Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 42

It's really a narrow road for enemies!

That car belonged to Chu Tianyi.

In the past, Chu Tianyi often drove his car downstairs and waited for her. Even the parking spots were exactly the same. She was too familiar with this scene.

Chu Tianyi originally wanted to go there, but saw Su Xue, so he stopped the car.

He didn't expect Su Xue to be there.

Su Qing raised her lips and smiled, and said to Su Xue meaningfully: "I don't think you are in the mood to go shopping with me anymore."

Su Xue saw Chu Tianyi's car following Su Qing's line of sight, and almost lost control of her emotions on the spot.

Chu Tianyi actually came here to find Su Qing, a bitch.

Su Qing ignored Su Xue's jealousy and said to Liu Xueqin, "Madam Li, let's go."

"Okay, this smell is too strong, if I wait a few more seconds, I'm going to throw up." Liu Xueqin is the one who has something to say, and because of her status, she doesn't need to consider Su Xue's feelings at all.

Su Xue blushed when she heard this, and when Su Qing and Liu Xueqin left, she saw that Chu Tianyi wanted to drive away too, so she burst into rage and rushed to stop the car, all of which was directed at Chu Tianyi.

"Why are you here? Did you come to look for Su Qing? She kicked you into the water, but you still came to look for her. How is she better than me?"

Su Xue was going crazy. What she fought so hard for was worthless in Su Qing's eyes.

She wanted to be recognized by Zhou's family and stop being an illegitimate daughter, but Zhou Xiongfei refused to recognize her for a long time.

But Su Qing got the liking of the Li family without any effort, became Li Kuihua's goddaughter, and entered the upper class circle of society.

Su Xue was mad with jealousy.

Chu Tianyi slammed on the brakes, and his anger was provoked: "Su Xue, you are such a madman, don't die."

"Your heart is on that bitch Su Qing, can I not go crazy?" Su Xue grabbed the car door, but she refused to allow Chu Tianyi to leave: "I won't allow you to see her again."

"What's the smell? It smells so bad." Chu Tianyi also smelled the fishy smell on Su Xue's body. His face was full of disgust as he was always obsessed with cleanliness. Then he looked at what Su Xue was wearing, revealing a pair of stubby legs, which made him even more disgusted. Appetite.

He couldn't help but see Su Qing's appearance in his mind, that is the beauty in the world.

Seeing Chu Tianyi's disgusted expression, Su Xue's face was very ugly, as if she had been slapped, her face turned red.

"It was Su Qing who forced me to kill the fish, which made me smell like fish. She made it clear that she was making things difficult..."

Chu Tianyi sneered, not only didn't feel distressed, but sarcastically said: "You robbed her husband on the wedding night, and you still expect her to treat you well? Who made you cheat, you deserve it."

"Tian Yi, I'm your wife." Su Xue stomped her feet angrily.

"Don't act in front of me. We both know why we accepted you in the first place. If I knew that Zhou Xiongfei didn't want to recognize you at all, I wouldn't have married you at all."

Chu Tianyi regretted it now, Su Qing could immediately become Li Kuihua's goddaughter, and with the help of the Li family, his position as the heir would be secure.

If Su Xue can't help him, then he doesn't need to waste any more time.

"Tianyi, what do you mean?" Su Xue panicked: "Uncle Zhou didn't deny me, he will definitely recognize me, he loves me the most."

"I'll give you three months in the end. If Zhou Xiongfei can't recognize you, then we'll get a divorce. Don't delay anyone." Chu Tianyi was heartless.

After leaving these words, Chu Tianyi started the car and left.

Su Xue was caught off guard and was dragged down to the ground by inertia. She stared at the figure of Chu Tianyi's car going away, with a glint of ruthlessness in her eyes: "Chu Tianyi, one day, I will make you regret it and make you beg on your knees. I."


Su Qing and Liu Xueqin did skin care at the beauty salon, and then went to a famous brand store to pick up a custom-made dress for Su Qing.

A starry sky sleeveless trailing dress.

After Su Qing tried it on, Liu Xueqin looked at Su Qing in front of her and was stunned: "My God, it's so beautiful."

Su Qing couldn't believe that she was so beautiful in the mirror.

This dress is so beautiful, it makes Su Qing's face look like a peach blossom, and her temperament is even more beautiful.

Even the staff kept complimenting it.

"Miss Su is so beautiful in this dress, she is a fairy."

"That's right, this figure and skin are amazing, even a man like me is envious."

Listening to the praise, Liu Xueqin felt a sense of pride: "My goddaughter must be the most beautiful in the world, and then take out the treasure of your store and give it to my goddaughter to try."

"Okay, Mrs. Li." The staff went to get it.

Su Qing changed into the starry sky dress, and while waiting for the staff to get the treasure of the store, she suddenly saw a familiar face through the window glass.

Across the road are Wan Yang and Xia Tian.

Wan Yang carried big bags and small bags in his hand, saddle up and back the whole way, following Xia Tian like a follower.

Children nowadays are really too difficult to take care of. They don't play in the amusement park, video game city, or go to the racecourse. Instead, they spend most of the day in the library.

He didn't look like a child at all, but he seemed more childish than a four or five-year-old child.

The books in his hand are all bought, not comic books, but medical books that even adults can hardly understand.

What books does Plum Blossom Island have?

If Xia Tian insisted on buying these books, he had no choice but to carry them.

"Little kid, are you hungry? Do you want to eat something?" Wan Yang tempted with a smile.

Xia Tian glanced at Wan Yang: "Are you hungry?"

"It's already noon, isn't it?" Wan Yang smiled resentfully, he was indeed already hungry.

"Alright then." Xia Tian pouted, staring at the KFC store in front of him, and said, "I want to eat KFC." Exit the transcoding page, please download the app to read the latest chapter.

Wan Yang smiled: "No problem."

Finally a little kid.

Under the sun, Xia Tian's face is fairer and more tender, making people want to take a bite, and it will cause a commotion wherever he goes, and many beautiful aunts and sisters take the initiative to make friends.

Wan Yang is very disappointed, what's wrong with this world, he is a big handsome guy sitting aside and no one pays attention to him, he has gone to the little brat.

From a certain distance, Su Qing didn't fully see Xia Tian's appearance, but vaguely looked at a four or five year old boy.

How could Wan Yang be with a child?

Su Qing didn't know why, as if possessed by a demon, her eyes were fixed on Xia Tian in the opposite KFC store, and her feet subconsciously stepped outside.

"Xiaoqing, where are you going? The clothes are back, try them on quickly, and let me see if they fit." Liu Xueqin pulled Su Qing to the dressing room with a smile on her face.

"Oh, good." Su Qing regained her composure and entered the dressing room.

And when she came out again, Wan Yang and the child were no longer on the opposite side.

Su Qing went shopping with Liu Xueqin all day, and it was already nine o'clock in the evening when they got home.

She was so tired that her feet were limp and her hands were limp, she fell on the bed and took a rest, only then did she remember that Lu Rongyuan hadn't heard from him all day.

The wedding ceremony is tomorrow, Su Qing hopes that Lu Rongyuan can go with her.

Su Qing found out Lu Rongyuan's phone number and dialed it, but no one answered it.

Su Qing frowned, and sent a message to Lu Rongyuan: Tomorrow's confession banquet, are you coming?

The message seemed to have disappeared, and there was no reply for a long time.

At that moment, Su Qing realized that the sweetness between her and Lu Rongyuan was only in this room, out of this room, except for a phone number, she didn't even know where he lived, let alone where to find him.

Su Qing sat on the bed and thought for a long time, but finally she was too sleepy, so she fell asleep.

It was at noon the next day that Lu Rongyuan called Su Qing back: "I was traveling a long distance, but I didn't see the phone call, so I can't come to the wedding."

"It doesn't matter."

After a whole night, Su Qing was no longer so lost. She listened to the voice of the driving navigation over there and said, "Drive slowly and pay attention to safety."


After two short sentences, I hung up the phone.

Su Qing stared at the phone and let out a long sigh of relief. After cleaning up and washing, she went to the hospital to pick up Su Jie.


Night fell.

eight pm.

Li Kuihua set up the family recognition banquet in Ouhuang Mountain Villa, and hosted many celebrities in the political circles and elites from all walks of life. It was very grand and powerful.

All the major media came, scrambling to get first-hand information.

Phantom of champagne in the lobby, big names gathered.

Everyone was looking forward to it, curious about who Li Kuihua thought was his daughter.

Manor entrance.

Su De'an took Qin Suqin out of the car, but was stopped at the entrance.

The two didn't have invitations at all.

All the people who came in and out were people from the business and political circles, and Su De'an stood at the door blushing.

Su De'an's face was very big, he licked his face and said with a smile: "I am Su De'an, the goddaughter Mr. Li recognizes today is my daughter Su Qing."

The security guard sneered and said, "Which Su Dean? I don't know him. If you say Mr. Li's goddaughter is your daughter, then she is your daughter? No one is allowed to enter without an invitation card. Who knows where is the liar who wants to sneak in and eat?" Take a drink."

What the security guard said made Su De'an feel uncomfortable.

Many passers-by stopped to watch the joke, and naturally some people knew Su Dean, which made Su Dean feel even more embarrassed.

Su De'an became angry with embarrassment: "You are a janitor, how do you talk, open your eyes and take a good look, I will eat and drink? I am the chairman of the Su Group, and I still eat and drink? My daughter belongs to Mr. Li Goddammit, why can't I go in."

The security guard took the lead and said: "If you don't have an invitation card, you can't go in. If you make trouble and don't leave, I will call the security guard."

Someone nearby asked: "Mr. Su, didn't your second daughter marry into the Chu family? I heard that you have severed ties with your eldest daughter a while ago. Which daughter does Mr. Li recognize today?"

"Yes, yes, Mr. Su, tell us how many daughters you have."

"If your daughter is really recognized by Mr. Li as his daughter, why didn't he send you an invitation?"

"The invitation, the invitation is lost." Su De'an was very guilty, and the Li family never gave him an invitation.

But he didn't expect that he couldn't even get in the door, and was blocked at the door, making people laugh at him.

Qin Suqin felt ashamed to death, and many of the people here were familiar faces from the wives' circle, playing mahjong and shopping together.

If she can't get in, then how can she hold her head up in the circle of wives?

Qin Suqin lowered her head and tried to stand as far away as possible so as not to be recognized.

"I'll call my daughter right now and ask her to pick me up in person." At this time, Su De'an had to save face even if he tried hard.

He was also sure that Su Qing would not dare not come to pick him up, otherwise he would turn away his biological father and go to Gao Panli's house, he would definitely be poked in the back and charged with ingratitude.


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