Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 45


These two words were like a bomb, thunder struck the ground, and the entire banquet hall was instantly silent.

Su Qing lowered her head and stared at the little boy who was hugging her legs. He was so beautiful and beautiful.

The sound of "Mummy" brought back Su Qing's memories of the past, and she remembered the child who died without even seeing her at birth.

It was Su De'an who told her that the child was dead.

Later Qin Suqin said that the child was not dead.

Is this child really her son?

Su Qing stood stiffly, and the little boy raised his head and shouted again: "Mommy, don't you want me and daddy? Why don't you want Xiaobao? Woohoo, Xiaobao misses Mommy so much."

The little boy began to cry as he spoke, feeling very sad.

It was said that children can't tell lies, and it was so true that everyone in the audience was confused.

Su Qing was the first to react, and squeezed out a smile: "Little friend, you misidentified the person, I'm not your mommy."

"You are my mommy, mommy, you don't want Xiaobao anymore, do you dislike Xiaobao's misbehavior?" The little boy pulled Su Qing's skirt and did not let go: "Xiaobao will be good, don't abandon Xiaobao with dad."

Su Qing looked confused, but she believed that this matter was definitely not that simple.

Who is this little boy?

How did you get here?

At this moment, Su Xue spoke: "Sister, it's come to this point, even if Mom and I want to hide it for you, we can't hide it. How pitiful this child is, do you have the heart to deny it?"

Qin Suqin came to her senses and agreed, wiping her tears with pity: "It's really a crime, Xiaoqing, the child is innocent."

Qin Suqin and Su Xue sang together, and the whole banquet hall exploded.

"Where did this child come from? Why is it called Ms. Su's mother?"

"Yes, I never heard that Miss Su is married."

"According to Mrs. Su, Miss Su's private life was chaotic before. Could it be that she really had an illegitimate child?"

"No way, I can't see it. If this is the case, the Li family will not recognize such a disorderly behavior as a daughter."

"Maybe Mrs. Li was also kept in the dark? See, this child is four or five years old. Who knows what kind of virtue this was before."

Su Qing felt chills all over. This time, Qin Suqin and Su Xue set up a situation that was much more vicious than before.

As long as she is not careful, she will be lost forever.

Whether it was the previous bracelet incident or the photo incident, Su Qing was not afraid, because she knew in her heart that none of those things were true.

But this matter is true.

Five years ago, it was true that she lost her virginity.

It is also true that she gave birth to a child.

Liu Xueqin lowered her voice and asked, "Xiaoqing, what's going on?"

Liu Xueqin didn't know how to deal with the situation.

What happened in the hall also alarmed Lu Rongyuan upstairs.

Lu Rongyuan's expression was cold, and Wan Yang was trembling beside him: "Boss, this is absolutely slander, how could Miss Su have given birth to a child, that child looks nothing like Miss Su at all."

Lu Rongyuan didn't speak, but stared closely at Su Qing in the hall, his sharp eyes captured Su Qing's nervousness and guilty conscience.

No matter how well Su Qing hid it, she still did not escape Lu Rongyuan's gaze.

Li Kuihua also said: "I'll have someone take that child away to find out what's going on."

"Wait." Lu Rongyuan raised his hand.

In the banquet hall at this time, a limping man limped in and walked directly towards Su Qing.

"Su Qing, you can be cruel to me, but you can't do without our son. He misses you very much and clamors to find you." The man was average-looking, looking quite honest, and waved at the little boy: "Little boy!" Baby, come to Dad."

"No, I want Mommy." The little boy burst into tears.

The appearance of the man made Su Qing sure that the two must have been found by Su Xue and Qin Suqin.

Even though she had no impression of that man's face back then, his body shape was obviously wrong.

The man was much taller and stronger.

Su Qing quickly calmed down, with a cold smile on her face: "Who asked you to slander me, I don't know you at all."

"Su Qing, how can you say you don't know me? I'm Zou Hai. We were together five years ago and had Xiaobao. If Xiaobao didn't miss you so much, I wouldn't live long. I wouldn't let Xiaobao Baolai came looking for you and dragged you down."

Zou Hai spoke in a serious manner, not at all liar, and coughed a few times emotionally: "I know I'm not good enough for you, I just hope that you can take good care of Xiaobao after I die."

Zou Hai's words can be described as affectionate and tear-jerking.

Establishing the image of a great father, and showing his humble side in front of Su Qing, makes people feel that he loves Su Qing very much, listens to Su Qing, and is unwilling to drag Su Qing down.

If it was not a last resort, she would not come to Su Qing.

This also tells everyone how ruthless Su Qing is, and how cold-blooded she is to children.

There was a lot of discussion in the hall, but Su Qing didn't lose her footing.

She knew that Su Xue and Qin Suqin were waiting to see her jokes.

Su Qing sneered: "Anyone who comes out and says it's my child is my son? I, Su Qing, are not married. Where did the child come from? Zou Hai, right? Do you know how many years you have been sentenced for defamation?"

"You, what do you mean, Su Qing, are you going to do such a terrible thing and send me to prison?" Zou Hai coughed emotionally: "How can you be so cruel, Xiaobao is my son and yours, We were together five years ago and that's the proof."

Zou Hai suddenly took out a stack of photos and held them up for everyone to see: "I, Zou Hai, never lie. I just want Su Qing to take care of the child today. I don't have much time. If a dying person is still alive Is there a fake?"

In the photo, it is a bed photo of two people.

The man is exactly Zou Hai, and the woman's appearance is exactly Su Qing.

Lu Rongyuan's eyes on the second floor froze.

These photos raised the discussion in the hall to another level, but Su Qing remained expressionless.

She didn't know this man, so how could she have a bed photo.

The little boy was crying, and supported Zou Hai in a very sensible way: "Dad, Mommy, don't send Dad to jail, Xiaobao is good, Xiaobao won't look for Mommy anymore, woo woo woo."

With the real hammer of the photo, coupled with the pitiful appearance of the little boy, the discussion became louder and louder all of a sudden.

"I didn't expect Miss Su to be such a person. Look how pitiful that man is, and how painful that child is."

"That's right. Five years ago, Ms. Su must have just grown up. I didn't expect that she would be very good at playing. She already has children."

"Just now I heard Mrs. Su say that Ms. Su acted willfully and recklessly in the Su family. It seems to be true."

"It's hard to be a stepmother, and I'm sorry for Mrs. Su."

Public opinion fell quickly, and Qin Suqin took the opportunity to pretend to be wronged: "Xiaoqing, your father and I have protected you for so long about this matter, and now the child is looking for you, the child is pitiful, and you can't let your mistakes go on."

Qin Suqin pulled Su De'an out, and everyone looked at Su De'an for a while, asking for confirmation.

Su De'an sighed, his face was also ugly, and he didn't speak. He was not sure if this child was the one he threw away back then, but the fact that Su Qing had a child out of wedlock is a fact.

Su De'an's reaction made people more convinced that this was true.

Chu Tianyi couldn't accept that when Su Qing was with him, he hadn't even touched his fingers, yet he had a child with someone else long ago.

The anger of being betrayed and deceived made Chu Tianyi's face quite ugly.

Su Xue glanced at Chu Tianyi's face and smiled very satisfied.

Seeing Su Qing fall from the clouds into the mud, I felt so happy, I couldn't hide the pride in my eyes.

Qin Suqin saw that the atmosphere was about the same, and planned to give Su Qing a final blow: "Xiaoqing, although Zou Hai has a disability, you can't violate your conscience and be so selfish, let alone you have children..."

Seeing that the situation was out of control, Lu Rongyuan was about to go downstairs when Su Qing's sonorous voice sounded in the hall.

"This is purely out of thin air." Su Qing interrupted Qin Suqin, made a decisive decision, and said to Liu Xueqin very calmly: "Godmother, please help call the police, and then ask someone to find me a computer."

"Okay." Liu Xueqin immediately called the police and asked the servant to bring a computer.


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