time to personally interrogate him."

"Yes, Kunlun."

Earth Specter took the people back to the Kunlun Group headquarters, while Ning Tian Lang took a taxi to the Rhyme Court Department Store parking lot and drove that broken Santana back to Wen Ru Yun's villa.

At this time, it was already more than three o'clock in the middle of the night, and Wen Ruyun and Ke Dong'er were already sleeping soundly.

Only then did Ning Tianlang realize that he still didn't know which was his bedroom.

Tired and sleepy after a day of traveling, he directly fell asleep on the sofa in the living room ......

The next day.

The sky was bright.

Ning Tianlang stretched his back and opened his sleepy eyes in a daze ......


In front of him, a pair of absolutely beautiful eyes were staring at him fixedly. Less than ten centimeters apart!

Ning Tianlang sat up with a "miso" and said in alarm, "Second sister, what are you doing?!"

Ke Dong'er narrowed her eyes coldly, "You still know that I'm your second sister? Did you recognize me yesterday?"

"I ......"

Before Ning Tianlang could defend himself, Ke Dong'er leapt onto the sofa and rode on top of him twisting his ear:

"Little Tianlang, you even learned to smoke, didn't you?"

"How dare you say you're my husband? I think you have itchy skin!"

Ning Tianlang begged for mercy, "Second sister, second sister I know I'm wrong ...... Help, big sister!!!"

"Big sister can't save you either!"

Ke Dong'er pinched his face hard.

Right at this moment, Ling Xuanzhi appeared in the living room in a sly manner, "Second sister, please let him go."

Ning Tian Lang was so touched that tears were coming down his face, "Third sister, it's still you who's good to me!"

Ling Xuanzhi revealed an evil smile, "Your life is mine."

Ning Tian Lang: "......"

"Since you're Lao San's target, I'll stay out of it."

Ke Dong'er rolled over and got off of him, fixing her messy hair:

"However, your kid hit too hard, Director Zhou is still lying in the ICU, you'd better take the time to go to the hospital and reach a settlement agreement with his family."

"No need for a settlement." Ning Tian Lang waved his hand, "If he dares to find trouble with you, I'll send him into the operating room one more time."

Ke Dong'er was about to say something else when she heard Wen Ruyun calling from the dining room, "Breakfast is ready, come eat."

"Let's go, let's eat!"

Ning Tianlang took the lead and rushed towards the dining room.

The four people sat down.

Ling Xuanzhi put a bowl of congee in front of Ning Tianlang and softly said, "Little Tianlang, drink the congee, it's sweet."

"Eh ......"

Ning Tianlang picked up the bowl and looked around, shaking his head, "Third sister I don't like sweet."

After saying that, he directly dumped the entire bowl of congee into the trash can.

A hint of a smile appeared on Ling Xuanzhi's slightly demonic face, "Congratulations, there are still ninety-eight times left."

"Dingdong dingdong dingdong dingdong ......"

At this moment, Wen Ruyun's cell phone rang.

She glanced at it and frowned as she picked up the phone, "Hello, mom."

The voice on the other side of the phone was loud enough for everyone to hear clearly.

"Ru Yun ah, today we prepared a blind date for you, do you want to go and meet?"

"Mom, I don't want to think about relationships yet."

"He's the son of your father's old classmate, Mr. Yang, who just returned from studying in the Sunset Empire, and his family is also particularly powerful, so you really don't want to consider it?"

Jiang Yan's tone was clearly already somewhat displeased.

"But the company still has things to do today, I ......"

Before Wen Ruyun could finish her words, Jiang Yan shouted with a sharp voice:

"I'm telling you, your dad put an old face on it yesterday, if you don't go today, you're trying to see us both die!"

Wen Ruyun bit her lower lip tightly and just wanted to refuse again, when Ning Tianlang faintly said:

"Promise her."

"I'll accompany you!"


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