Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 14 Pretentious King?


Rosaline was first stunned, then raised her tone:

"Sir, let me remind you, the total value of these nine diamond rings is over fifty million dollars!"

"I know fifty million dollars, pack it up."

"Hit ...... packing?"

Rosaline's face was ugly, "Sir, we are networked with the police station here, if you mess up, I'll call the police"

Saying that, she walked to the door of the vip waiting room and said in a loud voice:

"Store manager, there is a person here who wants to buy nine pigeon eggs at once! You come and deal with it."


This statement was like pouring a bowl of water in a frying pan.

The entire jewelry store boiled over!

For a while, all the customers and shoppers gathered around.

Wanting to take a look at just what kind of person could have such a large amount of money!


When they saw Ning Tianlang's ordinary-to-ordinary clothes, they all unanimously let out a hush.

"Che, I thought there was really a tycoon throwing away money, but I didn't expect it to be a stinking hanger-on."

"Pretender, I don't think he can even afford one!"

"Looks like he's bragging in front of a woman, he'll be dumbfounded when he's asked to pay for it later!"

Listening to the crowd's chatter, Gu Ningyu's pretty face was darker than the bottom of a pot.

As the daughter of the Gu family, when had she ever been so humiliated?

"Ru Yun, is there something wrong with this brother of yours? Isn't this making a fool of himself?!"

She was on pins and needles in the face of the crowd's finger-pointing.

If it wasn't for her concern for Wen Ruyun's face, she would have definitely gotten up and left immediately!

Wen Ruyun's face flushed red as she said to Ning Tianlang, "Tianlang, what the hell are you doing? This isn't a place where you can mess around!"

"Big sister, I'm not messing around, I just want to give you a gift. Don't worry, I have money."

"You ......"

Wen Ruyun was so angry at him that she couldn't speak.

After seeing that Santana, where else would she believe Ning Tian Lang's bullshit.

At this time, a woman in a cheongsam slowly walked over.

Her body was full of lazy classical beauty, and between her knitted brows and smile, she exuded endless elegant flavor.

She was the store manager of this Hialeah Jewelry Store, Candy Shu.

"Rosaline, what happened?"

Rosaline pointed at Ning Tianlang and said, "Store manager, this stinky hanger-on is causing trouble in the store, saying that he wants to buy these nine pigeon eggs."

Upon hearing this, Connie Shu was also quite surprised.

Looking at the entire Qing'an City, one could count on one hand the number of people who could have such a handful of money.

All of those people were not big shots that reigned supreme!

But this man in front of her, it is too young ......

After a slight hesitation, Candy Shu said very politely to Ning Tianlang:

"This gentleman, if you've already made up your mind, please follow me to the store manager's office to make the transaction."

The amount was too great.

It was clearly not suitable for a hasty transaction in plain sight here.

"Store manager!"

Rosaline was surprised, "You don't really think he can afford these rings, do you? He's just a swollen-faced pretender!" Connie Shu gave her a cold look:

"If you don't want to lose this job, you'd better keep your mouth shut."

"I ......"

Rosaline still wanted to say something, but once she took a look at the store manager's icy cold eyes, she immediately shut her mouth again.

But the expression was still very indignant.

She glared fiercely at Ning Tianlang.

It seemed to be saying, I'd like to see how you're going to come up with this huge amount of money!

Ning Tian Lang stood up and said in a casual tone, "Let's go, pay with one hand and deliver with the other."

"Tian Lang!"

Wen Ruyun looked alarmed, "If this goes on, it'll be impossible to end it, let's go!"

"Big sister, just wait to receive the gift."

Ning Tianlang smiled faintly and followed Candy Shu towards the store manager's office.

Looking at their backs, Rosaline skimmed her mouth:

"This pussy is acting like it's the real thing. If he gets beaten out by the security guards later, I'll definitely take a picture and post it online, so that everyone will recognize and know this king of pretending."

The crowd burst into laughter and talked about it:

"If this is posted online, it will definitely be in the funny category."

"If it goes on the hot search, he'll become a clown known to everyone, and he'll be considered an internet celebrity."

"Haha, then I'll have to take a picture with him later to rub it in!"

Gu Ningyu's face was ugly, "Ruyun, I'm going to the bathroom."

She really couldn't sit still anymore.

This feeling of being ridiculed was simply worse than being put on a fire!

Meanwhile, the store manager's office.

Ning Tian Lang sat across from Connie Shu and curiously said, "Aren't you afraid that I won't have the money to pay?"

"What's so scary about that?"

Candy Shu smiled lightly, revealing a shallow dimple, "What if you have the money, won't I win the bet?"

"Congratulations, you did win the bet."

Ning Tian Lang took out a golden bank card and placed it on the table, "Swipe it."

"This ...... this is ......"

Seeing the pattern on that card, Connie Shu's eyes instantly widened in disbelief:

"This is an unlimited gold card co-branded by twenty-seven countries?"

She swallowed a mouthful of saliva and carefully held the card in her hand, viewing it carefully.

That's right!

This was the legendary unlimited gold card!

She had only seen pictures of it in her economics textbook.

This card, almost like an alien, only existed in theory!

No one had ever seen it in real life!

But at this moment, it was really in her hands!

She was so excited that she even forgot to breathe!

"Mr. ...... you ...... what is your name?"

Candy Shu gasped, her eyes gazing at Ning Tian Lang in a daze.

"My surname is Ning."

"Hello Mr. Ning, let me introduce myself, my name is Candy Yan Shu, I'm the eldest daughter of the Shu family, a jewelry family in Qing'an City, and I ......"

She hadn't finished her words yet.

"Knock knock knock."

The knock on the door suddenly sounded ......


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