Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 43

Su Qing's mobile phone was not in her hand at all, and she was changing clothes and putting on makeup in the room at this time.

Su Dean made several calls, but no one answered.

The people watching the excitement were discussing a lot, and their eyes were full of contempt when they looked at Su De'an.

Few people in the circle didn't know that the Su Group was going to close down. Su De'an didn't have an invitation but wanted to force his way in. From everyone's point of view, he just wanted to take the opportunity to gain familiarity and attract investment.

Who is willing to invest in a small company like the Su Group?

Su De'an couldn't bear it anymore.

The security guard sneered: "If you don't leave, you'll chase people away, and you won't even look at where this place is. Today, Mr. Li admits to doing such a big thing to his daughter. If anyone dares to make trouble and offend Mr. Li, he will be responsible for the consequences."


The news of Su De'an being stopped by the security reached Su Qing's ears, and Su Jie on the side snorted coldly: "This is too shameless. When we broke off the relationship at the beginning, we made an agreement and it doesn't matter anymore. Come on, sister, you can't let them in."

Su Qingxiu frowned coldly, she did not expect that Su De'an would really come.

Li Kuihua walked in at this time and asked Su Qing's meaning: "Xiaoqing, how do you think about this?"

After all, it was also Su Qing's personal grievance with Su De'an, so naturally Su Qing had to make his own decision.

However, Su De'an's actions today are really contemptuous.

At the beginning, for fear of being implicated, she cut off the father-daughter relationship with Su Qing overnight, but now she comes to admit it again, but she just wants to gain Su Qing's favor, which is really selfish.

Su Qing thought for a moment, then said calmly, "Let them in."

"Okay." Li Kuihua respected Su Qing, and immediately asked someone to invite Su De'an in.

He also admired Su Qing's approach very much. Su De'an made a fuss at the door. If he didn't invite him in, it would damage Su Qing's reputation.

If you invite someone in generously, it will only hit Su De'an in the face.

Cut off the relationship with the front foot and stick to the back foot. Others will only say that Su De'an is selfish, not Su Qing.

Su Jie was unhappy: "Sister, why did you let him come?"

"If I don't let me, then I will be accused of ingratitude today, and I will be poked in the back." Su Qing laughed at herself: "He dared to come here only after he made up his mind on this."

"It's really insidious." Su Jie was very angry: "Sister, anyway, no matter what that person says, you can't agree, at worst, give me the money for medical treatment, and I will return it to him after I get the bonus."

After the words fell, Su Jie quickly shut up, saying that he had slipped up.

"What bonus?" Su Qing really questioned: "Xiaojie, are you playing with cars behind my back again?"

"No." Su Jie thought quickly, and said, "I designed a car for a friend, and he said to take it to the competition, and the first place will have a prize of one million."

Su Qing knew that Su Jie loved cars, and also designed models in private.

"You didn't lie to me?"

"Absolutely not." Su Jie changed the subject: "Sister, I'll go out and watch that person for you, lest he do anything wrong."

"Okay." Su Qing temporarily believed that she didn't want anything to happen to Su De'an.

Su Qing's interest is lacking today. On such an important day, she still hopes that Lu Rongyuan will come.

"Su Qing, Su Qing."

An Ruo came in excitedly: "Congratulations, after today, you will be the goddaughter of the Li family. I see who else would dare to bully you."

An Ruo took out a gift box: "A gift for you."

Su Qing smiled and said, "Thank you."

"By the way, why didn't I see your boyfriend today, hasn't he come yet?"

Su Qing's tone was lost: "He went on a long journey, so he can't come."

"How could he not come on such an important day." An Ruo noticed that Su Qing's complexion was not good-looking, and joked: "Maybe I prepared a surprise for you, important people always appear last."

When An Ruo said this, Su Qing really looked forward to it.

The confession banquet is about to start, An Ruo went to the hall first.

Su Qing stayed in the room alone, the banquet hadn't started yet, she felt a little bored, so she went for a walk in the back garden.

The guests were all in the front hall, and it was very lively. Su Qing could hear the lively sound of the front hall from the backyard.

The closer it was to the banquet, the more nervous Su Qing became.

"Xiaoqing, why are you still here?"

Liu Xueqin came over and said, "The banquet is about to start, come on, follow me to the front hall."


"Don't be nervous, be casual." Liu Xueqin patted the back of Su Qing's hand lightly, and said, "By the way, Young Master Lu is here too."

"Master Lu?"

Su Qing was very surprised.

Why is that man here?

Liu Xueqin observed Su Qing's expression, and said with a smile: "For such a big event, Young Master Lu will naturally come."

What Liu Xueqin meant was that Su Qing was favored by Young Master Lu. For such an important matter, it must be directed at Su Qing.

Where did Su Qing understand what Liu Xueqin meant, she only thought that Young Master Lu came for Li Kuihua's family.

The Li family is a top-notch family, one of the four major families in the imperial capital, even if they can't stand shoulder to shoulder with the Lu family, but the Li family has created such a great power, celebrities and elites from the political circle have come, and the Lu family can justify it.

Su Qing nodded, and Liu Xueqin was overjoyed. It seemed that Young Master Lu really valued Su Qing.


In the front hall, the lights are bright, and the fragrance of flowers floats in the air.

The men were in groups, chatting and laughing happily while holding red wine glasses, and the women gathered together, smiling sweetly, like a hundred flowers competing for beauty.

The sound of the piano was like a stream, and the whole hall suddenly fell silent. All the lights and eyes were directed towards the stairs on the second floor.

Under the starry crystal chandelier, Su Qing wore a starry sky trailing dress and walked down slowly from the second floor with Liu Xueqin on her arm. Every step was so elegant and noble.

All the light and brilliance seemed to condense on her in an instant, and she came on the starlight, like a goddess descending to earth.

In front of her, the lights of the stars became dim, and the slightly curly long hair moved without wind, as if engulfing the sky full of stars.

Everyone at the banquet held their breath and was amazed by Su Qing in front of them.

There has been a lot of speculation on the Internet about the "Li Kuihua's confession of his daughter incident" for a few days, which has caused many people to speculate about who the darling is.

Everyone has imagined the appearance of this goddaughter in their hearts, but when they saw the deity in person, they were still amazed.

So beautiful.

With every gesture, it was like an orchid blooming in an empty valley.

The men forgot to react when they saw it, and the women were also envious and jealous.

Su Xue is the most jealous.

She was reluctant to ask Chu Tianyi to bring her here. Seeing that everyone at the banquet was fascinated by Su Qing, the jealousy and hatred in her heart surged like sea water.

Chu Tianyi who was beside him didn't even blink his eyes.

Su Xue yelled a few times, but there was no response, which made her even angrier. The look in Su Qing's eyes seemed to be poisoned.

Let you show off first, and you will be embarrassed later.

In a room on the second floor, Lu Rongyuan's gaze was also fixed on Su Qing.

He has always known that she is beautiful, at this moment, he wished he could hide her and poach the eyes of those who fell on Su Qing.

Wan Yang on the opposite side felt the temperature of the air drop suddenly, and immediately knew that a jar of vinegar had been overturned.

The possessiveness of men is really terrible.

Li Kuihua took everyone's reactions into his eyes, glanced at the second floor, and then said loudly on the stage: "First of all, thank you and welcome everyone to the banquet."

There was applause from the audience.

Liu Xueqin led Su Qing onto the stage. Su Qing smiled and held Li Kuihua by her arms. Li Kuihua looked at Su Qing lovingly. In this scene, it seemed that the three of them were really a family.

Su De'an off the court looked ugly and turned his face away.

Li Kuihua smiled and said on the stage again: "This is my goddaughter Li Kuihua, Su Qing. I, Li Kuihua, have no daughters in my life. From today on, Su Qing will be like my own daughter. I solemnly promise that no matter what happens in the future Whoever Su Qing marries, I will take 3% of the Li Group's shares as a dowry."

Three percent of the shares?

These words shocked the audience.

3% of the shares of the Li Group will cost at least several billion in that year.


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