Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 41

"Can you do it? Can this fish still be eaten?"

Su Qing's voice dragged Su Xue back from her delusions. Su Xue must have been fascinated, only to realize that it was just her fantasy, but the reality was that Yu was still arrogant in front of her, and Su Qing was still sitting leisurely on the sofa.


Su Xue's screams came from the kitchen, like killing a pig, her voice was full of fear, until she became hoarse at the end.

Su Xue came out of the kitchen in a mess, her clothes were almost wet by the splashed water, and her hair was sticking to her face.

Su Qing stood a mirror in the living room, and when Su Xue saw herself in the mirror, she screamed again.


When was she the daughter of the Su family, the young mistress of the Chu family, in such a mess?

On the other hand, Su Qing was sitting leisurely on the sofa drinking tea, not to mention how comfortable she was.

Su Qing casually picked out her ears, the sound was really harsh.

"I just said you can't do it, I think it's better to forget it, you go, or you will get a bad reputation for being mean, and they will all come to trouble me."

"I won't leave." Su Xue secretly gritted her teeth angrily, she was teased by Su Qing like this, how could she leave so easily.

Otherwise, the matter of her going to the wedding ceremony would be in vain.

Su Qing: "Oh!"

Really determined.

Su Xue pulled the hair sticking to her face, hiding her vicious calculations, and said with a smile: "Sister, why don't I order takeaway for you, or I'll order you some steamed sea bass."

"No." Su Qing ruthlessly refused: "I just like the fish in the kitchen, why, I don't have any sincerity, so why are you here?"

This is clearly making things difficult.

Su Xue regretted it to death, she shouldn't have come today, but happened to meet Su Qing raising a live fish in the kitchen.

Su Xue squeezed out a smile that was uglier than crying: "Sister, I didn't say no, I just rested."

"I have to go out later, Mrs. Li invited me to go shopping."

Su Qing said it on purpose.

Sure enough, upon hearing Mrs. Li, Su Xue's eyes lit up: "Is that Mrs. Li, Li Kuihua's wife?"

Su Qing said lazily, "Yes."

Su Xue was very excited: "Sister, can I go with you?"

Mrs. Li is someone that many noble ladies in the circle want to curry favor with. Su Xue heard that her mother-in-law asked Mrs. Li to play mahjong several times, but Mrs. Li refused.

If she helps to connect with Mrs. Li's line, her mother-in-law will definitely change her opinion and please her, and her life in the Chu family will be easier, and Chu Tianyi will praise her then.

Su Qing raised her eyelids: "If you can't handle a single fish, what are you going to do?"

"I can do it. I'll go kill the fish right away." Su Xue was really a Xiaoqiang who couldn't be killed, and went into the kitchen again.

The fish jumped out of the pond and was even more difficult to catch.

Su Qing got up and walked over, leaning against the door frame and commanding: "Left, right, they slipped through the cracks, oh, Su Xue, why are you so stupid, you're so stupid, I'm behind you."

Su Xue listened to the instructions, her head turned dizzy, and she finally caught the fish. As soon as the fish struggled, the fish tail swung and slapped Su Xue on the face.

Su Qing couldn't help laughing. Su Xue sat on the ground with water stains all over her body, and her body smelled like fish. The fish on the ground even flicked their tails at her arrogantly, which made her furious.

It is not easy to catch fish, and Su Xue feels even more sick to her stomach if she has to carry a knife to kill the fish.

Thinking of making her mother-in-law happy and Chu Tianyi happy by dating Mrs. Li, she still endured it.

Su Qing reminded lightly: "I'm leaving the house in an hour."

"It will be ready soon." Su Xue held the fish firmly in both hands, held the knife, and slaughtered it with her eyes closed.

Fish blood splashed all over her body, and the fishy smell was even worse.

Su Xue was about to cry.

Su Qing took Su Xue's expression into her eyes, and she was very happy in her heart: "You asked for this yourself, I didn't force you."

"I'm very happy to be able to cook for my sister." Su Xue tried her best to smile, but she didn't realize that smile was uglier than crying.

Su Qing didn't have the heart to watch Su Xue watch the joke all the time, so she turned around to wash and change clothes.

Su Qing glanced at her phone, it was almost the whole morning, and there was no news from Lu Rongyuan.

Maybe I'm busy.

Mrs. Li Liu Xueqin sent a message saying that she would be downstairs in half an hour.

After Su Qing packed up, Liu Xueqin went downstairs.

Su Xue's fish was also steamed, and she walked out of the kitchen with a smile: "Sister, the fish is ready to eat in ten minutes."

"Eat by yourself, Mrs. Li is downstairs." Su Qing went to the entrance to change her shoes.

Seeing that Su Qing didn't intend to bring her, Su Xue became anxious: "Sister, I'll go with you, Mrs. Li's taste and appreciation level must be different, you don't understand luxury goods, maybe I can help you Are you busy?"

Su Qing glanced at Su Xue up and down: "Are you sure you want to go?"

At this moment, Su Xue was in a panic, smelling of fish and oily smoke all over her body, if she appeared in front of Mrs. Li, she would definitely be ashamed and humiliated.

"I'll just wash it right away." Su Xue said quickly, "Sister, wait for me, can you lend me a suit of clothes?"

There was a faint smile on the corner of Su Qing's mouth: "My clothes are all sold on the street, you are a rich man, if you wear them and your skin is allergic, then I will be guilty of a serious crime."

Su Xue, who always only wears famous brands, doesn't wear cheap clothes. If it was normal, she wouldn't wear Su Qing's clothes if she was killed.

But now, she couldn't care less.

Su Xue smiled and said, "It's okay, I can wear any clothes."

"All right, I'll find one for you." Su Qing found the ugliest one in the closet, threw it to Su Xue, and said with a smile, "This one suits you well. Bought it for a buck."

"You can also wear twenty-five yuan clothes?"

Su Xue felt resentful in her heart, did Su Qing imply that she deserved these cheap clothes?

Su Xue's eyes are full of disgust, this dress is too ugly, I really don't know what Su Qing thinks.

Of course, this dress was chosen by Cai Jingmei when Su Qing went shopping with Cai Jingmei.

"Dislike it? Then don't wear it." Su Qing said: "Madam Li is still waiting, I don't have time to kill time with you."

"No, no, I'll put it on right away." Su Xue gritted her teeth, she could only put it on with disgust in her eyes.

She looked in the mirror and it was really ugly.

Su Xue's legs were thick and short, and this dress exposed her flaws.

The two came downstairs together, Liu Xueqin was waiting in the car, saw Su Qing coming down, and got out of the car with a smile: "Xiaoqing, here."

"Mrs. Li." Su Qing walked over.

"Hurry up and get in the car, I'll take you to a spa today." Liu Xueqin didn't notice Su Xue at all, and ignored it.

Liu Xueqin has no daughter, which is her regret. After Li Sen was born, the doctor said that her physical condition was not suitable for having another child, and her wish for a daughter came to nothing.

Now that she has recognized a goddaughter, it can be regarded as fulfilling Liu Xueqin's wish. Liu Xueqin likes Su Qing more and more.

He completely forgot that his son was sent to the hospital because of Su Qing.

Seeing the two of them leaving her in the air like this, Su Xue became anxious, and stepped forward to show her presence: "Mrs. Li, hello, I am Su Xue, the young lady of the Chu family. I invite you to play mahjong and go shopping together."

This introduction made Su Qing want to laugh, for fear that others would not know that she was the young wife of the Chu family.

It's just that Su Xue was too impatient, and she couldn't speak more than her head.

Su Qing didn't say a word, just watched Su Xue perform.

Liu Xueqin glanced at Su Xue lightly, with a bit of anger in her tone: "Who is your mother-in-law? Do you know her? Do I know her very well?"

Su Xue's face was a bit uneasy, Chu Tianyi was an illegitimate child, and Su Xue's mother-in-law was naturally only the second wife of the Chu family. To put it bluntly, she was a mistress with no status, so she still wanted to have a relationship with Liu Xueqin?

A mistress wants to make friends with the wife of the main house, but she just wants to use Liu Xueqin to gain a firm foothold in the circle of wives.

Liu Xueqin is not mentally handicapped, and no wife in the main house is willing to approach the mistress to make friends and lower her class.

Before Su Xue could react, she didn't know where the anger in Liu Xueqin's tone came from, so she added cautiously: "My mother-in-law's name is Xie Huizhen, Mrs. Li, do you remember?"

"Oh, I remembered, a mistress." Liu Xueqin's tone was mingled with contempt, and Su Xue couldn't get off the stage.

"Mrs. Li, I..."

Su Xue's face was ugly, before she finished speaking, Liu Xueqin covered her nose: "What's the smell, it smells so bad, it's been a few days since I took a shower."

These words made Su Xue's face turn red. She still smelled fishy, even after wearing perfume, it still stinks, it should be said to be even more stinky.

The smell of fish is mixed with the smell of perfume, mixed together, the smell is simply amazing.

Su Xue took a few steps back, speaking incoherently: "Mrs. Li, just now my sister asked pass the trash can just now, maybe I got the smell."

Su Xue wanted to push it to Su Qing, but when the words came to her lips, she changed her words again.

Su Qing looked at Su Xue with a smile, and was about to speak when she saw a familiar car approaching, her brows suddenly frowned.


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