Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 44

Su Qing was also shocked.

She didn't think about coveting the Li family's property, she just wanted to be named the daughter of the Li family, which would make Su Xue unhappy and slap Su De'an in the face.

With 3% of the shares, she suddenly became a rich woman.

Liu Xueqin didn't know about this beforehand, and looked at Li Kuihua in surprise. Liu Xueqin had always listened to Li Kuihua on major matters.

She also believed that Li Kuihua's decision must have deep meaning.

Although Liu Xueqin was surprised, she didn't show it on her face, she was always smiling.

Su Xue was so jealous that she couldn't help but blurted out: "Li Kuihua is crazy, he took 3% of the shares as a dowry, and this is the goddaughter he recognized halfway."

In contrast, she, the illegitimate daughter of the Zhou family, is not only shameless, she is not even eligible to share the property of the Zhou family.

Zhou Xiongfei also came today, Su Xue looked at Zhou Xiongfei several times, but Zhou Xiongfei didn't look back.

Accompanying Zhou Xiongfei today is Zhou Xiongfei's youngest daughter, Zhou Rou. Zhou Rou was firmly in the C position when she came out just now. This is a real celebrity daughter.

Su Xue was so jealous, those halos of glory should belong to her.

The more she thought about it, the seeds of hatred in Su Xue's heart grew like weeds.

Chu Tianyi looked at the highly anticipated Su Qing on the stage, and his guts were about to turn green with regret.

He wanted Mingzhu not to want it, but instead married a woman who was inferior to Su Qing in every way.

His mind was really flooded.

Chu Tianyi's eyes fell firmly on Su Qing. At that moment, his heart changed drastically.

He secretly swore that he would definitely get Su Qing.

Qin Suqin and Su Dean's expressions were not much better.

Not to mention the regret in Su De'an's heart.

Now he is complaining to Qin Suqin and Su Xue in his heart, if it weren't for these two people, how could he have severed ties with Su Qing.

Everyone in the arena was envious of Su Qing, but only Wan Yang in the room on the second floor curled his lips: "Boss, this is really a veritable old fox. I just accepted Ms. Su as my goddaughter, so I made you one."

The Li family used 3% of the shares as a dowry. If Lu Rongyuan wanted to marry Su Qing, how could the dowry be so low?

Lu Rongyuan drank tea calmly: "It's okay, the dowry and bride price are all Qingqing's personal assets."

Wan Yang reacted and gave a thumbs up: "Boss, tall!"

In the hall, Li Kuihua introduced Su Qing, and asked Liu Xueqin to take Su Qing to meet the celebrities and wives in the circle.

The Li family valued Su Qing so much, who wouldn't dare to take Su Qing lightly?

Everyone naturally flattered Su Qing.

Su Qing also participated in the reception with the company's leaders before. The banquet etiquette was very clear, and her speech and manners were elegant. Liu Xueqin liked it when she saw it.

Didn't you say that Young Master Lu is here?

Su Qing looked around the hall several times, but saw no one, but saw Li Kuihua heading towards the second floor.

Could it be that Young Master Lu is upstairs?

Su Qing thought of Young Master Lu's ferocious and terrifying face, it was indeed inappropriate to show his face on such an occasion.

Li Sen, who was originally raised in the hospital, also came in a wheelchair. The woman he fell in love with was actually recognized by his parents as his goddaughter and became his godsister.

Su Qing is three years older than Li Sen, so she naturally has to call her sister.

Not to mention how depressed Li Sen was.

The moment Su Qing came out, Li Sen was extremely depressed.

What a beautiful woman, how did she become a god-sister.

Li Sen was drinking alone in the corner, and a young man approached with a smile: "Young Master Li, you are such a stunning sister, you don't want to lose your fat, please help me, let's make a connection."

"Get out." Li Sen didn't show any face: "Just because you still want to marry my sister? I don't know who you are? You are not qualified to be my brother-in-law, Li Sen."

Li Sen has a lot of drinking and meat friends, and he often hangs out at nightclubs. He knows what kind of son and virtue he is.

Li Sen didn't even realize that he had subconsciously acted like a brother-in-law to protect Su Qing.

The young man sneered: "I promise that if I marry your sister, I will definitely take care of it and devote myself to it."

"Fuck off, they're all men, don't talk to me about these bastards." Li Sen waved his hand impatiently.

Send one, and another...

During the whole banquet, Li Sen patronized the wealthy young man who dismissed Su Qing's ideas.

Li Sen looked around and felt that there was no one in the whole circle who could match Su Qing.

On Su Qing's side, Liu Xueqin is bringing her to meet Zhou Xiongfei's wife.

"Mrs. Zhou." Su Qing greeted with a smile.

Su Qing hasn't forgotten about Zhou Xiongfei's paying for murder, she has to settle this account properly.

After being a soldier, Mrs. Zhou has a heroic spirit on her body: "Miss Su, you are really beautiful and dignified. Xueqin, you are so lucky to have such a good daughter."

Liu Xueqin smiled from ear to ear: "This is fate. When I saw Xiaoqing, I felt inexplicably kind, as if we were mother and daughter in the previous life."

"I think Miss Su has a very good face, and her wealth will be immeasurable in the future." Mrs. Zhou smiled and invited her daughter: "Rou'er, come here and say hello to your sister Su."

Mrs. Zhou intends to make Su Qing and Zhou Rou befriend each other.

Zhou Rou was dignified and generous, and called out sweetly: "Sister Su."

Su Qing smiled and nodded, and from the corner of her eye, she saw Su Xue and Qin Suqin walking over.

These two people are really thick-skinned.

"Mrs. Li, Mrs. Zhou." Qin Suqin walked over with a smile and took the initiative to say hello.

As the host, Liu Xueqin was still somewhat polite to Qin Suqin: "Mrs. Su."

Mrs. Zhou didn't even look at Qin Suqin. Mrs. Zhou probably knew very well about Qin Suqin and Zhou Xiongfei.

Qin Suqin didn't seem to realize that she was unpopular, and wanted to pull Su Qing's hand with a smile, but Su Qing dodged it without any trace.

Qin Suqin's face was a little uneasy, but fortunately she had a thick skin and could still maintain a smile, with a serious expression: "Xiaoqing, seeing that you have today, mom, no, Aunt Qin is really happy from the bottom of my heart. I have to listen to Mrs. Li's teachings, and I can no longer act willfully and recklessly like when I was in Su's house, and never return home at night..."

Qin Suqin seemed to realize that she had slipped her tongue, and quickly smiled and said, "Look at my mouth, I'm so happy for a moment, I don't know what to say."

Su Qing sneered, Qin Suqin didn't know what she was talking about, but she was very clever, and she stopped talking, just one sentence was enough.

Qin Suqin said those words on purpose to smear her, telling others how disorderly she was in Su's house and her private life was chaotic.

Liu Xueqin was unhappy when she heard this, and her face was ugly: "Xiaoqing, I heard that the Su family seemed to have broken ties with you not long ago, why is there another mother?"

Su Qing glanced at Qin Suqin, and said with a sneer: "My mother died a long time ago, and I also moved out of the Su family to work independently, I really don't know in what capacity this Madam Su is speaking these words. "

She and Su De'an have severed their father-daughter relationship, so what is a stepmother?

The implication is that Qin Suqin is not qualified to tell Su Qing these words.

As for the slanderous words in the back, who in this wife's circle is not a good person? Still believe this?

Mrs. Zhou interjected: "Miss Su said just now that she left the Su family to work very early. I heard that the Su family is going to close down recently, but it doesn't make sense for Miss Su to come out to work early."

Mrs. Zhou's words are very evocative.

There are not many wealthy daughters who come out to work early, isn't this a joke?

Su Xueke has always been pampered, and before this, almost no one in the circle knew Su Qing, let alone a young lady in the Su family.

And who doesn't know that Qin Suqin is a stepmother?

When the stepmother came in, the real eldest lady of the Su family could only be reduced to working for others and became independent early.

Mrs. Zhou's light words immediately put Qin Suqin on the cusp of discussion.

The vicious image of the stepmother was established.

Su Qing couldn't help admiring secretly, she really had to learn from Mrs. Zhou.

The air was filled with the smell of gunpowder, and many wealthy wives and daughters gathered to watch the fun.

Qin Suqin's face was red, Su Xue hurriedly said something for Qin Suqin: "My mother did it to train my sister."

Mrs. Zhou snorted coldly: "Mrs. Su, you are really unfair. Let your stepdaughter go out to exercise while your own daughter enjoys the blessings at home. They are all my own daughters. This bowl of water is not fair at all."

Mrs. Zhou's words were stinging, obviously aimed at Qin Suqin.

Qin Suqin hated in her heart, but was so squeezed that she couldn't speak.

Seeing that the situation was not good, Su Xue led the conflict to Su Qing: "Sister, you are valued by the Li family now, you will not forget the kindness of the Su family in the past, right? Even if my mother has no credit for you, she has worked hard."

Su Qing smiled and said: "Yes, I have always respected Aunt Qin, and I am especially grateful to Aunt Qin for arranging my marriage before. It's a pity that the second young master of the Fu family didn't like me, and Aunt Qin's hard work was wasted."

Acting, who can't?

The second young master of the Fu family is a fool, who in this circle doesn't know that?

No one in the circle knew about the marriage with the Fu family. When Su Qing said this, Liu Xueqin got angry first.

"Madam Su, did you treat Xiaoqing like this before? Let her marry a handicapped person. I heard that Madam Su is kind and magnanimous. It seems that the rumors are wrong."

Mrs. Zhou also said with righteous indignation: "Mrs. Su, your daughter married into the Chu family, and you let your stepdaughter marry a fool. Aren't you a bully? Ms. Su is so pitiful."

"Mrs. Li, Mrs. Zhou, it's all a misunderstanding. It was the Fu family who came to the door..." Qin Suqin couldn't explain it even if she wanted to. The facts exist, and she can't drag Su De'an into the water, it will only make people laugh.

Qin Suqin is not stupid, she knows why Mrs. Zhou is targeting her.

Qin Suqin wanted to push it to the Fu family, but Madam Fu's voice came from behind.

"It's obvious that you came to our Fu family in person to recommend Su Qing to marry my son, you red mouth and white teeth, you talk nonsense when you open your mouth."

Mrs. Fu exposed Qin Suqin, and now Qin Suqin became the target of public criticism.

She had a low status in the wives' circle and was a stepmother. She usually had to look up to others in front of these wives. Today she just wanted to drag Su Qing into the water and splash dirty water, but she didn't expect to offend the three noble wives all at once.

I'm afraid she won't be able to get along in the wife's circle from now on.

At this moment, a pink boy suddenly rushed out of the hall, hugged Su Qing's thigh, and shouted: "Mommy, I finally found you."


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