Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 15 Overbearing!

She took a deep breath and eased her excitement:

"Please come in."

The door was slowly pushed open, and it was Gu Ningyu.

Just now, she came out of the bathroom and realized that Ning Tian Lang was still in the store manager's office, so she was momentarily curious and wanted to see what was going on.

"Ms. Gu, may I ask what you want?"

Gu Ningyu stepped in on her high heels and smiled sarcastically, "Is your ...... deal done?"

"Not yet." Ning Tian Lang pointed to the bank card in Candy Shu's hand, "Right away."

Gu Ningyu opened her mouth incredulously, "You ...... you really have the money to pay?"

"Nonsense, otherwise what am I teasing here?"

Gu Ningyu: "......"

She was shocked!

Ning Tianlang wasn't pretending!

Was really rich!

"This card doesn't have a password, Ms. Shu hurry up and collect the money."

Ning Tianlang looked at his watch, "My big sister probably can't wait."

"Hey ...... good ......"

Candy Shu didn't dare to delay and hurriedly completed the transaction, handing the gold card back to Ning Tian Lang with both hands.

Gu Ningyu had looked dumbfounded.

More than fifty million dollars, spent in such a second of effort?

Even the Shangguan family didn't have such a large amount of money!

Ning Tian Lang stood up and said to Gu Ningyu, "Is it okay to do me a favor?"

"Eh ...... of course it's okay ......"

"Just tell my big sister that you bought all these rings, okay?"

"OK ...... ah?"

Gu Ningyu subconsciously agreed, and immediately felt that something was wrong.

"Obviously you paid for them, why do you say I bought them?"

Ning Tianlang scratched his head, "I haven't found a job yet, there's no way to explain to big sister where this money came from ......"

Gu Ningyu: "......"

Candy Shu: "......"

To be able to casually throw out over 50 million dollars without a job?

How heaven-defying should this person's background be?

Ning Tianlang didn't think that much at first.

He just didn't resist the urge for a moment when he saw Wen Ruyun's envious eyes and saw her being despised by Rosaline.

It was only when he had finished paying that he felt embarrassed.

Not knowing how to explain all this to Wen Ru Yun.

Fortunately, Gu Ningyu appeared in time, finally allowing him to find a suitable excuse.

Gu Ningyu nodded, "I don't know why you lied, but since you asked me to help, I'll help you for once."

At this moment, her eyes had changed as she looked at Ning Tianlang.

Curious with a hint of temptation if anything.

She even vaguely regretted if she shouldn't have engaged Shangguan Qing so early in the morning ......

Back in the vip waiting room.

Rosaline snorted, "How was it? Back in the dust again? One guess you don't have the money to pay!"

The others also had a look of amusement on their faces.

Connie Shu coldly swept a glance at her and instructed the staff member next to her:

"Mr. Ning has already bought all nine diamond rings. Hurry up and pack them with the highest specifications."

"Impossible, right?!" Rosaline's eyes widened incredulously, "Just with him? Can afford these rings?"


Candy Shu slapped her in the face and said in a cold voice, "From now on, you are dismissed!"

"What ...... what ......"

Rosaline covered her burning cheeks and was dumbfounded.

The surrounding crowd of onlookers were even more shocked:

"Crap, he really bought it? It's too awesome!"

"This must be the young master of some big family, at a glance, his temperament is different from ordinary people!"

There were also a few women who came with their fiancées to buy wedding rings, their eyes filled with little stars as they said:

"To be able to marry a man like this is simply a blessing from a previous life!"

"His girlfriend is also too happy, if I can be with him, even if it's a loss of life I'm willing!!!"

Without any regard for the ugly expressions of the fiancés around them ......

"Tian Lang, what the hell is going on?"

Wen Ruyun was as if she was dreaming, unable to believe her ears.

Nine frighteningly expensive pigeon egg diamond rings had really been bought by Ning Tian Lang?

Ning Tian Lang whispered, "Big sister, I'll explain it to you later."

It didn't take long for the staff to come over with nine high-grade jewelry boxes encrusted with crushed diamonds and respectfully said:

"Mr. Ning, they've all been packed."

Ning Tianlang randomly picked one and threw it into Candy Shu's arms, "It's for you."

"This ......"

Shu Candy Yan was shocked beyond words, "This ring is worth over seven million dollars, and you gave it to me?"

Although she was the eldest daughter of a jewelry family, this operation of giving more than seven million to a random stranger was unheard of!

"One for each of the seven sisters, two extra ones are thrown away, give it to you and you can take it."

Ning Tianlang looked at Gu Ningyu, "Why don't you pick one too?"

"I also have a share?"

Gu Ningyu's face was flushed, and her large, beautiful eyes were so bright that they almost oozed water.

"Hiss ......"

The people watching from the side all sucked in a breath of cool air!

This was casually giving away two pigeon eggs?

What's the difference between this and throwing money after hand?

It was also too ostentatious!!!

There were still seven rings left, and Ning Tianlang stuffed them into Wen Ruyun's bag, "These will be distributed by big sister."

Things worth tens of millions of dollars did not receive the slightest bit of due attention in Ning Tianlang's hands!

It was so casual that it was as careless as treating a dozen or so dollars of fake goods!

Everyone around him looked shocked for a moment.

Rosaline even had an expression of having eaten a dead fly.

She now regretted as much as she wanted to-

If she hadn't been dog-eyed just now, she might have gotten a ring as well!

Now, not to mention not getting any benefits, she even lost her job!

The Shu family had monopolized the entire jewelry industry in Qing'an City, and after she was fired by Candy Shu, I'm afraid it would be hard for her to find another job!

Thinking of this, Rosaline fell to her knees with a thud.

She pulled Ning Tianlang, who was ready to leave, and begged for forgiveness. ......


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