Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 13 Beautiful girlfriends

Jiang Yan's yelling and cursing came from the cell phone again, "Damn girl, if you don't go on a blind date with Mr. Yang today, I'll never let you live it down!"

Wen Ruyun sighed and said feebly, "Got it, mom, I'll go."

She couldn't fight that shrew.

It could only be a compromise.

"Wouldn't it be better to have promised earlier!"

Jiang Yan changed her face faster than turning over a book, "Eleven thirty at noon, Regulus Hotel 60th floor vip box six, don't be late!"

"Got it."

Hanging up the phone, Wen Ruyun rubbed her temples and said helplessly, "It seems that there is no escape today."

Ling Xuanzhi skillfully spun the table knife, "Big sister, let me help you kill her."

Ke Dong'er raised her hand, "I second that!"

"Stop it."

Wen Ruyun stood up, "You guys eat, I still have to accompany Gu Ningyu to see the wedding ring. Tian Lang, you go with me."

She didn't feel comfortable leaving Ning Tian Lang alone at home.

Having lost once, she was even more afraid of losing again.

After a long goodbye, she was afraid that Ning Tianlang would suddenly leave without saying goodbye again.

"Good!" Ning Tian Lang drained the milk in his cup in one gulp, "But who is Gu Ningyu? Is it pretty?"

Ke Dong'er slanted him a glance, "She's Big Sister's best friend, known as one of the top five beauties in Qing'an City, but she's already engaged, so you won't have a chance to see if she's pretty or not."

"Top five beauties?"

Ning Tianlang hemmed and hawed, "Could it be that the best looking ones in Qing'an City aren't my seven sisters?"


Ling Xuanzhi and Ke Dong'er spoke in unison.


Hialeah Jewelry Store.

A woman with a hot and sexy body was sitting in the vip waiting room, looking out the window from time to time.

Suddenly, a hint of a smile appeared on her unrivaledly beautiful face as she beckoned, "Ru Yun!"

Ning Tianlang, who had come with Wen Ruyun, couldn't help but be shaken for a moment when he saw this woman.

Sure enough, she was worthy of being one of the top five beauties!

A red, tight-fitting, ultra-short dress wrapped the entire body in curves.

Her impeccably perfect face even crushed all the popular female stars!

She tugged Wen Ruyun to sit on the sofa and glanced curiously at Ning Tianlang, "Ruyun, this is ......"

This was the first time she had seen Wen Ruyun with a man by her side.

"He's the younger brother I grew up with."

Gu Ningyu covered her red lips in surprise, "He ...... is the brother you always mention?"

She looked Ning Tian Lang up and down:

"He's quite handsome, no wonder you can't stop thinking about him ......"

Wen Ruyun's pretty face was red and she pouted:

"What nonsense, hurry up and choose your ring, I still have to go on a blind date this afternoon!"

"What ...... what?!"

Gu Ningyu's pair of flirtatious eyes stared round, "Did I hear it right, Chairman Wen is going on a blind date?!"

"That adoptive mother of mine came out with a moth, and I have no way to refuse."

"I said well ......" Gu Ningyu suddenly realized, "It's okay, I'll accompany you in the afternoon, absolutely let him obediently roll away!" At this time, a mixed-race beauty in a suit and uniform walked up and said with a professional smile:

"Hello Miss Gu, I'm Rosalyn, the chief jewelry designer of this store, I've prepared ten diamond rings for selection according to your requirements, take a look to see if you're satisfied."

With her words, the staff with white gloves placed a gorgeous tray on the low table in front of the sofa with very gentle movements.

On the expensive gold velvet cloth, ten pigeon egg diamond rings were neatly placed, glittering.

Gu Ningyu and Wen Ruyun's eyes simultaneously let out bright light, their pretty faces reddening with excitement.

For this kind of shiny thing, women have never had the power of resistance.

"So beautiful!"

Gu Ningyu sat on Wen Ruyun's arm, "Ruyun which one do you think looks good? I've already picked my eyes out!"

"I think they're all pretty."

Wen Ruyun stared enviously at the diamond ring on the tray, "It's you getting married, of course you have to pick the one you like."

"How about this one?"

Gu Ningyu pointed to a ring style ring.

Rosalyn immediately half squatted and introduced it:

"The design concept of this one originated from the Royal Order of the United Kingdom of Ireland, it's the latest model of this season, vip can get a 9.5 percent discount, it only costs six million six hundred and sixty-six thousand dollars."

"Over six million ......"

Wen Ruyun sucked in a breath of cool air in surprise, "So expensive ah ......"

"This is already the discounted price."

Rosaline revealed a hint of contempt, "For a pigeon egg, this price isn't that expensive."

Gu Ningyu sighed:

"Even though I hate family unions, but looking at it now it's not completely useless. At least, he was able to buy me a diamond ring."

Wen Ruyun's face darkened.

She was suddenly a little hesitant, was accepting a blind date with Mr. Yang a better choice?

"I'll take this one."

Gu Ningyu said to Rosaline, "The Shangguan family will send someone to pick it up in a couple days."

"Okay, Ms. Gu."

Having settled the business, Rosaline's fake smile had a bit more sincerity in it.

She stood up and was just about to have someone take away the tray when Ning Tianlang suddenly said, "Wait a minute."

He looked at Wen Ruyun, "Big sister, I see that you also quite like it, so why don't you choose one as well, I'll give it to you."

"Tian Lang, don't fool around!"

Wen Ru Yun smiled apologetically at Rosaline, "He's joking."

Rosaline looked Ning Tian Lang up and down, a hint of disdain mixed in her professional smile:

"This gentleman, if you want to give a ring to your girlfriend, I suggest you go to the wholesale jewelry market in the old town, where it's easier for you to buy your favorite items."

The implication was that you can't afford the stuff here.

Only the ground floor goods are suitable for you!

Although it sounded polite on the surface, it was actually despised to the extreme.

"I'll take the remaining nine rings."

Ning Tianlang leaned towards the back of the sofa and said indifferently:

"No need for a discount, I'll take them all."


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